Lustig cannot afford to think about burnout


The one positive for the defence during the international break is that Kieran Tierney was allowed home to rest, instead of facing Portugal at the weekend.  Celtic players involved with their youth or full national teams have faced two games a week pretty much since June.  A consequence of this has been no opportunity to work on their base fitness and practically no time at Lennoxtown to work on set plays.

International friendlies continue until tomorrow, meaning Dedryck Boyata and Mikael Lustig will not return to Lennoxtown until Thursday.  Both are expected to play for their national teams.  Dedryck has been crucial for Celtic since coming back into the side in September, while Mikael cannot afford to think about burnout.  He needs to perform twice a week, every week, no matter the energy levels.  Has this had an effect on his performances?  You have to expect so.

We have two games per week until the next international break.  I would consider resting Mikael for the trips to Dundee and Livingston.  I would also consider substituting two defenders, if the score-line allows.

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  1. What Gascoigne tweeted:







    ” I feel the love & the support of the People.”





    How the BBC reported:







    `He added he “feels the love and support” of the Ibrox club’s fans.`








  2. PAUL. rest anybody you like ,but leave dedryk in the team we need him at the moment.imho of course.hh.

  3. If Mikael Lustig has any sense of loyalty it should be to Celtic and he should take a leaf from Scott Brown’s book, and retire with grace.



    BR should have covered his position, but not with another unreliable squad filler.

  4. Re Paul`s article.


    At the remarkable levels of fitness at which top footballers are expected to perform, small margins can make a difference. Even so, I feel we exaggerate it somewhat in our minds when it involves Celtic players.




  5. Wan thing is sure about Mikael.



    He is Celtic through and through noo.



    In this modern game he has the toughest shift and he hasn’t been afforded many Breaks.



    Wan thing is True Though and that is that he is a Hunskelper.



    I’ve been critical of him over the last 2 Seasons – annoyed at letting the attacker get into the penalty box etc



    But Wan thing is Obvious Mika Loves spanking the Deidco.



    He will be needed when Celtic go to the Hate Factory.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Scottish football.


    Where a convincing defeat to another country’s B team is considered to be a success.


    Where a serial failure is considered to be suitable for national team manager.


    And where Oli McBurnie is considered to be a footballer.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Aw – a new, wee ‘Royal’ baby.



    That will get the Brexiteers over the finishing line with their wee Union Flags waving happily in the Europe-free wind. Nice.






  8. Paul67,



    The England manager is reported as saying his players are playing on empty. They started back after the World Cup about a month or 2 after our lhads, who have had hardly any break for the last couple of years, while playing a lot more games than the rest of the league teams. I would rest as many as possible, as often as possible. Give the likes of Gamboa, Izzy and Christie are a real run in the team.

  9. Leigh Griffiths pulls out of Scotland squad amid much confusion and speculation.



    Days later new Royal pregnancy announced.




  10. Was it not President John F Kennedy who stated, “Ask not what America can do for you but , what you can do for America? Think it was. Anyway, got me thinking. It really is a two way street, put some in, get some out, yeah?


    Well, Celtic do a lot for Scotland, but ask yourselves, what does Scotland do for Celtic. Answers on a postage stamp!


    I hate repeating myself,but on this occasion I will. Celtic should publicly state that until a full enquiry by Eufa , or better, FIFA is brought about by football’s governing bodies, the club should refuse to allow players to play for Scotland. I really hate cliches, but it really is a “no brainer”. It’s not as if they have no evidence!!


    As for the players, I am cerain they will understand.


    How ridiculous is that the best of Scottish players are not chosen to play for their country, the establishment is quite happy to be the laughing stock of world football just to spite Celtic, crazy.


    But, until the entire football establishment is cleared out, things will remain the same. It’s much more deep rooted than football, we all know that, but it would be a start.


    Just think of the reaction by the football world if we just had the stomach, once and for all, to call these cheats out for the despicable people they are.


    sorry for the rant.





  11. South Of Tunis on

    Biblical downpour -Way down south . There’s been a lot of them recently .



