Loving an ugly win


I love an ugly win, especially at this time of the season.  Steven Gerrard said Celtic are “relentless”, it is ugly wins, when you can scarcely string two passes together away to the team third top of the table, that convinces the manager of another team you are uncatchable.

Despite some generous reports, yesterday’s win at Pittodrie was not achieved against the better team, Aberdeen scored with their only genuine chance of the game, at no other time were Celtic in danger of conceding.  It is a feature of this Celtic team that even when it is not performing well, you know they will defend solidly and Fraser Forster is a formidable last line.

Winning nine games since the break, seven of them away from home, is astonishing consistency.  You almost feel sorry for the others.  Almost.

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  1. Some wins are more important than others, yesterday being one. Complacency is our enemy now. H H Hebcelt

  2. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    A superb performance ~ the Star of Ajer shone brightly in Aberdeen ~ well done bhoys!

  3. Yesterday’s possession was 50/50


    Shots 6/6


    On target Sheep 3 Good Ghuys 4



    Aberdeen’s stats are better than sevco’s on 29th December but they lost the game. All about fine margins. Penalty miss against sevco was a game changer, score and we probably win and would be sitting 16 points ahead (league over) but we didn’t.


    Glad to see all the players singing off the same hymn sheet – “we are not interested in what other teams are doing we are concentrating on ourselves.” A great mantra to have.

  4. reposting …



    RT @AgentScotland Neil Lennon became the fastest Celtic manager post WW2 to reach 50 victories as Celtic manager, it’s taken him just 61 games in his second spell as manager. Rodgers: 64 Deila: 76 Lennon: 64 Strachan: 67 O’Neill: 63 Burns: 93 Brady: 71 McNeill: 70 Hay: 90 McNeill: 81 Stein: 71

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    When it comes to my shareholding and decisions made in the boardroom that affect the club and team I am 100% interested.


    When I watch games I am 100% focused on the team it is IMO not and either/or requirement.


    All things Celtic means exactly that.

  6. that second goal was a thing of beauty…..the more you watch it the bonnier it gets ….pure Celtic



    smiley the ugly wans have to be danced aroond the floor as weel thing




  7. When is ‘Seething’ going to be hauled up for his constant criticism of Officials?…….,possibly just after HS2 is complete!



    Other Managers are penalised as a matter of course.

  8. Must say yesterday, I felt the stress wishing my team to win the 9 in a row, had convinced myself that getting the 9 in a row wasn’t the be all and end all of everything, But yesterday all the reasoning went out the window as I sat grim faced watching the game, the realisation struck me, I’m not enjoying this.


    Obviously enjoyed the winning goal and the after match celebrations & after match chat etc,


    However the bloody stress of trying to set records has robbed me of actually enjoying a tight game,


    So much more looking forward to the Europa games & the Scottish Cup game when the football is fun again, well for me anyway.

  9. And another thing…



    This urban myth the huns are clinging on to about “played us off the park” on Dec 29th, Every phone in they chuck this in, unchallenged.



    Here are the stats Celtic had 56% possession with 4 Shots on target against 5. 10 Corners, against 7. Lets not let the facts get in the way of a Sevco success story, but by any stretch of the imagination , this wouldn’t suggest anything but being “played off the park”.



    Oh and we missed a penalty to take the lead.



    i know its the greatest day in their history, but 6 weeks has turned this into a Brazil WC70 performance in the eyes of the constantly delusional.

  10. Gerrard…



    “I’ve got nothing to say on the matter. All I say is I’m very interested because of the severity of what UEFA have put out there.”



    Thought you had nothing to say, ya fuckin puddin!

  11. Paul, a slight inaccuracy in your leader.



    Steven Gerrard did NOT say that Celtic were ‘relentless’, he was quoted as saying ” …. the other team are relentless”. It’s almost as if someone has taken him aside and told him that, in no circumstance, has he to use the word ‘Celtic’! I wonder who would/could have taken that role?

  12. AN DUN on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:56 AM



    Well surely this is good news.


    The current ibrox manager seems in total favour of retrospective title stripping for teams that cheated the system and rules.


    Looking forward to his sympathy towards the teams /teams that got cheated by his own current club in their previous guise.

  13. On the bus home to Arbroath after we had gubbed Hearts and Killie beat the Huns, I said that the game AFTER such a joyous occasion became even more important. Inasmuch as it was Aberdeen at Pittodrie, there was no guarantee that we would keep our ten point lead so, well done to Neil and the Bhoys.



