Loving an ugly win


I love an ugly win, especially at this time of the season.  Steven Gerrard said Celtic are “relentless”, it is ugly wins, when you can scarcely string two passes together away to the team third top of the table, that convinces the manager of another team you are uncatchable.

Despite some generous reports, yesterday’s win at Pittodrie was not achieved against the better team, Aberdeen scored with their only genuine chance of the game, at no other time were Celtic in danger of conceding.  It is a feature of this Celtic team that even when it is not performing well, you know they will defend solidly and Fraser Forster is a formidable last line.

Winning nine games since the break, seven of them away from home, is astonishing consistency.  You almost feel sorry for the others.  Almost.

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  1. THE ONLOOKER on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:49 PM



    Deviating slightly; It’s a very unfortunate situation that Sky is going to be the only show in town. Apart from various streams it was the only way to see our team yesterday ( in the UK and Ireland )



    Cheers and HH.




    Good point, thanks for the update.

  3. Sticky game again for the scum on Sunday.StJohnstone form,second only to us,I think.Going for top 6.

  4. Assuming Polish Paddy & Soro were bought with an eye to next Season or at least I hope they were.


    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to break into this team,


    Only way in is if someone get’s injured only way out is get injured yourself.

  5. Jozo to replace Bitton.


    Boli to replace Taylor.



    No more Hayes please.



    Get into the Danes….



    …and I’ll be there csc



    Didn’t see your post earlier, got busy at work. I’m well thanks, trust you are also.

  7. Bitton had a good game yesterday,the only blip he had was when he pushed the Aberdeen Player,other than that he was ok,The one player that gives me the jitters at times is Big Julien.

  8. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Brilliant win yesterday from the Celts.



    Heard another stat to buff this squad’s ego. Previous to recently, our best run at Pittodrie – four wins. Yesterday was eight straight wins up there (since Feb16). Almost makes you think we should pen a letter to spfl to request the opportunity to reach nine during this 9IAR season.



    When I saw pictures of Kris Ajer making the Sprint King podium in Dubai, the first thought in my mind was, handicap races. The way he scooted up the pitch to score sure put me right.



    Elyounoussi to start Thursday.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Re post spilt



    There must be 19 home games and 19 away. We must play sevs twice at home.


    We have played teams away three times and sometimes teams have come here three times.


    However no top six team has ever played two of the top six teams away from home on three occasions in the same season.



    If league is won before the split, it will not affect destination of the title

  10. If we are going to play 3 5 2 or 433 in Copenhagen I would play Elyionousi, good pace strength skill and can score a goal, if he tires replace with Bolingoli , Celtic are well capable of getting a draw or a win over there, an away goal or two would be magic, be interesting to see VAR in this match.



    Forster 433


    Ayer Jozo Jullien Hayes {taylor}


    Ntcham Brown McGregor


    Forrest Eduard Elyionousi







    Jozo Jullien Ayer


    Forrest Ntcham Brown McGregor Elyionousi


    Griff Edouard



    Christie to get 30 minutes.

  11. Hope big Hatem is fit soon and available to the end of the season for right back or right side of a 3 at the back

  12. The long kick out when we play 2 upfront is a great way to mix things up. Leigh is excellent at bringing a ball down from the clouds and getting a strike away. He’s always ready for it wehn Fraser gets the ball from an oppostion attack. I think it’s a great ploy, por cierto.

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:03 PM


    Should be interesting when the split fixtures are announced.We should probably have 5 at home,but will have to play 2 away.Huns ,nearly the opposite,but should get 2 at home.Could be Don’s,Hibs,Celtic,away for them,with us having the first two at home,and one other.Probably Killie.



    As I said,should be interesting.





    Trust me. It will be very interesting if we don’t have a game v Sevco at Celtic Park after the split. I predict a riot.

  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    When the split was first introduced, the rules included Celtic and Rangers playing each other home and away twice.



    Presumably this is still the case unless Rangers no longer exists.

