Lustig cannot afford to think about burnout


The one positive for the defence during the international break is that Kieran Tierney was allowed home to rest, instead of facing Portugal at the weekend.  Celtic players involved with their youth or full national teams have faced two games a week pretty much since June.  A consequence of this has been no opportunity to work on their base fitness and practically no time at Lennoxtown to work on set plays.

International friendlies continue until tomorrow, meaning Dedryck Boyata and Mikael Lustig will not return to Lennoxtown until Thursday.  Both are expected to play for their national teams.  Dedryck has been crucial for Celtic since coming back into the side in September, while Mikael cannot afford to think about burnout.  He needs to perform twice a week, every week, no matter the energy levels.  Has this had an effect on his performances?  You have to expect so.

We have two games per week until the next international break.  I would consider resting Mikael for the trips to Dundee and Livingston.  I would also consider substituting two defenders, if the score-line allows.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 2:23 PM



    hoops versus shammy someone bravely kicks billy.



    *Loved they games, first glimpse at Bobby Murdoch at one of them, looks like the Bear in the Shamrock strip

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Should Celtic issue an ultimatum like you suggest, then the wrath of FIFA/UEFA would come down on the club.



    As I understand it, clubs are compelled to release players for competitive International matches, if chosen by their Association. Only a doctor’s line would excuse them.



    FIFA/UEFA don’t like their rules ignored, when it comes to clubs outside the Chosen Few.



    The only power we have that would affect the SFA, is the pound/ Euro in our pockets.



    That is not news, but a truth that Scottish football supporters refuse to acknowledge, for selfish reasons.


    To willingly financially support a corrupt organisation, especially one that victimises Celtic, is a form of collective insanity.



    If your local continually short changed you or served you watered down whiskey or beer, would you still support it?



    Don’t think so.

  3. Paul67 et al



    Back on the old fitness trail again. England players knackered, Celtic players on the verge of burnout. God only knows how football and rugby league players managed to work down mines and play competitive sport. For a while the experts used to measure how far the players ran during a match, amazed that some could manage over 11km in ninety minutes. Wayne Rooney often came out on top, and he did that by deliberately doing light jogging whenever he was not involved in the game, knowing he would achieve that one key criteria. In actual fact in his later career he was totally unfit, still skillful but unfit. The average adult could cover 9-10km over 90 minutes, easily on a flat grass pitch, and that is just by walking. Of course there are other factors, but basic fitness, once achieved should easily be maintained by a professional sportsman. Let’s not make their excuses for them, but do not either, train players in such a way that leaves them vulnerable to muscle strains and sprains. That to me is as big a problem as playing for Sweden.

  4. Only 000’s of empty seats will bring the, corrupt, cheating, colluding, kowtowing, bigoted enemies of the Celtic supporter’s, to an end.


    Happy clapping, faithfully, blindly, naively, easily mugged off-ly, will only prolong the, back of the bus victimhood culture.


    Change will only come, when “YOU” change “YOUR” easy, owesy, suck it up and hope for the best attitude.


    Good luck. √


    Tic, toc…….





  5. thomthetim



    Well thom it looks like Scotland supporters are beginning to send a message to the SFA, 16,000 against Belgium, and less than 20,000 against Portugal. You lose money with those kind of crowds. The FA selling their stadium, the SFA buying their’s, do they know something we don’t?

  6. I think the saying It’s a mans game no longer pertains to modern football.


    Amateur dramatics that would shame any self respecting actor/actress abound.


    Sensitive clowns with whistles issuing red cards due to hurt feelings.


    Poor wee souls spending time on treatment tables being massaged just at the thought of a knock.


    Players not in the right frame of mind to play.


    There was contact often used to justify guys rolling around like a kid going downhill.


    It has now become akin to a knitting circle.


    Being a Celtic player in Scotland none of the above applies where assault is encouraged and any suggested and often unproven feigning of injury is met with a card and outraged mssm calls for a ban.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CELTIC MAC on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 3:14 PM



    We can only hope that the attendances reflect the SFA’s failures.


    If that was reflected in SFA/SPFL club competitions, it would be more meaningful.



    However, we know there will be a clamour for tickets for any tie we are involved in at Hampden and in the upcoming Murrayfield game.



    As was quoted earlier, ref JFK. “Ask not….”



    Isn’t it about time our support stood up to the football authorities and not hide behind the club, who are bound by selectively applied rules?



    It is not just clubs who have suffered, but the Game itself, which is bigger than the clubs.

  8. thomthetim



    Well I wouldn’t criticise Celtic supporters for supporting Celtic but I do get your point, one that you have made consistently. Re Murrayfield I’m quite pleased about that given that it was the SPFL was forced to buckle. That said Celtic FC told me that I dont have the “privileges” of being able to buy tickets for the semi-final against Hearts. Maybe I’ll need to buy some shares!

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CELTIC MAC on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 3:42 PM





    It’s not about not supporting Celtic.


