Look under the bonnet at Killie


There is no outrage louder than moral outrage, so I ignored this week’s stupidity by Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston, adding volume seemed moot, but if you look below the bonnet of this decision you’re likely to find the real story.  Kilmarnock FC is in a critical condition.

They need your money this week, probably even more than they need the goodwill of their own fans.  Mr Johnston’s most damaging folly has not been to offer Celtic fans a better deal than his own club’s supporters, it has been the failure to address the club’s financial imperative over a long number of years.  Like another club I can think of, getting cash in the door is the only game in town, as a failure to do so would bring enormous consequences.

It is the Killie fans who suffer as “Speaking as a solicitor” Johnston clings to what passes for power at a busted flush.  Don’t apologise for this week’s self-harming insult, instead be contrite about the actions which brought about the problem.
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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    12:13 on 26 September, 2013


    Before the new post, read this.



    bmchugh says:


    September 26, 2013 at 11:47 am


    0 0 Rate This



    Rather interesting correction at the end of this story on Craig Whyte






  2. This is interesting (or not) but there have been no RFC shares traded now for over a day and a half. That’s quite unusual.

  3. Paul67



    My two worries about the dire situation at Killie (and Hearts are not far behind them) is that they’re going bust during the Sevco lower-divison period will be presented as evidence that we need the Ibrox club in our top division, and , secondly, it leaves us with yet another impoverished club in our immediate playing environment that we must live without or subsidise, in some form, back to health.



    The financial troubles of Killie and Hearts (and Motherwell, Dundee, Livingston, and St. Mirren before them) all stem from trying to compete with a financial steroid cheat (now deceased)



    All of these clubs speculated with monies not yet earned. And just look at what they accumulated!



    I find it difficult to avoid saying “Hell mend them”

  4. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Being an Ayrshire lad,I always had a soft spot for Killie.



    Michael Johnson killed that.



    It is very much in the interests of the club and fans that they get rid if this guy.

  5. That BusinessInsider article should be widley distributed to the Scottish media just to set them straight on what factual reporting is.

  6. More outrage shown by media at Celtic supporters getting reduced tickets than there was for Sevco refusing cup tickets. Did that money ever go to charity by the way?

  7. I have two mates who are making Saturday their last away game as can’t afford to do it anymore. The teams we are due to face second half of season are the ones who will feel the pinch I think.

  8. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Of course it did,it went to Rangers Charity Foundation.



    Who handed it to their favourite good cause.




  9. I’d be fairly confident that Michael Johnson will be the owner of a Sinclair C5, 8 track sound system, and a BetaMax vid recorder.



    Give him the opportunity to make the wrong call and he steps right up to that plate.



    Rangers, Hearts, Kilmarnock. OO



    Could get a line up there.

  10. Charging 20 quid for Killie was a good idea – but it should have been for all fans and done when the tickets first went on sale



    What their chairman has done this week is ridiculous and makes him out to look stupid



    But it doesn’t hide the fact that Scottish football is grossly overpriced in general – every game should be 20 quid at the most, give or take the odd cup final



    I think that will be realised when the game on Saturday is played in front of 10,000 empty seats



    Although, cost is only part of the problem – you get the feeling if the tickets had been a tenner that the crowd wouldn’t have been much bigger

  11. Tony Watt scored for Lierse against Lommel


    United last night- then whipped off his shirt to


    show off his ‘lazy and unfit’ torso.


    The move cost the on-loan striker a yellow


    card after he scored the equaliser against the


    Second Division side in a Belgian Cup tie.


    He told the Antwerp Gazette: “I knew that I


    would get a card, it happens all over the


    world however I wanted to show everyone that


    I’m not fat.”

  12. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    Rather interesting correction at the end of this story on Craig Whyte










    I just emailed that to SFA,STV & the BBCjust in case they weren’t sure :))

  13. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Fact is most Celtic supporters who would have gone to Rugby Park would already have bought their tickets….at £26!



    We’ve been as royally rogered as anyone here.

  14. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Ahh well…..


    Another Hun bites the dust.


    Anybody remember the film flatliners?


    I guess all huns have developed a fascination with the after life similar to that depicted in the 80s classic.


    They might come back from the dead but will have recurring nightmares until they right the wrongs of their previous life.

  15. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    12:35 on


    26 September, 2013



    This is a model used for ticketed events everywhere and to be frank I’m surprised it’s not adopted by football clubs more often.



    If you want to guarantee your seat you get in early and may pay a premium for doing so. If you’re prepared to wait and see you might get a bargain, however you run the risk of not getting a seat at all.

  16. david prowse



    12:29 on 26 September, 2013


    Always had a soft spot for Killie.



    The Florida Everglades.




    David the Everglades is a unspoiled wilderness.


    Kilmarnock is just a wilderness.

  17. While I have no truck with Kilmarnock (or Hearts for that matter), what irritates me is that the SMSM will use their predicament to suggest that the deid team needs be playing in the top league for the good of Scottish football.



    I wish to Ghod, we could get out of this tainted league, that has been run so long for thon deid team to the detriment of EVERYBODY else in Scottish football.

