Losers of the Durrant outburst


Who are the losers from the recent Ian Durrant outburst?  It’s certainly not the Pope, nor any his co-religious.  I don’t even know if it will be Durant himself, who, incredibly, “meant to cause no offense”. Durrant’s status, whatever it is worth, will be assured by what happened.

The consequences will be imperceptible, part of a slow drift of affinity away from a football affinity which was once elevated by such sentiment and, in the 21st century, limited by it.  Sponsors are not the first to leave, it’s the fans with more between their ears than Durrant. The losers are the club and fans.

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  1. Bateen Bhoy there’s nowt like a train journey. Stretch your legs go to the buffet only problem is it’s in the U.K.


    Travelling tomorrow 1st Class return journey for €113, 3 hour journey there and back in top class coaches and Weißbier readily available. Some great deals on in Germany at the moment.


    When I was back for Oktoberfest my 1st class fare from Gütersloh to Munich was about €99 (6 hours) the train was delayed and I missed my connection, they paid for a night in a very good hotel and refunded half my fare.


    Meanwhile in the U.K. ……………..

  2. Dallas.


    I loved Charlie as a player first time around, when I met him in 1985 I found him to be unbearably smug and arrogant.


    I don’t think he’s changed.


    I was with John Wark, so John knew him from international games and introduced me,but he really did come across as if he thought he was Billy big baws.


    Hail Hail

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, a crowd of us saw the Pogues at the town and country venue in London on St Patrick’s Day 1988.



    An Arsenal fan came up to us at the gig saying Charlie Nicholas is a winker. We told him where to go. If any of us ever saw the Arsenal fan again, we would apologise to him as he was correct.

  4. Dallas/.D.D


    Budgie McGhee has agreed to become assistant manager at Pollok.


    Hail Hail

  5. POG.


    I think at least 10 badly injured, one poor soul has had foot amputated, according to reports.


    Hail Hail

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, the irony of Budgie getting the number 2 job at Pollok.



    Tony lost his job at Pollok with his last game being against Kilbirnie then the Kilbirnie boss becomes the Pollok assistant manager.

  7. sftb



    Thanks for the anticipated very detailed reply.



    I think your evaluation of Moussa Dembele is fantastic even though he’s started


    very well in his homeland.



    His suggested value however at no time, even in the most fertile imagination and after his first hun skelping did it ever exceed the £30M mark.



    Nobody, that merely scores goals in the SPL (or French U 21) has ever had a suggested value of £30M never mind anywhere near your bigger league suggested peers, or equivalents.



    It may never happen again, or for a very long time IMHO



    There were even posters on CQN who said we should sell, sell, sell from the moment his ‘value ‘ was established. Then the hammies started and his value bottomed out at around £12M with a rejected alleged English EPL bid – was it Brighton?



    He missed so many games for Celtic in his last season especially, his value was always on a downward spiral , never on an upward turn. I’m still with the concencus that 22M euros for us was good value and ‘toughly negotiated’ for a player that in the very end, demanded he was leaving.



    All in all , I say it’s an oblique criticism of Peter Lawwell given we only have the bare up front fee and nothing else. Using your VVD comparison you could argue we got poor value, there as well. Brendan Rodgers we were assured made the call from Lennoxtown and we already know from his own mouth, he’s got nothing to do with prices , buying or selling.




    With you on Nicholas, was in his company a couple of times years ago in Manhattans, big heided prick.



    Raging when Celtic signed him from Aberdeen, fecken hasbeen money grabber.

  9. Pog,


    Will look forward to that.


    Hope your good lady has enjoyed her birthday today, despite you being exiled in the Fatherland.



    P.s. Hope your Bhoy is enjoying Dundee.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Sipsini, the excellent Graham Hunter did a podcast with Nicholas two years ago . I listened to it . Nicholas came over as an even bigger clown . He said Arsenal were the club he was most passionate about then a few minutes later he said he was still a big Celtic fan. Arsenal are welcome to him.



    The only positive I have for him , he has mentioned a number of times on Soccer Saturday Danny McGrain was the best player he ever played with.

  11. After a bit of advice if anyone can help. I got two semifinal tickets for this weekend but used my sons season book to get one of the tickets. Selected two adult tickets and paid £25 each but one adult and one child ticket turned up in post from Celtic, problem is two adults are going. Is the turnstiles at Murray field maned or automatic?? long story short will I be able to get it with the child ticket?????

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Sipsini, I meant to say Nicholas’ chips comment off mic after Jim White was slagging our support for singing the tattie song , at half time of our win versus Milan , showed his true self and his real feelings about us.





    I’d contact Celtic immediately. The goods ordered are not those supplied. It’s up to them to rectify that.

  14. Bateen Bhoy, there is a 1920 Megabus from Glasgow to Aberdeen arrives 2220. But, enjoy your train! HH

  15. What is the Stars on



    Thanks for the explanation regarding the Hearts game.




    My youngest daughter got us into Peaky blinders via netflix ( perhaps it was the Cillian Murphy factor, though apparently his eyes aren’t even that blue)


    I digress


    Anyhow was totally hooked, some great characters, Aunt Pol for me…but that’s another story ??

  16. What is the Stars on



    I would contact Celtic ticket office and explain the situation. I am sure it can be resolved

  17. That was the best night I have had in a pub on my own for a long time. Great beer, great food a bit of CQN, a bit of Facebook and lo an old German pal gets in touch as well. Ambience in the pub was great. Looking forward to tomorrow and meeting up with Kölncelt who also got in touch via FB.

  18. BMCUP/WITS – will do, they will probably say that one of the season tickets I used to get a kids season book even though I selected and paid for an adult one. Don’t know if they can reissue another ticket printed adult?

  19. What is the Stars on



    I’ve heard about you and DD.


    The “any port in a storm ” Bhoys.



    As for Aunt Pol, any gal who keeps a gun in her suspender belt will do for me. I’ve got some standards at least.

  20. What is the Stars on



    I paid for 2 extra tickets for the Celtic Rangers game last month (49ers)


    Anyway they said they were posted but I never received them .Ticket office were very helpful. I brought email and ID and they issued new tickets


    They explained that issuing the new ticket automatically renders the old ticket void ( in case it was found and someone tried to use it)