Lustig a gamble too far for final


There is an argument that Kieran Tierney should have been operated on earlier in the season, when the extent of his injury became clear, but if he is fit to start against Hearts on Saturday, he should play.  A few days delay to his op and convalescence will make little difference.

The same is not true of Mikael Lustig.  Mikael has been injured four times since November and is clearly in a fragile state.  Starting him on Saturday risks a repeat of a scene we have become familiar with: Mikael hobbling off early in a game and curtailing the manager’s tactical options.

Jeremy Toljan and Anthony Ralston can both deputise at Hampden, one of whom should start.  Neither Mikael or Neil Lennon will know for sure if the full back will remain at Celtic after the Cup Final, but thoughts of an on-field farewell should be kept until after the game is won.


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  1. Big Wavy



    Incidently, you could be right. I think that is the likelier path for Ralston.



    I too would like to see the right back position resolved this summer. We need a bonafide solution.



    My view on Ralston is more with the game on Saturday. I don’t want us to be limited substitution wise, if Lustig starts, and has to go off first half. I would trust Ralston to do the job on the day.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    In a perfect world, Celtic should arrange for all their International players to undergo mild, corrective surgery after the up Final.




    Was asking my friends earlier do you think anyone will know the difference between



    British Steel in Liquidation and British steel in administration.



    Just call them THe British steel or Britiish steel international and keep good assets and lose bad ones








    EUROCHAMPS67 on 22ND MAY 2019 4:47 PM


    Just in case anyone had forgotten







  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Is there any hint of a suggestion that perhaps, maybe, we will go down the road of employing a DoF, to create a smooth transition between departing managers and their successors?


    Asking for myself.

  5. Fairhill Bhoy



    Many happy returns enjoy Saturday whatever establishment your watching it in… hope we can pull it all stops and finish a very strange season very successfully :-)



    One of the McGinn bhoys (not that one :-) was on SSB the other week, think it was St Mirren captain, he was speaking of KTs injury and was not surprised he played 50+mins at pittodrie and was then subbed, he had more or less sane injury can be managed but needs operated, he says it made sense for KT to wait until after the cup final as only 3/4 weeks recovery, only posting this as it seems fellow professionals don’t think the injury is a biggie …



    I love the Scottish Cup final, sun shining, 3pm kick off… childhood memories :-)

  6. ThomTheTim



    Hope so. One of the major failings on us as a club during the Rodgers debacle was how exposed we were across our infrastructure when he left. We need continuity, accepting there is also a bit of a transient team with the manager too.



    What’s Jock Brown up to these days?

  7. If KT can’t last 90 minutes I wouldn’t play him. Uses up a sub, limiting us elsewhere.



    Hayes will do….Toljian won’t…

  8. David17 @ ages ago



    Agree, Stephen McGowan is more creditable source, and we’re not ready to appoint, because the Cup Final


    is the locus.



    SMSM or Social Media don’t have a clue who the new manager is likely to be, that’s why it changes up and down from one bit of made up @ish to another, as long as its on the bookies list theres rumour to back it up.



    When Brendan Rodgers was appointed they had no clue either, until a few of his relatives in Ireland confirmed


    exclusively on CQN that Brendan was taking the job.

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    RUGGYGMAN on 22ND MAY 2019 5:32 PM


    Wonder if Lenny would be happy with a DoF position?





    I hope not.


    One reason that I don’t want Neil as manager, is that his football philosophy doesn’t chime with where I think we should be heading.


    He is a pupil of MON, who is now out of date and I don’t think Neil would/could embrace the modern approach to fitness, lifestyle and tactics, which he doesn’t consider all that important.



    The DoF would have to have a modern approach and only managers who are in tune with that need apply.




    Agree with your comment. In that sense, Ronny would probably make a better DoF than Lennon – although not necessarily saying I’d want him either.

  11. if we play both unfit ML and KT in the final , that could be 2 subs down and dose not leave much room for any tactical positional sub changes or then again no need to worry as NL is in charge.

  12. ron67



    Lenny has already proved that, if necessary, he’ll go with ten men.


    No worries there.

  13. fairhill bhoy on

    Gftb-thanks mate,home early Saturday morning.Regarding KT I only know what I’ve been told,not what I’ve heard or read in the sun ??

  14. 68ish hours to go till cup final , and cqn is nominating escaped goats in preperation for the Neil Lennon tactical disaster that will cost us a treble treble and the collapse of celtics dominance of the game forever.



    and all because he was a pupil of martin o’neill,



    well i think thats what I am picking up.

