Lost in France


Of the two loanees Lost in France this season, Issouf Bayo was the one I most hoped would secure a permanent deal.  He was hooked an hour into Toulouse’ home promotion play-off defeat to Nantes last night.  Toulouse need to overturn the result in Nantes on Sunday to earn the cash that will help pay for the striker’s permanent move.

Olivier Ntcham’s move to Marseilles was doomed to failure from the moment Andre Villas-Boas used it as a pretext to resign as manager.  Olivier is a player.  In the right team, he will perform far better than he has on most occasions for Celtic.  I doubt we will see much of him at Celtic, but I would be happy to see him back at preseason training next month.

Bonnie Tyler: there was a chanter.

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  1. squire danaher on

    From last blog



    Celtic Park playlist of yesteryear



    Living Thing – ELO



    So You Win Again – Hot Chocolate



    Maria – Blondie (the tune to which Squire jnr made his CP debut in 2/1999)



    I remember a day in 78-9 season where they played You’re The One That I want by Travolta and ONJ 5 times in succession. The Jungle’s patience was tried sorely.

  2. squire danaher on

    Quite happy to cut losses on Ntcham and save the wages.



    An absolute imposter who downed tools.



    Get rid.

  3. CaddingtonCommon on

    Celticforever @ 1034



    I agree . He no doubt had the skill but didn’t fancy it more often than not.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  4. I must be getting old, as my razor sharp musical mind is diminishing. I had to check if Bonnie had died😂

  5. timmy7_noted on

    No manager but we should welcome back the wage thief Ntcham?


    How far have we fallen?

  6. Paul 67,



    Olivier Ntcham has undoubted skill, but a woeful attitude.


    I would not welcome him back after what we have seen of his Celtic performances.



    However, if our new manager ( With a proven reputation) would wish to give him another chance , then so be it.



    Very hard to make any decisions without a manager at the helm.




  7. FASTBHOY on 28TH MAY 2021 10:33 AM


    Can enyone make any sense of the sevco court case.










    That will be one hundred guineas please.

  8. Regarding Ntcham, if he had half the drive that he has talent we would have had a complete player.


    We would also have seen him leave 1-2 seasons ago for top dollar.


    Now? He should be shown the door like many others but if the new manager likes him and can raise his contributions so be it.

  9. squire danaher on




    I doubt we will see much of him at Celtic, but I would be happy to see him back at preseason training next month.






    I doubt Monsieur Ntcham would share your enthusiasm….

  10. timmy7_noted on

    Parkheadcumsalford on 28th May 2021 10:42 am



    I see this so often now on players who contibute next to nothing for years.



    Ntcham, if only.


    Rogic, if only.


    Ajer, if only.


    Barkas, if only.


    Griffiths, if only.



    Seems we have an if only squad, I’d get rid of all of them. Better have a few hundred grand in the bank than pay wages for them to sit on the bench. Ajer is the only one who could potentially make us a few bob.

  11. Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods?


    Where’s the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?


    Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?


    Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need


    I need a hero


    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night


    He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast


    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight


    I need a hero


    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light


    He’s gotta be sure and it’s gotta be soon


    And he’s gotta be larger than life, larger than life


    Somewhere after midnight in my wildest fantasy


    Somewhere just beyond my reach there’s someone reaching back for me


    Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat


    It’s gonna take a Superman to sweep me off my feet


    I need a hero

  12. Very spookily they’re playing Holding out for a Hero on radio 4 right now



    If that isn’t a sign

  13. celticforever on

    The season before Dembele left I thought Ntcham was our best player


    but after Moussa left he totally downed tools as was mentioned before


    and he never regained his will to play for us after that

  14. ‘Holding out for a hero’ saw the Celtic tigress Bonnie Tyler sing that when we played Stuttgart in Stuttgart


    …..well I think it was her ,drink was taken :O)

  15. I remember booing Madonna’s True Blue and also If I Was by Midge Ure, the “if I was a soldier” line. Also remember Thompson Twins Love On Your Side before SC game in 1982 I think, how do I remember that?!

  16. celticforever on

    That was a great trip in Stuttgart



    2-0 up after 15 minutes and held on for 2-3

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Some interesting ‘reading between the lines’ of Paul’s recent posts , so I’ll say it first – Bonnie Tyler is set to be our new manager !

  18. VP



    I was “quite merry” before entering the stadium at the Stuttgart game, and because I was seated near a bar, by the final whistle I was quite blootered. It was the day after I was told the beer I was drinking in the stadium was non alcoholic

  19. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 28TH MAY 2021 11:12 AM


    Some interesting ‘reading between the lines’ of Paul’s recent posts , so I’ll say it first – Bonnie Tyler is set to be our new manager !






    Well she did say she was a Celt at heart before the Stuttgart game, when the MC asked who she’d be supporting.

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    With Zidane having now officially severed ties with Madrid, the final contractual obstacle has been removed and we can expect him to be presented as the new Celtic manager next week. Or just as soon as we can find him. He’s currently lost in France.

  21. Rolling_Stone on

    I think there is a bit of a subtext of xenophobia in these comments re Ntcham. Ntcham and Eddy are lazy, uninterested players who sold the Jersey. Boli, too.



    Wee Leigh? He’s just a cheeky chappy. Couldn’t be arsed to be fit for the first 2 months of the season though, but not spoken of in the same terms as the others.



    Our biggest problem was NL and the management team. Clueless tactics, team selection, game management. Who knows what was going on at training.



    I’m sure CBN said on a podcast that Ntcham 19/20 v Turnbull 20/21 threw up some interesting stats, e.g. Ntcham was more productive and put more tackles in (both playing from 10), but the narrative is Ntcham is shiftless.



    Can you imagine how demoralising it would have been to watch Broony get embarrassed against decent quality opposition but yet you don’t get a look in because of his status?



    We have been mismanaged into the ground.

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