Locking down for Celtic, Commons stamina


Kilmarnock are having a nightmare start to the season. It’s not so much that they’ve lost both games played, or the manner in which they lost, but every other team in the league has picked up points and either shown glimpses of form, or like Ross County, are feeling really good about their start to the season.

Dundee’s 0-4 humiliation of Kilmarnock on the opening day of the season found some context last night, when, before a TV audience, they played some really good football last night in Scotland’s biggest derby fixture. With this in mind, and aware that the evening’s visit of Celtic could make their four goal skelping by Dundee look modest, Gary Locke is likely to put his team into, erm, lockdown.

The challenge for Celtic tonight is simple: find your scoring touch. Three 2-0 results against Stjarnan, Ross County and Partick Thistle, and a 1-0 and 0-0 against Qarabag are great defensive scores, but only the 1-4 win in Iceland looked like a team who are in free-scoring form.

Kris Commons gave us 88 minutes on Sunday. He must have been exhausted at the end but the experience will have pushed his fitness on considerably. It’s important he uses tonight, and Saturday’s game against Inverness, to balance the requirement to increase stamina without tiring muscles for the Malmo game. Another full shift tonight and a cameo appearance at the weekend sounds like a reasonable compromise.

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  1. Should only be three changes tonight from Sunday


    Ambrose or Janko for Lustig (pitch wont suit Lusti’s dodgy joints)


    Brown for Rogic (Johansen pushing forward)


    GMS forArmstrong


    Yaas starting eleven on my birthday.



    I agree Paul, let’s build the confidence going into the UCL play off by scoring some sumptuous goals and a couple if clean sheets for defence and GK.



    Atb Eddie

  3. Back from a self imposed exile ,for being an ar$£,( you’ve never apologised before,i hear you say….),and not a flounce either BTW :}}.Thanks to Voguepunter,Delaney’s Dunky,Geordie Munro,Leftclicktic, Clogher Celt,BMCUW,Zico Maltese Bhoy,Sipsini,Bourne, Johann Murdoch,Kittoch,for messages,sorry if i missed anyone.


    Tom McLaughlin,i hope you are well,get yersel back on here.HH

  4. Gary67



    Wouldn;t risk any players not fully fit. I would probably leave out Brown and Armstrong until Saturday but bring in Mulgrew for Rogic.




  5. Gary67 on 12th August 2015 12:14 pm



    He wont risk Brown,with thugs like Hammil too many chances for injury.

  6. I hope somebody totally clatters Elbows in the first 5 minutes



    If that happens I will accept a scrappy 1-0 win for us

  7. !!Bada Bing!!




    welcome home :))))








    Our job tonight is 3pts and no injuries,


    go two up and cruise over the line hopefully.

  8. foghorn leghorn on

    i fear a sparse turnout at the game tonight



    so many games in quick seccession at the start of the season, i think a midweek televised game at killie might be a game too far for a lot of people



    nice of the new site to put “How Are You, Foghorn Leghorn?” at the top when i sign in



    But there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to specifically answer that question. i fear the site doesnt really want to know how i am and is just asking me that to be polite. Im certainly not going to pollute the main blog with the pages and pages it would take for me to answer it!




  9. time for change on

    I have sympathy for John Collins in that he had the audacity to say the truth……an issue that is currently taboo in Scotland. How many current internationalists play for the other teams in the SPFL in comparison to the teams Celtic will pplay in the Champions League and Europa Cup? Step up in class indeed.



    Sorry, straight forward NO to summer football…whilst it may be good for some Scottish teams we will struggle in the transfer market with only one window being of any use to us that being the winter one. will lead to a downward spiral with no way out…



    I notice the continued links with anything Celtic to The Rangers International FC whether accurate or not…



    in midst of getting ready to move house next week but will continue to keep an eye on the site.



    HH everyone

  10. Morning bhoys



    I don’t think JC will be too bothered…..I mean its only halfwit hun journos, who can hardly string a sentence together.


    They are proud to be stupid….ignore them…..youd get more sense talking to a pile of sawdust.


    Idiots of the highest order.


    Fools and Bams.





  11. Paul 67 – I really think you over emphasise the importance of Kris to our team.



    For me, whilst he is undoubtedly a goal threat, he is also very weak in possession, slow and somewhat shy of working back the pitch.



    He has an awful habit (particularly in Europe) of letting the ball bounce off him and where, SA, GMS and JF look to go forward upon taking possession, Commons more often than not tries to turn and twist and look for a foul.



    Not for me.

  12. guernica



    Kris does have a great record at Killie.


    I think you are doing a diservice to Kris Commons who cost a tenth of the fee paid for Derk Beorritger.


    In the qualifiers he has been vital over the last few years.


    Getting fouls is something that is required in Europe, as for the other criticisms. Dearie me. The guy has been an outstanding player for Celtic and will always score goals.


    Paul67 may be a huge fan but his importance for the team can;t be underestimated.




  13. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Agree on the comments regarding Mr mcloughlin


    Missed on here so he is

  14. The Hibees got it right…..if you want Scott Allen, lets see your money.


    No reply.


