Long term more important with Guidetti


The most important news concerning John Guidetti is no longer whether Fifa recognise his registration, it’s whether John is keen to remain in Glasgow beyond May next year.

The player is not eligible for the Europa League group stage, and it is not critically important he joins for Premiership football in the first half of the season.  He can join in January for the league run-in, and hopefully the latter part of the Europa League, but as we know, the next major event on Celtic’s horizon is next season’s Champions League qualifiers, which then out-of-contract Guidetti would be a valuable addition for.

Whatever the Fifa outcome, the player will be planning where he wants to play beyond this season and it’s unlikely Scotland will have previously featured heavily in his mind.  Monday was a bit of a shambles for the player but he got to see how Celtic operate.  Hopefully the positive sentiment will convince him this is a platform he can build his career on.

It’s just incredible that Mike Ashley had Charles Green in such a place that he was able to secure naming rights of The Stadium Formerly Referred to as Ibrox for £1.  Whether he exercises this right or not is moot.  The fact that he can, means that Newco Rangers have to accommodate him in the knowledge he is able to call in his marker at any time.

The only curious thing, is why was this particular piece of dirty washing hung out at this time?

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  1. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    No doubt done bright spark thought of selling the naming rights to bring in cash




    To be told ….sorry …it’s been punted already



    Makes one wonder what else has been punted

  2. Paul67



    I see you are curious about timing of events over at the Sports Direct Stadium. Does your curiosity stretch tontine timing of Celtic announcements last week post Maribor and the subsequent unravelling of non signatures?

  3. ‘Saint James The Apostle’s Park’………… Think they’ll go for that?



    Good stuff BT.


    Take good care pal……..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  4. ‘The most important news concerning John Guidetti is no longer whether Fifa recognise his registration, it’s whether John is keen to remain in Glasgow beyond May next year.’







    Important to whom?

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    You’ll be back on your feet before you know it.



    All the best.

  6. i read the article……



    seriously….I really like the sound of this bhoy guidetti. Seems to have a bit of the old moral fibre stuff about him…..



    flippantly – so Peter’s masterstroke has appeared…..the lhad wasn’t uber late for the CL quals this season or super/too late to the EL.



    He’s actually MEGA early for next season!!!!



    Well we have been calling for better planning!!!






    the Burg awaits me – Edin…not Ice……



    HH jamesgang

  7. Paul, a nice phrasing in your article, but I don’t know if was intended:



    “Monday was a bit of a shambles for the player but he got to see how Celtic operate”.

  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Blantyre Tim



    Hope your operation is a great success and you get back to full health soon.



    Hail! Hail!

  9. I think its more important he signs now Paul67.



    Having Guidetti with Celtic, only being able to play domestic football is almost the perfect scenario considering Scapovic has to be given time to acclimatise to Celtic, Scotland and the SPL at a time when games come thick and fast.



    Having Guidetti there to add competition, bed both players giving them game time in without necessarily choosing one over the other, and giving Scepovic the opportunity to rest after the away europa league games could have a significant impact on how quickly and how well both settle.



    Scapovic shouldering the responsibility for winning europa, league AND cup games between now and January is a very, very tall ask.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    CultsBhoy 12:49 on 4 September, 2014



    Ok this will probably not go down well…



    I’m sick of dancing on the Hunco grave.


    I actually sympathise with genuine Rangers fans now. Not the No brain Catholic hating fraternity but your normal supporter who was born on the wrong side.


    Imagine we were about to lose Celtic for a second time?






    I don’t see what the problem is. Virtually everybody who supported Rangers have been pretending liquidation is no big deal. So they can do it again when it happens to the new club.



    Problem solved. Save your sympathy for the 276 creditors.

  11. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Home yesterday …fed up …had a magic time



    Back to work on Monday



    G is off to Aberdeen to start third year tomorrow



    A starts Edinburgh on Saturday



    Running about daft here at minute to organise their flitting



    You going out in Oct ??

  12. Should selling of naming rights of Ipox not have been made public


    when it happened or at least to shareholders.



