Lustig, love and money


I think we all like Mikael Lustig.  This week the defender spoke to the Norwegian media, expressing frustration at the lack of clarity surrounding his future.  Celtic have an option to retain him next season, but in January brought in a hoped-for loan replacement, Jeremy Toljan.

Toljan did not work out but the club are clearly still looking for a new right back.  I am not sure when Celtic’s option expires, but If they get a satisfactory replacement, Mikael will be allowed to leave, if not, he will stay.

This is the football business.  It is harsh, even more so for young players released before they make a significant living from the game, of for those from an earlier generation, who achieved greatness and found themselves without money or a trade in their 30s.

Players will often talk about their “love” for a club, but that love is invariably wrapped up in a lucrative contract.  The love becomes a fondness if offered a wage that would be regarded as spectacular to most fans.

I really like Mikael and I know we need cover for every position, but even the good guys sometimes have to wait under the terms of their contract for a decision, and they all need to move on one day.

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  1. Cosy Corner Bhoy on 12th June 2019 3:39 pm




    ‘Bampot is ALWAYS a derogatory term’






    No it isn’t.



    It would depend on the context.



    Just like any other word.

  2. Dessybhoy






    The SFA and clubs that constitute their membership including Celtic form a cartel where short term profit is more important than long term integrity.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    CHAIRBHOY on 12TH JUNE 2019 3:41 PM





    Well, I did ask why we went in with a lo-ball offer. Do you know?


    Hail Hail





    Well, you said there was nothing to suggest we were close to signing Castagne, so I’m glad we cleared that up with quotes directly from the player, no less.



    Now you want to know why we went in with a lowball offer. I;d consider £8m for a right back not getting his game a very good offer and one which we were given encouragement on – so much so that the player thought he was leaving – until Atalanta upped the ante to £12m.



    So thats that dealt with too.



    Anything else?



    The refusal to cut the club any slack is hilarious. Yes last summer was a car crash but we are going to sign some players pretty soon and maybe some should keep their powder dry, at least until we get the first one in ffs!




  4. The not-so-sweet FA………..



    If you have a keech product, you will not attract or keep customers.


    Our Club is affected by the low regard the game in scoddland is held in.



    Huns and sleekitry did this to our game, not us.



    The SFA?……… competition for heid bummer’s post? No surprise. Who’d want the gig given the toxic environment the game operates in here. A fetid backwater.



    IMO where Celtic to even approach the situation in public with any authority it would instantly galvanise the lumpen hun base in a way and at a Level not seen before.



    Rockall CSC

  5. Jobo Balde.



    Yes it is interesting to see what was imagined took place back then becoming real with the passage of time as the veils behind which the football authorities danced are pulled aside one by won.



    Not many to go now.

  6. Bankiebhoy.



    Not if it can be shown that without Celtic’s support, tacit or implicit or proven, there would be no lumped hun base to fear.



    Of course Celtic would have more to fear from a Tim support base if that were to be so although they might plead duress.



    Check Sentinel Celts Monday on Hypocrisy (of media and hun support) I use the “h” term to differentiate decent supporters of “Rangers” and those using child abuse charges as a weapon to damage Celtic.

  7. I know it hasn’t been confirmed , but if we assume Lustig’s exit is likely…



    Then with Champs league qualifiers in less than a month…. our squad, particularly in defence, looks extremely threadbare.



    Struggle to put together a credible back-four.



    If our champs league qualifier 1st leg is away on an astro surface, rule out Jozo…. and our defence would consist of Ajer. And that’s it.


    Lustig gone, Tierney not ready …. don’t worry, big Ajer will hold fort.

  8. It is conceivable that we could be looking at a back 4 of :



    Ralston Hendry Ajer Hayes



    lord have mercy

  9. Auldheid………



    I appreciate the reply and your insights,


    this Dear Green Place has benefited from many fine contributors and yours is rightly in there.


    More power to ye.



    The lumpen hun base who have identified and defined themselves by their actions…… and others inactions have been a fixture of the game here, certainly before you, me or those tasked with the considerable job of running Celtic were given the gift of supporting all things Celtica.



    Sadly, it looks like the huns have a natural environment in scoddland.




  10. TRADITIONALIST88 @ 3:50 PM,



    That’s not the way I’d see it at all.



    I’m not sure about your finger in the air valuation either. If I bid 100K for a 200K house and was turned down, I’m not sure folk would agree that I’d almost bought it, certainly not the owner.



    So once again I’d say there is nothing to suggest we were close to signing Castagne.



