MacLennan safe but look for a face-saver


To be fair to the media hacks, the close season can be a bit dry for news, so it is no great surprise to see them continue to a nefarious campaign on inappropriateness where it was established in clear legal terms that inappropriateness did not exist.

I anticipate they will soon be flabbergasted at Steven Gerrard’s general magnificence and move on.  Just like the SPFL already have.  Murdoch MacLennan, a newspaperman, will have to suck it up until then.

Newco and their acolytes now know there is no issue with MacLennan, but they are looking for a face-saver elsewhere.  Keep your eyes open for this.

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  1. Face-saver or Face Painter………..?






    Shameless, horrible hurtin’ huns………

  2. rpmcelticfan on

    Afternoon folks , inspired by the recent quiz’s here a wee quickie for you , when Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch which current Celtic player was his teammate ? Apologies if this is common knowledge but it was news to me , no prize but a cyber pint of smugness :-)

  3. Oops, the ole copy & paste from my comment on last article disnae work properly. Doh ! Point remains the same. We and the fans of every other club were governed by an association that was bent at best and deliberately fraudulent at worst. Our day will come. HH

  4. williefernie on

    BMCW Hope all the posters and friends have a great time in Belfast next weekend.


    The Aussies will tearing up ole Sydney town on the same weekend.


    I demand to know who the organisers are! Poor planning indeed!


    Tonguein cheekCSC. HH.

  5. rpmcelticfan on

    Seven Fishes Four Steaks :-) Correctamundo common knowledge right enough then ? oh well back to lurking :-)

  6. fieldofdrams on

    Dedryck in Belgium’s squad, congrats to him. They aren’t taking many defenders and it seems that Kompany is half-crocked already so I envisage Dedryck getting game time.

  7. Instead of reacting to the Monkeys rage with disclaimers,we should be throwing more petrol on the fire.Let them know their place now.Glasgow Celtic now rule the roost.Suck it up Monkey hordes.The unseen Fenian hand is so far up your Jack died,you resemble glove puppets.In fact,wee Orange Sootys.You know what Jack died should read.Bloody tablet.


    How long does it take for our club to sign Edouarde?.Becoming another transfer saga.We were led to believe everything had been agreed.WHat’s changed?Somebody earlier being led by the nose concerning Joe Allen.Wages supposedly no problem.


    I would think the 15 million fee might be.Anyway,who would he replace?

  8. Club (not Company???) gets a wee 200k for Boyatta going. Same with Gamboa, Lustig, Big Tam. Go on the World Cup…..



  9. Read in your best scouse accent



    “it must ‘uv beun . de Wedunsdee afti ay spent me fairst days train’n sesh up in Bears dun, so it wuz.



    ay gets this fewkin funney fone call from yon faaat priiikkk Jaabbbarrr say’n we waassn’t gett’n Skkkeeertel wee waassn’t gettin Deeffffo. eeethz, and not only dat we ‘ad fewk all dat evun resembled a war chezzy. “



    “ Den eee trns scewp and sez thuz.was evun fewkin less chance o’ Macgiiiiinnn eeethz, as eez alreadies goin ter Septic, so ‘e wuz. so ay tned scewp and said right ,the alaaaarm bells wuz right startin ter ringgg in me flappers coz dat bhoy ‘tics’ all dem boxes and it wuz clerrr as mud dat finngggs juss weren’t qqqwight rite in de board rewm.



    “ay said ti Gazza on me moby blower. wherr ay yous?” – and eee trns scewp and sez



    “……………Switch to thick lanarkshire accent before reading next sentence



    I’m it de gowf cooorrse at Lomund, whuz yous left me lassnight at Eleevinn o cloak pi8hed as a faairrrt ……. SteeeveHUN “



    “……………Switch back to scouse



    “I trns scewp and says ter Gazza anyways finngggs juss weren’t qqqwight rite in de board rewm.



    so ay did “ “eeezz jewossssstt went and terld me, so ‘e did, dat i’ve ter use me own fewkin munny if i’m wantin players dat ay culpabul o’ challengin dat fen88n f88k Rodjuurz, at Septic, so ‘e did “



    thick lanarkshire accent again



    “ Well…… we”ll jist ‘uv tae get oan wi it SteeeveHUN wae real Rainjuuuuuz mun, that ‘get it,’ coz we r de peepil goin fe de fifty fife so we r and therrz only two mair Rainjuuuuuz Mainnajurzs till Christmuuss onie ways “



    FTP …..paws ………( moby blower goes deed) to be continude ( so it is )



    Blessed be de frewt loops CSC

  10. Turkeybhoy on 4th June 2018 1:31 pm



    Transfer window in Scotland doesn’t open until June 9th (Saturday), also everyone will be on holiday given pre season starts in a fortnight. Wouldn’t expect any signings until next week.