    Sevco bs spread thick, but really, who takes these muppets seriously.


    They should be in court, never mind attempting to pretend they are another team.


    Sad bigots.





  15. Captain Beefheart on

    Bada, welcome back. Also good to see new posters.



    Agree with Tony D and others. Celtic Park is how we should call our stadium.



    Greenpinata, banning people is tempting but we aren’t in a Communist country. Your suggestion to turn the tables on them has merit.

  16. I’d be tempted to put GMS up front in a two-pronged attack with Griffiths and, if we can establish a good lead relatively early on – pop on Janko, Henderson and McGregor – just the ramblings tourette….

  17. foghorn leghorn on

    leftclicktic on 12th August 2015 12:31 pm



    How are you foghorn leghorn? :))))))))






    Well, now you asked,



    it all started a couple of weeks ago when i got the dreaded phone call right out of the blue. so…





    …ach, it doesnt really matter!




    im, great, thanks :-)

  18. Captain Beefheart on

    KC is excellent domestically and in the CL qualification ties. Along with Sammi (bring him home), he drove us on against Shaktar and others.

  19. a good Celtic victory tonight,hopefully plenty of goals and most importantly an injury free trip with our up coming Champions league fixture coming up.



    John Collins i stand beside you.


    winning and doing our best has been the Celtic way since our club was formed.



    How dare a meejah such as that in Scotland question an opinion.


    compare and contrast the acrobatics in their narrative from http://itsanewclub.blogspot.co.uk/ to the guff to what they say today about the cheat.


    The BBC trust lies too in continuing the same club mythology in complete contrast to what its OU courses in Accountancy tell you about Liquidation/pheonix companies


    we have sky who next year will be wanting their Deadfirm back so the Tsunami of pash will come.


    The meejah agenda is clear repuke anything fed to them by Jim Traynors PR company,his unpaid Level5 invoice getting larger by the day.


    wake up Celtic fans trust your own instincts these meejah clowns are full of it.THEY LIE AND THEY LIE TO SLUR OUR CLUB.THEY DO THIS WHILE THE CHEAT HOOVES THE RULE BOOK INTO THE GROUND.


    They have been fantasizing since a 9 minute meeting on 14 june 2012.


    shine a lighty on the cheat





    Hail hail Celts have a good day :-)

  20. I’m wi you guernica, Chris can sometimes produce a bit of magic (which is always welcome) but lacks the pace required at the level above the SPFL. We could do wth James Forrest back at the levels he is capable of.

  21. weebobbycollins on

    The difference between REAL journalists and football writers is that real journos deal in facts whilst the Jacksons, Keevins et al deal in fancy, speculation, half truths and downright lies. Anything to sell their rags. The only facts we get from them are football scores. And they love controversy, hence JC’s words still being discussed four days after being uttered. A truly shameless lot…viva los internet bampots.

  22. @Chairbhoy 12:05



    Totally agree about the fans of other clubs. Look at their forums and you will regularly see comments from their fans claiming that the “West of Scotland press” and the “Glasgow FA” will give Celtic favorable treatment. Anybody who has followed Celtic knows themselves that we have a hostile press and a governing body that hands out special treatment to only one club (technically two)



    But the rest of Scotland see us as two sides of the same coin and utterly complicit with them in all their actions. This is actually a victory for the “West of Scotland press” and also goes back to the SPL TV deals where we stood shoulder to shoulder with Rangers (IL) against the rest. I suppose it was similar to Miliband appearing alongside the toxic Clegg and Cameron in a Better Together rally. Guilt by association.

  23. Watched the Dundee derby last night.



    Great entertainment.



    Liked the look of John Soutar and Blair Spittal in particular.Both very composed with “good feet”as the experts say.


    I’d heard Soutar was being watched..could we raid Utd again this season? Can you imagine the furore! Or has Tom Rogic played himself into contention as centre mid back up?

  24. XCATHEDRA44 on 12TH AUGUST 2015 12:29 PM


    charliemac on 12th August 2015 12:27 pm



    Elbows injured,Boyd a doubt,


    They fill us full of fear.


    Ecstatic now they may be out


    Such wonderful careers (aye right)

  25. Chairbhoy, from previous……



    Agreed, and if John Collins had completed his statement with something along the lines of ‘having the Hun Monkeys Mark 2 in the top flight would resolve this quandary’……. The next day/following days’/week’s smsm narrative might just have been a wee bit different to the present tosh. Would still have been tosh though!



    Regards & Hail Hail



  26. Cifthi in Stokes out.



    I would not be impressed with this.



    Stokes is a much better player and scores more goals.




  27. FourGreenFields on

    An Tearmann



    Well said big man , keep telling it like it is . The truth will eventually win the day ( just wish it would hurry up )

  28. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on



    “Dundee …. played some really good football last night in Scotland’s biggest derby fixture.”



    Shurely the 3rd biggest after Celt V PT and Hibs V Minis ?



    Hope we skelp the Kintucky Fried Chicken (KFC) tonight.




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