Loving an ugly win


I love an ugly win, especially at this time of the season.  Steven Gerrard said Celtic are “relentless”, it is ugly wins, when you can scarcely string two passes together away to the team third top of the table, that convinces the manager of another team you are uncatchable.

Despite some generous reports, yesterday’s win at Pittodrie was not achieved against the better team, Aberdeen scored with their only genuine chance of the game, at no other time were Celtic in danger of conceding.  It is a feature of this Celtic team that even when it is not performing well, you know they will defend solidly and Fraser Forster is a formidable last line.

Winning nine games since the break, seven of them away from home, is astonishing consistency.  You almost feel sorry for the others.  Almost.

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  1. Hot Smoked,


    And a stick on penalty.Oh dear,Scum on Bear Ass Den,ready to March on SFA about the blatant cheating against them.


    Luvvin it.

  2. Greenpinata on 17th February 2020 10:11 am


    Paul 67,




    Fraser Forster is indeed a formidable last line.




    We need to get his status sorted or plan accordingly.









    Though I hate to think what plan B might be.



    I’d burst the bank to keep him.

  3. Worth pointing out that Celtic have now won 18 of their last 19 league games.



    Half a season. 54 of 57 available points.




  4. Thought Forster was very shaky yesterday. Still seems reluctant to catch a ball and distribution shocking

  5. ST TAMS on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:56 AM


    Thought Forster was very shaky yesterday. Still seems reluctant to catch a ball and distribution shocking






    The conditions were awful.



    Ball moving in the wind. Terrible glare.

  6. We got away with one yesterday.



    We managed to put together 2 passages of decent football the whole game. And it resulted in 2 goals.



    Can’t complain with that.



    But some will try.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ST TAMS on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:56 AM


    Thought Forster was very shaky yesterday. Still seems reluctant to catch a ball and distribution shocking.





    His ” distribution ” produced the second goal .

  8. I noticed that Ian Crockofshit couldn’t wait to inform everyone on Sky yesterday that Scott McKenna used to go and watch Celtic and that his dad was a ST holder at Paradise. Might as well feed the sevco victim status frenzy.


    Here’s my effort at stoking those fires – McKenna appeared to be in no hurry to take a throw-in yards from their goal line in the last minute of time added on – that should do it.



    Lurking huns – GIRFUY

  9. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    His ” distribution ” produced the second goal .





    Exactly. And another decent nail in the coffin of the tippy tappy build from the back at all times carry on.



    Sometimes, windy or not, it is more beneficial to get the ball up the field quicker. It does not make you a long ball team. It makes you an intelligent team who know when to utilise the long pass and when to keep it short.







    Can’t help but think when i read your posts how similar to Paddy’s


    situation you are now in, there was a lot of maybe’s and maybe nots


    about whether a triple bypass was the way to go, and even after it


    he had his worrying moments, but thankfully he’s slowly on the mend.


    Possibly your doctor will have a change of heart ( no pun intended )


    and you’ll get whatever treatment you need and deserve.


    Really hope your health improves and you continue to watch our bhoys


    break record after record for the next decade and beyond.


    H.H . Mick

  11. We are in a strong position in the table but I am wary that we may have yet to visit Livi and Hibs twice. Think Corkie and Emerald Bee’s anxiety may not have peaked yet.

  12. RUGGYMAN , I can recall another two great passages of play that at least one should have resulted in a goal. Don’t think the sheep produced anything like our four chances.

  13. It’s also worth pointing out that such are the standards we are used to that going away to probably the 3rd best team in the land and beating them in a game with the stats pretty even is what IS describe as an ‘ugly win’.


    Truth is as an away team we deserved everything we got yesterday.


    Can you imagine just how lauded and celebrated an away team would be if they came to celtic park and beat us by the odd goal in an evenly matched encounter?…….oh wait a minute PMSL

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    His distribution did not produce the last goal, three bits of magic produced the last goal, back heel by OE, run and pass by JF and clinical finish by KA.


    The goal could have failed to materialise at any time between OE receiving the ball and KA slotting it home.


    I agree with original point, FFs distribution is awful and I suspect it’s the main reason he is not a first team regular at his own club.


    Shot stopping there are few better.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Do ST holders get a refund if they get less than proscribed number of home games?

  16. Neil Lennon became the fastest Celtic manager post WW2 to reach 50 victories, it’s taken him just 61 games in his second spell as manager, by any standard an incredible record that silences the ‘downsizing’ and ‘moaning’ brigades of the internet that sneer their way to every title.