  15. High winds and an extremely dry sod made any sort of carpet football well nigh impossible yesterday and yet Celtic produced a couple of sublime goals despite the conditions. Griff showed some neat control when he turned his marker which eventually led to the opening goal placed beautifully by Calmac past Aberdeen’s ‘keeper. More wonderful movement By James Forrest to lay on the pass to Kris for the winner. My main concern was not to lose the match after a feisty performance by the Dons but a terrific three points now heads down and upwards and onwards to wonderful Copenhagen.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on






    When the split was first introduced, the rules included Celtic and Rangers playing each other home and away twice.



    Presumably this is still the case unless Rangers no longer exists.






    Given they are blaming the Emirate state for their implosion since Christmas, If theres any issue we should offer to play them in Dubai lol




  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    P67 given your latest piece have a word with your pals at the BBC as theyve only gone and reverted to type.



    We were lucky and frail at the back


    Sevco – scoreline wasnt a reflection of how good they were



    i really enjoy the hurt we cause them and cant wait for the day that i dont have to pay for their bigoted diatribes

  18. Grandson tells me we have scored 97 goals in domestic competition.79 in league,13 in league cup and so far,5 in Scottish cup.36 goals have been netted first half and 54 in second half.


    He asks name the player who has scored a hat trick domestically, and the four players that have netted in the league,league cup and Scottish cup?


    Season ticket holder Jamie.

  19. northeast ghirl on

    Who thinks that Slippy is a bit of a dobber, looking to see if EPL will investigate whether Man City should be stripped of titles. Ironic or what, doesn’t he realise what happened to the previous entity playing at the bigot dome.




  20. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Ajer tinks he’s Beckenbauer, who the fugarooney does Gerard tink he is. I’m convinced he has a jock Stein/ Paisley etc fantasy. Footie has moved on sg.

  21. Bitton not marking Taylor ,I think if you see the highlights Griffiths should have been closer to Taylor,and that’s to me is the answer to them Equalizing

  22. Bada,


    Your link really shows the pace and intelligence and Ajer – running the length of the park to get on the end of James’ pass.



  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    i think if you watch the highlights anyone of Ajer and Bitton shouldve been marking him, the deal with the first ball then a few of them are posted missing. Whilst Bitton is a good player he doesnt think like a defender and neither does Ajer from time to time.

  24. Greenpinata


    ‘re our Convo bout the sad occurrence of that young lady taking her life(The one I didn’t know).I was listening to beeb world service and there was a debate on it,i caught a bit when a friend of hers asked why?when partner drops charges and she did was the law persisting,a legal expert was on saying usually when it is agreed by both parties to drop charges there is coercion/intimidation involved,common to domestic abuse situations.He was under a bit of pressure but insisted the law must decide.Sad tho it was,I only wish all who have experienced such numbing chaos didn’t have to.


    Hope your good



  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    Have Brown, Ntcham and McGregor scored in all three competitions?

  26. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ ‘GG on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:47 PM



    They are 2nd in the league to Erik’s team who Sevco humped 7-3 on aggregate. We really should be knocking them out.

  27. Jinkyredstar



    Afternoon all.



    Drat! I was just getting used to you saying “evening all” had you down for Jack Warner as Dixon of dock green .





  28. The Hands


    These games are always a bit of a mystery.


    I just hope Neil has a complete dossier on them.

  29. The Battered Bunnet on

    7 goals in the Bundesliga from 28 appearances may not be eye-catching form for a striker, but it persuaded Newcastle to buy the (then) 22 year old Brazilian Joelinton from Hoffenheim. His previous 2 season on loan to Rapid Vienna had delivered 15 goals from 60 matches.



    That’s three years in professional leagues, and a rock steady record of one goal in every 4 appearances.



    Since joining Newcastle, he’s made 25 league appearances, and scored 1 (one) goal. He played the 90 minutes in the 4-0 defeat from Arsenal at the weekend, touching the ball 47 times, 3 of which in the penalty box. He didn’t score the one half chance he got.



    His manager (Steve Bruce) said afterwards: “I was pleased with his performance again today. He does a lot of unselfish work outside the box.”



    What on earth did Newcastle’s scouts say to persuade the club to shell out a club record fee of £40 Million for him? There’s a profound Money-Sense imbalance.

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