Making money out of England and Amsterdamers troubles


Over the last few days of the European transfer window I was keen to find out what business Ajax would be able to complete (what Milan and Barca did is of scant interest).  Between Friday and yesterday Ajax lost two players, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen moved to Tottenham, and yesterday, Belgian defender, Toby Alderweireld joined Atletico Madrid.

Both were big players for the Dutch champions, who could realise €20m from the sales, but attempts to sign Ola John from Benfica and Eljero lia of Werder Bremen failed, instead they paid Heracles Almelo €2.5m for midfielder Lerin Duarte.

The Amsterdamers had a frustrating final few hours of the window.  No doubt potential targets were worried about having to face three huge teams in the Champions League.  In a difficult group, this is what counts as a break for Celtic.  Only five games into their league season and without Champions League qualifiers to use as a yardstick, the group stage will come early for Ajax.

Living adjacent to an over-monied behemoth has considerable drawbacks as even our top clubs struggle to retain teenagers in the face of English lower league competition but such a rich market can also bring enough transfer income to make the difference between feast and famine.

The English Premier League spent £445m on transfers outside England but apart from Celtic and Hamilton Accies, who between them will earn around 4% of that total, I don’t think anyone else in Scotland got a piece of the action.

Nurturing and selling talent to England has to be a strategy for dozens of clubs here.  Paying (for them) top wages to players who are no longer able to gain employment in England can only be considered a waste by comparison.
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  1. Here’s a hypothetical scenario for all of you…



    Lets imagine Pukki is a tremendous success for us this season.


    He scores 28 goals in just 33 games…


    We’d all be delighted!



    Next season he’s bang on form.


    with an impressive 6 goals in four games,


    the transfer window is about to close…



    Norwich come a knocking…



    What would we say?


    What do you imagine it would take to prise


    away our newfound prize asset?





    We’d all say,




    Away ye go ya bunch a chancers!



    Anyone see my point here?

  2. A Stor



    I really do not think the Celtic divide is anywhere near as deep as you might determine from some of the heated comments on here.



    There have been recent times when it has threatened to boil over into revolt but events have calmed down again.



    In order, I think the three most compelling divides are:-



    1) Celtic’s attitudes towards and handling of the Sevco/Rangers issue


    2) Celtic’s handling of the Green Brigade


    3) Celtic’s general finances and, especially, transfer finances.



    1) There remains deep underlying disquiet about this topic but it has not been anywhere near open revolt since fan pressure won the first major battle and saw the new club not allowed to swan into SPL top division.


    There is still a tension between the club’s Napoleonic strategy (©Paul67) and many fans view of “If not now, when?” will you make a comment, position. Canamalar’s resolution shows that this is a very live issue but not, unfortunately, fullly compelling for many.


    I still hope against hope that the club’s silence is because they read that more damage can be done to Rangers by not responding than by doing so. If that proves to be right, I will apologise to them profusely and admit my doubts on their strategy were wrong.


    I have felt that, from the beginning, Celtic have tacitly signaled that they want them back, hampered and constrained, but still able to beat us on occasion. Their ideal scenario would be a swopping of the roles between 1988 to 97. They would probably prefer to break away from them altogether but, until that league move is a reality, they have to make Scottish competition more interesting and they are betting on Rangers return being the most likely way to keep our fans interested. And you know, when you speak to Celtic fans away from CQN there is a sizeable group who want them back. It is not a popular opinion but I have heard it expressed fairly often and I can understand the reasons, though I disagree with them. Our fans are becoming fractious and dissatisfied because SPL title winning is such a formality just now.



    2) The Green Brigade issue has been temporarily resolved. I was supportive of the GB and I am sure our Board lied about some aspects of their handling of things but, at the end of the day, there was fault on both sides.


    Ultra groups bring colour excitement and, for us olde ones, nostalgia. Section 111 is the new jungle. Celtic Park would be dead without them outwith Euro nights.


