Look out for Cease and Desist orders


The first thing you do when you raise an asset dispute is issue a Cease and Desist notice.  Inform the other party to stop using your asset, whether it is a piece of intellectual property, like a logo or badge, a piece of equipment or a physical property.

In conjunction with this you also ask for all monies collected in connection with your property to be forward to you.  Football clubs, for example, regularly instruct people, who produce merchandise with unauthorised copies of their club crests, to stop doing so, destroy all unused stock and send them whatever money earned from earlier sales.

If and when a claim reaches court, the first request to the judge is likely to be to freeze use of all assets and cough up cash from sales. Keep your eyes peeled…

CQN Nine-in-a-row Charity Golf Day 2013

Our Annual Charity Golf Day 2013 will take place on Friday 14th June at Aberdour Golf Club.  This is our 9th annual event and I’m delighted to announce that Lisbon Lion and nine-in-a-row striker, Willie Wallace, will be our guest of honour.

After winning everything available to him in Europe, Willie made a new life for himself in Australia, where he established a second career in the game, while retaining strong links to the Celtic ex-pat community.

We will be raising funds for the 125-4-125 appeal, while encouraging all Celtic fans to get involved and stake their claim on what this club is all about.  Cost for the day’s golf and the evening meal and entertainment is £80.  Cost for non-golfers is £45.

The Annual Charity Golf Day is always oversubscribed so get your application for a place in early by emailing, cqnopen2013@gmx.com.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. tomtheleedstim on

    from last blog;


    Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain 2m


    Has it been confirmed by the Glasgow media that Charlie is tending his garden? The Sevco customers deserve to be informed.

  2. During the foot and mouth crisis ( 2002?? ) I had to draft a reply for my director to the National Farmers Union who had asked for the company to be considerate with farmers who were experiencing cash problems due to the crisis.



    The letter had to be sent to the secretary of the NFU who went by the name of Ruth LAMB.



    The draft I had to prepare was sent to my directors PA Debbie HOGG.




  3. With the share price plummeting why has there been no press release to reassure the zombies and investors?



    Chuckles making sure he will be out the country when the really bad news is released?

  4. Regarding strange names, we have our very own fisheries ministers in Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmon (d)



    Weefra HH

  5. Paul



    Will you PLEASE cease and desist from making such scurrilous , inflammatory and downright unfounded accusations?!






    Awright then – carry on!




  6. Cathedral View on

    Padlocks on the gates then.



    What are the chances it coincides with the close season?






    Perhaps Green of Sevco has been trying to arrange an emergency alternative venue nearby as insurance against this very outcome!






  7. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Tricoloured ribbon & anyone else interested



    Tickets for the Cliftonville v Glentoran Irish Cup final are now on sale from Solitude, the social club & all Sean Graham bookies.


    Adult £15


    Kids £8



    C’mon you Reds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dead and Loving it on

    What about the brother and sister that won the radio clyde mad name competition a few years ago.



    Armani and Versace McLatchie.

  9. …..sumbdy better warn “Big Hoose Berr”…………..


    ………………and it goes without saying……….The Authentic Voice O’ Asbestox


    …..ra Bommur!




    What theatre lads!




  10. 50 shades of green on

    also once heard about a team that play in blue and their last 2 owners were.



    Green and White.:-):-)

  11. In a properly run country, without undue influence, I’m sure these things would happen, but Scotland? Come on!




    Gosh I hope I’m wrong.

  12. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    see the bigot findlay has raised his ugly head,and is spouting disinformation about his former now deceased club,when are these people going to get it,rangers died ,the new entity sevco/sevco5o88 are a completely new entity and like any new club should start at the bottom,can you imagine if celtic went bust that there would be a concerted campaign to push a new celtic straight into the top league.Someone at celtic should tell our players if asked about sevco being fast tracked to spl to say no comment,and ex celts like mcmanus should not give them any oxygen either

  13. Paul, as you rightly state the first course of action is usually a cease or desist order and a request for any monies made from that asset to be forwarded to you.



    For Craig Whyte to get as much as possible out of this, it would be in his best interests to wait until all games at Ibrox have been played this season and then ask for the money.



    When is their last home game?




  14. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:22 on


    18 April, 2013


    They will need to be very specific. I mean if they just tell McCoists’s side to stop playing football at Ibrox ….






    Did they actually play any football there anyway?

  15. Italian Cup Final next month.



    Lazio v Roma.



    Never happened before.



    Expect fireworks, and lots of racist banners and chanting – from the Lazio fans.



    Paolo di Canio guest of honour – allegedly!




  16. Just dropped in to say…..



    My late Mother, worked beside two blokes in the Hoover – Cambuslang in the 70′s.


    The two fellas names were – Pat n Mick O’Brien – who were huns !!!



    Anyway…one day in July in the 70′s – the walk was oot and, awe the huns went oot to see it going by.



    Well, a ghood Tim from Blantyre called – Hughie Sannachan(spelling ?)


    locked the door wi awe the huns still ootside and they awe goat docked for being late back from their t-breaks :)))



    Hail Hail n God Bless Yeez Awe


    Off oot.

  17. Hillsborough justice campaigner Anne Williams who has passed away.



    A woman who would not be denied in the pursuit of justice and truth, a heartbroken mum who was cruelly robbed of her son.



    I would say if anyone deserved a state funeral it is her…

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