Maeda expectations


By any objective measure, Shunsuke Nakamura was an outstanding success at Celtic.  It is a measure of just how high the expectations were under Gordon Strachan that our first Japanese Bhoy did not carry the Celtic complete support.

Scotland was Naka’s second European country and went everywhere with an interpreter, it was thought a second player from Japan would help him settle.  Koki Mizuno arrived to great fanfare in January 2008, we knew nothing of him, but he was a Japanese international, and we knew how good they were.

Koki scored an incredible goal at Falkirk that was straight out of the Paddy McCourt playbook, but that was the exception, he left two years later without troubling the Japanese international side again.

The reception Kyogo Furuhashi received in Glasgow is similar to that Naka earned in 2005.  The anticipation of the expected arrival of Daizen Maeda, currently a striker for Ange Postecoglou’s former club, Yokohama F. Marinos, is very reminiscent of how we felt about Koki Mizuno 13 years ago.

Naka was a very special talent (and apparently still is).  He transformed Celtic from the moment he walked in the door, two days after the 5-0 defeat to Artmedia Bratislava.  Kyogo is also a very special talent, equally transformational in what he has done in a few months in Scotland.

By implication, we cannot expect to go back to Japan and recruit a similar talent – there would be nothing special about that talent if we did.  Any reasonable expectation would permit Daizen Maeda as much settling in time as we afford Giorgos Giakoumakis.

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    Happy birthday mate!



    Hope you have a good one and best wishes to you both!




  2. Transfer rumour* The Rangers are planning an audacious £10m January bid for Nottingham Forest’s 2 European cups

  3. Yotkbhoy


    Thank you I have indeed read ” In search of Robert Miller” but I thought that the video would give an update & interest to fellow cycling Tims.


    The bus stop/toilets at Renfrew Cross were a great meeting place for many cycling clubs around Glasgow





    Very sad to read about your loss. May James Rest In Peace




    I had seen Laxalt playing for Uruguay and he looked good, perhaps with a crowd behind him he would have done better. He seemed a really unlucky type of player

  5. T.E.T.



    Happy birthday K. Hope you have a blast and best wishes to your other half as well.







    Why of course it would be, – that its better than signing diddxxs? permanently 👍



    As long as there is a ‘Jota type’ option to buy then its a good way to conduct our business IMO



    If we’d taken Ajeti or Bolingoli on loan they’d be gone already




  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    Celtic looking to sign a forward called Narsovit.



    Then our front two can be Maeda Narsovit.



    I’ll get my coat.

  8. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    One thing Barkas has improved on in his time here is his English…………..his favourite new phrase is ‘catch ye later’



    Celtic looking to sign a forward called Narsovit.







    Then our front two can be Maeda Narsovit.







    I’ll get my coat.







    Grand praise indeed coming from a great long term contributor as yourself.



    Many thanks



    AULDHEID @ 10:28 AM,



    E-mail sent… Cheers



    Hail Hail

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘I bet I’m not alone in wishing we had bought Barkas on a loan-to-buy deal’.



    And Ajeti.



    Remember the time it took to get that one over the line?



    Jesus wept.

  12. TET – A Hooooopy Birthday Amigo.



    Garrygillespie – Maida joke is quite funny :) silly I know but made me chuckle.



    D :)

  13. bournesouprecipe on 30th December 2021 4:31 pm



    Rangers ? – that’s not a football club that’s a gang villains.



    Brian Clough






    Brutally Honest.



    Ain’t that the Truth.



    Ange says Kyogo and Celtic are a match made in Heaven. I’d say Ange is too.



    Annihilate them in 2022. Them being Sevco. Oh and a wee Euro Trophy would be coolio too. Not being vaccinated I wullnae be able to go abroad but I have a very good feeling we are gonnae do well in this inaugural tournie.

  14. TET..


    All the best pal…


    Smiley I raise my glass thing



    Regards to the smile




  15. Tiny Tim



    Whatever you think of Japanese defences, they were the same ones Kyogo played against before he came here and was successful.



    Daizen Maeda looks even more robust than Kyogo, is almost 3 years younger and scored 23 goals in 39 games this season, whereas Kyogo never got more than 15 in a J1 season (albeit he got his 15 in only 21 games this year). Daizen only has 2 full caps but scored 9 in 18 for their under 23 team.



    I rarely give any guarantees that a player would be successful before they come here but I did advocate for Ivan Toney and I also advocate for Daizen Maeda, after seeing him make a headed clearance from his own box and outsprint an opposition player to that clearance even though the other guy had over 10 yards of a start.



    My main worry is that both Kyogo and Daizen favour coming in off the left and, unless Giakoumakkis is a lot better than we thnk, one of them will have to play CF.

  16. The J-League is a lot higher standard than the SPFL, IMO.



    As Brazillian fitba hit a low point….. Japan got the coaches frae Brazil to educate their kids in the Beautiful Game.



    We are Blessed.



    Huns are Scum of the Earth.

  17. Radio Scotland presenter tonight announced that there will be a programme tonight about Sir Walter Smith.

  18. Greenpinata



    Said we wullnae have our Freedoms anymore.




    I Fear the dude is Madeleine Albright.




    I Hope I am so wrong,

  19. Good to see Walter ( he with no surname ) getting a prime time slot in the schedules tonight.



    Just to reassure us all there is no bias or media control by the state broadcaster.

  20. The new Japanese’s striker is not currently a Japanese international. Not even a squad player for their NT. Long may that continue.



    It does look like we will miss Tom for 3 pretty crucial games ( Hearts Motherwell and Rangers ) and Kyogo if fit.

  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    I wonder if the linesman, I think his name was Murphy, will have been invited to talk about his thoughts on what a nice man Walter Smith was to draw attention to his Irish surname in a post match dog whistle on Sky.

  22. Gary Gillespie



    I never found him to be this nice person.



    A sore loser and someone who always liked to play with a stacked deck.



    In my time there as sponsor Mcleish, Bain, Jardine we’re all fine with me. Not Walter and I am sure I know the reason.

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