Lustig, love and money


I think we all like Mikael Lustig.  This week the defender spoke to the Norwegian media, expressing frustration at the lack of clarity surrounding his future.  Celtic have an option to retain him next season, but in January brought in a hoped-for loan replacement, Jeremy Toljan.

Toljan did not work out but the club are clearly still looking for a new right back.  I am not sure when Celtic’s option expires, but If they get a satisfactory replacement, Mikael will be allowed to leave, if not, he will stay.

This is the football business.  It is harsh, even more so for young players released before they make a significant living from the game, of for those from an earlier generation, who achieved greatness and found themselves without money or a trade in their 30s.

Players will often talk about their “love” for a club, but that love is invariably wrapped up in a lucrative contract.  The love becomes a fondness if offered a wage that would be regarded as spectacular to most fans.

I really like Mikael and I know we need cover for every position, but even the good guys sometimes have to wait under the terms of their contract for a decision, and they all need to move on one day.

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  1. Its a fact that eventually all players leave the Club.



    Players wages generally go upwards until the tipping point when their performances dip due to aging and injuries.



    Lustigs time has come let him leave on a free.

  2. The Battered Bunnet



    If you are around, I hope you saw my (wrongly attributed) thanks for the tip about the Morales tapas bar (Hijos de E. Morales) in Seville. Squeezed in on Sunday afternoon and after a wee wait managed to get the smallest table four people could possibly sit at. The ten tapas ordered came at intervals, presumably to allow us to finish some and clear the table – each was delicious and the atmosphere in the place was excellent. As was the service, despite our expectations. Maybe it was Senor Grumpy’s day off?



    Thanks again, great shout. Thanks also to other recommendations on CQN, but ran out of time to get round them all. Even Mrs Emeraldbee appreciates CQN (at times).

  3. General consensus is we need a right back, centre half, midfielder and striker. For me right back, although we’ve been waiting for ages, is the least important of the four. Certainly as far as the SPL is concerned.

  4. Auldheid (on the previous page) thanks for the update and the link to Alex Thompson’s aricle from June 2012. I always find it fascinating reading stuff from then with the benefit of, now, 7 years hindsight. So the governing guys had agreed that Rangers* would be relegated to the Championship. Hmmmmm, how did that turn out ……

  5. ADI_DASSLER on 12TH JUNE 2019 1:46 PM


    Anyone came up with a replacement for PL yet ?. Naw ?…….






    My shortlist:



    1. MadMitch


    2. NegAnon


    3. SydneyTim


    4. James Forrest



    All have impeccable, flawless CVs on the blog. Never knowingly made a mistake.

  6. The reason why new signings are so important is because new signings are almost always more exciting in the imagination of fans. Bayo hasn’t played properly for the first team yet but has been written off by many. Ralston hasn’t been given a chance yet but already deemed not good enough.



    The truth is, we could probably just block out the majority of the noise regarding the transfer window and log off until Celtic start playing games that matter. It is rare we sign somebody I have watched play before.

  7. TRADITIONALIST88 on 12TH JUNE 2019 12:57 PM


    First time I’ve posted on here for 6 months or so, occasionally have a look to see if it’s improved any.


    My comment that the club is a shambles when it comes to planning and player recruitment (see last 4 transfer windows).


    Your reply, straight in with an abusive comment as I have the temerity to have an opinion that doesn’t fit with the narrative.


    Thanks for the reminder why CQN is best avoided nowadays.

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    GARY67 on 12TH JUNE 2019 2:15 PM



    Totally agree with your comments both re the ridiculous board we have and the abuse of those on here who dare to “criticise” the present regime.



    We are going backwards with our heads in the sand but in Lenny we trust….garbage.

  9. Lucky to get all 3 for fabled £30M lying in our vaults



    But I am sure they “Would guarantee CL football”









    BIG WAVY on 12TH JUNE 2019 1:36 PM


    Apparently 10,000,000 Euros gets you a Timothy Weah, last season’s benchwarmer.


    £15,000,000 gets you a converted Rugby player in Olly Burke.


    Added to Jerry Toljan £6,000,000, someone was not shopping in the value for money bucket in January.