    The recruitment at Celtic has beem a shambles for years, under various heads of recruitment. We haven’t got anyone in this vacancy as we go into an important transfer window…



    …so I don’t find it hilarious; no more excuses, no more slack.



    Hail Hail

  11. weebobbycollins on

    There is something deeply depressing about Petrie’s uncontested promotion. Seems as if it was pre-arranged, possible reward for services to ??? Stinks to high heaven…Lawwell will know the answer to that one.

  12. Mahe the Madman on




    “ Aye, everybody that chooses to post has an opinion.


    But when the opinion is baseless, and bereft of facts, it is instantly devalued.”


    Sorry but an opinion , any Celtic fans opinion , is very very valid and might be devalued by yourself but I go the opposite way and place value on it.


    Whether its facts based or just even just rambling on should not come into account.


    To know fellow Celtic fans minds and opinions is a very worthwhile endeavor and the old saying knowledge is power comes into play then.




    “ You can’t understand why Mikael Lustig still has an offer and you don’t know the terms, or when it was offered? “


    My issue is the timing and I fail to see how you cant grab that .


    We shouldnt be scrambling at this stage and an employee should either have resigned or been planned without. We are in limbo waiting on Mik. Hows that well run?


    No starting right back under contract must be laid at the de facto director of footies door. Huge eff up. THeres massive games coming up ,, and we have a massive hole at the back and the league winning defence is at approx 50 percent right now after departures and possible injuries.


    I would guess its three at the back at the moment . Hard to see anything else and that will lessen our chances of qualifying as far as I see it.




    “You stand by a predicted £4.4M net spend in this window based on an opinion, how does that work exactly?”


    I noticed you bhoys cant grab this which I find strange.


    Take what you think we will spend ie the money in and subtract money out from that .


    We have been cash positive for the most part lately in transfer windows and Im expecting the same despite the fact I feel we should cement the next two years titles now with a heavy well researched spend.


    Basically will we be cash positive at end of window and how much do you think?





    “How are you able to predict that when it’s less half of last years total spend in what was considered a disastrous window and we spent next to nothing?”


    I base my guess on history,, we usually walk away with money not down cash.




    “Should ML enjoy the same terms and conditions of his previous contract when it’s evident he will not be the first choice right back, and would play a handful of games?”


    Evident to whom? Not to me thats for sure. So who would get the majority of games? I expect Mik to be starting most games if he stays.


    And if we dont have a replacement lined up through clear fault of our own then yeah it makes sense to give him the same wedge for a short term if thats what it takes to make him stay.


    If the difference is 10 k a week in the contract we offer him now and his last one the thats approx .5million per annum to have reasonable cover at right back. Seems a deal to me. The alternatives are save .5 million and leave a gap which could cost us league and Europe entry worth upwards of 30 million .


    Rock and hard place ,, no right back ,,, old right back on more money than Peter wants to pay , or go with a brand new loan or signing who really shoulda been bedded in and may or may not make it but is getting thrown in at the deep end and will sink or swim.


    The person who put us in this position takes a fortune out of the club btw.




    “I’m confident NL will be backed financially, and I’ve already posted many times, I’m waiting on a big spend this summer, and yes, if the gaps in the squad aren’t filled then even the board groupies will be raging.”


    May I ask what you base that confidence on because its not history.


    I know and am delighted you are calling for heavy spend but I would ask what if we dont ?


    You gonna call for sackings and boycotts? If not why not?



    Hail Hail

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    As an aside to the ongoing “debates”



    Have we replaced Lee Congerton yet, i thought this was the first plan of action before we moved on transfers (again in my opinion, a complete shambles of a situation) especially given the propensity to the Champions League qualifiers.

  14. Don’t see much point in arguing over how close the Castagne deal was. The details are unknown and public comments from players always should be taken with a pinch of salt.



    The same with Lustig. Would you want £25k a week being assigned to an ageing fullback? Does Lustig “love” the club enough to accept staying for a lower amount, say £5k a week?



    Lustig is looking out for Lustig and that’s ok. He doesn’t want to fall out with Celtic fans and has staged the negotiations in a way that’s flattering towards him.



    Take everything you hear from Neil Lennon, Peter Lawwell & the players with a pinch of salt.

  15. Germany will beat Spain but both teams will score. France will beat Norway and, again, both teams will score. 3 hours of ladies football to look forward to. Much better than checking the internet every 10 minutes to see if we’ve signed, or released anybody. 82 days to go, friends….