    Stuck indoors . Watching last night’s Poland 0- Italy 1 . Best performance by the Italian national team in a long long time . Mancini might have found them a team . All he needs now is a reliable goalscorer ..



    Always watch the fitba with the sound off ..



    On the deck –Sweet Thang –







    I didn’t read the article you referenced. Didn’t need to,the title was clue enough.



    Since McLeish left Villa over six years ago,I think he managed around fifty games prior to his appointment as the obvious successor to Gordon Strachan.



    He should never have applied for this job,he should never have been considered for this job. That he was given it is quite possibly the worst decision that the totally dysfunctional SFA have ever made.



    It may well be to his financial benefit. It is destroying him on a personal level,and he doesn’t deserve that.

  13. https://kerrydalestreet.co.uk/imageproxy.php?url=http://i1357.photobucket.com/albums/q753/munrofillipi/Celtic%20and%20others/derby_zps6c66e63b.jpg





    Posts 6,685


    Favourite all-time player Mike Conroy


    Considering retirement


    10:14 PM – Aug 05, 2013 #14820


    Folk Singer wrote:


    Tony Warners Gloves wrote:




    Celtic 1-0 Derby County 1975. Derby were then English champions under Dave Mackay and had some side. Charlie George, Franny Lee, Roy McFarland, Colin Todd, Archie Gemmill etc.



    Crowd was 44,000




    on shortbread last night willie miller said “alex was invited to take the job by the sfa”





    If Willie Miller said that,then I totally believe it.



    I’ll be honest,like many of my age,I had a more than grudging admiration for Willie and Alex as players. Could have happily seen them in a Celtic jersey,same with the likes of Gordon Strachan,David Narey-in particular!-and wee Paul Sturrock.



    Alex was always Rangers daft in Barrhead as a lad,but he was never a hun-until he joined them.



    Like so many others,he seems to have left his soul at the bottom of the fabled marble staircase as he ascended it to sign a contract.



    He deserves more than our pity for his achievements as a player,and he certainly deserves more than to be hung out to dry by the SFA.





    Excerpt from a mail I sent to my bestie 20 minutes ago.



    “Every time I see stories about this,that’s the first thought that hits me.



    £450m brought down the Stormont government,Minty was in hock for at least double that. Cherrypicked the carcass and gets planning permission on Green Belt.



    Only in Scotland”




    Then you get a story like that. Beggars belief,really does.



    You available for a few beers wi the troops on 10 Nov?

  17. from kds , like everthing else i am copying.






    2-1 win at Ibrox v huns in League Cup Sectional game on August 18 1973. Harry Hood was a sub and scored, along with Lennox.



    Interesting to note the non segregation in the old Enclosure at Ibrox. There are clearly folk in there with hun scarves on, yet there are also blokes raising their arms to celebrate a goal.




  18. SAINT STIVS on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 1:56 PM



    2-1 win at Ibrox v huns in League Cup Sectional game on August 18 1973. Harry Hood was a sub and scored, along with Lennox.



    Interesting to note the non segregation in the old Enclosure at Ibrox. There are clearly folk in there with hun scarves on, yet there are also blokes raising their arms to celebrate a goal.



    *I was in the enclosure that day, my da and his mates had enclosure tickets I had a terracing one. He told me to meet him at a gate that divides both, he didnae want me tae go on the terracing myself, I was married with 2 weans at the time lol, still his wee bhoy though.



    He was waiting when I got there, the silver fox that he was persuaded the hun on the gate tae let me in, nae extra money either.

  19. TT,



    so where you standing with huns or all tims, seems to me its a brave or tough man that goes in next to them

  20. South Of Tunis on

    ” A new addition to the cast of the Brexit tragedia comedia—. Sinn Fein ”



    Rai Radio 15 10 18

  21. SAINT STIVS on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 2:22 PM



    TT, so where you standing with huns or all tims, seems to me its a brave or tough man that goes in next to them



    *If my memory serves me well it seemed tae be Tims our side of the tunnel same as Parkheid, back then we even shared their cooshed and some of the Jungle.

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