Look at me, but not at my face


I don’t get the flares thing. It’s not a part of my going-to-see-Celtic tradition. But if it was my thing, I’d have the courage of my convictions, I wouldn’t hide the fact.

There are consequences of bringing flares to football games, always has been. By not having the courage to openly ignite them, those consequences are not personalised to the individuals who regard this as an integral part of what they do at a football game, they are visited upon everyone in the vicinity, as well as the club.

The problem with flares at Celtic games is those who bring them hide the fact – as they clearly know there are consequences, and presumably aren’t too interested in taking responsibility for them. ‘Keen on flares, not keen enough to stand up for them’, is why the issue persists.

I get the attraction to bright, shiny, things, but this isn’t a campaign to bring the vote to disenfranchised people against a force who will execute the offender on sight. It’s about bringing a flare to a football game. If it’s so important, do it openly. If you think Health and Safety are simply wrong, find the evidence and use it in court. Have the courage to change something.  I know lots of Celtic fans who have had the courage to put their name to something they believed in, in recent years.  It’s seldom easy, but it has been done.

But in the years of this debate no one has ever pointed to evidence that igniting flares in a football ground is a clever thing to do. It’s just a ‘look at me’ exercise, ‘But don’t look at my face’, of course.


Episode 5 of ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ finds Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham discussing a variety of topical subjects concerning Celtic Football Club, including:

* What now for the Green Brigade?
* Dedryck Boyata – Are reinforcements on route?
* Virgil van Dijk – The windfall cometh;
* Emilio Izaguirre – Moving on.


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  1. There’s always an edge wi’ thum………..



    A tone.



    …………Just out of kilter.




  2. Sionnach Abu on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH JULY 2017 9:50 AM


    What’s the opposite of “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York”?





  3. Reviews? Who needs ‘em … ?



    Since Celtic have so far produced only the most meagre evidence to indicate that they really (really) want this boil lanced, I am ever more inclined to the view that this matter [of title stripping and governance review] is consciously being viewed by the Celtic Plc Board simply and solely through a commercial prism of ‘what’s best for the shareholder.’



    Where’s the evidence of Celtic’s recognition of the moral dimension to this outrage, or the primacy of sporting integrity?



    If I’m correct, then I think the Celtic Board is playing with fire: to assume that their paying customers will thole another fudge will certainly be costly to Celtic (and likely also several other top-division clubs).


    If Wednesday’s SPFL Board statement is as bad as we’re being primed to expect, then I expect the Celtic Board to follow up with an argument that they’ve done what they can; they have no further course of action within the rules of the game. [Which would be boll*x, of course – since what would be required was a properly functioning moral compass and some girded-loins leadership.]



    If I’m correct, then Celtic will suffer a commercial and substantial consequence – sadly, inflicted by the club’s own support. Such a consequence would set the club back several years and lose it a significant proportion of its most loyal, ticket-and-merchandise-buying support.



    IMH(and unscientifically-based)O, there is a fair chance that several thousand long-standing fan-customers (perhaps somewhere between 5,000 to 15,000), are already prepared to ‘go to the mattresses’ on this issue of title stripping for the cheating years. Not only that, but many of that same group have now also been convinced that we need a new form of football governance here in Scotland.



    I have the sense, too, that several thousand fans of other clubs across the country are as scunnered about this as we are and are similarly prepared to withdraw their support for their favourites.



    One way or the other, I sincerely hope Wednesday’s SPFL statement and Celtic’s response will be the watershed moment our beloved sport needs …











    Jimbo67 934



    Grand post. Scunnered anaw.

  5. DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH JULY 2017 9:50 AM


    What’s the opposite of “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York”?





    “Now is the discount of our Winter Tents” – Blacks, Sauchiehall Street. Copyright Tom Shields Diary.





    That’s pretty much how the runes read here too,mate. That plenty have had enough of the “keeping our powder dry” garbage and see it for what it is.



    A sham,a shame,a shambles.

  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Exiled Tim



    I could have made a shorter summary but it would have incurred the wrath of the mods!!






