Losers of the Durrant outburst


Who are the losers from the recent Ian Durrant outburst?  It’s certainly not the Pope, nor any his co-religious.  I don’t even know if it will be Durant himself, who, incredibly, “meant to cause no offense”. Durrant’s status, whatever it is worth, will be assured by what happened.

The consequences will be imperceptible, part of a slow drift of affinity away from a football affinity which was once elevated by such sentiment and, in the 21st century, limited by it.  Sponsors are not the first to leave, it’s the fans with more between their ears than Durrant. The losers are the club and fans.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jamesgang , you are extremely polite.



    AEK just lost 2 nil at home to Bayern.

  2. 50 shades of green on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 23RD OCTOBER 2018 7:53 PM


    Why are Hearts playing tonight…





    Big Peter ordered them to play because Celtic have a midweek game as well.



    All Hail Peter. ?




    I doubt that Jesus said that. I think it was made up by the christians, possibly after the Romans adopted christianity thereby creating the roman christian/catholic church.

  4. glendalystonsils on




    Good , isn’t she?



    Also check out El McMeen and Steve Baughman. Superb.





    Angela Merkel was born there. Don’t know how she ended up in East Germany after that,seems very strange.

  6. A high profile former player perpetrates hate crime in front of a mob baying its approval.



    Will the authorities pounce?



    You are joking, mate. This is Scotland.

  7. BIG PACKY 1 on 23RD OCTOBER 2018 7:21 PM


    don’t think the anti catholic anti irish will change in my lifetime ,just hope and pray the next generation can feel free to go on about their business and practice their religion without fear or fervour.hh.




    Hail Hail fella, hope yourself, Joan, Frankie, and Benny are grand.


    When the united Ireland comes aboot, in the next couple of years, there will probably be an influx of the Ulster / Scot’s overspill, as a consequence of the unification of Ireland. Think about this……


    How ironic would it be for Celtic supporters, for over 100 years, to sing for Ireland’s freedom / reunification, and then find themselves being the subject, or, target of the ‘returned’ to Scotland, Ulster / Scot’s, who’d been so furious at the reunification of Ireland, that they’d now came full circle and, ended up in the land of their ancestors, the sectarian, racist, orange, masonic, Scotland, how long would it take for the furious, permaraging, returning, Ulster Scots, to start the first – “Send the Tim’s home!” – campaign ?


    I don’t know if it’s just me who noticed this, but, as soon as Theresa May secured the Irish backstop, two days later, Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Tories, and wee Nicola from the SNP, both of them announced that, after Brexit, Scotland will need up to 1 million ‘new’ immigrants, into Scotland ???


    I think that scary days are ahead.


    Can you imagine what it would be like in Scotland, if the above comes to pass, and, throw in the ticking time bomb of Celtic winning ten 10 in a row, with all of the above going on in the background ?


    Anywye,….. Take care of all who are close. Hail Hail






    Has, WEEBAWBABBITY been invited to the hoot yit ?



    Anywye,….Laters. √




  8. bournesouprecipe @ 2:27 pm



    Given we’ve no details of Celtic’s potential sell on fees for Moussa Dembele should Lyon at some time decide to cash in on the young Frenchman, we can hardly describe it as a Peter Lawwell loss.



    which is why , I added the caveat:-



    “In those circumstances, I cannot be fully sure, despite my judgements above”



    But we do not know if the sell-on is there or whether it is at anywhere near the level we got for Virgil. It was a sale in a hurry and we had to accept what was offered.










    Even if there were no such sell on fees, which I doubt given our recent excellent asset management, I’ve never seen Peter Lawwell critiqued for ‘only’ getting 22 Million Euros for the King of Glasgow.



    This is a player who was being quoted as a £30-40 million player the year before. Since then, he has had some injury issues, but, as they were very short term, they should only have shaved a small amount off his fee, not halved it. There is even an argument to say his value should have stayed solid as he had played and scored for France U-21’s. He has scored 5 goals in 3 games since signing for Lyon and he’s looking every inch the player we thought he was last year.



