Lower the Union Jack and raise the White Flag of Surrender


As Motherwell won their semi-final yesterday against the second most expensively assembled team in Scotland, the penny began to drop with the last hold-outs that Brother Pedro will be remembered as little more than an expensive stop-gap in the attempt to stop Celtic winning 20-in-a-row.

Let’s be clear: Pedro is not in the top two managers in the league, in fact, Celtic, Aberdeen, St Johnstone, Motherwell, Hibs, Hearts, Kilmarnock and Dundee all have demonstrably better bosses. But there was a reason he was appointed late last season, despite better candidates being (under)employed in Perthshire.

Appointing a competent, provincial, manager, like Tommy Wright, would be an acknowledgement that Newco had no illusions of competing with Celtic. In that role, Wright would out-perform Hibs, Motherwell and St Johnstone, and give Aberdeen a run for their money, but he is not an alchemist.

There is a difference when you appoint an exotic as manager, even an incompetent one. Few potential season ticket customers know what you really have with an exotic. He could be incompetent, but you can equally hope that he turns out to be a truly great appointment, with access to hitherto unexploited talent.

There was no point in Newco giving the job to a reliable but unspectacular candidate like Wright. This club needs to propel itself into a position where it competes against an elite Celtic team, and can navigate its way through four Europa League qualification rounds.

If it lowers the Union Jack and raises the White Flag to mark Surrender of league aspirations, its self-image would be destroyed. I could debate the commercial viability of an aspirational Newco with you all day (fanciful), but it appears that even the decision makers at Ibrox regard the viability of a subservient Newco as untenable.

The club faces Hobson’s Choice. Throw money it cannot afford at strategies selected BECAUSE correct due diligence is impossible, or downsize to a point they know will have a negative impact on ticket sales and future income.

20 years ago this week, Rangers beat Dunfermline 7-0 and were hot favourites to win 10-in-a-row, but the business model had a fundamental weakness: the club were haemorrhaging cash. You can debate whether the subsequent liquidation and newco phoenix club is the same or different to the Rangers some of us are old enough to remember.

What is irrevocably true is that Newco is unrecognisable from Rangers in one hugely important aspect: it will not win the league. Ever.


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  1. That was a dire game of football if you had tuned in looking for quality. Motherwell are a seriously dirty side and Bowman should be prohibited from playing the game (remember what he did to Kieran?).



    How depressed must the Hun be now? I imaging CCK is desperate for the cold shoulder to give him an out.

  2. John James seems to be hinting at one of the main reasons why Sevco went for the services of Brother Pedro, was it his link to Qatari cash, sale & lease back of certain players that were bought during the summer? an anyone shed any light on this one, to be fair to him, JJ’s never that far off the mark with his theories…

  3. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Paul great header and my post from earlier matches what your saying





    I have to say this I cannot see Celtic ever losing another game in Scotland.




    I honestly believe we will win the title for ever more




    I honestly believe we will win the treble for evermore




    We will strengthen the team every year by Brendan buying better players than we have at the moment




    We will get stronger financially which will allow us to buy a certain calibre of player much better than any player tgat the teams in Scotland can afford




    I know this might sound triumphant and not the Celtic way but I honestly believe it





  4. and to think that the biggest percentage of this current sevco squad are under contract until june 2020.

  5. It will not win the league,ever…



    P67 ….one of your finest sentences…ever



    Smiley consequential thing…




  6. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Yesterday’s was the best game of Blooterbaw I’ve seen in years although no one actually managed to burst the aforesaid spherical object despite the valiant efforts of both teams.



    To paraphrase Winston Churchill ………. Makes ye proud to be Scoddish!

  7. RAY WINSTONE’S BIG DISEMBODIED HEID……………..Said much the same during the game. I felt sorry for the ball and was pleased they use multiple balls these days, poor thing took some leathering, bruised and airsick I imagine.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article, Paul.


    Rangers died trying to emulate Celtic.


    Sevco will die trying to emulate Rangers.

  9. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Sevco through and through)



    maladroit /ˌmæləˈdrɔɪt/





    1. showing or characterized by clumsiness; not dexterous


    2. tactless and insensitive in behaviour or speech


    3. lacking in adroitness; unskillful; awkward; bungling; tactless:



    Derived Forms


    maladroitly, adverb


    maladroitness, noun



    Word Origin and History for maladroit




    1670s, from mal- + adroit. Related: Maladroitly ; maladroitness.





  10. I did not watch the game yesterday but I did set the BT box to tape the extended highlights at 6am this morning. I am yet to watch it for a laugh and will do so later on. I will report back on what I think later.

  11. Monday Club in Mornington Australia -going absolutely pelters .After the week-ends results.No sign of Melbourne Mick.His Princess has been back home in Glasgow and he is back in the hoose getting the place cleaned up before she comes back.What a Fanny.She’s been away for 3 weeks and he’s been on the bevy.I know a lot of you guys love his stories ,I’m thinking he’s gonni get a dooin.We might have to take up a collection to fix up his wounds.HAIL HAIL

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Thinking about Wednesday, I wonder if there is mileage in bringing Aberdeen’s top player last season on to the pitch in the green and white.