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TRADITIONALIST88- you don’t need Nostradamus to have predicted Boyata wasn’t signing a new deal, costing the Club over £10m and worhy of the sack IMO,or bids would come for Dembele, and last summer was optimum selling point for him. Succession planning nil last summer, and looking at the Lustig mess,same again now.Guys are sick of the penny pinching, excuse after excuse,and ‘we tried up to the last minute of the Window bullshit ‘.Overhaul the scouting system, or look at different parameters, age probably, as resell fee is one of the main points.

  17. weebobbycollins on

    Petrie hides behind his moustache and says nothing…it’s become a trait now of those in charge of football affairs in Scotland. Lawwell tells us nothing…Maxwell at Hampden says zilch…King/Jabba tell the huns only what they want to hear/lies…


    We are indeed mugs…they take us for mugs ’cause we behave like mugs.


    And for every man (Auldheid et al) who stands up against them, another mug comes along and takes his stadium seat…

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    THE 2020 Scottish Cup Final will take place on May 9 – TWO weeks before the end of the SPFL season.



    The Hampden showpiece has been brought forward to accommodate the Euro 2020 finals matches due to be hosted at the national stadium.

  19. We are apparently ‘looking for a right back’. That is a concern in itself, the position has been a significant weakness for over 3 years. Mika should not have not wait around while we dither over whichever basement bargain player we can or cannot find. It is an inordinately poor way to treat ML and for Paul to suggest he is in love with the money is, as a method of defending someone who is himself in love with the money, in poor taste.



    Rodgers identified the weakness some time ago, provided the list of targets and PL did nothing. Rodgers was forced out and months later we remain in square 1. It’s a shambles but not unexpected.

  20. Mahe the Madman on

    Ruggyman ,, well said and we are in agreement that we really should have a starting right back at the moment.





    ” Would you want £25k a week being assigned to an ageing fullback? ”


    If thats what it takes to cover our rightback position short term we should pay it imo while conducting a hard search for quality newbie.



    If theres one silver lining over the last few weeks imo its that the well run club myth has been fully truly shattered and as such many are aware that wool has been pulled over eyes for too long and will no longer root for the suits in charge despite their years of spin.


    You cant fool all the people all the time.


    Hail Hail

  21. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Ernie Lynch: My old mucker ?.Whilst willing to bow to your better knowledge of the definition of bampot,I fail to find any circumstance in which being called ‘an objectionable or foolish person,or an idiot,could fail to be derogatory.Even if you thought they actually were that would merely be your opinion and as such neither adds or detracts from the dictionary definition which is defamatory.


    Anyway,if posters didn’t play the man we might learn something!

  22. Mahe the Madman on

    ” Anyway,if posters didn’t play the man we might learn something! ”


    Not to mention busier.

  23. Correct me if I am wrong on this…



    But for this Calendar year (2019) our single biggest outlay to date, has been Peter Lawell’s bonus.



    At what point, do our fans start to vote with our feet. Do we give the board the benefit of the doubt, and await the close of this summers transfer window. Before seriously cranking up the pressure on the Plc ?



    Genuine question… because I don’t envisage a scenario where we allow them to under-invest in the football team indefinitely. The under investment in playing squad, in proportion to annual income / turnover.


    It seems to be a one-way street… a definite inbalance. Money being stowed away somewhere or lining pockets it would seem.

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Jobo…I’m glad you are able to enjoy female footie…I just can’t…I won’t even try…and I suppose as it comes under the SFA umbrella it will eventually become just as corrupt as the men’s game. I mean, can a Petrie leopard change its spots? ..though hopefully, the match officials will be more honest in their decision making than their male counterparts…

  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    “The love becomes a fondness if offered a wage that would be regarded as spectacular to most fans.”



    The converse also applies. We shouldn’t use a player’s loyalty to take advantage of a situation.



    That smells of John McGinn is a Celtic fan so we will wait and take him for free or the situation with Jackie Mac years ago who ended up going to Wolves after he was not too enamored with Celtic’s offer.

  26. weebobbycollins on

    If Lawwell doesn’t back Neil with hard dosh then his crown will be on a shoogly platinum peg if results start going against us…

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JIMTIM on 12TH JUNE 2019 11:38 AM



    I agree with you re Dermot being the decision maker at Celtic Park and not PL,



    however we didn’t miss the chance to bury them, they are dead and buried, Liquidated even,



    unfortunately the tribute act we now know as sevco has been allowed to pretend they are the real deal – and have got clean away with it – absolutely scot free,



    further, anyone now questioning the legitimacy of sevco is automatically deemed to be a rangers hater!



    how has this come to pass – unbelievable really but definitely not our fault,



    unless – Dermot’s proclamation of how much we needed sevco was in fact a coded message to the authorities that we would simply rollover should they decide to ignore their liquidation,



    even so, a club dies and another one pops up claiming to be the original – soley because they are playing out of the same stadium – only in Scotland would this be acceptable.