    There is no downside for the SPFL to a proper review, judicial or otherwise. It is absolute madness not to proceed with that unless something very dirty and very vulgar were to come out of it which someone wants to hide.



    Anyway, apparently there is a solar flare lurking about and we will all be burnt to a crisp maybe.

  8. MARADOMINIC on 25TH JULY 2017 9:52 AM


    Its over..the huns s have won celtic sre sham



    Whilst I suspect you are right. I am not surprised.


    All too often in the last five years I have posted that they will come out of it smelling of roses.


    They have cheate big time and not been punished.


    Their banishment to lower leagues was not a punishment for cheating.


    It came about through their going into administration and liquidation.


    Timdom about to be shafted big time.

  9. Maradominic on 25th July 2017 9:52 am



    Its been over for 5 years. Celtic won, Rangers died.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    It is conclusive everyone who knows anything about Scottish football know this the Old Rangers cheated and gained an advantage over every other club in Scottish football.They have not been punished for this cheating we the fans are expected to take it on the chin and move on.Now I can see no point in paying good money to support your team knowing that if cheating is still going on and if the cheats get caught they will simply get a slap on the wrist. It is either time for the supporters to fight this injustice or to walk away from a corrupt game there is in my opinion no point in spending your hard earned money to watch your team being cheated. H.H.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    In all the comment and reaction to the club closing part of the standing section…



    …has anyone considered that it might be Brendan Rodgers’ reaction to being associated with a Provisionals sniper that has driven it?

  12. aburntoutcase






    A pun referencing the rose in a blazing sun badge used by Edward IV.




    An’ ahm an authority on them puns btw…

  13. The new third kit is out and it’s a fluorescent green. What are we going to wear at Easter Road? Isn’t that the main point?

  14. BRTH


    Is McKenzie the type of legal brain to be relied upon should the proverbial hit the fan, or is his arse well covered answering only what he is asked?

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    Hmmm really don’t want to fuel that debate — you can see the question coming.

  16. SIONNACH ABU on 25TH JULY 2017 2:09 AM



    BEATBHOY on 25TH JULY 2017 1:58 AM




    ” I’m standing in the naughty corner :-)




    Please tell me I played a different version, give me that comfort at least!”






    Exact, note for note, power chord for power chord, Hunter snarl for. . . . . No comfort for you!



    And here was me thinking you listened to my stuck-in-the – seventies-and -eighties, with the odd Radiohead and Nirvana thrown in, choons!



    If you only knew the jumping about between JavaScript on/off I have to do just to post them!



    I suffer for my charts!

  17. DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH JULY 2017 10:18 AM






    Like a bright green flare???






    Description is “vivid cactus”



    Just think it’s a bit mad that we have three kits and all will clash with Hibs. What’s wrong with a gold kit?

  18. BRTH


    “In my view that is a short sighted view and one that will ultimately guarantee financial failure.”



    I just cannot envisage that scenario I’m sad to say. The cry of “let’s all move on” will eventually succeed.



    The passage of time will see to that. Unless of course Celtic FC decide to pursue justice.





    Would the avenue most likely to succeed be taking the individuals within the SPFL, who were responsible for failing to carry out their jobs without prejudice be an option?


    They’re hiding behind the ” SPFL” banner. One, two or more individuals deliberately misled and lied to ensure favourable treatment of one club. Can they, as individuals, be taken to task?



    I’d be happier to see these people punished appropriately as opposed to title stripping, though, if successful in proving they did lie and cheat, wouldn’t that in itself give any future move to strip titles have more chance of succeeding?

  19. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    JIMBO67 on 25TH JULY 2017 9:34 AM



    Excellent post (you are never a scroll-by for me).



    I understand the outrage at the cheating of the huns via EBT’s and would love to see titles being stripped, though I doubt that they will. However, (and it’s a big however) inaction from the SPFL, SFA, the PLC Board or any other SPFL club won’t lead me to stop going to support my team.



    Like you, I first visited Paradise over 50 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I also realised from the late 60’s/early 70’s that the game was dishonest in Scotland. As I got older, I realised that it was always so as far as Celtic were concerned. We knew it then, we know it now. The difference? The internet and social media.