    However, Ultra Groups also bring factionalism, no go areas disguised as self policing, and a nostalgia for the days of the casuals too. The GB do not explicitly advocate any of these, to be clear, but you see it developing in Ultra sections in football grounds across the world. I heard Kevin Bridges describe the Boca Junior Ultras on the radio today and they have two rival groups that fight with each other as often as they fight River Plate.


    The GB battle remains unresolved but neither side has got completely its own way in the matter and that is a good thing.



    3) Transfer policy and spend is the least of all the contentious issues. Yes, there is general anger, surprise, and disappointment about our striker recruitment but that anger has peaked and dissipated and it will only come back if we manage to go through all 6 CL ties with no goals scored and several heavy defeats, and , for me, at this level, that is always a possibility for a 4th pot team. In the SPL we have more than enough firepower to get by.



    In conclusion, I do not see it as a battle between Socialism and Capitalism. The club has had a capitalist outlook since close to its inception but this has been curtailed effectively by the will of the support from becoming outright mercenary. I see no equation between socialism and spending what you do not have, nor would I hope that you would suggest any.

  3. I will be in Milan for the game. Does anyone know where most fans will be congregating in the afternoon?

  4. Ohmni 15:59



    Certainly do. To not would make you a fool. Whether or not we were willing to pay it what they were asking was reasonable.



    If a player playing in Scotland for a dominant club who has scored 19 goals in 32 league matches and only has one year left on his contract (and is known to be refusing to sign a new one) is worth £5-5.5m



    How much is a player playing in the Netherlands (a superior level) for a mid-level club who managed to score 24 in 31 who still has a couple of years left on his contract worth?



    Answers on a post card but I’d say fair being fair he’s probably worth around 50% more given the circumstances of his contract and scoring more goals for a worse team in a better league.

  5. Suzony, try Milan Square.


    Also, check out Celtic.Bars.com


    I’m sure there should be a list of Milan Celtic


    Minded Establishments.

  6. The last time we played Milan in the CL in 2008, or possibly the time before that in 2007 – I can’t remember exactly – but they opened up a section of the San Siro which they had originally intended to keep closed, and Celtic fans were allowed to pay at the gate on the night of the game, because so many had turned up without tickets.



    At least a couple of thousand were able to get in.




  7. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on

    Michael Grant‏@MGrantScotland47s


    Peter Lawwell appointed to the SFA board. Never a dull moment…

  8. Someone I know very well was at Celtic Park today and he was told that they expect close too a full house for the Stan Petrov game at the weekend, Even the closed area in the Lisbon Lions upper is getting stripped of the paraphernalia that has been there all season. I hope my friend’s correct.



    I’ll be there.

  9. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Paul 67



    The Ajax captain, forget his name, also recently suffered a collapsed lung. He won’t feature against us or anyone else any time soon.

  10. SFTB @ 16.02



    Superb post, and the big one is correctly numbered 1) but might switch 2) and 3) in order of importance.



    The CL will be sold out, but issue 1) won’t go away.

  11. Peter Lawwell appointed to Scottish FA Board


    Tuesday, 03 September 2013




    Following its meeting at Hampden Park, the Professional Game Board has nominated Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of Celtic Football Club, as their representative on the main Board of the Scottish FA.



    Peter joins the four Scottish FA office bearers, Chief Executive Stewart Regan, President Campbell Ogilvie, Vice-President Alan McRae, and Second Vice-President Rod Petrie, on the Board along with Barrie Jackson, the Independent Non-Executive Director.



    Peter Lawwell commented: “Clearly I am pleased to accept this nomination. Whilst there are certain challenges facing the game in Scotland, there is also a great deal to be positive about and much to look forward to.



    “We must build on these positives and along with other Board members I look forward to playing my part in working to improve and develop various aspects of the game, for the benefit of Scottish football as a whole”.



    The Non-Professional Game Board will make their nomination at the next meeting.



    The Professional Game Board is comprised of:



    Stewart Regan


    Campbell Ogilvie


    Alan McRae


    Rod Petrie


    Neil Doncaster


    Peter Lawwell


    Dr Andrew Waddell


    Sandy Stables


    Michael Johnston


    Bill Darroch


    Duncan Fraser

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Are we to believe that the Unseen Fenian Hand will now be pouring the tea at SFA Board meetings?