    Play three five two system, Hayes on left in between Tierney and Sinclair. McInnes is 0 for 6 against our 4231, we have to do something to make it easier for him. Europe is laughing at the sorry state of Scottish football, after all.

  13. Sevco get to play Blooterbaw next Saturday at the home of Blooterbaw in Scoddland,


    izzat no an unfair advantage efter the dry run at Hampdump yesterday ,


    Typical!,,different rules for the mob frae Ipox



  14. I know we all wanted them deid and who knows they still might be put out of their misery. But you have got to admit it has been fun watching them squirm and hurt after one let down after another. I especially enjoyed the times we humped them at their midden and of course there was the Progres result. They just keep giving.




    One of my all time favourite tunes, came across Mr Buckley from some older hippie types in 1978, very grateful I did being a punky type:))





    You are CCE,and I claim my five pounds!



    Rangers are in a shockingly bad place. And they don’t even deserve that. But some day one day,some eejit will pour money into them because he will die soon and wants to be remembered.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Spare a thought* for Kenny MacIntyre today. Imagine having to do a Search & Replace for 357 instances of “old firm final” on his script.


    I suppose he could just wheel out his wee pal Barry Gufferson to say “ye see, this is rainjurz – yeez huv tae win.”


    (*Actually, don’t!).

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    you excel yourself in saying that Sevco will NEVER win the league……………



    ……..then let yourself down badly by including the Dundee rat in your list of good managers!-))

  19. Although it would have been great to hump them in the final. Iam really glad we are playing Murderwell. Not because I think it will be easier for us, far from it, I just love to see them hurt. If you want a laugh pop over to Fester Fester it’s on meltdown. Celtic loving referees, SFA, media etc. They really believe all that shite. Silly Billy’s..

  20. Tim Jim @ 12:32



    Tape! Tape!…… Record surely ….come on Jim get with modernism ……you will enjoy the highlights especially Bruno’s karate come Fosbury flop on Moult…..

  21. Paul67


    Don’t forget what Ian Pailsey said – ‘never, never, never’ and look what happened there



    never say never

  22. ‘Lower the Union Jack and raise the White Flag of Surrender’



    And we raise the black.






    LOL @ the Huns again.



    Ragin’ re: yesterday



    Ragin’ Re; Celtic’s UEFA fine.



    Just keepin’ on keepin’ on…Ragin’.

  23. Champs elect – we will have a bad day at some point and another team will take advantage.



    I’m serious about this too – our defence is vulnerable at times. We have great stats etc but there is no doubt in my mind that we don’t stop the crosses often enough and that we don’t always protect the centre backs.



    I like to gripe from a position of strength!



    Our toughest domestic ask so far comes on Wednesday. It feels like the early 80’s again!!

  24. South Of Tunis on

    STARRY PLOUGH @ 12 46



    Went to see him at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 68 . I struggled to find anyone who fancied going -so much so I ended up going with my Elvis loving big sis .. I thought he was fabulous – my big sis didn’t . He did wowee versions of The Supremes -You keep me hanging on and Bo Diddley’s Who do you Love ? . Around the same time he appeared on the Beeb’s Julie Felix Show. . The Beeb was bombarded with complaints.

  25. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    I’ll try again ~ hope no-one minds!





    I’m a life-long Celtic fan now retired to The Philippines. I’m currently on holiday staying with my eldest daughter who has just delivered my second granddaughter.



    My youngest daughter’s birthday is next Wednesday and she would love to go to Pittodrie to watch the Bhoys. So too my Filipina wife!



    It’s a long-shot, but does anyone have spares? 3 would be fantastic, 2 just great!



    We are staying in Insch, so can meet up anywhere near Aberdeen.



    Hail Hail!

  26. TimJim ….not by much Jim …. but just loving this era following Celtic …..Fester Fester and The bears den are hilarious ….I dipped in and listened to the superscorebored last night the poor soul that was first on sounded suicidal then BDJ’s classic “ before today think the fans were 50/50 about Caixinha but now it’s the other way “ …



    Happy Days !!!!





    I’ve mailed Mick a few times during the absence of his Princess.



    I don’t think he gives a f…




  28. On the earlier discussion of dirty hun centre half’s.



    They sign these type of players knowing the tolerance of Scottish refs and a compliant mssm.



    Davie Weir was a well past it donkey when he signed for the huns but compliant refs and mssm lies afforded him success that was a total myth.



    Signing Alves is a continuation of the same .If only he could get close enough to tackle an opponent we would witness his historical brutality.



    The obvious question from yesterday is why the mssm were not outraged by Cardoso’s elbow on Moult but are apoplectic about Bowmans elbow on the Portuguese pansy?



    Karma is a bitch.



    Yesterday showed they can dish it out but are to weak to take it.

  29. So called hardman Alves was put in front of the SMSM yesterday by Jabba to whine about the rough tactics and the referee. Typical deflection. However, I can see it back firing. The signal has been sent to every other team that they dont like to be roughed up. With temperatures plummeting and pitches deteriorating it’s going to be a long hard winter for the Latin contingent.

  30. Pedro now blaming sevco players for yesterday after taking full responsibility for defeat last night.


    the gift that keeps giving :)))))

  31. Pedro saying now that his team embarrassed him. But same formation against Killie this Wednesday as “they need to prove themseves”.


    Comedy Gold!

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