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  1. Only Huns pillory PL at these times, because they recognise the strength he’s brought to Celtic. They would kill for a CEO of his ability.



    The time for US to question his input is in the next 2 weeks when we see what selling Virgil, and the amount netted, means towards re-investement, or even new management… Has his fiscally-prudent option expired? PL’s time to be counted is coming.



    TCR – just picked up reading back and realised what’s happened to him. Feck the footy and those deprerssingly limited Hoops tonight; get well, mate. Hope those animals who attacked him die horribly, soon, and with no mercy; rid us all of such demented mutant scum.

  2. St Oliver Plunkett CSC



    We don’t put the ball into the opposition area enough to hammer teams week in week out.



    Rony’s style of play is to have Johansen instead of another forward…and he perseveres with him regardless of performances like tonight.



    And, btw, Johansen has been that rank for ages.



    No, I’m afraid we’re stuck with it and the resulting crap attendances at all our Sunday games.



    Thanks Rony.

  3. Just heard Mortons 3rd choice striker has fell out wi the No 2 ball boy at Cappielow….lets go get him…

  4. RUDICANTFAIL on 26TH AUGUST 2015 12:43 AM


    Had he been insulting about it, how could he motivate the side before any of our games.


    A decent Europa run will probably earn 5 million.


    Peanuts compared to CL, but better than we get from any other competition and more than our TV revenues.

  5. He’s only eighteen….what a project….win…win for us….might be worth £150,000.00 in a couple of years

  6. rudicantfail on 26th August 2015 12:56 am



    Hate to say this but The Huns are only about 3 years away from winning SPFL unless we do something NOW






    Yes, and there’s rumours of an imminent Martian invasion, not to mention inter-dimensional reptilians taking over the House of Congress just as the moon collapses onto the great pyramid of Giza…



    F#cking Hun roaster. Sit down.

  7. 31003. Disagree. DD sets targets of low or zero debt. How the plc go about that is upto the CEO



    Eg vic money. Do you take it give it to the manager to help improve the team and obtain more income


    Or do you stick it in the bank and ensure that zero debt is maintained and bonus paid out



    Peter lawwell always goes for the 2nd option.




    It was the 2nd option that gave us the players and coach tonight



    PL has never been a investment planning CEO


    He was a Scottish coal hatchet man



    GTF lawwell. you are a failure. 50% in CL since you have been our CEO. Failure. Failure

  8. Justafan…..



    Wait and see mate…..



    The breaking news is from Overseas Bhoy….




    I’m just backing his story……




    We might even have the same source…..

  9. squire danaher on

    RUDICANTFAIL on 26TH AUGUST 2015 12:52 AM



    WHo is your source ??



    Didn’t know R Deila played golf with Aston Villa or Liverpool fans??

  10. Sandman



    I remind you….that no man is bigger than Celtic….certainly not Peter Lawell.


    Like I said….hero worship of businessmen who reward themselves for failure.


    Do you think Celtic supporters enjoy their team playing shamefully?


    Well, let me tell you….it hurts me to see a Celtic team play like that…. totally disgraceful performance


    We need changes..now




  11. Sydneytim….you’re wrong….it’s dead simple….go with the plan….if pl sees a deal…at more than budgeted for….deals off…..not lawells fault…owners….while working within those constraints….if we do well….lawelll is worth his bonus….yes?

  12. Only one more thing from me….and I honestly believe this….I think a mediocre junior team would have got a better result thN we did tonight…..night all….

  13. Granny Macs Bhoy on




    Agree this goes beyond Ronny. A lovely guy and good enough to deliver success in Scotland and would love to see him take us further but tonight shows we are considerably short of performing on that stage and we need to decide if to cut loose now or gamble again next season. The people in charge of the club are not producing the goods in the football department and I hope they understand that Thursday and Sunday EL football will not put bums in seats. We were given a very good route to the CL. Waiting to be convinced.



    HH GMB

  14. Captain Beefheart on

    Positives? We try to play football. No more soul crushing punts from the keeper every time he gets it. At least Gordon builds from the back. The young right back did well. LG can continue to improve. Chance to progress in EL.



    Night all.

  15. Whoever it is, who thinks that buying the likes of Ciftci and Allen will improve the team, is obviously barking mad.


    If anybody seriously thinks you can get to the CL with SPL dross, they really do need their head examined.


    Its crazy.


    Somebody has totally lost the plot.


    And its not me.





  16. 31003. Pl pulls all strings at Celtic park



    Youth set up / lennonxtown shambles. Sackable offence


    Strikersgate. Eg buy players like pukki Sackable offence


    50% CL qualification. Sackable offence



    How long do we pay this guy 1m for failure

  17. Where did it go wrong tonight?



    My take on tonight’s game will be on brown and Briton as forwards defenders and attacking midfielders Ronny and lawwell seem to be mentioned lots already.



    The system tonight broke down in this area tonight.


    Both players seem to have not got going and this is where I see part of our poor performance.



    malmo were well drilled stopping the two players getting time on the ball to influence the game in any way.


    I understand johansen was non effective but when this is happening I think we are left with two players behind him that didn’t take enough calculated risks in a positive way.



    People mentioned here before the home game about playing two up front or sticking with the one.


    My opinion was play one and see how it’s going . If we needed to be more attacking then the player I would take off would be Biton.


    In my opinion we loose a player in our attack be not changing brown Biton partnership to brown and a more expansive player.



    The other is the Germans. Who I think the team that mastered the 4-2-3-1


    Both players sitting behind the 3 attacking would take turns in darting runs forward while the other covered.



    I like brown and Biton but tonigh I think the change was needed in this position.


    A more expansive player than Biton to run forward from deep helping johansen and Griffith is in my opinion needed.


    I think brown can get up the park but will Biton?




