Lock up game’s tax deviants


The football industry is busy with its twice-a-year transfer jamboree this week but there will scarcely be a player, manager or executive in the country who isn’t daily checking on Harry Redknapp’s on-going court case into his alleged tax arrangements.

Harry, of course, is one of the game’s popular figures, everyone likes him, including me, but his evidence yesterday, that he’s been told “The problem with you is you’re named Harry and you have a cockney accent”, will have the nation pondering if he’s another victim of the systemic prejudice against white, wealthy, indigenous-named, senior and successful people from London.  There must surely be a support group he can join.

I’m sure Harry’s innocence will be established but the law and tax authorities are right to pursue any doubt that exists in the running of the game, without fear or favour.  Where appropriate, pursue the guilty through criminal, not just civil, courts.  Only then will the innocent be sure of a level playing field. Lock ‘Em Up, as a Cockney may observe.

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  1. From the last thread,


    Does anyone have any concrete info on Jelly legs contract status



    ie. have Rangers paid fully for him or is there installments still to be paid which they, ironically, can’t fund without selling him? Does his previous club have a sell on clause?



    Also, are there any other Rangers players where installments are due? Wallace?



    Part of me thinks that they need to sell jelly to survive the next couple of months, would be interesting if anyone had any concrete info on the subject?



    Any takers?

  2. League Cup Record v Falkirk





    14/08/1954 Section H W 3-0 Higgins (10), Fallon 2 (35, 44) 46,000


    28/08/1954 Section A D 2-2 Fernie (19), Haughney (40 pen) HT 2-1 15,000



    20/08/1955 Section H W 5-1 Collins 2 (6, 22), Tully (34), Mochan (82), Fernie (85) HT 3-0 40,000


    03/09/1955 Section A D 1-1 Mochan (68) HT 0-1 17,000



    15/08/1973 Section A W 2-0 Hay (46), Lennox (58 pen) 12,000


    22/08/1973 Section H W 2-1 Lennox 2 (12, 15 pen) HT 2-1 14,000



    29/08/1979 2/1 A W 2-1 McCluskey (16), Provan (73) HT 1-0 9,000


    01/09/1979 2/2 H W 4-1 Lennox (63), Conroy 2 (64, 76), Doyle (70) HT 0-1 17,000



    21/09/2004 H W 8-1 Sylla (2), Wallace 3 (6, 57, 85), Balde (38), Lambert (45), McManus (48), McGeady (90) HT 4-0 24,345


    Celtic’s record win over Falkirk in this competition



    21/09/2005 H W 2-1 AET Zurawski (62), Hartson (94) HT 0-0 24,953



    07/11/2006 H L 1-1 (AET Celtic lost 4-5 on penalties) Zurawski (99) 18,684


    Falkirk’s only win over Celtic in the competition



    23/09/2009 A W 4-0 McDonald 2 (28, 53), McCourt (64), Killen (73) 5,669


    McCourt’s first competitive goal for Celtic





    P 12 W 9 D 2 L 1 F 36 A 10

  3. “everyone likes him”



    not me, and not least because he’s responsible for jamie, the most annoying man in Britain “don’t you think, ruud, ruud, ruud. hey ruud, don’t you think?”

  4. KevJungle at 12:25



    Could we bring in Connor Sammon on loan ?



    Depends if he’s going to be a Peter Lawwell or Neil Lennon signing. :-)




  5. What is going on here?



    Why am I being dragged into this kitalba-herodotus-magnus business?



    What is it all about?



    I have not posted as anything other than Gold Coast Tom and Tom McLaughlin for God knows how long.



    Paul67 –



    If I have posted as anyone other than the 2 names I mention in the past year or whatever, especially in the last few days which seems to be the issue here, I hereby request that you publish the details forthwith, or alternatively, if you can, please confirm that I have not posted as herodotus or magnus or nyone else.



    This has gone on long enough. kitalba has been having a dig at me for weeks now with his obsession. I have hitherto ignored him, but tonight is the bottom of the barrell.



    Paul, please can you clear this up once and for all?



    Either clear me or shame me. Sorry to drag you into this, but I have to make a stand.




  6. goldstar10 says:


    26 January, 2012 at 12:21



    “Without Fear or Favour”- A book title waiting to be used to describe Celtic 2010-2012.




    Good shout m8!



    Hail! Hail!

  7. Paul 67



    As the lady at the HMRC said;



    “Ensuring tax is paid on time should be at the centre of a football club’s business strategy just like any other business,” said an HMRC spokesman. “Anyone that regards paying tax as an optional extra, or that uses tax collected from employees or customers as working capital, is potentially heading for trouble. It is only fair to those clubs and to other taxpayers who do meet their obligations that HMRC enforces payment of tax debts owed – and if need be, issues a winding up petition or seeks to appoint an administrator.



    “While a winding-up order is a last resort, there is little HMRC can do for a business whose viability is dependent either on not paying the UK taxes to which they are liable, or on special treatment not available to other customers with similar tax affairs.”




    TKF website is currently down due to “technical issues” (or so Sannabhoy tells me, big man too busy sorting out the TKF End of Season do, to bother if you ask me….) so therefore there are no fixtures this weekend.



    Apologies for this, but all being well – as long as Sanna not involved in solving the problem that is ;-) – normal service will resume next week.






  9. Mort says:


    26 January, 2012 at 12:26



    Could we bring in Connor Sammon on loan ?



    Depends if he’s going to be a Peter Lawwell or Neil Lennon signing. :-)




    Only if he is signed by Neil Francis Lennon. :-))



    Hail! Hail!

  10. er, 5 days to go


    the Jelavic saga wont end until 30th at which point they will either have no replacement lined up (its too late) or they will have given Sandaza an old shirt with ‘Dodds’ on the back.


    HMRC is not the only creditor and given their perilous state, there will be no funds from any sale going toward new players – if you were owed money by Rankers, aware that they may about to go belly up pending a tax tribunal decision, would you be happy for them to realise say £7million for them to fritter it away….

  11. voguepunter –



    So am I confused.



    I have been away out for 3 hours and just logged in about 10/15 minutes ago to find me being accused of all sorts of double-posting as various names.



    I am sick of it.



    Why kitalba? Why?

  12. Paul,


    Just a wee typo I’m sure..


    “Only then will the innocent be sure of a level playing field. Lock ‘Em Up, and throw away the key” surely?




  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    YLurc- she’s big hearted!



    WiseGooner – some true hoopslegends have scored against the Bairns.



    Get a couple of bob on Cha scorin’ on Sunday.

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