    It’s now far easier to get information distributed and to get people behind your cause. That’s why (and rightly so) so many people are up in arms over this.



    IMHO, the bottom line is that we know they cheated; they know they cheated; the SPFL and the SFA know they cheated; every other SPFL club knows they cheated; every other football supporter knows they cheated.



    That is what really matters; their claims to be the most successful club in the world are hollow and everyone knows that. They also know it and that’s what really hurts them.



    Me? I’ll be back this season and the next – until I am no longer fit enough to attend. It’s in my DNA!





  20. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 25th July 2017 10:00 am










    I prefer The Muppet Christmas Carol – it’s about Tims…albeit Tiny ones….

  21. Thry did not die…sk sfa..ask celtic..look at celtic programs against them..did. Mention they werea new team? Theyaresame lub. k pl……they nevercheated.ask lns f theylost trophies

  22. I am holding fire till wedensday hoping our club still have something good to say but if they don’t we could start the ball rolling on first game of season if all fans from all clubs could turn there backs on the game when mib blow there whistle and have a 2 min silence it would let the boards know we mean business

  23. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 25TH JULY 2017 10:15 AM


    In all the comment and reaction to the club closing part of the standing section…


    …..has anyone considered that it might be Brendan Rodgers’ reaction to being associated with a Provisionals sniper that has driven it?




    Let’s hope The Celtic View dont get wind of this.



  24. MARADOMINIC on 25TH JULY 2017 9:52 AM



    Its over..the huns s have won celtic sre sham




    Have a look at both teams.Who has won?.The Huns were Liquidated 5 years ago,they have tried to tell us they are the same team,but anyone looking at the shambles across the city,will scoff at that.We are going for 7 Leagues in a row.A chance for CL riches beyond anything we could have imagined.A fantastic manager.A signing policy which ,is becoming a money earner to compete with CL money.If we qualify this season,they will never compete with us in my lifetime.We are the strongest we have ever been,the club across the city at their lowest,with no sign of a recovery.


    We might be getting shafted by the authorities that run our game,but they can do nothing about our domination.How much is that hurting them.


    Who has won?.

  25. aburntoutcase on 25th July 2017 10:21 am



    Davidopoulos on 25th July 2017 10:16 am



    Oh, Gawd! What have I started. ;>))




    Wit? Do you no appreciate my Mercutio-al talent for Shakespeare related puns?




  26. Who plays striker tomorrow night if Dembele is injured?


    Sinclair is our de facto third striker but playing him there weakens us in two positions. Last season he wasn’t very good there and we were more effective with Roberts as a false nine flanked by Sinclair and Forrest. Listening to a podcast (90 minute cynic) and Norweigan football expert said Rosenburg are vulnerable to pace on the flanks and he expected Sinclair in particular to cause the right back nightmares.


    So do we go with young Aitchison (that’s what our development team should be for, players filling in when required) or go a bit left field and play Rogic in the false nine position and have an extra man in midfield (where they are apparently strongest)?

  27. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    That is a difficult question to answer because I have had no contact with Rod for a decade or so.



    He is a good lawyer, extremely good. He is a Rottweiler in court but each and every case is only as good as the facts and circumstances in the individual case and as good as the brief and instructions you are given by your client, who in this case is the SPFL.



    Like everyone else, Rod McKenzie is not infallible but he is experienced enough to have the sense to recommend that the SPFL bring in a counsel so that they, and he, can point to the opinion of an expert legal mind.



    Of course, that opinion is only as good as the topics and points the counsel is asked to opine on and, in my opinion, this whole mess has set out down the wrong road from the start and so unless the counsel has gone back to the very start his or her opinion is questionable and open to a counter argument.



    Rod McKenzie is a good enough guy. He is gruff at times but I have always liked him.



    But he is only a lawyer and that doesn’t make him the font of all knowledge especially if he is instructed by a donkey.



    BTW he was very badly injured in a car crash a few years ago and almost died. His recovery is to be greatly admired both in personal terms and in terms of those who looked after him.

  28. BRTH @ 10:05



    That’s not a solar flare – it’s just a very bright squirrel …