Maley, Stein, McNeill, O’Neill, Strachan and now Lennon


Good afternoon, champions!  If you enjoy your history……….

Yesterday, Celtic retained the league title, which has been a rare achievement for much of our history.  We won six in a row during the first decade of the 20th century, then won four in a row (1914-17) during the Great War, but it would be another 50 years before Celtic retained the league title, on 6th May 1967.

Jock Stein re-wrote all the rules during his nine in a row era but after that ended in 1974,  Billy McNeill retained the tile in 1982 and it would be another 20 years before Martin O’Neill retained it, the only time he did so.

Gordon Strachan then set about writing his own chapter in our history, retaining the league in 2007 and 2008, while becoming only the third manager in our history, after Willie Maley and Stein, to win three in a row (history awaits you, Neil).

Neil Lennon now joins a select band of Celtic managers, Maley, Stein, McNeill, O’Neill and Strachan, who have retained the league title.

In total Celtic have retained the league title 22 times but yesterday was only the fourth time since nine in a row.  It was the sixth time in total we have won two in a row.

Remarkably, of the 13 times Celtic have retained the league since 1919, this is only the third time it has been achieved at Celtic Park, the other occasions being when we beat St Mirren in 1982 (remember unwelcome half time news from Pittodrie over the PA?), and Livingston, to win the 2002 title.  Lazy journalism prevents me from confirming which of the pre-1920 titles were won at Celtic Park.

This is your history, I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I do.

The Andrea Kearney Fund, which supports women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, is holding its annual dinner at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday 1 June.  The event is excellent value with a cracking line up of entertainment, including Ricky Ross, Michelle McManus and Lou Hickey.  The fight against this disease goes on….

You can book a table here.  Look forward to seeing you at the dinner.

Enjoying the incredulous Sevco 5088 events, more on that later.

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  1. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    PODIUM like the hoops.. A perfect day to reflect…



    Will make an exception and buy some printed media today..



    Happy days..

  2. tomtheleedstim on

    you couldn’t wipe the smile from my mush with a cactus this morning (despite the best efforts of Flybe to do so)


    Congratulations to all at The Celtic and particularly Mr Lennon.

  3. Big Nan



    “The SFA registration supremo, Alexander (Sandy) Bryson would have been all over the documentation like a rash to make sure everything was tickety boo, wouldn’t he?”



    It would not be an illegal license until Sandy had noticed it was illegal.

  4. Oops no ye didnae because you were talking about ‘retaining’ the title!!!



    I really am having a stinker the day :-)

  5. Hi Paul67,



    Great season for Celtic and to do it in wonderful style, the last 30mins were sublime yesterday.



    All looking good for the Cup final and CL qualifiers.



    Stnad up for the Champions.

  6. The Battered Bunnet,



    This Floccinaucinihilipilificatiousness could be the Green & Whyte’s last line of defence.



    You have brightened up a dull, wet Monday.

  7. here’s me thinking we won against the deid mob 4-2ten men


    st.mirren(st.sevco)tommy johnson


    st.johnstone 2:0 henke an harrold


    hearts 1:0 bbjohn


    ak well it was a great dream..must be ma hangover

  8. Paul



    History was always one of my favourite subjects at school.



    Continued to study it at College and then Uni.



    My favourite historical period ‘tho started in 1887, and continues to the present day – the proud and, sometimes, turbulent, history of Celtic Football Club.



    This is an institution which is ‘ more than just a football club’ – one that is loved and revered by millions all over the world!



    Yesterday was yet another chapter in this proud history – and there will be many more to come!






    PS I just wish Wim had stayed a bit longer! …but then again, if he had Lubo would probably not have joined! Thanks Dr. Jo!



    God bless EVERY past, present and future Celtic managers!

  9. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on



    12:19 on


    22 April, 2013






    ‘retained’ the title having won it the year before.




  10. Suarez makes public that he wants the fine to be paid to Hillsborough charity.


    An obvious attempt to curry favour … a horrible individual.



    As the guilty party, he pays the fine and it is for others to decide what happens to it.

  11. Anyone know why it is necessary to reset password following site crashing?


    It’s all a bit confusing when you are in your dotage.

  12. iki



    May have been advised to do so by the club, manager, captain or all of them.


    He has apologised. He was wrong. He will be punished.


    It’s England tho and I’m not really bothered. We have much more shocking issues to deal with up here.




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