  28. MAHE THE MADMAN on 12TH JUNE 2019 5:12 PM



    Didn’t we win the treble treble and an eighth league in a row in the last few weeks?

  29. Mahe



    What Celtic opinion that matters to me most, is the 52,000 Celtic supporters who have renewed their season tickets regardless of my valid opinion, your valid opinion or Joe Six Pack’s opinion



    I am a pro club, pro Celtic supporter regardless of what goes down, on the downside, or the upside of the Celtic discussion, or the added digital fascination Blogs bring to our living rooms.



    Whether you or I value Celtic opinions differently doesn’t matter either, the vast majority of Celtic supporters myself included are ‘generally’ perfectly happy with the way Celtic are run, happy to let those than do, run the club, the way they do. This is an opinion predicated on what’s in the trophy cabinet today, and what used to be there immediately before Fergus McCann. What progress is being made in joining the dots between our wee diddy league, and beating Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and host of other clubs that only Celtic can, or will ever defeat in Scotland.



    Most sensible Celtic fans deal in box office terms and. body swerve, he said, she said heated driveway discussions, as they are a pure waste of time, most sensible Celtic fans have an awful lot more to bother them , quite frankly.



    For the rest of us, that chew the cud,



    Unless I’m much mistaken Mikael Lustig’s offer would naturally come at the end of his long hard season where he was rested for the Cup Final, and his last hurrah, (tears included). Celtic want a new RB, and have done as others have stated since Timothy Castagne.spilled the beans, about last summer. Of course, we even have opinions that Celtic were pretending to buy him, now there’s another conspiracy for you, some Celtic fans refuse to believe that we tried to sign Alfredo Di Stefano, but even the Daily Record reported we did.



    We really shouldn’t be looking at the potential Celtic line up when there are no games to be played presently, and the transfer window is barely open, never mind slamming shut, that if I may say so is hysteria, the plan if there is such a Celtic thing, is a new RB ahead of Ralston and Perez, and were ML to sign up, after all, he’s a perfect back up even without legs as we’ve read on here for two seasons.



    With regard to your ‘miserly’ £4.4M with respect your not basing it on history at all, your basing it on cynicism, Neil Lennon himself cost £6M ages ago and to suggest Celtic will spend a third of what we did last year, is plain daft and you are clearly discounting the bullion we’ve stockpiled.



    It cannot continue, from one season to the next and this exchange of views will have a very different look on 01/08/2019, Peter Lawwell and the board may be many things, but they’re far from stupid.





  30. Mahe the Madman on



    Yes Sir we did indeed.


    Please don’take the mistake of laying that success at this boards feet or Peters.


    Better finances due to a bigger season ticket base helps of course but Fergus would be the primary cause of that with the stadium and season ticket scheme.


    Brendan is mostly responsible for recent success. We should all remember that.



    Hail Hsil

  31. For those who think that Desmond calls the shots at Celtic, he doesn’t, he along with the board members will set out the parameters the CEO has to work under, the CEO will be allowed free reign to do as he sees fit within those parameters, Desmond and the other board won’t give a toss one way or another as long as the club are just that wee bit ahead of the rest and their bonuses are assured, this is a PLC we are talking about, it’s how they work, Celtic PLC are no different to any other PLC, if they were different to any other PLC, the footballing side would take precedence, it doesn’t.

  32. Right, so eight leagues in a row, a treble treble, a sold out ground, a squad with some very coveted and valuable players, a profitable business despite having a wage bill that is significantly than our nearest rival, and a great big pile of cash in our bank account, all down to other people?



    What is it exactly that’s been so awful in the last few weeks of unprecedented success that nullifies all of the above?

  33. Mahe the Madman on



    Yes the fans stepped up and bought season tickets again much to my dismay as I was hoping they would with old cash and starve this shower out but I really fail to see your point except fans love club ?


    Or maybe love is blind?


    Sold out season tickets does not automatically mean you are a well run club.


    My west ham loving mate knows that only too well. Ibrox is full ffs and they are hardly properly run.


    You think we are well run?


    Hail Hail

  34. MAHE THE MADMAN on 12TH JUNE 2019 6:10 PM



    Of course we’re well run. All this success on and off the pitch doesn’t just happen