    Joe Allen stories probably his agent trying to drum up interest in EPL.

  11. Repost from last thread



    I contend that Rangers under Murray knew that Rangers position was un tenable and they conspired to make sure that the SFA and SPL and SFL were all jammed with Rangers minded individuals. SFA with Regan Ogilvie Peat and Smith, Broadfoot etc Doncaster, Ballantyne etc.They were not sure what was going to happen but they knew that they would need the right sort in the Governing bodies



    Now Celtic were, in my opinion caught out, and missed the significance. However, we are now making sure that this will not happen again and we have got these people out of the governing bodies and replaced by independent minded people. These people Lawwell called “good people” in his interview with Tom English.



    What we did not do was appoint Celtic minded people as this wouldn’t have produced the necessary multi club support.



    The Maclellan case is nonsense and there is no way he is Celtic minded, neither are the new people at SFA. King is playing to the bottom feeders. I feel that matters are closing in on him and his position as Chairman is under threat with the TOP and Supreme court.

  12. Neustadt-Braw on

    all those who believe in psychokinesis …raise my arm



    smiley Montag thing




  13. mike in toronto on

    the zombies get all exercised about MacLennan and excited about a possible orange jersey ..



    we get all exercised about the media and excited about a possible celtic cross jersey (which, incidentally, I think looks quite good) …



    this seems like more of the same pr nonsense from both clubs … designed to whip up antagonism and get people to buy tickets …



    everyday this seems more and more like the twix commercial campaign … a manufactured ‘fight’ over whether the caramel should be flowed or cascaded ….





    KWALITYMAN,esp the golf one!




  15. Big Dedryck named in Belgian squad – earns the hoops around half a million, well done big fella.



    Graeme Speirs – thinks Campbell Ogilvie is a ‘decent man’ and was above any Hun-bias skullduggery conflict in his dual SFA and Army Of Darkness roles because he met him once and Ogilvie was nice to him.



    A ‘journalist.’ Jesus. Wept.

  16. Sandman



    I read somewhere that Hitler treated his cat quite well. Obviously all the other stuff about him is just made up is just nonsense.




  17. MiT



    “the zombies get all exercised about MacLennan …..



    ….we get all exercised about the media”



    Do you think there is no difference?




  18. Incidentally, I saw the back page of the Record and bold headlines said that Sevco had signed some Liverpool star and this was Gerrard`s FOURTH signing. Is that the case and should we be worried as we ahve not signed anyone yet? A merely incidental that the Window has not yet opened .




  19. I met Campbell Ogilvie a few times, when my students were investigating the effects the Taylor Report may have on Scottish football stadia. He treated my students and I with the utmost respect; one may even say, dignity. He came across as a thoroughly nice chap.



    However in his legacy to Scottish football is that of a lying , cheating, bar steward. A thoroughly contemptuous, odious, individual bereft of any class or dignity.




  20. Sandman,


    I met mass murderer,Idi Amin,several times,in fact,had to shake hands with him several times,after he heard my accent.He seemed such a nice affable man.


    Like Graham Speirs,you have to go by how people are to your face.The fact that he killed a reported 2 million Ugandans is neither here nor there.And should not be.


    He also really did tell me he was my King.Eh,what a lovely well rounded chap.

  21. For anyone reading them, kindly rearrange my posts into something which resembles accurate syntactical order.

  22. Gary 67,


    Cheers for that .Let’s hope we get him signed up ASAP.With all the signings Honey G has made,ahem,I could be forgiven for thinking the window was already open.

  23. Paul67 et al



    Well done Dedryck in making the Belgium World Cup squad, no mean feat considering the players they have available. No sign of Jason Denayer, a player who not so long ago looked comfortable alongside Virgil in the hoops. And no Leroy Sanay for Germany, they must have a helluva squad to leave him at home, shocking decision.

  24. Celtic Mac



    `no mean feat considering the players they have available.`



    Surely you must be wrong? I cannot believe that all those Celtic supporters who toe the MSSM line that Dedryk `is a bombscare` are all wrong? Surely not?


    I think he is a decent player but I know nothing about football. Fortunately, neither do Brendan Rogers nor Roberto Martinez.







    Methinks you’re being a tad unfair on your fellow Celtic supporters.



    Most of us know that DB is a very good centre-half.



    It’s not the fans that have a problem,it is DB. He too often folds under pressure.



    We’ve all seen it,we’ve also seen such be the ruination of other players who ended up frozen with fear.



    I hope he has a great World Cup.

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