Loving an ugly win


I love an ugly win, especially at this time of the season.  Steven Gerrard said Celtic are “relentless”, it is ugly wins, when you can scarcely string two passes together away to the team third top of the table, that convinces the manager of another team you are uncatchable.

Despite some generous reports, yesterday’s win at Pittodrie was not achieved against the better team, Aberdeen scored with their only genuine chance of the game, at no other time were Celtic in danger of conceding.  It is a feature of this Celtic team that even when it is not performing well, you know they will defend solidly and Fraser Forster is a formidable last line.

Winning nine games since the break, seven of them away from home, is astonishing consistency.  You almost feel sorry for the others.  Almost.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    In all seriousness, its easy to slate VAR but it done its job last night – Chelsea had two goals correctly ruled out. What if they’d taken a point in a game they shouldn’t have? At least fans know the league table is not distorted be refereeing errors… or, at least, they are neglibigle (there is still an issue with consistency of those reviewing incidents through VAR. eg. Sun sent off for Spurs, Maguire not for a very similiar offence in different games).



    Its a fair point that it seems to take more goals away than it gives, which was not the case at the Russian World Cup, or in other countries where its used I believe.



    Some have compared to video assistance and its success in other sports – but this raised another interesting point. Football is such a skilful game and goals are scored in so many different ways – headers, volleys, from free kicks, corners, own goals, goalmouth scrambles, 25 yard screamers, overhead kicks etc etc.



    In other sports, its always the same question – generally, did the ball touch the line? There are other things in certain sports but in football there is so much going on that its often not hard to find someone doing something borderline wrong…hence the number of reviews.



    I think it can be a success but its use needs to be reviewed and improved asap.




  2. Like many, I initially welcomed VAR but watched its implementation on Telly I now dread it,


    Can you imagine in the Ewe Camp, the Faithful are going mental but wait French Eddie is adjudged to have pushed his man just before that back heel.


    A 90 second delay, then goal disallowed, the Sheep Botherer’s turn to go mental, free in to the Sheep.


    Even though the game is over the thought of it still gives me the shivers.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Personally am indifferent to VAR.



    Macjay1’s points very well made but this is the SFA we are dealing with.



    The SFA oversaw an industrial sized malfeasance without shame.



    Court of public opinion means nothing to them.



    BTW – glad I don’t read papers. Permit me to speculate on midweek headlines.



    “Celtic facing a Copenhagen defence stronger than diamonds, steel and granite”



    “Braga’s bubble overdue to burst. C’mon Sevco !!!!”

  4. Hail Hail Chanty,


    In the time honoured tradition of CQN, may I be the first to ask the big question,


    Are you a Hun?.

  5. Chanty say something pal. The Are you a Hun questions are a fun initiation.


    Hope we haven’t spooked you.


    Delighted to see new Bhoys coming on Board.

  6. JINKYREDSTAR on 18TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:07 AM


    With VAR





    How far back is the build up’ to a goal – what if it comes from a corner that shouldn’t have been a corner, for example?



    The SFA have advised all goals will be reviewed back to the 41st minute of the 1979 Scottish cup final. :)

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Wee Jeremie having to change his playing style to avoid injury. That not the ref’s job?



    Rhetoricalquestion CSC

  8. Tue 02nd July 2019


    Pre-Season Friendly Switzerland


    St Gallen 0


    Celtic 0


    VAR video assistant referee


    Was used in this game


    First time in game involving Celtic


    25 mins


    Odsonne Edouard


    Had a Penalty Kick saved by St Gallen


    Keeper Dejan Stojagnovic


    VAR was used to award Penalty


    75 mins


    Jozo Simunovic


    Given straight red card for high boot challenge


    On St Gallen player


    VAR was used in this incident


    Simunovic was banned for the first two


    League Games for season 2019-20


    for his Sending Off


    Home to St Johnstone 7-0


    Away to Motherwell 2-5


    He could play in the Champions League Qualifiers

  9. It would be too delicious to see some VAR calls go against Sevco after their wailing earlier in the year.

  10. Chanty you a hun?



    I well remember my first time posting here and Awe naw, then a few others, asked me if I was a hun, couldn’t beleive it, how dare they!!! Swallowed it hook line and sinker and felt a right plonker, after a rant posting screaming my Celtic credentials, when it was explained to me what was going on, por cierto :)))

  11. Is Caldwell serious?



    Let’s look at the evidence:






    Celtic have the best keeper in Scotland by quite some distance. We also have the second best.



    Full backs. Tavernier and barasic are probably among their better players. Better than frimpong and Taylor? No. Better than el Hamed – defensively no. Going forward, maybe. Better than boli? I may have to concede. But not by much.



