Lost in France


Of the two loanees Lost in France this season, Issouf Bayo was the one I most hoped would secure a permanent deal.  He was hooked an hour into Toulouse’ home promotion play-off defeat to Nantes last night.  Toulouse need to overturn the result in Nantes on Sunday to earn the cash that will help pay for the striker’s permanent move.

Olivier Ntcham’s move to Marseilles was doomed to failure from the moment Andre Villas-Boas used it as a pretext to resign as manager.  Olivier is a player.  In the right team, he will perform far better than he has on most occasions for Celtic.  I doubt we will see much of him at Celtic, but I would be happy to see him back at preseason training next month.

Bonnie Tyler: there was a chanter.

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  1. fieldofdrams on

    If it’s John Kennedy or Jack Ross, I don’t think anarchy will ensue but I do think most of the 17,000 on the waiting list will get their chance at a season ticket…

  2. So Lawwell’s go to guy breaks the news and the supposed issue is who the backroom team would be.


    Lennon was told who his backroom team was going to be.


    Over 3 months wasted on discussions going nowhere.


    Shades of the fat controller and John McGinn.


    The club at board level is a disgrace.


    Anyone who buys a season ticket for this campaign is giving a voter of confidence to Lawwell and co.

  3. Alex_Crook



    As per some reports in Scotland, looks like Eddie Howe to #CelticFC is off. His personal terms have been agreed for a while but was subject to getting the backroom staff he wanted which Celtic have been unable to deliver. He wasn’t overly impressed with recruitment plans either.

  4. PAUL67 on 28TH MAY 2021 4:03 PM


    new article posted.







    This will be good.

  5. SUTTON1888



    He wasn’t overly impressed with recruitment plans either.




    Any budget would be subject to successful sales.



    25 m for OE…………don’t make me laugh.

  6. For me Stevie Clarke would be a better choice than Keane.


    However , i doubt we will have either of them with us next season.


    I feel this won’t end well for us.


    Sadly , is anyone really surprised we failed to get Howe.

  7. Paul isn’t it correct Celtic 100% knew the Howe deal was off when they put the ST tickets up for sale.

  8. if true, will the club make a statement today?



    Or will the board just sit on their fat, overpaid arse’s and say nothing as per?

  9. From Paul Larkin



    What’s more, Fergal Harkin is another good friend of Lawwell and Lawwell jnr. If that’s the reason we want him, they’ve learned nothing.

  10. Btw if his backroom team who couldn’t be spoken to until recently knocked it back. There’s feck all we can do about that.

  11. The budget will be what can be afforded, not what is needed, or what a prospective manager demands. That is the Celtic way. If what is affordable and what is needed are in sync – things can happen.



    For example – at the beginning of this season we needed to keep the winning squad intact and strengthen to achieve 10iar. No transfers out were sanctioned and £20m was made a available for transfers in, even though we were in the middle of Covid. What was deemed to be needed and what was affordable fell into line.



    No one, but no one, could have known that the players would ‘down tools’ and 10iar would be surrendered.



    As I said in an earlier post – the budget would be determined by how much could be raised from player sales – by definition that figure can only be determined over time during the window.



    Celtic will not incur substantial debt, nor does it have a queue of rich fans will to plough in £millions in return for shares.



    So what is the alternative?

  12. I wish I could say I was shocked that the Howe deal has reportedly collapsed at the last hour.



    Such is the way we’re run. We need a boardroom clear out and we need Desmond to be removed from any influence over how we are run.



    They’re idiots. If anyone was in any doubt after Lennon’s appointment in the showers, all doubt can now be removed. We’re run by clowns.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Step aside the botched recruitment of Roy Keane, John McGinn, Ben Davies et al. This shitshow is the daddy of them all.



    It’s almost like these guys aren’t up to it.



    Times like this demand a CEO with an intellect that towers over all others… 😂😂😂😂

  14. timmy7_noted on

    Gene on 28th May 2021 3:57 pm



    We’ve needed a manager for 6 months its 100% Celtics fault.

  15. And I can’t emphasise this enough, anyone who knocks back Celtic. It’s their loss.

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