Losing players on your own terms


A quick straw poll suggests we’re happy with £2m for Adam Matthews, although Sunderland will be happier, having signed what is likely to be a first team player for what is a bargain fee in the English league.  For Celtic, the player had only a year left on his contract, and was not first choice when Mikael Lustig was available.  On other occasions we would struggle to get £500k.

A few factors supported Adam’s marketability and price.  He is part of a successful Wales team who are likely to reach Euro 2016.  Scouts from all over Europe watch Wales and it’s unlikely you’d be able to sign any of that team for less than £2m.

There’s also the Joe Ledley and Victor Wanyama effect.  Joe and Victor were Celtic contemporaries of Adam and both are solid performers for EPL clubs.  Don’t even ask me about what’s going on with Daryl Murphy at the moment, as it beats any rational explanation I can come up with.

Having 20 hugely wealthy neighbours comes with lots of problems, but if we are going to lose players to England, it’s better to lose them on our own terms – when we are in a position to start a fresh building process, than have events overtake us, as appears to be happening at Tannadice this year.

Enjoy events this afternoon at New St Mirren Celtic Park.

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  1. ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!’



    Well not according to Monty Python.




  2. Jimmynotpaul on



    Thanks for keeping me right about the moral maze presenter.


    I listen every week and always thought that it was Humphreys, it was about Greece’s debt last night.

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  4. The Exiled Tim



    I dont know if we disagree that much in truth.



    Your very good health



    Back to the fitba ( and trivia) for me





  5. .



    HamiltonTim and MacJay..



    Don’t know if I am the Only CQN’r that has Met both of You and Really enjoyed a Beer (or 2) with You..?



    But.. (Howevvva)..



    The Only Difference I see is One is a Celtic Supporter and One is a Overseas Celtic Supporter.. You both might have Totally different Views in other things which IMHO should Not come into Your Celtic CV..



    Basically I’m asking You both to Agree to Differ.. Cause I ‘Like’ Yees..【ツ】



    Summa of CSC



    Ps..HamiltionTim.. If You need any Videos of Yon Ole MacJay singing Rebel songs on a Boat on Sydney Harbour feel Free to email Me..【ツ】 【ツ】 【ツ】

  6. ThompsonTwin on

    Canamalar- we don’t always see eye to eye, but I am in 100% agreement in your response – perhaps ‘fanning the flames of a dying fire’ might be counter-productive.



    Turning to those ‘marching’ in Glasgow yesterday, I was brought up to believe we were better than them – we must NEVER allow ourselves to be bracketed with them.

  7. saltires en sevilla on




    11:04 on 5 July, 2015


    lennon’s passion



    I think that Mulgrew is one of the best passers of a ball that we have. Yes he lacks pace and his positioning lets him down at times but if we were to sell him do you think that the money would sign a better player




    Well done staying out of the nukem debate :-) Celtic fans nukem!!!! Good grief…



    Hope yours all weel



    Love some great Charlie moments, dead ball deadly; some wonderful images of him flying through the air to connect on cross or corner and important goals.



    Passing the ball?


    Left to right of park he sees the movement and can deliver it at various length and pace although often hesitant and delays longer than I would like.



    His Right to left passing options are limited and that is ok as few of our left footed players can.



    I take issue with his left to left side of park- ok if a short slow roll of ball to open teammate.


    Where he often struggles is left to left at pace or medium to longer distance. His left to centre is not great either.



    He knows this himself in fairness and seldom tries those options.


    However, his tendency to delay any pass, then reluctance to build on movement in play left to left or centre limits his effectiveness in the team.


    Watch him in games he is always looking to deliver from left a across to right and when it works it’s effective.



    Other folk might have noticed this flaw in his game.



    I see him as solid reliable back up in the squad being built now.


    Cannot see Charlie ever being a regular 1st pick under the management team.




  8. Jimbo67,


    I think you are being naive, as many here are, people talk about the west as if it was a unified and consistent power. That is the last thing it is, two main divisions exist, people and corporations and the govts only pay attention to people once every term while following the wishes of the corporations the rest of the time, after all the corporations are the ones who pay and offer great jobs after their political careers end.


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    Arm the Kurds and allow them self determination and ISIL will be very quickly dealt with but the upshot of that will be that the Turks will become aggressive to any new state as they will most likely feel threatened as they are occupying traditionally Kurdish land and will encourage many Kurds in Turkey to be encouraged to fight for their emancipation. So agreement with the Kurds asking them to accept and secede their Turkish lands for a new recognised state would be one of the very few options for an agreed settlement with limited repercussions.

  9. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    12:50 on 5 July, 2015



    …..no better or worse than any other nation nowadays …… The whole World is a corrupt selfish cesspool, and it’s only going to get worse,

  10. Kingdom 0-0 Corcaigh 0-1 7mins gone good start from the People’s Republic ;)

  11. Canalamar



    Naive maybe but possibly more just fluid when it comes to use of the word ‘West’!



    I think when I talk about the West having a policy towards the Middle East I really mean America, its government and the corporations you refer to who will do whatever they wish. When I say the West not wishing a war I mean the people in the Western World- I think there is no stomach for any serious western military intervention in Britain for example .


    As for your assertions re a Kurdish state – well that sounds a touch simple to someone sitting thousands of miles away! ( I seem to recall you are somewhat nearer the region than I am)


    I do not generally comment on political matters here but as this topic and the stuffy eevning kept me awake last night you are all going to suffer from my ill-informed comments- more seriously though I do think that nothing in the region can be resolved easily or is as simple to explain as many were here last night. But naive or not I think bombing Syria won’t help anybody or anything – but that we shall see it soon even though those ordering it will know nothing worthwhile short term far less lasting will be achieved by it.




  12. Jimbo67,


    It is a very simplistic idea and I’ve honestly no idea how easy or hard something like that would be to put into practice, I have an idea of some of the implications but not all but it’s got to be a better idea than exploding nuclear bombs that will indiscriminately slaughter the innocent.

  13. Slan_Abhaile on

    @67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar…… Ipox belongs to the creditors 1404



    Not going to get much of an argument from me there!