Losers of the Durrant outburst


Who are the losers from the recent Ian Durrant outburst?  It’s certainly not the Pope, nor any his co-religious.  I don’t even know if it will be Durant himself, who, incredibly, “meant to cause no offense”. Durrant’s status, whatever it is worth, will be assured by what happened.

The consequences will be imperceptible, part of a slow drift of affinity away from a football affinity which was once elevated by such sentiment and, in the 21st century, limited by it.  Sponsors are not the first to leave, it’s the fans with more between their ears than Durrant. The losers are the club and fans.

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  1. Good evening, friends.


    We all remember that day in May 1986 when top of the table Hearts lost to Dundee at Dens Park. Maybe the same will happen again tonight,

  2. 50 shades of green on

    !!BADA BING!! on 23RD OCTOBER 2018 6:03 PM


    The wrong kick off time is on the tickets for Sevco v Sheep on Sunday,






    Ha Ha, and dont tell them the clocks go back either, really f them up.




  3. Mike alles klar ta


    looks more of a destination gaff, but I know lawyers and their lunches

  4. Hi Bhoys



    Re durrant and his ilk I believe most of us know lizards like them. They are in your workplace your local pub and in many social gathering areas. They are all very nice and pleseant to your face. But as soon as your back is turned or they are in the majority of the company it oozes out of them. It’s who they are they can’t help it their hatred knows no bounds when it comes to us. As TET says “I hate them for making me hate them.”






    Someone on the last blog posted The Ramones – Baby I Love You.I knew a bhoy who used that song for the first dance at his wedding. I still think that must be the coolest first dance song ever. MA&H if your on you no doubt knew him to Barry Floyd what a character he was. I hope if you think of him it puts a smile on your face for a wee while.




  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    Won’t make Stanley tomorrow mate.


    Got 2 wisdom teeth out and been ill last few days. Catchye soon.



  6. glendalystonsils on




    Some great examples of both on youtube.

  7. so another insult to the holy father, these bassas no they can say what they like against us and our religion and get away with it, could only happen in bonnie Scotland.hh.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    That is the impression I have of ID now.


    Baby I love you by The Ramones was detested by majority of Ramones fans.


    No a bad Wedding first dance song mind you. ?



  9. Shame on Ryanair, for letting that racist ba$#@%# fly with them,should have been taken off the plane and arrested,with a life ban from Ryanair.

  10. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    I think it comes with the territory of anti-Catholic, anti-Irish, entitled, elitist bigotry that bigots are genuinely surprised when they are challenged over their attitudes.



    They are surprised because they have lived all their lives in a country, society and culture which approves of their bigotry, and actively encourages it.



    The solution is for Police Scotland to take immediate action against Durrant, the media to report it fairly, and the Scottish Parliament to clearly state a zero tolerance policy to anti-Catholic and/or anti-Irish hatred.



    All the relevant legislation already exists to do this. So why doesn’t the best wee country in the world do it?



    Answers on a postcard to Greyfriars Bobby.

  11. If nothing is happening to Durrant then it is safe to assume that no official complaint has been made – it is as simple as that


    Same with Lauhatme- no actual complaints to the police

  12. The Kyle Lafferty victim it appears decided the best course of action for any reprimand or recourse, was to report the crime to the newspapers or the Sun to be more ‘specific ’.



    We’ll never know what might have happened had she gone in the first instance to Police Scotland.



    But we can guess CSC

  13. don’t think the anti catholic anti irish will change in my lifetime ,just hope and pray the next generation can feel free to go on about their business and practice their religion without fear or fervour.hh.

  14. So, in anticipation of tonight’s Champions League games here are the 4 predictions to avoid –


    Ajax to defeat Benfica


    Lyon to win away against Hoffenheim


    Shakhtar Donetsk and Manchesity both to score


    And 3 or more goals in the Man Utd v Juventus tie.


    4 x 5 shilling trebles and a ten bob fourfold invested in the hope of winning a whopping £26.54.


    As for which game to watch I think it’ll be the goalfest from Old Trafford where I would be quite happy if both teams lost ;-)


    Incidentally in the early kick off I see that AEK Athens are currently 2 down at home to Bayern Munich.

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jamesgang/Jimmynotpaul, my wife used to work in the cloakroom in Paris in Paisley around 1985/1986.



    She enjoyed it but not when too big for their boots footballers with their overblown egos came in especially Messrs Judas and Nicholas. She thought McAvennie was alright but the two I mentioned really annoyed her with the way they treated staff.

  16. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Has Morelos been cited by the SFA Compliance Officer for his shameful dive on Sunday?



    Nah, of course not.



    But this was the guy who kicked someone studs up, knee-high, off the ball, and was correctly sent off.


    Then the SFA rescinded his red card, thereby telling the world that such assaults are OK in the Scottish game. Cue open season for assaults on our players.



    Scottish football has disappeared down the rabbit-hole, and we should get out of it.

  17. If I loved you





    And finally for tonight.





    Don’t forget Jesus is a Tim. You know why?



    He said to Peter Tues Petrus (sp) YOU are Peter and upon This Rock I shall build MY church. The Catholic Church for all its faults is the Church Jesus founded and will look after until the end of time. It is not a Church founded by the likes of Knox or Luther or BRRRRRR Hendry 8th. My God we are priveledged (sp) to have such a founder.



    Ok One more.



    How great thou art.







    After this proclamation, I bet we win 5-1 on Thursday.



    I need to get off utube it keeps playing all the songs I love.

  18. Hot Smoked,


    If you’re about, are you still thinking about letting the train take the strain on 10 November ?


    Giving it serious consideration from here…

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    In my last post I want to add the players I mentioned would occasionally go to that club after international games or in the close season.

  20. This time last week, sitting in an Irish pub in Dubrovnik, watching the Spain-England game, I let out a minor expletive…honestly…when I overheard the Spanish lady at the other table cheer for the English goal. When we looked at her in surprise she said, “I am Catalan” and so were the other five people with her. We explained our position. As they left delighted with the score, we were very gentlemanly and wished then well with their desire for independence,

  21. Dallas



    A year or two later and that could have been my jacket. It was always a polite Bhoy (I hope!)



    HH jg

  22. mike in toronto on




    go easy with all that Peter the Rock stuff, or we’ll have WITS back on telling us that Jesus was actually talking about Peter Lawwell!




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