    PS When I saw there was an early article, I immediately had a heightened sense of anticipation! I agree with Paul`s general sentiment but to read of Sevco going bust would have been a wee bit more enjoyable :-)

  14. One thing for sure .no one can argue with james Forrest stats . But and this isn’t going to please some posters, james forrest is not prone to rolling up the sleeves if the going gets tough . Most of us older celts will recall vic Davidson. As being a fairly skillful player , the same with harry hood ,and george mccluskey ,they were good celts .george and harry scoring many important goals for the celts , but they weren’t into the rough stuff either . wee jamesy has proven himself to be a great celt , but and I know one cant be on his game all the time, james fails IMHO to turn up in games when it’s a bit rough , it’s my only criticism of the wee man .


    Having said that given his class he is one we can hardly do without .




    The answer to your question is infact Neil Lennon …not something darker and more sinister.



    Our own manager has been doing it all season..not mentioning the major competition by name.


    Gerrard is simply catching on and realising that Lennon is correct to concentrate 100% on his own team and give the opposition no oxygen

  16. Corkie, I recognise your angst. By 60 minutes yesterday I was convincing myself that a point up in Pittodrie, given Aberdeen’s recent improvement, would be worthwhile. Even Mrs Emeraldbee asked “Why so quiet? You’re usually shouting at the screen.”



    Then our own Strider, the Marauding Viking, Kaiser Kris did his bit and I thought ‘Feck your single point, give us all three’. And suddenly the joy returned, the tension drained away and I was actually looking for another goal to add to the icing.



    The auld footie is an emotional rollercoaster at times, but as these are just about the best of times I’m going to enjoy as much as I can for as long as I can.



    Ave Ave

  17. Paul 67,



    Fraser Forster is indeed a formidable last line.



    We need to get his status sorted or plan accordingly.




  18. JIMTIM on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:06 AM



    I would have no problem with the manager keeping Forrest on the bench for the odd tough euro away game or even the old old firm game.


    Personally I would play him all the time but I accept that in a difficult fixture perhaps ,maybe.



    One thing I would not like to see is James Forrest changes his style and becoming more basic and workmanlike when the so called tough games come around.


    I believe we have not faced much tougher than yesterday and james forrest consistent dedication to creativity and skill is the major thing that pulled us through.

  19. When we need a wee bit of magic, who is the player I look to provide it ?



    That’s right our invisible man. James Forrest.







    I was EXACTLY the same.


    It seemed to me that a point in a match like that was going to be a good point.


    I was not my normall screaming self for a goal.


    I was far more concerned about losing a goal.


    But of course this might team we have had other ideas.


    What a set of players they are…incredible spirit

  21. James Forrest, like the rest of the players in the team that Lenny picks,play the way that he asks them to .

  22. Good morning from a cloudy but dry North Staffs – great weekend with wins for Vale and Celtic – on to Thursday in Copenhagen.

  23. I remember living in england as a kid watching the 1990 world cup finals.


    Scotland had just lost a late goal to brazil where jim leighton could not hold a shot.


    However down here we had the bizarre ravings of Ian St John who was furious with paul mcstay who had given the ball away 20 secs earlier trying to be creative ..


    The whole scenario sits with me to this day.


    Creative players are often the first to be blamed.


    Ian st john could not lace paul mcstays boots!

  24. Looking at the BBC on line you must wonder where they get all the sevco stories from given they’re banned.

  25. Just watched the Sevco v Livi highlights. The two offside decisions were very, very close. Perhaps Gerraard`s anti – official comments are having a negative effect?

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    “That was the hardest game I’ve had by a considerable way,” said Lennon.



    “Conditions were awful and we were playing against a very good side.



    “At one stage in the second half you’re thinking a draw might not be a bad result, but you’re always thinking where can we affect it. We changed and went to a 4-3-3 and it seemed to put Aberdeen out of shape a bit.”






    Corn earned , Lennie .

  27. I would be quite happy for Man City to be stripped of their 2014 title and it given to the runners up if they have been found to have cheated BUT only if a certain dead club North of the border suffer the same fate for cheating through financial doping and incorrectly registered players.



    The article originally in the Herald was penned, I believe, by Uber hun Chris Jack. As we all know the huns don’t do irony.



    Strip The Titles

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