    It’s about not legitimising the SFA, by supporting their tournaments.



    There would be a slight financial hit to Celtic, in not buying tickets for a semi or final.



    However, this id mitigated by considering the split of receipts between four and two completing clubs, plus the SFA’s cut.



    Even allowing for the reduced financial hit to the club, then this might focus Celtic to push harder.



    As for the absence of our fans at these games. These are big boys, who should be able to take on any domestic opposition whether there are fans present or not.



    Look upon it as much needed experience for playing away UEFA ties.



    Drastic times call for drastic measures, although I don’t consider those measures as drastic.



    Fan financial power proved itself when other clubs’ fans held their Board’s to account over Sevco’s SPL attempt, so we know it works.

  10. gone are the days when players actually walked to the ground, or shared a bus ride with the supporters. no prima donnas then, alas unfortunately that kind of kinship between player and fan is no more, I think there is a book about this somewhere hopefully tontine tim will no.hh.

  11. thomthtim



    No, it is about supporting Celtic. But it also about how best to support Celtic.


    For some that is cheering the Bhoys on, for others it would be to bhoycott all SFA and SPFL tournaments.


    No consensus there.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CELTIC MAC on 15TH OCTOBER 2018 4:12 PM




    “No consensus there.”





    Unfortunately, therein lies the problem.



    If you have noticed some of my posts in the past, you may have noticed my perpetual mantra :



    BC or DC,



    Either close the door or seek another Association to join. Like Belfast Celtic and Derry City.



    Anything else is a continuation of operating under a crooked system.



    Celtic can’t change it on their own.



    Thanks for the exchange.

  13. FA condemns “unacceptable behaviour” in Seville last night after England fans clash with police ahead of match against Spain this evening.

  14. The game in Scotland has always been rigged.



    It only makes our victories all the more sweeter.



    As far as big Eck is concerned, I personally do feel somewhat sorry for the character – see whomever it was appointed him though – they are the ones that need their heads examined.



    Total loopers.



    HH. ?

  15. That’s what bigotry does – it blinds these bigots from reality.



    Hell mind them – they couldn’t even defeat the apartheid state, a game that I actually wanted Scotland to win.



    HH. ?

  16. going to be controversial imo having watched celtic/liverpool/scotland matches lately I have to admit that andy robertson currently is playing the way our KT played 2/3 seasons ago bombing up and down the left flank delivering good crosses into the box and linking up well with fellow players, defending with excellent tackles when required , what has happened to our KT these day’s who appears to be going in the opposite direction with his backward/sideways passes and reluctant hit the byeline ,

  17. RON67


    In my unbiased opinion KT is superior to Robertson. AR hasn’t shown much in recent Scottish games. Both are very good attacking wing-backs but KT is a better defender and has more strings to his bow as an attacker. KT is a bit jaded of late and I do think he has been over-used over the lat 2 seasons but he is still a class above Robertson.

  18. RON67 how are you pal it aint controversial in my eyes, love Kieran to bits but not the same player from a few seasons ago, put your tin helmet on we are about to be slaughtred.hh.

  19. Perhaps KT needs an in-form Sinky to shine, don’t forget Andy Robertson is playing in a top, top side

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ron67 – re Robertson – “defending with excellent tackles when required”.



    Can you post some footage?

  21. Form in any sport is up and down, you seek to be at a consistently high level , sometimes this is not possible, KT is a kid get a grip let him develop , much more senior people make mistakes or are not at their best are they getting flak for that?


    Read the recent article of the James Forrest blog, it may lend some insight into what is going on, for Scotland to improve the SFA has to go, it is a self serving clique that offers nothing, wouldn’t matter who the manager is though the media would tell you otherwise.

  22. RON67-AR has probably got the better final ball ?


    But and it’s a big but, but KT is the better defender and without a combined defence that cost more more than £160mill to help him either ??

  23. so do we think for KT to get back to his best and to improve as a footballer he has to move on for his development ,to train/play with far superior players , would that also include being coached by far superior coaches .

  24. RON67-just plonk him in the Liverpool team and let’s see,because obviously you think our coaches are not up to it?

  25. DESSYBHOY-yet last night on radio Scotland they tried hard to blame the players,maybe eck here for a while yet

  26. RON67


    Players are bound by the system coaches implement.


    Brendan has shown it’s his way or you’re out.


    I think our system has stifled KT’s development.


    His aggression seem’s tempered.


    He looked hesitant in Athens until we went 2 down then reverted to the Kieran of old and set up a goal and also created another great chance for equalizer that we did not convert.


    Did he throw caution to the wind and play with instinct?


    I think he is a better all round player than Robertson.


    Liverpools system and high tempo are suited to Robertson’s game.


    Not so sure our one paced possession approach is good for Kieran’s natural game.


    Hopefully our St Johnstone performance was a portent to a more positive forward coaching approach.


    I also think KT was excellent against the huns where his passion and marauding runs helped us dominate and kept them on the back foot.

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