Magnanimous Aberdeen in awe of Celtic


When we think back on away wins this season, the result at Anderlecht will feature prominently in the memory, but the manner Celtic swept their nearest challengers aside last night deserves equal billing. It was a magnificent performance from front to back. Former Aberdeen captain and manager, Willie Miller, reckons this is the best Celtic team he has seen, while current manager, Derek McInnes, was magnanimous towards the victors.

This has been a huge and draining week for the players. Munich, then Hampden, then Pittodrie sapped energy and concentration, but there was no evidence of this during the game – which was Aberdeen’s first in 10 days.

Relief, therefore, that we face joint-bottom Kilmarnock at home on Saturday. What can go wrong at home to Kilmarnock…………?

The Dembele-Tierney, Tierney-Dembele links which led to the first two goals typified what is fresh and irresistible about Celtic. Moussa terrified the Aberdeen defence. His touch, predatory instinct and physicality is incredible. Kieran bought and sold Shay Logan for the second goal in a manner which the Aberdeen defender will find spooky well after Halloween. I’m sure he’ll be tweeting about it soon.

As Aberdeen traipsed off the field they were looking at a three point gap to third place, before Kilmarnock scored goal at Ibrox 24 seconds after their keeper saved a penalty.

If you remember the Only An Excuse-Larsson fixes the radio, sketch (below), you’ll know this was life imitating art.

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    If you want to make a statement,give yer nearest challengers a doing on their own midden.



    Well done,Celtic. Last night was excellent in every way.



    And,aye,I know SANDMAN did it better at 130am on the previous article,but the players were superb as individuals as well as a team!!!

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH OCTOBER 2017 10:33 AM


    It was only a matter of time for these deluded fools.The crys of Bring Back Sir Walter,echoing throughout their Monkey sites.



    The gift that just never stops giving.


    TURKEYBHOY on 26TH OCTOBER 2017 10:36 AM


    A couple of players who did not get just as much praise last night as some of the others,Mik Lustig,and Nir Biton.Both had excellent games.

  3. Last night’s formation was the one we needed in Munich and should be used for the Bayern game next week – an extra man in mid-field and fast counter-attacks involving Forrest, Dembele and Tierney.

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Off Topic on this fine morning but…..



    Can I just say a personal thank you to those CQN’ers who donated and helped me raise some funds for a wee personal Mary’s Meals project.



    I am delighted to report that we have now raised sufficient funds to feed the entire VOA1 academy (265 kids and rising) in Liberia for the next year.



    Of course, you can’t just feed kids for a year and then stop so I have immediately said that we (my wee local parish which has a smaller roll call than the school) will repeat the exercise for year after next which of course means that I will be out with the begging bowl for this again.



    However, many thanks to all on here who helped. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.



    Thanks again.




    Btw,I’ve just watched the “highlights” of the huns match,it only takes two minutes.



    Raises a few questions. The referee saw the incident-not all of it,granted,but certainly the bit where Jack stamps heavily for the third time on Broadfoot,then pushes him to the ground.



    So why was it only a yellow card initially for TWO instances of violent conduct?



    And the penalty incident itself-the Killie player clearly barges the Rangers player as he plays the ball,intercepting a goal-kick.



    So there’s the problem. If it was in the area,the goal-kick has to be retaken.



    That’s a very simple rule,Mr Muir. As is the one about violent conduct and red cards.




    And the penalty incident itself-the Killie player clearly barges the Rangers player as he plays the ball,intercepting a goal-kick.



    So there’s the problem. If it was in the area,the goal-kick has to be retaken.






    Oh, aye. Great point!




    It’s difficult not to have some sympathy for the referee in that situation.



    He was doing his level best to help out his fellow brethren by awarding a non existent penalty and look what happens. They miss the penalty, have a clown sent off, concede a goal and drop two points.

  8. Good morning Timland



    Mrs J said to me this morning ‘ would you stop singing ‘ Kieran Tiernay’ she wasn’t impressed when I went onto ‘ Moussa Dembele’ :))

  9. There were rumours on twitter last night that Tavernier was also red carded in the tunnel after full time last night. Is this true?



    Disgraceful if it is. I mean, now Pedro might play full back who can defend the back post at cross balls.

