Longmuir and the Newco job


Scottish Football League chief executive, David Longmuir, emerged from the shambles that the game’s administrators got themselves into last year with a remarkably solid relationship with the SFL’s member clubs, indeed, he has been singled out for high praise from the Newco-club.

The flow of sentiment reversed after he wrote to member clubs suggesting Celtic and Newco-Rangers enter ‘colt’ clubs in the Third Division.  This bizarre suggestion was justified on the basis that if Celtic and Rangers join another league, while leaving the rest of the leading clubs behind, their colt teams would continue to bring interest and revenue to the game.

Mr Longmuir seems to have missed the fact that in the event any of the above comes to pass, the departure of Celtic and Newco-Rangers would then create an opportunity for colt clubs to be considered.  Their inclusion now is unnecessary, especially when Newco could potentially enter administration next season, lose players, suffer the mandatory 25 point penalty and be relegated into the bottom division with their colt players, who presumably would also suffer administration-related penalties.

Speculation that Mr Longmuir is taking care of current business until he is ready to move to Newco is becoming hard to ignore.  Newco need to get themselves out of the bottom league first, though.  The colts team idea is certain to be rejected, the question will not even reach the SPL or Celtic.  The 12-12-10-10 idea favoured by Newco is looking an increasingly hard sell, with 12-12-18 more likely.  Mr Longmuir better look after the interests of all his member clubs if he wants to hang on long enough to move straight to Newco. If he loses his ability to be a dealmaker I’m not sure what he can offer an aspiring £100m company.

Football is seldom played on a higher plane than we witnessed from the Camp Nou last night.  Barcelona, until recently undisputedly regarded as the best team in the world, were up against it.  With a league win assured their form stuttered and they had to become the first team in Champions League history to overcome a 2-0 first leg defeat.

They delivered, as did their most precocious talent, but there was a hugely important lesson to be learned from the game.

Milan are out of Europe because they made preventable mistakes which Celtic didn’t make, home or away, against Barcelona.  Even at this level, the team which makes fewest preventable mistakes progresses.

Milan and, after Juventus, Celtic, can spend the remainder of the season pondering the value of putting laces through the ball.  Barcelona, of course, are fabulous, but the question remains, can they do it at home against Annan Athletic?  I’m not so sure.
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  1. Tried to send the link for this but would not post.



    VideoCelts thanks



    The Qatar Royal Family are planning to launch a Dream Football League next year that will involve 24 clubs from around the world.



    It’s believed that advanced plans are already in place with 16 clubs being permanent members of the competition with the remaining eight being involved by invitation.



    With it’s history and worldwide support Celtic would clearly be one of those clubs under consideration to take part.



    A report in The Times today claims that participating clubs would receive £175m to take part with plans in place to create permanent bases for those clubs including stadiums, training complexes with offices and medical facilities.



    The Qatar royal family have moved into football in a serious manner over the last few seasons and were controversially awarded the 2022 World Cup.



    Hosting a Dream Football League every two years would be a clear threat to the Champions League and also the World Club Championship which FIFA have been trying to develop.



    Plans for the competition will be unveiled next month but it’s likely that the tournament would be jointly staged in neighbouring gulf states including Dubai which is a long established footballing centre.



    It’s likely that the balance of clubs taking part will be heavily weighed in favour of European clubs with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United having well established worldwide followings.



    Celtic are likely to be among those clubs under consideration with the clubs profile sky high after the recent Champions League campaign.



    For over a decade Celtic’s youth sides have been regular visitors to Qatar for youth tournaments where the players have met Diego Maradona and Pele.



    There are bound to be lots of objections to such a tournament but as the Champions League proves money talks with the importance of that tournament relegating domestic cup competitions to an after thought for many teams.



    UEFA and FIFA could ban clubs from taking part but are more likely to look for a slice of the action in order to give the tournament it’s backing- with the 2022 World Cup committed to Qatar their negotiating position is greatly weakened.