  15. oh, and, if people think Neil is not a “modern” football manager, then how on earth could he be the “director” of football instead.

  16. and oh oh.



    Neil is actually miserable in the dug out because he did not like the ending to game of thrones.

  17. Fairhill Bhoy 7.09pm



    Is it your 49th ???



    Am hoping for Jardin Del Mar for ma half century next July :-)



    Team for Saturday for me





    Lustig, Ajer, Simo, KT


    Callum, Broony


    Forrest, Rogic, Sinclair





    If Ralston, (lustig not 100%) Mikey J or Johnny Hayes play instead of Scotty bhoy wouldn’t worry me…



    We have the bhoys to get this treble treble done … I just want to win the Scottish Cup :-)

  18. IMO



    Stephen McGowan is a lover scorned. Bumped from Celtic View & took to slagging us off regularly when with the Express.




  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    SAINT STIVS on 22ND MAY 2019 7:18 PM


    oh, and, if people think Neil is not a “modern” football manager, then how on earth could he be the “director” of football instead







    I never suggested him for a DoF role. Heaven forfend.



    Managerial styles have a shelf life and Neil’s is at least five years out of date.

  20. rpmcelticfan on

    No matter the line up or formation imo the biggest threat we face on sat is the decision making of Willie Collum , imagine your an opposition player and you seen that blatant dive by Shinnie rewarded with a pen , would you not chance your arm he would repeat that in the final , just run into a Celtic player in the box and then launch yourself skyward , Collum is at best incompetent and at worse a cheat , he is our most dangerous opponent on the park , var will make him unemployable imo .

  21. Kilmarnock should have been awarded four penalty kicks on Sunday.



    Only saying.



    HH. ?




    Yes, the referee can and will influence the match on Saturday. We only need to think back to the SC semi-final against Hearts in 2012, influenced to a shocking degree by Euan Norris. We dominated the match and after going a goal behind came back to equalise, Gary Hooper, only for the bold Norris to give a penalty against Joe Ledley for a hand ball which was a pure masoniç driven decision. Craig Beattie scored and nearly lapped Hamdump for which he will never be forgiven by me at least. We were denied legitimate penalty claims earlier. Lenny ran for Norris after the match but as usual he was in the wrong and the damage was done. We lost 2-1 to an inferior team. So, we need to bring our A game on Saturday and if possible take the MIB out of the equation. We can do this 3×3.

  23. Scott Brown has had an injection in his foot for the broken toe.


    He intends to play.



    I can’t understand how that is possible.



    Edouard I’m told ,is out of the final.


    Tierney is not fully fit ,he may not play either.


    Same with Lustig.



    I’m told that some of our senior players feel that Griffiths is letting the club down badly.



    He is hanging around with a few real nuggets.



    We are likely to play the SCF with no recognised striker.



    If we are to win this cup we will need special performances from bit part players.




  24. Delaneys Dunky on



    Hi bro. A happy day dream about Saturday on Lisbon 52 anniversary ” Hertz score early penalty given away by our right back Mik. In second half, our left back KT fires in an equaliser. 5 minutes to go our centre Eddy hits the winner.” History made, like Lisbon ’67.


    Hope all grand in God’s Country J.



  25. Delaneys Dunky on



    Ach well, you dashed my daydream today.


    Very worrying if all you post is true.


    Hope all grand in The Kingdom.

  26. TINYTIM….



    A sad state of affairs. Not so long ago, we almost looked top heavy – Edouard, Weah, Burke playing up top, Griff lining up a return and Vakoun Bayo gaining fitness.



    If what you say about Edouard is correct, I’m not even sure where we go from there – Sinclair up top maybe?

  27. It’s gonna be Burke up top isn’t it?



    I picked the wrong week to give up glue csc

  28. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Forget refs and the opposition, only Celtic can beat Celtic, the mentality is all that matters, if the team and mentality that took apart Aberdeen turn up then a dawdel, if the team and mentality that thought they just needed to turn up at ibrox turn up then it’s curtains to the treble treble.

  29. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    An early goal to settle us into it is what I want.



    I am a wee bit worried about how this is being seen generally as a foregone conclusion.



    Levein, for all his rope-a-dope utterings about injuries to key players etc, will have that mob snapping into everything from the first whistle. KT constantly targeted, midfield a war zone. Collum using none of his three eyes.



    The good thing is that NFL will not see it as a foregone conclusion. He will know there has to be no complacency.



    I hope we not only win but win well, then dedicate it to the guy who came in and saved our season.

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