Losers of the Durrant outburst


Who are the losers from the recent Ian Durrant outburst?  It’s certainly not the Pope, nor any his co-religious.  I don’t even know if it will be Durant himself, who, incredibly, “meant to cause no offense”. Durrant’s status, whatever it is worth, will be assured by what happened.

The consequences will be imperceptible, part of a slow drift of affinity away from a football affinity which was once elevated by such sentiment and, in the 21st century, limited by it.  Sponsors are not the first to leave, it’s the fans with more between their ears than Durrant. The losers are the club and fans.

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  1. He is a total loser Paul.



    A pathetic anachronistic loser, like so many small minded bigots. Hankering for their past days of so-called fame and glory, and pandering to the like minded fools who also linger in their horrible hateful bile-filled sad lonely lives in the 17th century







  2. DD said Durant was fine with his nephew at Dumbarton (I think) Guess its in their tribal mentality. No hope for some people

  3. It was just banter, move along now.


    That crowd are so lucky there wasn’t mobile phones with video and social media in the 80s and 90s to record their aftermatch singalongs in the dressing rooms.

  4. Fess19,



    where in Indonesia are you based?


    Do occasional visits to various places there for work.






  5. My friends in Celtic,



    I tend to think that actions speak louder than words. If Delaney Hee Haw states that Durrant was fair with his nephew then that is good enough for me. I trust and value his opinion.



    Personally I love a good sing song. I love the Gallowgate after matches.



    When I’m with friends I have been known to get carried away.



    In fact, in the old days I would probably have been hung for treason before I was 14.



    Let he without sin cast the first stone.



    Monty python CSC.

  6. Soooooooooooo.



    Celtic are to be backed by their biggest travelling support for 4 years @ Murrayfield.



    Market forces always prevail over any boycotts.



    HH to all. Boycotters and stalwarts.

  7. mike in toronto on




    Isn’t that why WITS has a butler … to test his tea for him, just in case someone has peed in it?



    WITS is one step ahead of you.

  8. Durrant is a symptom of the institutionalised anti-Catholic sectarianism within Scottish society- particularly prevalent with the 40+ age group.



    However, he and Scotland are not alone, as we have seen this past week from England with anti-Catholic, anti- Irish chants at the football and racist air passengers. Durant’s sentiment has found a new welcome in these Brexit times and , if Brexit were a football club, then we know which club they would be, resplendent in poppy on an orange shirt whilst belting out GSTQ and FTP.



    In short, there’s money to be made by bigots this next wee while and their voices will be louder as they become emboldened by non-punishment.



    Expect more of the same.

  9. sixtaeseven - 70 trophies in my lifetime on

    Paul … a disappointing article today.


    Who cares about Durrant? There are 10s of thousands like him.



    Of more importance to CQN should be the Compper story.


    Give us the facts on that and help us cut our way through the negative press and ambivalent stories emanating from “our” side.



  10. mike in toronto on

    I could be mistaken, but I thought Scott Brown was supposed to have his knee looked at this morning…



    I know some on here seem to have some connections inside …. any news on how that went?



    perhaps too early ….

  11. SFTB



    Given we’ve no details of Celtic’s potential sell on fees for Moussa Dembele should Lyon at some time decide to cash in on the young Frenchman, we can hardly describe it as a Peter Lawwell loss.



    Even if there were no such sell on fees, which I doubt given our recent excellent asset management, I’ve never seen Peter Lawwell critiqued for ‘only’ getting 22 Million Euros for the King of Glasgow.



    Quite the opposite in fact, was overwhelming reaction not after he spat the dummy, the previously quoted fee was very nice thank you.



    I believe also the final call on Moussa came from Brendan Rodgers regardless of price.

  12. I never voted for Brexit, however I respect the democratic decision.



    In my opinion it has nothing to do with sectarianism and more to do with eliteism .



    I bet Durrant voted remain. ?

  13. sixtaeseven - 70 trophies in my lifetime on

    Paul, forgot to include this in my previous post at 2:19 pm..



    How do you think Congerton is doing in the recruitment role and do you have any views on his decision to go for Compper?




    Having just flown out of Edinburgh airport i can second your assertion that the wifi is truly crap.



    Was back in Scotland for a funeral and got two tickets for the Hibs game on Saturday.



    The viewpoints of many at the game are contrary to mine.



    Went with my London based brother and we were both amused and bewildered by the comments around us.



    Edouard was a target for plenty of complaints for apparent laziness and being generally rubbish.



    Because he held his position well and didn’t chase around like a headless chicken many accused him of not trying.



    McGregor also was a target with many blaming him for the first goal.



    I thought both of the above were excellent.



    Rogic got man of the match though he was brilliant in first but absent in the second.



    JF was fantastic in defense and attack and clearly should have been man of the match.



    Nt’cham was excellent.