    Anyway we have been here before and remember history shows we are only one day closer to our next historic victory



    Tictalker talking tic



    I thought the lack of deep supporting runs cost us in asserting ourselves on the attacking front.

  18. Tin hat on here for incoming ……




    Celtic Plc statement to stock exchange today states that financial director, Eric Riley, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2011?




    Now, like many posters on here, I have worked with and for people in high ranking corporate roles and know how mentally fit these people need to be.



    It is a very strange statement for a Plc board to make public 4 years after an event??

  19. As usual the ones in charge who are responsible for failure will not pay the price.



    We will.



    We will be served up more crap team selections, more crap tactics, more crap performances and more signings.



    PL, the Board and the management will plod on spinning us a load of crap.




  20. Hello anyone,



    Just logged on. Unhappy? Yes!



    Read only sandman’s comment.



    Sometimes I’m bewildered that Celtic don’t just enlist some bloggers from here. Success would be guaranteed it would seem……



    Gutted nonetheless but think it is far far too easy to log in and blast. If the anonymous keyboard experts have real confidence in their abilities get their head above the parapet.



    VVD…..believing the hype?



    I don’t know.



    Do you?



    Europa after Christmas……I think so.



    Will Malmo be?


    I don’t think so.



    So sell VVD and get beyond Christmas…….same amount of dosh for all those excitable accountants among us!



    Hail Hail!

  21. One final thought:



    That resting them all on Saturday worked out well as could be seen in tonight’s performance.



    Night night.

  22. Rudi….



    U R a very naughty boy…



    How strange?


    Why strange?



    U making more things up?



    Just asking




  23. the glorious balance sheet on

    Looking at the expected Europa League seedings…..



    We stand to be in Pot 2.



    We could get drawn in a real Group of Grudges with Ajax (Pot 1), Legia Warszawa (Pot 3) and either Sion or Rapid Vienna (Pot 4).



    Just think if its Legia or Sion they might pump us again (most likely if we play as we did last night) but we could get it overturned on a technicality!



    Being in Pot 2 we would avoid Liverpool, Lazio, Fiorentina and Salzburg. I think every single team in Pot 3 is better than us, you have the likes of Monaco in there, Fenerbahce too, Besiktas, and so on. Qualifying out of one of the EL groups after Christmas would be no mean feat.

  24. Sandman …..




    Pour the rest of the bottle down the Lavvy …




    You ‘ll feel better in the morning for doing it…..




    Nite Nite



    Hail Hail

  25. That’s right…..the usual pish.


    If you don’t agree with the PL and his lackeys…..you’re a hun.


    Poor that people will rationalise any old crap.


    You cant get away with it forever.


    Reality wont allow you that luxury.


    We have been conditioned to accept mediocrity, and applaud failure.


    You can spin all you want.


    RD said Celtic were scared, Scott Brown said he was ashamed……total pish and nonsense.


    Celtic….scared to play….if that’s the case, whats the point?


    Burying your head in the sand wont work.


    Get real now…..before it gets worse.





  26. skyisalandfill on




    Some rubbish on here tonight.



    As Corkcelt rightly pointed out we lost 4-3 in the tie and had a perfectly good goal ruled out.



    Yes, the performance was pants, but the kneejerk, petted lip attitude of some who should know better and others who only appear on here when Celtic get beat is embarrassing.



    I dare say I’ll get accused of being PL sycophant, a forelock tugging so and so or whatever you like but teams get beat. It happens. Sacking PL, RD or usurping DD is unlikely to change that.



    The team mentality tonight was not right. For that RD and the players need to take responsibility but there are No guarantees to getting into the CL.



    Perhaps the lack of huns has bred a level of expectation amongst our support that wasn’t there before.



    We have no right to success.



    We can vote with our feet if we don’t like the way its being done and I’m sure many will.



    Disappointed, but the level of abuse and half arsed judgements about our CE, manager and players is beyond what I would expect of Celtic supporters.



    HH and goodnight.

  27. The sequence that killed the Huns…..



    Rookie Manager….Maribor…..Malmo





  28. Nobody should be made into a saint….im fed up with the PL hero worship.


    He has failed repeatedly, while taking huge bonuses, it cannot be justified, and its not acceptable.


    The board are so far removed from the supporters, its a farce.


    They just will not take responsibility.


    Blame the manager, players, fans….but not the people who run the club…..what kind of stupidity is that ffs.

  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Fair enough,but the onfield buck stops with Ronny.


    If he doesn`t jump,he must be pushed.


    If not,then your criticism of the off-field staff will be totally justified.

  30. Just a wee quick post to say….


    TRICOLOUREDRIBBON….So sorry to hear about yer stuff fella…I hope these evil scumbags are dealt true justice…I know you’ll be back soon amigo….be assured of one thing…You’ll Never Walk Alone.



  31. the glorious balance sheet on

    The Green Man 0138



    I`m no apologist for the board, far from it, but to be fair, Ronny got a lot of what he asked for this summer.



    1. No overseas jaunts to the back of beyond. Summer based at home to maximise chances of CL qualification. (Gordon Strachan and Neil Lennon had to put up with these treks every year).



    2. £3million in transfer fees for new signings. (Ciftci and Boyata). Add to the signings of Armstrong and Mackay Steven in January. Now while fresh legs were needed as Denayer was leaving, Ronny maybe didn’t pick the best options to spend his money on, given the fact that the CL qualifiers were coming up imminently and were not the best games to throw these guys into given the lack of football played in recent years (Boyata) and the disciplinary issues (Ciftci).



    Ronny`s leverage with the board will never be as high again. I cant see him being able to refuse a trip to the USA for example next summer, it would be thrown back in his face, “well seeing as you couldn’t get us into the CL and the £20m that goes with it, we need to do this tour for £200,000”