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Is that Sandy Stables …sounds like a name Ian Fleming would conjur up. ;-)




  14.  Bhoys re Gianni Infantino at CL Draw,just got this from John Paul ,hope he doesn’t mind me posting his reply



    Many thanks for your good wishes, it’s really good to be back at the Club.






    With regards to last week’s draw, yes Mr Infantino was exceptionally kind towards Billy and I believe the Club will thank him for the manner in which he managed the situation.






    Best regards



    John Paul

  15. I hope the Dr Andrew Waddell on the SFA Board is not the former referee.



    He was never a friend of our when refereeing. Anyone know if this is the same guy or coincidence?

  16. regarding the Main Standcan we not have another share issue.They did it for Lennoxtown ,the old stand is well old

  17. Awe_Naw



    PL’s appointment adds fuel to Auldheid’s option B)* I think it was yesterday* Celtic and SFA “working together”



    I blame Peter Lawell – will be getting hammered tonight.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I see the ignoramous is in ‘full flight’ today…….


    Is Doctor Andrew Waddell the ex referee who sent of three Zombies at


    Celtic park? Hately, Hurlock, and Walters,


    If not, forgive my stupidity.


    If yes, let the conspiracies begin ..


    Happy Celticing




  20. Big Nan



    16:16 on 3 September, 2013



    Bump for Puff Piece theory (it’s looking more and more like it) and Petition:



    Big Nan



    09:19 on 3 September, 2013



    Top of the morning to you all from a fair but blustery Fife.



    The latest from Charlotte is interesting or is it?



    Similarly the Question and Answer session with Andy Muirhead and Jack Irvine leaves me with a feeling that it is designed to show Jack as being the all-powerful PR man while at the same time allowing him to imply that supposedly harmful docs related to him were illegally obtained and would therefore be inadmissible as evidence in court a la Levison!



    I originally thought that CF was Whyte’s proxy and a means of getting a pay-off for Craigy boy from SDM but the more I see of Irvine strutting his stuff as the man who must be feared and revered the more I tend to think that Irvine is running a court spoiler to protect his chums should the beans be spilled.



    Inadmissible evidence obtained by criminal acts.



    Lord Bingham: “fraud unravels all: fraus omnia corrumpit…….. it vitiates judgments, contracts and all transactions whatsoever”.



    Talking of Law Lords there is this petition with the Scottish Parliament that demands that they declare membership of secret societies. Heard of it? It is here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/GettingInvolved/Petitions/judgesmasonregister




  21. I see that the day trip to Milan is flying to Bergamo rather than Linates


    So it’s a 90 minute bus journey after 2 and a half hours on the plane

  22. BSR @ 15;22,



    Must say you don’t have to very far out of the town before you are a great Country environment.



    Though for me the Montains, Lochs and Glens of Scotland take some beating.



    Looked up Mr Crabtree:-)



    There are villages around here where, if you removed the cars you could be in the forties hardly a change since then.



    Tea and cakes and a wee dram it is.



    Hail Hail

  23. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Bawsman @ 13:23


    That’s a fact.



    Árd Macha @ 13:23


    Surely these player scared to play big teams would have been ideal targets for us.


    They would have loved SPL games. Why didn’t we buy them?



    vinniethedog @ 13:49


    When the SPL messed up the Sky deal. NOBODY cancelled due to no Scottish football.


    Before people say, I did. Left me tell you at that time I was a manager in charge of the collation of this figure for BSkyB. From the very small number that did call to cancel. Most too a short-term sweetener offer not to. At best they downgraded their package. From the small number remaining. Many returned with a sweetener short-term offer. The loss was considered by BSkyB to be zero.


    They then sold Scottish football as an extra, making more money than they did before. There was no going back then. The SPL truly had messed up the deal for Scottish football. They should have known how apathetic the Scottish supporters are. It is why they exist.