    Centre backs. Ours are better. Quicker, better on the ball, better in the tackle. Would you prefer goldson and Katic or Jullien and Ajer? No contest



    Midfield. Choose any of them that would go in to a Celtic first 11 over what we have.



    Up front. The two best strikers in Scotland play for celtic. You can’t deny Defoe’s had a great career and can still find the net but his pace is gone and their game changes completely when he plays.



    Points win, goals scored, goals conceded, trophies won, head to head wins, genuine valuations of our players against realistic ones of theirs – there’s no contest.



    Livingston gave us a doing. No one claims that they are as good as us.



    Hibs took a point. Same



    The sheep have asked serious questions of us and kept pace with us in the league for a few years but never once did anyone suggest they were man for man better than us.



    Hampden and the 29th Dec were a case of a well drilled team playing to a game plan and disrupting ours. The same as we have done over the years to Barca, City, AC Milan, Juve and others – did we ever hear ludicrous claims that we were ‘1-11 the better players’?



    Keep winning Celtic. It’s the only answer. 10 trophies on the bounce, on course for 11 and possibly 12. Facts tend to trump wishful thinking. I learned that hard lesson watching 1990’s Celtic

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I think VAR is the future. It certainly has its issues, but I think the main problem is that it has exposed a few home truths about refereeing standards and the rules which govern the game.



    1. Implementation has been poor. Compare and contract to rugby when you can hear a discussion between the ref on the pitch and the ref in the video booth. It’s clear, concise and creates a level of accountability. You can hear their reasoning and application of the rules. If that’s off. They won’t be refereeing the next game.



    The use of VAR is restricted to situations where there is a “clear and obvious error”. This creates another layer of subjectivity. The implementation of VAR needs to become much tighter.



    2. Poor standard of referring. VAR highlights how poor and inconsistent the referees are. Son of Tottenham was sent off earlier in the season for kicking out at an opponent and received a 3 match ban. Maguire committed a similar, if not worse, offence last night and yet stayed on the pitch. Given Son received an extended ban, surely that created a precedent for the season which all referees should be made aware of.



    There are multiple examples of inconsistencies. There needs to be a system whereby once a precedent has been set, the referees must apply it throughout the season.



    3. The rules of the game. Does the offside rule need to be updated? Technically a player may be offside if the smallest part of his shoulder protrudes ahead of the attacker, but is that weighing the rules in favour of the defender? Once the margins become so small, it is luck rather than skill that seems to be determining the outcome and the outcome favours the defender.



    Similarly, what constitutes a hand ball these days? The rules are too vague and inconsistently applied. They need to be tightened up and made as objective as possible.

  13. poor Chanty …never got to hear his chanter…



    smiley your a bad lot I hope your weel ashamed of yersells thing







  14. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5294072/celtic-fc-news-nine-uefa-coefficient/amp/



    Celtic ranked 45 in Europe and will be up to at least 37th (I think) next season. We’ve won 9 coefficient points this season.



    Sevco 125th (95th next season) have won 7 coefficient points this season.



    Given the hype around their Europa league performances this season i would have thought that they would have won more points than us. But there’s them pesky facts again, telling it like it is

  15. Rennes sitting 3rd in one of the big 5 leagues. Lazio competing for the title in another. Cluj top of theirs.



    Feyenoord dropping points in 10 of their matches so far. In the midst of a managerial crisis when they played in Europe. Porto in the midst of a bang average season. Young boys going well in Switzerland to be fair.



    Levels as the young ones say.



    I reckon Thursday will bring good results for both Glasgow teams. But it’ll be more luck than design at the home if diseased pitches and sick minds.

  16. hope Chanty isnae holding his breath till P67 puts up anither Europe isnae as important as the league post…



    smiley he will be as blue as Hun thing




  17. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Welcome to CQN CHANTY, now just to be clear


    are you a chanty wrastler?


    A chanty po?


    or just a plain old hun? 8-)))))


    H.H . Mick




    Keep telling him that, but when he’s on a mission you can’t


    stop him, on Saturday in the Dubliner he was planning our Huddle Down Under


    on Sunday it was organising new memberships lol.


    Think i’ll need to tie me Kangaroo down bhoy.


    H.H . Mick

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Excellent summary.


    Teething troubles in VAR are inevitable .



    Hand ball ? Easy . Every handball is a foul.


    Simple and clear .


    Removes the ridiculous proposition that a referee is able to assess what is going on in a players mind as to whether a handball is Intentional or unintentional .


    And reduces the element of bias intruding on decision making .


    Now wouldn`t that be nice !

  20. Jamesgang .



    So VAR for Scotland? Where three anonymous, but undoubtedly hun, judges decided Ryan Christie brutally assaulted Morelos? We’d lose double the penalties, be awarded half as many and the betting would be WHEN Broonie would get a red, not IF.





    Spot on sir .

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