Maeda expectations


By any objective measure, Shunsuke Nakamura was an outstanding success at Celtic.  It is a measure of just how high the expectations were under Gordon Strachan that our first Japanese Bhoy did not carry the Celtic complete support.

Scotland was Naka’s second European country and went everywhere with an interpreter, it was thought a second player from Japan would help him settle.  Koki Mizuno arrived to great fanfare in January 2008, we knew nothing of him, but he was a Japanese international, and we knew how good they were.

Koki scored an incredible goal at Falkirk that was straight out of the Paddy McCourt playbook, but that was the exception, he left two years later without troubling the Japanese international side again.

The reception Kyogo Furuhashi received in Glasgow is similar to that Naka earned in 2005.  The anticipation of the expected arrival of Daizen Maeda, currently a striker for Ange Postecoglou’s former club, Yokohama F. Marinos, is very reminiscent of how we felt about Koki Mizuno 13 years ago.

Naka was a very special talent (and apparently still is).  He transformed Celtic from the moment he walked in the door, two days after the 5-0 defeat to Artmedia Bratislava.  Kyogo is also a very special talent, equally transformational in what he has done in a few months in Scotland.

By implication, we cannot expect to go back to Japan and recruit a similar talent – there would be nothing special about that talent if we did.  Any reasonable expectation would permit Daizen Maeda as much settling in time as we afford Giorgos Giakoumakis.

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  1. 31003 on 30TH DECEMBER 2021 8:50 PM



    My granny used to ask me if I wanted a “bowel” of soup.



    Giggling here 3sy,and basically assuming your gran was from Donegal woman? My mams pronunciation was bowel-ah -soup/cornflakes/ice cream.😁.ta for the memory tinkle.😊




  2. Go tell the Spartim on




    Try a fairway mat ?


    For context I hit the mat further more often than I do the ball

  3. Go tell the Spartim on




    I hate them too, I’m never 100% sure if I can just play from the rough as I’m in there more often than not

  4. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 30TH DECEMBER 2021 10:36 PM



    Fair do’s (pun intended)………..its only wordplay on a blog.



    hail hail



    All the best

  5. “Impressively,Maeda was only called offside 10 times,considering he had the most touches inside the area in the whole of the league”


    He will get that before he reaches Customs at Glasgow Airport.

  6. HOT SMOKED on 30TH DECEMBER 2021 7:49 PM









    Is there a rumour that he did?







    There were two posters on KDS, who seem to be regarded as being in a position to know, who said that the squad were out celebrating after the league cup final. I mentioned it on here at the time. If true it does nothing to dispel my concern about the expectations and priorities for this season.



    I’m surprised there’s been so little reaction. NFL would have been slaughtered if it had happened on his watch.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “two posters on KDS, who seem to be regarded as being in a position to know”



    Respectfully Ernie – really?



    Not a case of “knowing”?



    Nor “being in a position to know”?



    Not even “regarded as being in a position to know”?



    But “seem to be regarded as being in a position to know”?



    Who are this duo?



    Owen Coyle’s granny and Hugh Keevin’s taxi driver’s neighbour?

  8. Reading back tonight, just want to add my condolences and prayers for Gene’s brother James. May he rest in peace. Look after yourself and your family Gene.





    Here’s an idea.



    Why don’t you go and read the thread on KDS?

  10. Really excited by the prospect of the three Japanese boys coming to Celtic , it’s a start but I wish we could sign a big no nonsense centre half to play beside CV , I think imho we badly need strengthening in that position , we are still suspect at cross balls .

  11. Morning All, red tops are reporting that Maeda and Ideguchi are already in the UK with Hatate due in the next couple of days. Transfer fees and wages reportedly agreed and work permit process already underway. I know it’s red top guesswork but if it’s in anyway accurate it’s great to see some early and decisive transfer work. Long may it continue…

  12. Good morning all from a very wet Garngad



    A nice wee read back that.



    Right Lateral flow done and negative, time to parttttttttttty.



    Maybe just have a coffee instead.



    D :)

  13. 1 thing note from watching some of these Japanese bhoys is that they are right in amongst it, not scared to work their burt’s off for the team and just love playing footy.



    Looking forward to seeing them in the Hooos.



    Dont want to many players from the same country or we will be fecked when internationals come around.



    Get another 2 or 3 in Ange come on you know it makes sense.



    D :)

  14. Goooood morning CQN



    Last day of 2021, and my wee Bhoy Hector is 5 ( he’s a Golden Cocker Spaniel) 🐕


    Wonder where. Got his name from 🤔🤣🤣🤣



    David66 – it used to be the case, if you had 3 players called up for an international team, you could request a match postponement, not sure if still the same 🤔

  15. NORRIEM on 31ST DECEMBER 2021 8:27 AM”


    “David66 – it used to be the case, if you had 3 players called up for an international team, you could request a match postponement, not sure if still the same 🤔””



    Aye, still the same NORRIE! por cierto

  16. Just woke up and went to Videocelts to discover that it looks like the 3 are on their way. Thought it would be a lot busier in here because of that news. Time of year probably, por cierto.

  17. I wonder if Ange will bring some up and coming youngsters to Celtic from Australian football. It has dried up a bit from there when you think of the talent that came over to the UK in the late ’90s. Surely there are more Rogics, Cahills, Kewells and Brucies! :))

  18. Por Cierto – Melbourne Mick could send Ange some players over.



    On the note of youngsters we all thought young Dawson handled himself well when he came on last week.



    D :)

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