    Look at the comparable transfers:-



    Ousman Dembele left Dortmund after one year there €105m


    Thomas Lemar fetched €70m


    Riyad Mahrez fetched €67.8m


    Aubameyang went for €63.7m


    Naby Keita- €60m



    Now, I accept that these are full internationalists (though Keita is capped only by Guineau) and came from bigger leagues but they fetched over 3 times what Moussa was sold for.



    Lautaro Martinez was sold to Inter for a comparable fee


    Odsonne Edouard was sold at half the price we got for Dembele.


    As was Adama Diakhaby to Huddersfield


    Matej Vydra bought by Derby for nearly £11m (pounds)


    Ahmed Musa sold for almost £15m


    Yoshinori Muto (yes, who?) for almost £10m


    Aleksander Mitrovic for £18m+


    Benik Afobe for £10m+


    James Maddison went from Norwich for £22m + (more than Moussa)


    Britt Assombalonga fetched £15m from Forest to Boro



    So, I think I can still see a lack of value in only 20m euros until we are actually revealed to have substantial add-ons awaiting.





    Quite the opposite in fact, was overwhelming reaction not after he spat the dummy, the previously quoted fee was very nice thank you.



    Sure, that’s our default reaction to every player who tells us that they love money more than Celtic. It’s a Fox& Grapes reaction; a player we were touting as £30m+ 6months earlier, suddenly becomes a “just get rid! Don’t care what we get for him!” figure. Hell! , we will even throw in free airport transport to facilitate his exit.







    I believe also the final call on Moussa came from Brendan Rodgers regardless of price.



    It’s a strong possibility that BR sanction was necessary to conclude the sale but I doubt BR set either a minimum or maximum price. It was a distressed sale where Lyon held the aces in any game of bluff. It’s a bit like post-Brexit Britain approaching Trump for a US:GB Trade deal- yes, we’ll get one bu it will be on Trump’s terms.

  9. Bateen Bhoy/Hot Smoked


    I’m getting the Megabus on 10 Nov (£1 return)! But, where am I going? HH

  10. C’mon ghuys get a life don’t you all know that FTP is just banter. Move along Timmy you can’t make derogatory remarks about a person’s gender, colour, race, weight, height, age or religion – oh wait a minute there’s appears to be a get out clause if you’re a hun!

  11. Sitting flicking between the two Manchester matches I realise, ‘no Celtic, no give a ?’



    Might watch Peaky Blinders



    HH jg

  12. kev, we have got Jorge and Donnie now as well, no rest for the wicked, hope your health is okay.hh.

  13. Kev



    My father said the exact same 30 years ago. If there’s a united Ireland which part of the UK will prove most attractive to the disaffected of Ulster?

  14. itscalledthemalvinas on



    I’m right behind that way of thinking. True Celts can go home and leave Scotland to the incoming orange hordes.

  15. Dallas.


    Your wife is a good judge of character, in more ways than one, my friend.


    Hail Hail

  16. Friesdorfer



    I’m a late arrival on the Peaky Blinders mate.


    Just on Series2.



    Pog ?



    HH jg

  17. WITS.


    I believe, it’s the game that would have been played this coming weekend but was postponed because of cup semi.


    Celtic don’t play their rearranged fixture until Dec because of European commitments.


    Hail Hail

  18. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Obviously we would take Glasgow Celtic home with us.


    Can we get the brits to build a 70000 seater before they bail out ?

  19. Friesdorfer,


    Had a look at Megabus website earlier but it wasn’t giving me any options on leaving Glasgow after about 5pm. Their website is shockingly bad.


    1 way ticket to Glasgow was a lot more expensive than a sevco.


    And anyway, I haven’t been on a train ( in this country ) in years. More of an adventure ??

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, to state the obvious (which i’m a master of) , she married me so she can’t be a good judge of character lol .



    One of the few things my good lady and I have in common, a dislike of Charlie Nicholas.





    Mailed you,mate.



    Plan is an initial relaxed couple of beers in Blane Valley around lunchtime-no guarantee my Dad and I will manage that part though-followed by the usual in McChuills from around 230.

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