Lustig cannot afford to think about burnout


The one positive for the defence during the international break is that Kieran Tierney was allowed home to rest, instead of facing Portugal at the weekend.  Celtic players involved with their youth or full national teams have faced two games a week pretty much since June.  A consequence of this has been no opportunity to work on their base fitness and practically no time at Lennoxtown to work on set plays.

International friendlies continue until tomorrow, meaning Dedryck Boyata and Mikael Lustig will not return to Lennoxtown until Thursday.  Both are expected to play for their national teams.  Dedryck has been crucial for Celtic since coming back into the side in September, while Mikael cannot afford to think about burnout.  He needs to perform twice a week, every week, no matter the energy levels.  Has this had an effect on his performances?  You have to expect so.

We have two games per week until the next international break.  I would consider resting Mikael for the trips to Dundee and Livingston.  I would also consider substituting two defenders, if the score-line allows.

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    I see Blue Peter( no not him ) is about to celebrate 60 years in business.For younger viewers the ‘ no not him’ was Peter Thompson/ Thomson ( do forget even though he does commentary on a LP I possess) was not liked by many from the green and white persuasion because of his bias which was displayed in numerous ways.I remember when I and friends couldn’t get to Celtic games the Scottish home service was there to keep in touch.George Davidson,David Francey then Alistair Alexander on BBC Scotland.If I have omitted any commentators from days gone by……..fill me in or even relate a story that captured the mood.

  2. 50 shades of green on




    Many moons ago Radio Clydes football boss was a guy called Richard Park, annoyed the life out of most of us west coast Tims until he had a bit of argument with Mr Stein, who then referred to him as Ibrox Park, stuck with us, I actually met the guy not long after it and he said he was stuck for words when Mr Stein called him that and he new instantly that Celtic fans would never let him forget it.




  3. From Melbourne Mick a@10:42PM



    ” think it’s now about supporting the ethos of Celtic and your fellow fans.



    Maybe i’m wrong but just my opinion.”



    I am not certain that an opinion can be `wrong` . Regardless, I share your view but have an uneasy feeling that too many of our `fans` are indistinguishable from the fans of most other Clubs.



  4. Is this the stereotypical Celtic Supporter:




    Ancestral Irish connection;




    Labour voter;


    Working class.




    I have put them in the order i feel, vaguely, `Scotland` perceives us.




  5. Hot Smoked


    Not necessarily, I don’t think. Majority maybe, but me , I’m 100% Scottish, proddy, labour voter and working class and anti monarchy But, thta’s just me. Basically you are fairly correct.


    Best to you









    You could well be on the money there. And I reckon that if it applied to more people in Scotland,it would be a much better and more tolerant place.

  7. JTT53


    That made me laugh! Good man.




    Certainly `not necessarily` but I did say the stereotype. I don`t fit the model either.





    I agree that aspects of the stereotype would make the world, not just Scotland , a better place.



    Anyway, got the Blog moving a little bit and I now have yo do the same for myself by getting on my bike in a chilly and windy Arbroath.


    Thanks for the responses and cheerio for now,




  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Born Catholic, now Agnostic.


    Irish descendants.


    Strongly Anti-Monarchy


    Labour supporter (At times, they have left me, and did not receive my support. Currently I am a member though)


    Working Class



    Supporting Celtic gives me a strong sense of belonging, and a connection, to members of my family, and friends, who are no longer with us. Especially my Maternal Grandfather, who had me in awe as a teen, with stories of a different time. So vivid a picture his words painted, that Jimmy McGrory and John Thomson are my favourite Celtic Icons.



  9. 50 shades@ 9.19.


    Yes remember him from Clyde and some TV programme where he was a ‘ guest’ on a panel.


    Reading some stuff last night and came across a wee gem.( Well I think so )


    Question:Americo Tomas played a bit in Celtic’s history.How?

  10. I tick most of were the Boxes just substitute Sinn Fein for Labour but funnily enough I love King Lubo all the more just because he is a Proddy.


    Never forget that some of our greatest heroes from Emmett, Tone & Henry Joy McCracken were all Proddys.


    Never ever confuse Proddys with Huns.





    Re Labour,I was a member for quite a while until Blair became leader. Membership gone,never voted for him-or against him,of course.



    I’m not particularly enamoured of Corbyn though. He has,as I expected,pulled us back to our roots,which is for the good. But I don’t see much sign of progressive and realistic policy. Nor of aggressive anti-Tory campaigning. He just seems so wrapped up in procedural things,rather than a grand strategy to take the party and the country forward.



    All very reminiscent of the student-type political posturing that he pursued before he became leader,and I suppose expecting that to change at this late stage in his career was wishful thinking.