  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    You are of course right that we were young(er) then, and indeed that Celtic’s performances in Europe were mediocre in the main (although there were some highlights) but I look back on the 80s as a high water mark for Scottish Football.



    The Premier Division (as was) produced fantastic competition between Celtic, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd, Celtic being the odd one out of the three in not competing in a European final. The teams were almost entirely composed of Scottish players, mostly developed through the ranks or bought from other Scottish clubs.



    This latter aspect – trading between Scottish clubs – is one of the fundamental issues affecting the game now. Whereas previously a top kid at say St Mirren would be bought by Aberdeen or Dundee Utd, now the kids are traded south before they have had the chance to impact competitively in the Scottish game.



    Providing our clubs with the wherewithal to ensure the top talented kids stay in our top league for 3 or 4 years longer is, in my view, the single most important issue affecting the game here.

  19. The Bhoy With The Arab Strap on

    Looks like the Cylinder Head Gasket has blown!



    Killie will always be my second team being a proud jungle jim born and raised in Ayrshire, but this egotistical tool steering the titanic2 is determined to take the whole club fans et al down with him because of his stubborn stupidity..

  20. loved this…



    Creditsafe stated in their press release Rangers were “relegated” into the “third tier” of Scottish football.



    Rangers are in fact playing in the fourth tier of Scottish football, which is the IRN-BRU Third Division.



    The statement Rangers were relegated is also incorrect. A new company was set up after Rangers Football Club Plc was placed into liquidation in October 2012. The ‘newco’, trading as The Rangers Football Club Ltd, thereafter listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), trading under the name Rangers International Football Club Plc.



    The liquidated club, formed in 1872, was placed in administration in February 2012 over non-payment of tax estimated at around £14 million.



    HM Revenue and Customs then blocked a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) which would have allowed the oldco Rangers to continue trading.



    Oldco Rangers’ administrator Duff & Phelps thereafter sold the assets to a consortium led by Charles Green, then trading under the name Sevco Scotland Ltd, and shareholders in the oldco gave their approval thereafter to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd and the ‘oldco’ assumed the name RFC 2012.



    This ‘newco’ was granted a licence by the Scottish football authorities to re-enter competitive football in Scotland in the third division after the Scottish Premier League clubs voted overwhelmingly against allowing the newco to re-enter top flight Scottish football.

  21. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Oldco,Hearts,Kilmarnock …. Financial arrogance.. Men in suits … Join the dots…



    Serves them right….

  22. iPaddy McCourt Supports Wee Oscar on

    I genuinely feel sorry for the Kilmarnock fans. No doubt there are a fair few roasters of the orange persuasion who support them but most I’ve met are decent. As a whole, their support was vehemently opposed to the proposal that Sevco be allowed into the top division.



    Their club is slowly going down the toilet with this idiot Johnston in charge

  23. winning captains



    12:54 on 26 September, 2013



    loved this…



    I wonder if the MSM will publish this? Won’t hold my breath though ;-)




  24. Of all the club chairmen entering Hampden for SPL meetings, one was always guaranteed to stop and give a press statement…Michael Johnston! Loves the sound of his own posh voice…bye bye MJ…countdown has started…

  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    We are playing in a virtually bankrupt footballing Country many if not most of the teams are part time and they are running on a shoe string.Players get paid very little and we have by far the biggest budget and best paid players.That is why losing at home to Greenock Morton is so hard to take and when it comes down to it we are missing a creative midfielder and a striker this in my opinion is crass bad management and yet very little is said about by Celtic Football club.H.H.

  26. The “BusinessInsider” article (also posted in full by : winning captains 12:54 on 26 September, 2013)



    Excellent article, factually correct right up until the final paragraph, which once again totally irks me:



    “This ‘newco’ was granted a licence by the Scottish football authorities to re-enter competitive football in Scotland in the third division after the Scottish Premier League clubs voted overwhelmingly against allowing the newco to re-enter top flight Scottish football”



    How can a Newco RE-ENTER anything? They are a NEWCO! THEY DID NOT EXIST BEFORE.



    somepeoplejustdontgetit csc

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The Bhoys of Summer gave me some of my best times supportin’ the ole Hoops, even though we lost as many titles as we won the football was good and competitive and the atmosphere inside the ground was fantastic as teams like Aberdeen, Hearts and even Dundee Utd brought big away supports.



    And apart from the fine players in the Celtic team we were treated to the likes of Willie Miller and Paul Sturrock at their best.



    The major gripe I have is that we under-achieved in Europe, given the talent in the squad at the time.

  28. Heard a Killie fans representative on shortie on


    Tuesday……said they wanted Johnston out,the


    guy himself said he had not been to a game this


    season…….reckoned over 1k fans had stopped


    going in a effort to starve Johnston out.

  29. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’ve genuinely never heard of this approach. Over the years I’ve bought tickets for a plethora of different entertainment events from the fitba to ballet (I know, I know!!) and never once have I been aware that tickets could, or have been, reduced in price after I’ve got mine.

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