Magic money, Longmuir, Ahmad


BDO’s survey of British football clubs suggests control, if not complete sanity, has descended on Scottish football.  Most Premiership clubs surveyed predicted they would return to profitability over the next year.

On the back of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s article on former Scottish Football League chief exec David Longmuir’s bonuses, which are no longer payable, these are heady days for some clubs who have lived hand-to-mouth stuffing pork into Longmuir’s trough.  You better believe it’s financial Armageddon, for the former SFL man. The SFA will surely insist on inappropriate financial stain is left on our game.

Anyway………. It seems if I explain the structural gap between Rangers International’s earnings through season ticket sales and the costs of operating a football club which can facilitate circa 40,000 spectators on a regular basis, we can all figure why the gap cannot be bridged.  We are different because despite having enormously higher football costs, we can access enormously higher revenue streams.

On the other hand, explaining that Celtic’s operational costs need to be augmented by player sales and/or Champions League income, just to break even, and that player sales and/or Champions League income cannot exclusively be used for player purchases, amounts to a heresy against deeply held orthodox views.

Add in a reminder about the strategy which has made all the difference to Celtic – buying wisely, selling wisely, and sit back to watch a secular belief structure ignore the ‘every penny to be spent’ prediction and vent as though their deity has just been denied.

This stuff’s complicated, apparently, but paying attention to financial detail is not a required Obligation to support Celtic, so if it doesn’t float your boat, I’d start by demanding to know where all the Seville money went to….

I hear the Daily Record accompanied their – Imran Ahmad to sue Rangers International for £3.4m – story with a completely baseless story about Celtic losing out on the only transfer target they know about.  They were wrong on some of the Ahmad story (Charles Green may have produced the documents Ahmad would rely on in court, but suggestions they are in concert on this claim are wildly inappropriate).  Still, it plays into current orthodoxy on Charles Green.

Going on what they’ve written, they know nothing about Celtic’s transfer negotiations either.  Absolutely squat.  Percentage of Celtic fans who know the media’s game: 100%.  Percentage of Celtic fans who allow themselves to be influenced despite knowing the above……?

If these people have you panicking, look elsewhere for sympathy.  We have a team building strategy, it has delivered well thus far and it will continue to do so.  Buy wisely, sell wisely, spend every penny over a given business cycle.  Pretty straightforward, really.

Magic Money Deity Denier CSC.
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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I’d like to thank God, my mum and dad, my grandparents, my son and daughter, my grandson for their support in helping me to obtain another podium ………

  2. tommytwiststommyturns on

    The only reason another club was prepared to give us as much as £12M for Vic was because of his performances in the CL group stages. Otherwise, we would only have been offered 6 or 7 million!



    That’s why I can’t understand our current predicament. Virgil was clearly brought in to show off his skills on the big stage and probably be sold on within two years, Balde is a work in progress, but where’s the next batch of players to be developed for CL experience and eventual asset management? Are they already at Lennoxtown coming through the Development ranks? I seriously doubt it !



    Mostly, I’m a happy clapper, but why do we continually take these risks with qualification for the CL? We were far better prepared last summer, but this isn’t the first time we’ve adopted such a high risk approach to qualification and the money/kudos that it brings to the club.






  3. I think that the majority of the support have come to accept that we try to buy low and sell high, that there are few Larsson-esque players willing to stay in the SPL when interest surfaces from elsewhere.



    However, strategically there is no justification for selling the spine of the team without a proper and well advanced plan B. Each day of the window that goes by is a day wasted in terms of squad cohesion.



    Each day emboldens the potential selling club and tends to raise the price payable by the increasingly desperate buying club.



    The annoyance for fans is that this represents unnecessary risk-taking by the board and that the Khazak opposition might just cause an upset. The purchase of a proven goalscorer and a Centre Back lessens the potential for CL failure.



    I begin to worry that the board have taken the view that EL football until Christmas is a sufficient, albeit less attractive, scenario for the club.



    Demonstrable ambition by the board will be reciprocated by the fans. On the other hand, stagnation will, undoubtedly, lead to a negative reaction from the fans who feel the board is not matching their individual contributions to the club.

  4. 19LisbonBhoy67 on

    If we dont get a striker in time for the qualifier next week then whats the chances that we play big Balde? I thought he looked great on Saturday!



    I have noticed that the blog has been infiltrated by quite a lot of Zombies recently as the tone and negativity has amplified recently. I am however all for questioning the Board strategy and dont agree when some of the posters on here get upset about fans challenging figures that are quoted etc. If we just believed everything we read then we would be doing exactly what the RFC(IL) fans done. They had blind faith in their board and shouted down anyone who wanted to challenge strategies or statements. They were therefore complicit in the death of their Club. We as a collective support will not go down that route.



    Anyway, fingers crossed that we qualify for the CL and the Zombies pain is increased by this and also the car crash antics of their Tribute Act.

  5. What is the Stars on

    Sack The Board



    Forelocking Tugging,back of the bus sitting,soup taking,old firm craving,celtic fan hating bunch of crypto imperialists


    Replace them with a anarcho syndicalist commune run by the GB,Friends of Palestne,Save the Whale,Continuity Sons of The True Sons of Old Erin etc



    And do it now,before its too late or we are all doomed


    Doomed I tells ya

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Paul 67



    Enough of the common sense. Now when is Alfie Finnbogasson being paraded? Friday at lunchtime perhaps?