    I know he gets a terrible press,but that is no excuse for being four points behind the worst Tory government in my lifetime. Or even,probably,my Dad’s lifetime!

  12. Hot Smoked



    How do you define ” working class” in 2018



    “the social group consisting of people who are employed for wages, especially in manual or industrial work.”



    Is the traditional identity still valid ?




  13. My wee ma was a proddy.



    Wonderful wee lady so she was.



    Still miss her.



    God bless ye ma!

  14. HOT SMOKED @ 9 57 .



    On the basis of that -“Scotland ” -would never perceive me as a Celtic supporter –



    I have no religious faith . I have never had religious faith .



    I have no family connections with Ireland



    I ‘ve never really cared about that Ruritanian absurdity called The Monarchy . . I do have issues with Monarchists.



    I’ve never voted Labour . . I ‘ve never voted for anybody / anytime /anywhere . I represent myself ..



    Class -don’t know – seems like a label . I’ve never volunteered to climb into a box and be labelled.. Born in a one roomed gaff with a lavvy on the landing in Woodlands .

  15. Over the years ,I have stepped away from labour, Blair Brown,and now Corbyn, another dead duck, something that always bothered me ,was when Labour are in power,they give the most redicoulous benefits,to ones who have no intention of working,I have known these folk ,while me and my wife have had to work hard and struggling to go on holidays,these shyters can go to Spain not once but three times a year,at the expense of the Labour Party,I they might be good for a lot of people ,but for hard working folk nothing,they have always encouraged strikes , laziness,put the welfare in crisis,nae you can keep Corbyn,they auld saying better the devil you know.

  16. Hot smoked



    Hi j.bout a week ago you mentioned maths prong on BBC 4.can you recall its name?



    Hope your good :-)




  17. Good morning CQN at 6am New York time. Weather here today is to be dry with sunny spells and around 56degrees…



    Wow what a place NY is, arrived yesterday about 4pm and went straight out (after a wash of course). Some more touristy stuff today.


    Hard to get my head around this grid street thingy and my phone is ancient, so maps are pish.



    Luckily my Bhoy came with us and he can work the maps on the old dog and bone.



    Anyway, my mother was a prody turned Catholic to marry my old man, and a nicer, caring, kind and compassionate woman you could not meet, mind you if anyone crossed her or her bhoys then you seen a different Maggie.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 16TH OCTOBER 2018 9:57 AM


    Is this the stereotypical Celtic Supporter:




    Ancestral Irish connection;




    Labour voter;


    Working class.






    You can tick most of thos boxes on behalf of me & Wee BGFC.



    Anti-Monarchy – more apathetic than anti – think of them as a tourist industry – part of Historic Britain. Dislike the monarchy arse-lickers (Witchell et al) more than the people themselves (don’t know them). Don’t agree that any tax should be spent on them.



    Labour voter – always was, but drifted from them (or more correctly, they’ve drifted from me). Hard to know who to vote for now. Went with SNP a couple of times due to local NHS issues, but vehemently anti-them now due to their illiberal, centralising tendancies with ‘public servants’ – i.e., Fire Service, Police Scotland and all of the impacts that have come along with that – especially targetting of football fans as criminals, OBAFA, body searches, cameras thrust in faces, motorway stop & searches, etc. Would probably veer towards to old-style Liberals / DSLP. Wee BGFC seems into a theory called liberal conservatism (note the lower case letters – he hates the tories!!!).



    Me and the wee man off to Munich this afternoon – wey-heyyyyy!!!!






  19. BGFC and Wee BGFC, lucky fhellas, enjoy – again. Don’t forget to sample the weißbier and bratwurst (weißwurst in Bavaria). As if…! HH




    Thank you for sending PADDYMAC’S email addy to Delaneys.


    I’d forgotten you would have it and i mailed BMCUW if he would


    do it.


    Anyways hope you have a good wee debate with Paddy when


    you contact him DD.


    H.H Mick

  21. FRIESDORFER on 16TH OCTOBER 2018 11:31 AM


    David 66, enjoy NY, it’s frenetic and fabulous. Get a NY pass, very good value. HH




    Friesdorfer – thanks for the tip, we already purchased them advance.






    D. :)

  22. Here’s another little anecdote from the Celtic t.v interview with


    George McCluskey for those who don’t have it.


    After the game in Ajax George went into the home dressing room


    to try and change shirts with an Ajax player but no one would look


    at him as they all sat with heads in hands, so as he headed out


    the door muttering feck youz the great johann Cruyff still with his


    shirt on shouted ” McCluskey here i’ll change you ” as he sat on the


    treatment table getting a rubdown from the masseus and handed


    the fag he was smoking to him and changed tops.


    Now that was class from a world class player, unfortunately it was


    those fags that cost him his life at an early age.


    H.H Mick

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