  10. Just watching the game again – missed first bit last night – spotted the OHG right at the beginning – Lads with him far too young to be CQN’ers

  11. Seen the photo on Mail online,with Rod Stewart,and his son, watching Aberdeen v Celtic game,last night,but what was interesting ,was behind them,were 2, bluenoses,John Brown,and Billy Davies,why would they be there,I would have thought they would have been at Ibrox, watching Sevco v Killie match,any thoughts,

  12. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    Sandaman’s teamline analysis is terrific – 10/10 Sandman



    Larrson fixed the radio is brilliant – had me in stitches



    This smile that is stitched t my face never fails to amuse my sales team mates when we get together down here in Englandshire



    Oh, happy, Hoopy days






  13. Looks like our favourite commentator Mclean was too upset with our win last night to do a voice over for bbc on the sevco lowlights :))

  14. Enjoyed the clip of the Sevco highlights. There’s an awful lot of empty seats behind the goal when they concede. Looks like there’s a bit of walking away going on. They should start showing their highlights on Dave, comedy gold.



    A good point for Kilmarnock at Ibrokes now they have a decent manager watch them climb the league.H.H.



    Not everyone agrees with you, Joe. In the Edgar comedy video he categorically states that he wouldn’t have Stevie Clark as Sevco’s manager. Now, why would that be, do you think?



    Ernie, after the equalising goal, as Killie tried to run down the clock, the muppet referee gave a free kick to Sevco, on the Killie 6 yard line, for the ‘keeper picking up a pass back, despite the ball having clearly hit a Sevco player’s foot/leg on the way through to the keeper. All was good however when the mighty Alves took charge and blasted the ball into the wall of 10 players on the line plus the keeper in front of them!

  16. Listening to that idiot Hun David Edgar,just a wee comment that says everything about them,and why they are were they are.Talking about Pedro getting the Hun job,he says,Can you imagine sitting at your desk,and two CVs come in front of you for the managers job.One from Pedro,and the other from Stevie Clark,the new Killie boss,not that I would ever want someone like Clark as the manager at Ibrox.



    Just crawl away and die.

  17. Minceyheidman



    Trust somebody to bring on bad news to the blog on this special day. We can but hope that the emergency board meeting doesn’t do anything nasty like sack Poor Pedro. C’mon Pedro, get oot o’ yer caravan, leave the slavering dogs behind and get in there and (bull)fight yer corner – we NEED you, mhan!




    David Edgar is currently starring in a one man show titled ” The Ultimate Hurtin’ Hun Bigot”



    Almost pashed masel listening to the pathetic wee bigots whining, long may it continue:))



    Istanbul the morra CSC

  19. I would absolutely love it if they brought back Walter The Cardigan. then we’ll see how good he is without a cheque book, EBT’s, tax scams and dozens of ineligible multi million pound players at his disposal….it would be funnier that Mad Pedro or the Magic Hat….

  20. 79CAPS on 26TH OCTOBER 2017 10:39 AM


    Last night’s formation was the one we needed in Munich and should be used for the Bayern game next week – an extra man in mid-field and fast counter-attacks involving Forrest, Dembele and Tierney.





    Said this before the Bayern game.BRs tactics against the Superstar teams are too open.We have to outnumber them in midfield.You heard what Mc Innes said after the game about playing the wrong formation against a team as good as Celtic.Same applies when we face up to PSG and Bayern.


    I would gladly play last nights team next week against Bayern.





    Don’t wish that,mate. He’s the biggest cheat in the history of the game up here.



    Uses his influence to strongarm referees,SFA,pressmen,the lot.



    No,I want him nowhere near. Hard enough to clean this cesspit up as it is.

  22. I am going to say something that I find hard to get out…….I thot the referee could have been much worse last night, now to mitigate that, he obviously saw that no matter what he did he couldn’t help the sheep so he reffed as best he could, contrast with the end of the huns game, Alan Muir the ref, a dodgy pen at the end then Ryan Jack kicks and sticks the head on the eggman, Kirk Broadfoot and only gets a yellow, he gets a second yellow for protesting, I wonder if the huns will release a statement ??????

  23. Last night –



    IMO -easily the best performance of the season to date . Individually and collectively.




    Memories of Sunday afternoon sessions in a shebeen behind a mini cab office in Harlesden . £0.50 p admission . Drink available – Red Stripe / Cockspur Rum / Dragon Stout / SuperMalt and Lucosade . Sunday afternoon was for ” Big People ” – Middle aged and upwards . . Choons on the deck were 50s Rnb from the States — New Orleans in particular . This was one of them . Necessity being the mother of invention saw such rhythms being used as the foundation of SKA .


    Fats Domino -RIP



  25. Wonderful, wonderful performance last night and tremendous display of football as it should be played. Celtic were magnificent and credit should be given to everyone involved. Well done to Brendan and his staff and to all of our players. Isn’t it great to witness the development of Kieran and Moussa? Two young guys playing out of their skins. One guy I was delighted for last night was Nir Bitton who was exceptional and who produced a wonderful piece of skill, looking in one direction while passing the ball in the other right after he shimmied past an opponent.




    Great night. I’ve been on loads of blogs reading wonderful comments. It’s great to be a Celtic fan.

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