    That’s where the loans go. We’d have spent about £20m on those 3….



    Frightening csc

  10. Call_of_Juarez on

    I have just had a look thru the special edition Treble Treble Celtic View.



    Not sure if anyone has noticed but there is no mention of French Eddy in feature highlighting major contributions during the season. Looks like an awful editorial error to me.

  11. whitedoghunch on

    Timothy Weah seemed a terrific athlete a very very good football player


    And came across as a fine young man.

  12. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 12TH JUNE 2019 2:37 PM


    Timothy Weah seemed a terrific athlete a very very good football player



    And came across as a fine young man.






    Not when it came to helping us win the Scottish Cup though…..



    Player we didn’t want, sent him home early, signs for another team….



    Slow news day.

  13. WHITEDOGHUNCH @ 2:37 PM,



    “Timothy Weah seemed a terrific athlete a very very good football player



    And came across as a fine young man.”



    Totally agree, a credit to his family, his country(s) and himself… one for the future no doubt.



    Hail Hail

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Trad- how close were we to signing Castagne? Offered £5m rated at £10m? A bit like saying we bid £3m for Messi,but at least we tried…….it’s the same posturing, feed shite to the rags,saying we have bid for X and Y,but not getting them.Too many excuses too many times, other clubs seem to get players in that they want,not guys 4th on a list.HH

  15. traditionalist88 on

    A lot of our fans would be much less angry if they realised that Celtic are not a special case when it comes to getting players and managers in.



    We don’t exist in a vacuum – we play in Scotland, for better or worse.



    Tim Castagne would have been a quality signing and we were close. But he’s a happy man now, established a starting position in a side who finished 3rd in Serie A. Nice long holidays for him then. Sure he’s gutted not to be starting pre-season training in 2 weeks and maybe getting to do Linfield away in July!



    Maybe time to cut the club a little slack.



    Yes last summer was a nightmare and we will regret the McGinn saga for a long time (even though he wasn’t great vs Cyprus he has been superb for Villa).



    But maybe hold fire on judging the summer window 2019/2020 until we have all the details of our dealings.




  16. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 12TH JUNE 2019 2:54 PM



    Apparently £8m bid, Atalanta wanted £12m, somewhat steep for a guy who wasnt an automatic pick at the time.





    Its a negotiation process. Too easy to say other clubs seem to get who they want all the time. Man Utd haven’t got who they want for years. Supposedly the biggest club in the world can’t sign A-list players! Baulked at the fee for Harry Maguire last year and are doing so again.



    Lots of transfers happen, but a fair % of initial enquiries come to nothing.




  17. traditionalist88 on

    Castagne: ‘It looked like I was leaving…’



    Atalanta shifted the goalposts. Not everything is Lawwells fault.




  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Trad 88



    If this was an isolated incident (last years transfer fiasco) im sure we’d be inclined to cut the club some slack, but sadly its not (i pay no attention to SMSM). Even though the proof is in the pudding as it were.




    Tend to agree with BADA BING on this, there is absolutely nothing to suggest we got close to signing Castagne.



    We have seen in the leaked actions from the recruitment meeting how Celtic’s recruitment happens.



    As amateur as it is, someone is assigned to a player we are targeting. Who was assigned to Timothy Castagne?



    He was no doubt told…



    A. What value Atalanta placed on him



    B. He was not for sale that window



    Ok, fine, so why do we go in with a lo-ball offer!?



    And I’m not accepting the aul’ shifting goal posts either…



    Same as Petrie right… over £4M for McGinn right..



    No… Wrong…



    Villa bought him for £2.8M and did the deal in days.



    That nonsense not going to wash this window.



    Hail Hail

  20. traditionalist88 on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 12TH JUNE 2019 3:03 PM



    Last summer was a bad one. But pre-judging this one is a bit pointless. Its not going to make Lawwell go and splurge an extra £15m because of a few comments online.



    It is well known that there are some gaping holes in the team/squad. Again, though, the transfer window is barely opened.



    It is possible to hold fire but not forget the lessons of last year.