    Rascar Capac @ 14:29


    There will be no development until after the Commonwealth games and no plans are in place.



    The Onlooker @ 15:06


    That is why it hasn’t already happened.



    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo @ 15:52


    You are right again.



    setting free the bears supports Celtic’s best fighter- Wee Oscar Knox @ 16:02


    1) I think that some fans are becoming fractious and dissatisfied because SPL can no longer be claimed to be a competition but just entertainment. They require justice, equality and sporting integrity.

  24. goldstar10






    That board looks like a who’s who of masons and zombies/wanna-be-zombies. Apart from that it’s full of incompetent managers.



    Glad PL is on it, as much as our most recently strategy has frustrated me (as it has the manager), I think PL is a very capable individual and our club needs a voice now more than ever.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    A sop to us ?



    Any influence ?



    Brothers together ?



    We are the Establishment team ? Nobody told LNS ;-)



    An admission of an ongoing relationship anyway ? Cemented.



    I dont see much changing. Same old same old …Old Firm with colum ,son of dallas,Ogilvie, Reagan, .broadfoot etc….just like the SPFL launch …a marching Band and a UJ parachute launch ;-)



    I should wish Peter All the best in his new role. I dont expect to hear if it goes good or bad for him at the SFA. I think he id a superb addition to it if he id fighting our corner. Recent behaviour suggests No.



    Does Not excite me as much as Auldheid I reckon ;-)




  26. PL has put himself under pressure to answer some big questions,he is inside the tent now……i won’t hold my breath.

  27. Celtic supporters ask questions of Celtic re SFA



    Published on Tuesday 3rd September, 2013 by Celtic Trust





    New resolution to the PLC AGM




    We have been asked by a group of Celtic fans who are trying to get a resolution on to the agenda of the Celtic PLC AGM to publicise their resolution. If you support this proposal. Please print this off, fill it in, scan the first page then return it by email to canamalar@yahoo.com

  28. The differing opinions of our transfer strategy will rage on for a long time.


    My feelings are we could have pushed the boat out a little further.


    Cover for left back should have been secured.


    On the striker issue its to early to tell but our system is not really goal scorer friendly.


    Think we are set up to not concede and capitalize on opponents errors.


    In that respect Pukki who has been fairly proficient in that role for his country may be just what is required.


    On Saturday it was disappointing to see our plan b was to hoof long balls to Balde and even then no one got forward for the knock downs.



    The present transfer strategy will not always produce profit so it’s vital we also bring players through the ranks.


    So far Neil has been very reluctant to use youth except in meaningless preseason friendlies.


    Their reward for doing well has been to loan them out or send them back to youth ranks.


    Also feel he fails badly in integrating new players so their development stalls.


    Rogic is a good example of this with the limited playing time he has had so far.


    Someone posted last night that we were guaranteed to win the SPL.


    It’s probably true so why is the coach so reluctant to give youth a chance?


    I think he’s probably using it in preparation for our European counter attacking approach so he sticks with his trusted players.


    Understandable but it reduces any chance of our young players developing and also pays to much respect to most SPL teams.


    Unless Neil’s approach changes radically then we will be in the constant state of rebuilding every season.


    The Ajax model of already having young replacements who had played in the system ready to step into the place of the player sold.


    That’s proactive.


    Unfortunately we seem a little bit more reactive on the field and off.

  29. sneddoni



    15:26 on 3 September, 2013




    From a conversation I had with someone yesterday Hooper tripled his wages on leaving Celtic. Hooper would have been prepared to stay if he had been put on the same money as ??????? Viz £28000 a week


    Wether true or not I do not know but I have no reason to disbelieve this person.


    If most Celtic supporters are truthful to themselves they know that any current player receiving an offer that will triple their wages would be out the door like a shot

  30. Whitedoghunch @ 17:05



    Agreed. Thanks to Chris @ la lanterna and to yourself for helping us out .



    Apologies for Sunday . Working away during the week leaves a congested weekend and I tried to fit the proverbial gallon in to a pint pot – unfortunately some got spilled .



    Next time – promise




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