Lustig a gamble too far for final


There is an argument that Kieran Tierney should have been operated on earlier in the season, when the extent of his injury became clear, but if he is fit to start against Hearts on Saturday, he should play.  A few days delay to his op and convalescence will make little difference.

The same is not true of Mikael Lustig.  Mikael has been injured four times since November and is clearly in a fragile state.  Starting him on Saturday risks a repeat of a scene we have become familiar with: Mikael hobbling off early in a game and curtailing the manager’s tactical options.

Jeremy Toljan and Anthony Ralston can both deputise at Hampden, one of whom should start.  Neither Mikael or Neil Lennon will know for sure if the full back will remain at Celtic after the Cup Final, but thoughts of an on-field farewell should be kept until after the game is won.


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  1. fairhill bhoy on

    DD- we don’t/never get on but it’s good to see you back on,you’re definitely missed on here.


    Here’s hoping you’re getting back to a wee bit of normality (what ever that is)


    Best wishes

  2. An eerie calm has descended over the district DD in advance of Saturday’s game.



    If Celtic win the cup this place is going to erupt.



    Got 36 x cans of Magners for only £18 in that asda.



    Might have to indulge in some of the old Bolivian white flake to help me drink them all if we win the damn thing!! ?



    Gentleman and a scholar G.



    God bless ye mo chara.



    HH. ?

  3. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks for that. Happy Birthday and enjoy the rest of your holiday, then a treble treble on Saturday hopefully.



  4. Could do worse than bringing adam mathews (27 years old and free) back home, a good rightback could easily slot into our team.




  5. !!BADA BING!!



    He’s 27, injury-prone and not good enough for Sunderland. Must be better options out there.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    A classic retort from a female character in Inspector Montalbano



    “I don’t like reheated soup”



    Sums up my thoughts when ex Celts get quoted for a return.



    I’d take Victor and VVD but that’s all




    I find it particularly painful when people tout Henrik for the manager’s role….

  8. STEPHBHOY @ 9:22 PM,



    Adam Maththews has done little either Club wise or Internationally since he left us, he should be at his peak, he’s not, so a no from me.



    Yet as we have discussed the squad and supplementing the first team from the Academy…



    …I think our full back positions show how our squad is failing.



    If you include utility Hayes we have six full backs in our squad and we have four prospects.



    With our right and left first choice carrying injuries we are now struggling for full backs for the Cup Final…



    A symptom of failed squad management for me.



    Still he can take a shy!!



    Hail Hail

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Garry , welcome back , its been a traumatic year for you with your mum , aunt and Mrs Treacy passing away.



    I hope you are welll from another Drumchapel/Knightswod Tim.

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND MAY 2019 10:01 PM


    Craig Thomshun retires…





    15 Year too late.

  11. Craig Thomson to retire. But that’s AFTER refereeing Saturday’s final. What’s the opposite of a perfect storm?


    Time for bed.


    3 more sleeps ;-)

  12. The sub-head hun at i Shortie is certainly maklng his money…………..











    Ha Ha……………………

  13. Hrvatski Jim on

    Deep down in my heart I know that my life will never be complete until Celtic win the Alkass cup.

  14. the boul’ Craig will doubtless now spend his weekends gowfin’ wi’ Walter, Wiggy an’ assorted good ole boys…………………….

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Just reading about Thomshun’s retiral. Last game at Celtic Park, have we been doing you wrong all these years, Craig? Not that being a referee observer will be a good living in the VAR era.



    Remind Hugh that the Bernabeau is ok in September, but Madrid gets cold through October and November.

  16. There you have it the expert opinion of two of the world’s finest Anal-ysts ? sevco are pure dead brilliant btw.


    The Experts Say… Day 10



    “I was blown away by the performance put up by Rangers. They have a good side and have played some good games in the tournament, but I did not expect the level of football they produced against Kashiwa.


    Kashiwa also has a strong team but it did not work out for them and it went downhill for them after they conceded their first goal.


    If you analyze the game, it hardly looked like if they faced any troubles although they were up against a strong team. Even the one goal they conceded was a world-class strike from outside the box.”



    Chris Makin, Al Kass Analyst



    “This game had the crowd on its feet and was a memorable match. Apart for the first 10-15 minutes, Roma were dominant the first half. They were in total control and you knew that sooner or later they would score, and they finally scored two goals and got a decent advantage.


    Everyone was thinking what could Aspire Academy do in the second half, and they came with an incredible comeback. Especially that second goal by Mekki Tombari, I have not seen a better goal than that in this year’s tournament. I am having a hard time remembering a goal as good as this one.”



    Rhodri Williams, Al Kass Analyst

  17. Good morning CQN from a dry but overcast Garngad



    Team for Saturday:






    Ralston, Ajer, Benkovitch, KT



    Callum, Broony



    Forrest, Rogic, Sinclair






    Although I am always wrong right enough



    D. :)

  18. Remember and get yourselves in early enough to get your display bib on, ready for Bhoys (smileything)

  19. I really hope Neil doesn’t risk Lustig. Especially if he’s going to start Eddy and Tierney.



    You cannot risk too many players.



    My lineup:












  20. Jobo


    Gutted to see that my suggestion of a laser pen to mark out the ten yards at a free kick hasn’t been introduced.



    Maybe it was the wee add-on of turning it up to the Huns eyes if they didn’t retreat quickly enough….

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