Looking for sharpness and formation variations


After a solid, if not unapproachable, home win last week, expectations are high that Celtic will qualify for the next round of the Champions League qualifiers in some comfort tonight.  Beyond the result, the area of most interest is the increase in sharpness, particularly in front of goal.

A week is a long time in preseason.  The players will be rested after the first leg and have had more conditioning sessions before leaving for Iceland.  Pay attention to any changes in formation.  Ronny slipped into a 4-4-2 briefly early in the second half last week.  I expect him to experiment a bit like this tonight.

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  1. So no expectation management this week, 0-3 at least, anything less and sack the board and Ronny, there :)

  2. Like no other on

    What does it say about a mother of four, of “a certain age”, who is still chasing podiums?. And missing.




  3. and scores! Fast paced counter attack, Celtic players queuing up after dragging the defence apart with there superb movement and slick passing, great vision, great pace, great goal!

  4. Maybe just me but dont see any problems for tonight’s game, all our best stuff in the last couple of years has been played on artificial grass. Easy 2 goal margin.

  5. Chelsea Supporter Banned – News


    Chelsea fans banned over Paris racism


    BBC world1 hour ago


    Chelsea fans in court over Paris ‘race hate’ metro incident…


    Farming Life7 days ago


    Chelsea fan says he pushed black man off Paris Metro train…


    Daily Mail7 days ago





    Better chasing podiums than chasing men.



    Mind you,there’s a hootenanny on the horizon…

  7. P67



    Ronny can experiment all he likes as soon as we have scored another 2 goals. Not before thank you, this is not the time to tinker with things.



    HH EnnisBhoy

  8. Ref to the Kojo discussion last thread:



    I don’t belive Kojo flounced.



    Far too intelligent, well-travelled, and experienced an individual to be bothered by some cyber-hassle.



    He courted much controversy on here, to the point many would still argue whether his presence made the blog more varied, colourful, or uncomfortable reading.



    Outwith football discussion, after the past year of political division due to the referendum, I would prefer his presence to counter some of the rabid politicos; he knew how to get under their skin.



    Regards Celtic, he had a keen interest which went deeper than many on here, being an interesting source of information on the performances of young developing players.



    There was mention of health issues, and I sincerely hope that is not the reason for his absence.






    Tonight, just get through, Celts.

  9. Taller defence definitely needed! The one and only time I’d support a flat back 4 tonight only because the Icelanders tactics were so 1980’s!



    Think we’ll win and enjoy it ;-)

  10. Like no other on

    A week on and I’m even more impressed with last Wednesday night. Is there a better feeling in this world than sitting in the sunshine with 48,000 fellow Celts, family by your side and cheering on the greatest team in the world, in a stadium that looked a million dollars??


    Don’t think so. It’s so good to be part of this Celtic family and sometimes it takes experiences like last Wednesday to make me fully appreciate that fact.


    Or maybe it was just the 2 month absence?!!


    Whatever. I just love my club and everything about it.






  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul 67



    Your wisdom knows no bounds – BUT:


    4 – 2 – 3 – 1 tonight – Griffiths on the bench



    67 ECW




    12:33 on 22 July, 2015






    Better chasing podiums than chasing men.



    Mind you,there’s a hootenanny on the horizon…







    You allow wimin to go to a hootenany?!?



    What kind of crazy, fecked-up world are we living in?!


    Nice gesture from a Bankie Tim. The heckling must have been bad if he couldnae deal wi it,mind…




    SCOTTISH comedian Kevin Bridges has donated his share of the takings to a charity after hecklers ‘ruined’ one of his shows.



    The 28-year-old Glaswegian has just wrapped up five nights at the Derry’s Millennium Forum, but he had to walk offstage during Friday’s performance when a woman in the crowd wouldn’t stop heckling him.



    Belfast Live reports a woman in the audience hurled ‘disgraceful’ abuse at the comic and other audience members slammed her appalling behaviour.



    She was eventually asked to leave by staff at the venue.



    Now it has emerged the Glasgow comic has donated what is believed to be a night’s takings to Derry charity Children In Crossfire.



    Children In Crossfire Director and Founder, Richard Moore said: “This is a wonderful gesture by Kevin Bridges and everyone associated with Children in Crossfire are extremely grateful.



    “These funds will go towards improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable children who suffer from not having access to food, proper medicine or clean water in Tanzania and Ethiopia.



    “When David McLaughlin from the Millennium Forum contacted me last night (Monday) to inform me of the news, I couldn’t believe it. It was such a wonderful gesture and will give a great boost to our work and an enormous sense of encouragement to our partners overseas.”




    Millennium Forum, Chief Executive, David McLaughlin, described what happened as “disappointing”.



    “We appreciate patrons’ respect for each other and the artist on stage and it was disappointing that one member of the audience did not extend this courtesy on Friday evening.



    “We take all feedback on board and work hard to ensure all our patrons and performers enjoy their experience at our venue,” he said.



    Above from the Record

  14. Like no other on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:33 on 22 July, 2015





    Better chasing podiums than chasing men.



    Mind you,there’s a hootenanny on the horizon…




    Now there’s a thought…


    I’ve heard a lot about that pin-up bhoy, Sipsini……




  15. Cosycornerbhoy: (from previous thread). Great to hear that, glad he loves them. I’ll bring over a few on the 1st to replenish them so you you can give them to other worthy recipients.



    Will be meeting up in the Bad Ass Cafe in Dublin later so any Pale based Tims come along and enjoy the match.

  16. Houl yer wheesh


    typical hun reply from them, the black guy was shouting with aggression, so they pushed him off.



    Total bollox, do they no realise that part of the prosecutions case was a video clearly showing the tube door opening and them refusing the guy entry, a big rangers fan did it and ran away guv Honest




    12:39 on 22 July, 2015






    They get served quicker at the bar…






    Ha! Of course. There had to be some justification for such lunacy.








    I thought it was the 15th you were over?



    COSYCORNERBHOY won’t be at the match on the 1st as he has an appointment wi some golf-daft older guys at Turnberry that week. Though I’ll bet he escapes for the match somehow,watch it in a bar.

  19. oneofthe70percent on

    Why is 4 4 2 experimental,it,s the way we played for years,the stupid formation we used last season was the experimental formation

  20. Like no other on




    12:43 on 22 July, 2015


    BMCUWP -hootenanny? When?




    Will it have a crèche?










    10/10,mate. Timed for an international fortnight so that I don’t inflict my standard autumnal curse on The Hoooooops. I’ve been telt!

  22. Now there’s a thought…


    I’ve heard a lot about that pin-up bhoy, Sipsini…



    Pmsl..has you labrador ran away?.





    A creche will be provided for BHOYLO83 if he makes it. The young whippersnapper.

  24. oneofthe70percent



    Is that the stupid system that won us the double last year? And only blatant cheating stopped us taking the treble.

  25. Paul67



    Pay attention to any changes in formation. Ronny slipped into a 4-4-2 briefly early in the second half last week.



    I take it you’re referring to Griffiths’ introduction, and before Ciftci went off for Stokes. I’d argue the formation remained exactly the same – 4-2-3-1, with Griffiths playing the Johansen role behind the striker.



    There were a few variations in formation early on last season, but after Christmas, Ronny stuck with his tried and tested. He’s nowhere near as experimental as Lennon in that sense.

  26. ‘kind of’ confident about tonight’s game, looking forward to seeing how we play it. does anyone know a good place to watch the match in Greenock, by the way?

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