  21. traditionalist88 on

    CHAIRBHOY on 12TH JUNE 2019 3:08 PM





    Tend to agree with BADA BING on this, there is absolutely nothing to suggest we got close to signing Castagne.






    The player said ‘It looked like I was leaving’ which gives a little hint,




  22. Paul67 et al



    If there is one position where Celtic have been better served than at right back I’ve yet to discover it.


    Never did see Sean Fallon play in the Hoops but remember Duncan MacKay as an early favourite of mine, followed by Ian Young, who was at Lisbon I think, but had been replaced by this man Jim Craig, himself giving way to another Celtic great Davie Hay, who, when he moved to half back,was replaced by an even greater player in Danny McGrain a man who held that position from 1970 through to the latter part of the 1980’s. Chris Morris took over, then Dariusz Wdowczyk, Rudi Vata, Jacky McNamara, Didier Agathe, Paul Telfer, Adam Matthews and Michael Lustig with a few bit-part players in between. And the song comes round again….



    So long it’s been good to know yuh


    So long it’s been good to know yuh

  23. whitedoghunch on



    a friend who has been a longstanding PSG season ticket holder watched him and Odsonne come through the ranks there.


    he rated Weah the better player


    Parisiens, what do they know about fitba

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    Trad 88



    Im not attempting to pre judge, but its difficult based on more than one years transfers windows to but PL some slack.



    Cantpleaseallthepeopleallthetime CSC

  25. traditionalist88 on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 12TH JUNE 2019 3:20 PM



    Pre-judging is what is generally happening but Celtic are going to fill some gaps in the squad relatively soon, previous performance is not always a great indicator when it comes to a transfer window.

  26. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 12TH JUNE 2019 3:22 PM


    Trad- You are Peter Lawwell, and i claim my heated driveway…..





    BB – You are Nostradamus, want to tell me who we signed this summer so I can make some money?!

  27. Auldheid


    His lack of abilities would only be a factor if it was a competitive interview process,he was unopposed for the position , nobody wanted it , why?

  28. Dessybhoy 12.39



    It would appear Celtic have no influence, or cannot build a consensus for change, it should not stop us as a club seeing throught Res 12 to the end , making our own views known on the same club different club argument and the awarding of the titles of the dead club.




    Assuming of course Celtic were not involved in shaping and then agreeing to the 5 Way.



    They are hardly likely to point a gun at their own foot are they





    Hot smoked 12.41



    Correct but same posters will be all over anything SFA do that disadvantages Celtic and demanding PL’s head on a plate.




  29. WHITEDOGHUNCH @ 3:16 PM,



    Much as I like Odsonne, he seems to have a ways to go. Timo showed maturity beyond his years, was creative as well as scoring goals and had a brilliant attitude. For me he lit up the park when he came on.



    Think those Parisiennes know their soccer;) Good luck to the lad.



    Hail Hail

  30. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    A fourth attempt at posting


    The replies to posters on here is pathetic at times.


    Good manners and courtesy cost nothing


    There is no difference between not knowing and believing when prefacing an opinion.


    Bampot is ALWAYS a derogatory term and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous.


    ML is a great servant and player but not as good as he was and to look for a replacement makes good sense However,P67’s is incorrect in as much as he can choose to leave even if CFC wish him to stay.


    Try playing nice…..but.. anyone who thinks TW is not worth 10m eu should be watching Glasgow Warriors?


    Every player is worth what he sells for.

  31. TRADITIONALIST88 @ 3:13 PM,



    Well, I did ask why we went in with a lo-ball offer. Do you know?



    Hail Hail



    Auldheid 12:32





    “there could not be a bigger GIRUY Peter/Celtic than this.



    Deserves a blog in it’s own I would have thought.”




    I think you have answered your own question. If it was seen as being a giruy it WOULD have had a blog, IMO.





    I’m not sure what you are suggesting here. ;)



    A. Is it that Celtic are in cahoots with Petrie going back to 2012 when 5 Way agreed.






    B. Celtic see nothing to be concerned about in Petrie’s appointment?



    In either case they would not see his appointment as a GIRUY so no need to draw attention to it.



    It would be reassuring to hear its B and not A.