  2. Quizking? What horrors have befallen you, as I only drop in on a morphine laden haze theses dayze? My true comiserations if they are anything like mine.


    Life: a feckin’ lottery stacked for the bent and twisted.





  3. googybhoy



    So is that the colts a shoo-in to take part in the Dream League? Can reorganised Scottish football compete with £175 million to keep the colts competing with Sevco colts and Sevco?



    I think we should be told.

  4. If Sevco have to play Sevco colts in a reorganised league fixture, what are referees supposed to do?



    Talk about conflicted.

  5. celtic_first



    17:06 on 13 March, 2013


    If Sevco have to play Sevco colts in a reorganised league fixture, what are referees supposed to do?



    Talk about conflicted.




    How conflicted would be playing “the Colts” every season in SPL big games as we both go for the league.



    How will you like it when “the Colts” do ten in a row.

  6. Evening bhoys from a snowy hun free mountain valley.



    Is it true that Longmuir proposed a colt team from Celtic and the huns without us knowing ??? can’t see that.

  7. the singing detective demands the resignation of campbell ogilvie



    17:11 on 13 March, 2013


    We Hiv A Result…!



    Laude ! Laude ! Pope Kojo The Foist…










    What about PaulLXVII?

  8. the exiled tim



    17:12 on 13 March, 2013


    Evening bhoys from a snowy hun free mountain valley.



    Is it true that Longmuir proposed a colt team from Celtic and the huns without us knowing ??? can’t see that.




    His devious plan to get us involved with the Old Firm again and also move Sevco up a tier.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    bournesouprecipe @ 16:26



    Presumably the Colts will have an ass for a manager

  10. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    The subject of our reserves playing in the lower leagues has been discussed as early as the late 60s

  11. miki67 @ 17:02



    I’m not as far down the road as you, no medication & functioning fairly normally, every time I see the Prof I get the feeling he expects me to be more ill than I am!!


    I know what my future holds I’m just trying to ignore it for a wee while longer



    Keep on fighting

  12. Marrakesh Express on

    My mates a Glasgow hack driver. Told me he dropped a hun off at ibrox on saturday…at 3:45. The poor guy nearly got trampled under the stampede leaving the stadium as the HT whistle sounded. It was 0:0!. No comment from the msm?

  13. The Moon Bhoys on

    Yes we should step in and help Dunfermline – in recognition of the relationship with our Greatest ever Manager who started his managerial career there. Also, in recognition of the reason why CFC was created – as a charity to help the needy.

  14. bournesouprecipe



    17:08 on 13 March, 2013



    Ooofffttt……..yappy person alert on Rug’lan train.



    Speaks fluent seagull



    Hopefully alights Brigton






    Hopefully Brigton’s alight.



    There, fixed it for you!!

  15. Everyone’s Gone To The Moon…?





    Streets full of people, all alone


    Roads full of houses, never home


    Church full of singing, out of tune


    Everyone’s gone to the moon



    Eyes full of sorrow, never wet


    Hands full of money, all in debt


    Sun coming out in the middle of June


    Everyone’s gone to the moon



    Long time ago


    Life had begun


    Everyone went to the sun



    Cars full of motors, painted green


    Mouths full of chocolate-covered cream


    Arms that can only lift a spoon


    Everyone’s gone to the moon



    Everyone’s gone to the moon


    Everyone’s gone to the moon.




  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:26 on


    13 March, 2013



    Who do you think would win in a fight between Sevco Donkeys and Sevco Colts?






    Hard question ……. They’re not good at winning………please specify ‘home’ or ‘away’ ……naw don’t bother, they’re shoite home and away ………hehe

  17. There is only one reason to push for a change in the league formats.


    To move newco up a league or even two…nothing could surprise me anymore.


    colts = hun c***s

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I hope there isn’t any horseplay on the park…!!

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