    Has the share price dropped


    as one wonders what a realistic price for naming rights is


    and presume this is lost potential revenue to the clumpany



    Does the new share offer still stand at 20p or is it a 20% reduction


    i.e share price goes down so does discounted purchase price( I thought


    20p was fixed but no business expert)

  13. James Forrest:



    A couple of days ago you implied that I was trying to lead the blog to believe that I was stupid. No big deal, didn’t bother me one iota. In doing so you suggested I read the ‘White Paper’ with regards about some of my concerns vis-à-vis independence for Scotland; in particular citizenship and Scottish Embassies. Well I did what you suggested James and if by reading (cue facetious condescending retort) it was meant to allay my fears then I really must be stupid mate because rather than ally my fears it only managed to magnify them. I would suggest you re-read what you were using as collateral to belittle my concerns.



    I would encourage everybody to read it, if you’re serious about your vote, because it scares the shit out of me about the future of Scotland’s children. As you read it, keep in mind who wrote it, and pay particular attention to what they state, read the words carefully. Then check what other nations say about the issues. It’ll only take you a few hours but what price your future and more importantly the future of your children. Do you really want to shackle them in romanticism and place a mill stone round their necks with a Scottish Passport. Think about it.



    Will it frighten you? Depends but it frightened me that this document, which is not a gospel, is being used as one. Only the supporting cast, i.e. other nations don’t quite see it the way the SNP do.



    Be careful of the wording in your reading.



    There are so many things in the document that make me want to laugh and there are so many more that make me want to cry. I fear for the future of the kids of Scotland. Us old gits… we’ve had our time.



    I’m lucky, I have two passports and am permanently resident in a third country. I have a bolt hole. I don’t need my UK passport per-se but I won’t be giving it up just yet. I have choices that a hell of people resident in Scotland don’t have and those people resident in Scotland might just have their options and freedoms squeezed just a little sorer. I have more options than my own Children by accident rather than design.


    I wonder where all the second passport holders in Scotland will live if it all goes belly up.



    I wonder what an independent Scotland will use to fight unemployment and high inflation. I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder how stupid I really am on the stupid scale.



    You said James that the Labour Party once lied to you and you never got over it, well God help you mate if it turns out if the SNP are lying and you knowingly bought into their lies and fantasies. You’ll have to live with it for ever. But don’t worry, the SNP wouldn’t lie to you and if they did… take it to an Edinburgh Jury.

  14. “The only curious thing, is why was this particular piece of dirty washing hung out at this time?”



    Laundering eh?

  15. John Guidetti .



    The transfer window saw the Italian fitba papers linking him with Fiorentina ,Napoli and Palermo . Having linked him ( with no evidence ) they then claimed ( with no evidence ) that each of those clubs were unwilling to meet Man Citys asking price..



    Best laugh came from a Palermo radio station phone in and a fan opining that Guidetti was just the ticket re replacing Kyle Lafferty.

  16. setting free the bears for res. 12 & oscar knox but saying no to cqn racists



    12:43 on 4 September, 2014





    “I have my doubts that is the sons of paradise I was looking for.”



    You not a fan of reggae music, then?





    I was buying and dancing to reggae music when you where your ma was changing yer nappies kid.

  17. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    The same songs rain down from the stands at Ibrox



    The same superior attitude pervades their support



    They have stolen the history of a former team …proclaiming themselves as the most successful team ever



    Using the same strip,1872,5 stars …risible



    Sorry for them ….aye right

  18. mullet and co 2 on

    It transpires that folk like Ashley haven’t bought shares because the yearn for a blue nose burger whilst watching elbows steamroller another unsuspecting opponent… What have other investors got in return for buying shares?


    Sales and lease back?

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Think you are right Paul – the naming rights are worth more to Ashley NOT to use them than TO use them.

  20. So the scoddish meeja had no insight or inkling that THE FORMER ASBESTOX could be renamed 2 years ago?



    All of thum duped no doubt.

  21. John Guidetti



    I’d never heard of him before this week. I can’t get emotional about him signing or not.



    This window and previous have been an utter disappointment to me.



    We deserved a player that we could get genuinely excited about.

  22. Paul67



    Is the reason why it was hung out to dry not perhaps because the fans were pushing for the naming rights to be sold as they (well some) are starting to realise Rangers II or is it Rangers III are at death’s door?



    So now they have to come out and say “well, that would have been an option but some bad boy already sold the rights for £1”?

  23. glasstwothirdsfull



    I agree.



    The naming rights are worth more as a sell on than they would ever be as a Sports Direct marking plank.