  7. Paul67



    Talking about the percentages, there are some like me who never, ever listen or read any Scottish mainstream media, I guess its easier for those who live outside Scotland.




  8. Afternoon Timland, hot and hun free in the mountain valley.



    Entrenched in our own camp, nothing is going to change the way we see things.



    If we fail to qualify, I reckon a few of the everything is wonderfull, we are heading in the right direction people will change their minds.



    If we do qualify, I doubt very much the people in the other camp will change their minds, the gamble will have paid off, nothing more, nothing less.



    As I said last night, not a single poster is asking for money that we don’t have to be spent, simply asking for replacements, nothing more,nothing less.



    And for this we are being castagated as huns, dearie me.



    What PL and the other suits are gambling with is YOUR club.




  9. tonydonnelly67



    Lighten up lhad ….what a killjoy you are….its transfer window, you wouldn’t want to spoil our fun would you :)



    Hail Hail

  10. Under the MON era did the club not used to say that they were not dependant on Cl money , that CL income would be a bonus. Or am I getting mixed up with the other lot.

  11. What is the Stars on




    You make a fair point and are one of the more reasonable “anti board policy” posters (if I can call you that)



    The only thing I can say right now is that none of us honestly know what efforts (if any) are being made to get players in

  12. I agree with the Board’s strategy, but I still don’t understand why we couldn’t keep such an important player as Wanyama till after the CL qualifiers. Or alternatively, replace him.

  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    tony/WITS – everyone is entitled to their opinion on Paul’s blog, but there’s no need for any personal stuff. As I said, I’m mostly a happy clapper, but I really don’t see how selling the “spine” of the team without having well-scouted replacements is anything other than a high-risk strategy!


    Wilson’s departure wasn’t totally expected, but Vic & Hoops were always going. The club management have known that since January, so where’s the forward planning?




  14. Paul 67



    Hi Paul, remember the aim is also…


    To come out of each transfer window with


    a stronger squad..??



  15. tonydonnelly67



    Had you not moaned about your virgin media package you would still be unhappy with the product.(and stuck with it)



    If it’s OK for you to moan when not happy what makes it wrong for posters on here to moan when they are unhappy?

  16. twists n turns on



    you said in the last thread that moaners don’t like people who can think for themselves. I wonder if you can see the irony in that comment!

  17. tonydonnelly67


    12:43 on


    13 August, 2013


    Well said Paul, I couldn’t have put it any better , a wonderful article, and hit the nail on the head,……NOW! Enter the moaners.



    tony- you shouldnt assume that anyone critical of the board are moaners. Some are genuinely concerned, offering constructive advice with the right intentions.



    paul- the article cannot be criticised factually. However, an undertone of recent articles has been the juxtaposition with the situation at The Rangers. Effectively- “stop complaining about the board- we could end up liquidated” or “at least we are not as bad as them”. Myself and many others are not particularly concerned about The Rangers. I am concerned about us, our strategy independent of other clubs and our continued exposure and development at CL level. Calls for investment in 1 striker and 1 centre back cannot be characterised as reckless. Such investment in no way threatens the current business model and would serve to reduce unnecessary risk to the club’s CL future. In fact, it can be argued that the risk of doing nothing far outweighs that of purchasing a couple of players.



    HH to the GB

  18. tommytwiststommyturns @ 12.48



    Spot on. Clubs like Ajax who follow the strategy that Paul67 has outlined always make sure they have a replacement when they sell a player for big money.

  19. Going by your leader Paul and in particular your reference to the Ahmad story, Christ, further proof that the Daily Ranger really is just a mouthpiece, persuasive/propaganda tool serving what ‘The Rangers’ thickos want to spout/listen to.



    And they don’t even hide it.

  20. What is the Stars on




    but Vic & Hoops were always going. The club management have known that since January, so where’s the forward planning?



    Its been said many times on here,


    Its very difficult to get quality players to come to Scotland.


    First class players like Van Persie etc are out


    Next rung of the ladder (proven goal scorers at a high level) can get so much more money elsewhere that again its probably not even worth our while looking at them.


    So you have unproven young guys with whom its worth taking a chance (Wanyama and Hooper for eg) They can earn reasonable wages here,hopefully play in the Champions League and earn themelves a move to “BIGGER” Club


    Unfortunately thats the market Celtic have to compete in


    It throws up more Banguras than Hoopers but I think its the only way we can operate at present

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    TTTT 12.48



    I don’t think it has to be like-for-like replacements. It’s about strengthening the team overall.



    If Spurs sell Bale for £85m they won’t buy a left winger for £85m – they will buy 4 or 5 players and strengthen other areas too.



    We’ve still got what was a very good midfield from the second half of the 2010-11 season – Brown, Kayal, Ledley, Commons. Rogic might also turn out good, as might Irvine.



    We do need a goalscoring striker though – hoping it might be Finbogasson.

  22. hee hee….love the old transfer window sparring….cheers me up no end…but you clappers wont be so clappy if the wild khazaks overwhelm us due to lack of firepower.


    you know im right…so just admit it.


    Peter…Peter can you hear us….decent striker please :)




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