Lustig cannot afford to think about burnout


The one positive for the defence during the international break is that Kieran Tierney was allowed home to rest, instead of facing Portugal at the weekend.  Celtic players involved with their youth or full national teams have faced two games a week pretty much since June.  A consequence of this has been no opportunity to work on their base fitness and practically no time at Lennoxtown to work on set plays.

International friendlies continue until tomorrow, meaning Dedryck Boyata and Mikael Lustig will not return to Lennoxtown until Thursday.  Both are expected to play for their national teams.  Dedryck has been crucial for Celtic since coming back into the side in September, while Mikael cannot afford to think about burnout.  He needs to perform twice a week, every week, no matter the energy levels.  Has this had an effect on his performances?  You have to expect so.

We have two games per week until the next international break.  I would consider resting Mikael for the trips to Dundee and Livingston.  I would also consider substituting two defenders, if the score-line allows.

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  1. big packy 1 on 15th October 2018 4:08 pm


    gone are the days when players actually walked to the ground, or shared a bus ride with the supporters. no prima donnas then, alas unfortunately that kind of kinship between player and fan is no more, I think there is a book about this somewhere hopefully tontine tim will no.hh. posted this earlier any comments or am I just an old fart.hh.

  2. Now I have absolutely no interest in FtSFA national team




    I do have an interest in FtSFA and their activities


    So if FtSFA national team manager was to be dismissed, how much would he get ? And would this clear a wee HMRC issue ?


    Hope that manager is in the role for a long time




  3. Fan


    I was just being smart, I still think the expression is daft tho.






    Aye he was good, so was Henke, the amount of goals he scored anticipating where the ball would end up was incredible

  4. Delaneys Dunky on



    Kieran Tierney when out injured, is in among the Celtic supporters at away matches, rather than the prawn sandwich section. KT is the nearest we have to the time you refer to.



  5. cathedral view on

    Has the media started the campaign for Alex McLeish to forgo compensation and step down from his role as Scotland manager yet?



    You know, for the good of the game, the SFA, the country and all that.




  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    For those who have Celtic T.V there’s a great interview with


    George McCluskey on when he signed for the bhoys.


    He tells how big Jock and Sean Fallon worked as a team to get


    him to Celtic Park.


    As a schoolbhoy internationalist and having scored a wonder


    goal against England at Wembley clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea


    et al where clamouring for his signature.


    But Jock and Sean had their plan worked out, Sean would take


    the auld man down to the pub and work on him there while


    the big mhan watched his mother making the soup complimenting


    how nice it looked and he said to her ” you know Theresa George


    won’t get that kind of food if he goes to some of those English clubs ”


    Brilliant !


    Of course George only wanted to sign for the bhoys so it was a done




    He also mentions how wee Jinky was a fitness fanatic and used to get


    up at 5 in the morning and go running with miners pit boots on.


    Terrific stuff and well worth a look.


    H.H Mick

  7. MM


    My first Euro away game I was a 16 year old wi a weekend income and dogging school for a few days. First match at Paradise, Ajax destroyed us 2-2. Second match in Amsterdam on Glasgow Uni bus was a lifetime University lesson there and back. Chicken George fae Roots, as we affectionately called him, came on as a sub and sent me into an Amsterdam maryjane XTC.


    When it’s Spring again,


    We’ll sing again,


    2-1 in Amsterdam.



  8. D.D



    Remember that program Roots, great viewing, and what a


    night that was in Amsterdam with George at his best.


    H.H Mick

  9. BP


    You cannae get them days back ever.


    The Money Genie in fitba is well oot the bottle. Never to be put back now.


    Support the Bhoys.


    They are the only team we got.


    A cradle to grave love affair with Celtic and me, is what keeps me going to Paradise and away games. I just love supporting oor Bhoys.


    Maybe habit? Enjoyable habit.



  10. MM


    My mammy made sure that my sister and I watched every episode of Roots. As an anti racism message I think now. I loved Kunta Kinte hero of mine as a wean. My mammy was well wise.


    We are Irish/Polish immigrants facing similar in Scotland her message.



  11. D.D



    You’re absolutely correct about the money genie and it’s sad the way


    the beautiful game is going, don’t think it’s about supporting players


    you know will be looking at their next big move in a year or two, think


    it’s now about supporting the ethos of Celtic and your fellow fans.


    Maybe i’m wrong but just my opinion.


    Worth a bit of debate though.


    H.H Mick

  12. And as others have said on here, if Celtic aren’t playing then i


    couldn’t give a damn even if it’s the CL final, and this from a man


    who would watch kids in a park mornings, amateurs in the


    afternoon and any t.v football on at night lol.


    H.H Mick

  13. I hope The Clumpany is OK, not posted an article for about three weeks now. Used to be daily. Hope everything is alright.

  14. Melbourne Mick Mrs Hebcelt and I will be visiting some friends in Mount Martha approx mid December would love to meet up around then,doing a grand tour Sydney,Mornington,Great Ocean Road and Melbourne,back to Singapore for Xmas and New Year. Let me know if that@s possible Hail Hail Hebcelt

  15. JTT53


    More importantly, are you well sir?


    You appeared low at the weekend.


    I said a wee prayer at mass for you to Saint Patrick. Hail Glorious Saint Patrick.






    Entirely possible and thats just about the time of our big Celtic BBQ in the


    beach park, hope you can make that, and bring your sannies for the footy


    tourney, can’t have these young dudes like PADDYMAC showboating again.


    H.H Mick

  17. MM


    Being sending emails to Paddy wi nae reply. Think I have his wrong email addy. Help please.



  18. Cheers Mick will give you more definite dates nearer the time, let me me know the date of the BBQ and we’ll definitely try and make it. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  19. D.D



    Will give him a ring and get it sorted.


    Nice chatting ghuy’s but the wee 4 year old whirlwind called Grace


    has arrived and demanding action, so Papas must do as their told 8-)))))


    H.H Mick

  20. Cracking interview – Awesome the dude never bad mouths anyone – That is Love and appreciation.



    THE SMSM – You are despicable.



    Here is some mair Armagh stuff that is just for the Young Wans.



    Listen up

  21. I’d encourage Everyone to stop Watching/Funding the BBC.



    The Agenda in Scotland is Set (just another example of the Fallen wan – they are all the same deity) Masonic jibber jabber from the Men behind the curtains.



    The BBC outside Scotland could not be more Anti Family if it could try right now.




  22. Hold On



    Celtic have the Most Amazing Manager. PLC dinnae piss him off.



    Brendan hooked players in his first Season for mistakes regularly.



    He set the Standards.



    Brendan needs reinforcements as Some players have played more than Any Other in the World over the last 2 Seasons.



    @ least 2 First Team players incoming in the mythical Bad Window.



    Those not so nice NEW Hun Monkees are so heavily backed by EVERYTHING to stop Celtic doing what they are doing.



    The image of the Masonic SHIT on Jetskis @ SandyLane worries me so very much.



    Masons/Others, the knowing ones… they have One objective and that is to Destroy the Divinity of Christ/Yeshua.






  23. Celtic will play Neils Hibs team Saturday.



    It will be an open game but Neils team has been weakened and I expect a 2 or 3 goal win.



    I’m hoping that Hibs get 2nd Primarily because of Neil.



    Something inside. There is Something inside.




  24. morning bhoys from a dry but chilly Cheshire.hh. if your about jimthetim53, hope your ok hh.

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