    Whatever happens in the run in with the League Cup actually won, Neil Lennon the man is owed a great debt by Celtic, and the board that told us he was the correct choice, saw the applications and were quite simply better informed than the doubters that craved for anybody, but Neil.



    Consistency of team choice, more that one winning formation a vastly underrated and berated manager and tactician, he has taken Celtic to another level with four or five outstanding players that can’t get a starting berth.



    The changes he made at Pittodrie brought three points instead of one, he wouldn’t settle for good goalkeepers he wanted a great one, and its saved points and won a cup, he bought the first reliable CB at the club since VVD, and he’s nurtured Leigh Griffiths back to health. Finely tuned Edouard surely made in Lennoxtown, and ten times the young player that arrived from Paris.



    Not an exhaustive list of his achievements, just a good manager at well run football club with no agenda, no propaganda,no violins.



    M.O.M Kris Ajer AKA Beckenbauer

  17. CORKCELT on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:01 AM



    as much as I want the 9 and 10 your comments earlier summed me up as well and I think that some of my previous comments are posted on my desire to win these titles that badly that I can be slightly over critical.

  18. Should be interesting when the split fixtures are announced.We should probably have 5 at home,but will have to play 2 away.Huns ,nearly the opposite,but should get 2 at home.Could be Don’s,Hibs,Celtic,away for them,with us having the first two at home,and one other.Probably Killie.


    As I said,should be interesting.

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Good ‘ugly’ win yesterday in ugly conditions. 11 games to go. The last few seasons our points total has been 106, 82 and 87. We could match our total in the invincible season but i think it’s more likely that we end up in the mid-high 90s.



    Will be interesting to see what Neil does for Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he reverted to a 4-2-3-1, although I want the 3-5-2 to stay.



    Not for Thursday, but I’m hoping that Bayo gets a start next weekend against Killie. I would also like to see Boli reinstated if Taylor isn’t fit and give Broony a rest, with three from Christie, McGregor, Ntcham and Rogic tearing it up.

  20. Any updates bhoys on the injuries to Taylor and Jozo? Have both of them got hamstring problems? I assume neither available for Thursday’s match?

  21. Soupy …a tip of the hat to your good self ….braw post



    smiley “keep on adding to that pot thing




  22. Just watching Ajer’s goal again, jeez he took it so well.


    Compare it even with Edourd’s glaring miss…. just shows you how cool Ajer was.


    A great goal!!

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ MCPHAIL BHOY on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:20 PM



    Jozo is rarely able to play 3 games a week. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him against Copenhagen, out of squad for Killie and then back in for Copenhagen at home.



    Is there any word of Klimala? Has he been dropped in favour of Bayo or is he injured?

  24. How many changes will the manager make for the Copenhagen trip?



    Its likely Jozo will replace Bitton.



    Hayes for Taylor also seems likely due to injury.



    The only other guys who should be worried about their places are Ntcham and Griffiths.



    Will Neil go with the same system he did in Rome?



    Elyounoussi and Christie playing off Eddy and pressing high up the pitch may suit an away Europa game more than the league

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    We have a guy up front who wins his share of ” distributed ” high balls in the air . Odsonne .


    Come to think of it , Leigh won a high ball , after it bounced , for the first goal.



    Perhaps instructed by Lennie to take advantage of the high wind and the resultant lottery .



    The number of sheep crosses into the box suggests that they were on the same page .




    I haven’t heard of any injury to Klimala. I expect him to return to the squad for Copenhagen.



    Bayo is more suited to the current weather conditions than Klimala.



    I don’t expect that to be the case in Denmark and Klimala could provide a pacy weapon for Copenhagen defenders to worry about

  27. Gotta love the BBC. One of the most blatant dives you’re likely to see….



    Right up there alongside the Morelos highlights reel….

  28. Celtic cooperating with SKY at weekend


    ( pre and post match interviews)



    Did I miss an apology from SKY?



    The Onlooker

  29. Hope to see McKenna at Celtic although Aberdeen’s asking price was ridiculous last time round.



    For a team that has won 18 from its last 19 league games, it would take a monumental collapse to lose this title.



    When you consider Lennon’s win rate and that we almost have for the first time in two years, a fully fit squad, I just can’t see us losing it.



    I also don’t see Sevco winning enough games to put us under pressure, they’ll continue to drop points.



    If they drop points away to Saints on Sunday, I’d go as far to say that we should shift our focus to the Europa league and rest key players for league games.

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