    KT looked more like his old self and i think this is due to having the brilliant Benkovic beside him.



    Boyata was outstanding again.



    Lustig knows his pace is lacking and now hangs to far off the man to be an effective defender.He did not cut out a single cross or get close enough to win a tackle.



    He was not helped when Sinclair came on and stood in no mans land the entire game allowing them their entire left side to run at a vulnerable Lustig.



    Was truly puzzled when he replaced Brown who was clearly unfit from start of the match with SS instead of Kouassi who was signed as Browns eventual replacement.



    The substitution changed the game and gave Hibs a boost and they dominated last ten minutes of first and first twenty of the second with all their attacks coming down their left.



    Why Brendan did not tell SS to either close down the full back or the midfielder on that side is baffling?SS duly just hid in no mans land offering nothing.



    Craig Gordons made two excellent saves in the first but his distribution might actually be getting worse.It’s not helped by his lack of awareness.On a few occasions Celtic players had taken up great positions for outballs but he did not look up and then duly hoofed it to our opponents.



    The first and second goals were things of beauty and the interplay was fantastic.



    Overall it was a great match but we created a few of our own problems or the scoreline would have shown a wider margin.

  15. fan-a-tic


    A very straight and fair assesment from what I could see via tv


    I was loathe to comment on SS as I am only getting tv but he looked to be offering no movement/interest


    James ran like a lion


    Edouard so much football intelligence for a young man and inherent ability- love watching him play.

  16. Does anybody on here really care for the ramblings of a low grade bigotted idiot like Durrant,I know I don’t.


    On a lighter matter, does anybody think Moreorless makes Kenny Miller appear handsome, or is it just me.



    Today, give a helping hand to someone who needs it, it works on all levels







    When some of his teammates get on the same page as Edouard he will also be a great assist man.


    Some of his flicks and lay offs were superb.


    Playing the lone striker role requires intelligence and he has in abundance.


    Tried to explain to guy berating him in front of me that his job was not to chase but stay in perfect position to maximize his defensive and attacking position.


    Guy was having none of it and moaned about missed sitters and lazy.


    Said we should get rid and kept moaning about chance at back post in first few minutes.


    The fact that only a slip kept him from scoring meant nothing to him.

  18. LOL @ wee Durranty.



    Circa 25 years ago in the NTV (Not The View subversive fanzine, nouveau Tims) in the cartoon strip, ‘The DOBS’, they had Durranty up in court. Epically, the judge addressed him as ‘Durrant, you unspeakable ned.’



    Laughed my erse off at that back then, and here we are a quarter of a century later and the ‘unspeakable ned’ is fulfilling every myth, opinion and historical characterisation timelessly captured in that one comic strip.



    Long may he continue to f### the Pope; Long may he represent the unreconstructed HUN in our midst. Long may the world be aware of the Klan in royal blue. Long may he reveal the dark underbelly of Scottish society to a bemused world.



    As for that evil machiavellian Peter Lawwell that WITS keeps championing – can’t yeez all see he’s bad, man; bonuses n’that, n’ schemin’ tae keep the Hoops down.



    I’ll tell you this – no matter your stance regards our CEO, you must admit that he’s a shite saboteur. Apparently he’s been working behind the scenes to scuttle the merry ship Irish Roving Celtic for years. If you can’t see that ye’re either an idiot or a plant.



    Things are black and white in this multi-media age; there’s no such colour anymore as grey. There’s no shade in-between or room for balancing opinions, right? Aye, good, or bad. Like, or not. Smallspeak RULES. Reading is wrong. Sentences make ye THINK = BAD. Sum it up in a click. Make a choice. Don’t dare consider options. Go with crowdthink. You not one of us? You not think like us? you not agree with he says, she says?






  19. KARAMOKO DEMBELE scored a stunning solo goal after being handed his first start for Celtic’s reserves.



    The 15-year-old – who shot to stardom aged 13 after coming off the bench for the club’s development side in 2016 – lined up against Partick Thistle in the Glasgow Cup this afternoon.

  20. Fan-a-tic,


    Calmac was my MotM but the others you mention were only a testicle follicle away so no arguments from me for those who went for Rogic,Forrest ,Edouard, Benkovic or anyone else.


    What your post does highlight for me is the difference between the majority on CQN and so many, it would seem from various comments I have heard, at the ground.



  21. TTT


    Regardless the meaning of we it’s Brendan’s displeasure I see.


    It’s continuous improvement neh backwards movement he seeks.



    It is my concern that he will discern the board haven’t backed him with cash. They delay instead and are happy to add to their stash.



    For the board did neglect and cqn it deflects for that you can take to the bank. Profits before team well that’s how it seems and for that it’s the board you can thank.



    While we may not agree there’s just no more from me :))




  22. Gary67


    It says a lot when I say that I would rather have Silly Willie than Cheatin` Beaton.



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