Manager and team must show stoic unity


You can train to be a football player for years, hone your skills and work on your fitness, but there are situations you can never prepare for until you are in the spotlight.  Yesterday Mark Wilson had to field questions about his team-mates’ performance and his manager’s position, after another abject performance which drew criticisms from Neil Lennon towards the players.

Mark gave a textbook response to the BBC, “I don’t like slagging my team-mates off but we have to do better.

“Football is a result-driven game but we don’t want that [Neil Lennon sacked].  We are firmly behind the manager and we love working with him and the coaching staff.”

We should be in no doubt that harsh words are being spoken in the dressing room and team spirit must be awful, but the outside world need to see stoic unity.

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  1. Paul67



    I was hoping you were going to life our spirits, Ho hum.



    The players are not expressing themselves they are far better than what they are showing.



    Question is why , can it be fixed and fixed quick? If not change is required.



    Keeping the faith




  2. hamiltontim says:



    30 October, 2011 at 14:45




    You can afford to buy a podium spot :)





    Greedy I know but one more number and could offered CW a buy out option and ran them into the ground.

  3. Neil needs to try to find a first 11. How many games have we had a back-to-back starting line up this season?



    There have been injuries and suspensions, but some of his changes game-to-game have been puzzling.

  4. sto·i·cism (st-szm)




    1. Indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness.



    indifference? impassiveness?



    that would appear to be the problem



    We need players to play to their potential and a management team to organise and motivate them to achieve this. We need the custodians to show leadership, vision and provide a framework that all of this can thrive on.


    We currently have none of teh above.

  5. Neil's Taxi's Here ! on

    Sorry, but Mark wilson trotted out the same old cliches we’ve heard from footballers ad infinitum. Our players should be sidestepping these interviews until thay’ve done the business on the pitch and so got something to talk about.



    Time to walk the walk.

  6. NegAnon2



    I’m not holding out for the January window (or another Bosman) and neither should any right minded Celtic Supporter.



    You and I know we need change from the very top, whether NL will be there to see it, is dubious to say the least, his career


    which should only be starting, is faltering.

  7. Hooper repeatedly touting himself for an England/GB Olympic spot tells the whole story…our players think they are better than they actually are. Does my nut in.


    Win 3 leagues on the trot, not 3 games…then let others talk about how good u are instead of doing it yourself. Raging at the players today.

  8. I fear this IS to be our PLG season – what we experienced under Mowbray was merely a long drawn out painful failure………….



    This season may see us trailing in 3rd for the rest of the season based upon form to date unless we snap out of this malaise.




    Horrible position we’re in – a real tic supporter managing us who went through an absolute hell last year for being our manager and now I want him to be replaced, I sadly can’t see him turning this aroundn now, no signs he has the savvy to right the wrongs of this team.



    To say I’m scunnered doesn’t cover it!

  9. Paul67



    The players and management can talk all day behind closed doors. The problem for me is that they can’t transfer this on to the pitch.


    Leaderless and clueless. At the moment there is no one at the club I’d miss much if they left.



    Nomore heroes CSC

  10. I am astonished at this seasons underachievement, why have so many players underperformed? I love Lenny to bits but is there a split in the dressing room? I hear loads of rumours re Commons and there must be some substance to them, surely the guy would have added to our points tally if he had played more often. I think we are in serious trouble and I’m not sure if we can fight back? its a very depressing time, can anyone offer a crumb of comfort? a clean sheet yesterday is welcome amidst all the gloom!

  11. Almost 24 hours on and I am feeling worse. The performance yesterday plumbed the depths and if I read one more player interview telling how they are going to turn it around or they are not giving up, then I will throw up. I saw one Celtic blog suggesting that the first thing Lennon should do is impose a gagging order on the players and I totally agree. For God’s sake lads do you’re talking on the pitch. There is no doubt in my mind but the Huns are planning to go into Administration take a 10 point hit and come out with a clean financial slate. They are totally confident of doing this and still winning the SPL in comfort. I love Lennon with all my heart but we are going backwards under his stewardship. I think he erred bringing in Thompson & Mjallby. He should have gone for more experienced staff, the lack of coaching is evident everywhere, we are just making it up as we go along. A guy said it on this site yesterday, “Saturdays are no longer the same”, I’ll follow the team till the day I die but I no longer look forward to match day with the same buzz i used to get. Hopefully this is only a temporary phenomenon but at the moment I remain a totally depressed Celt.

  12. Mark Wilson always quick with a word in the ear of the press, a Glasgow boy on first name terms.



    I remember his interview with the Evening Times on the new contract awarded by WGS, where


    he expressed surprise and delight, given his dodgy knee and general unreliability.



    Yestreday his performance as an attacking right back getting caught on the break, and failing to pass the first man with every cross he hit was a perfect of example of why we are in the mess we are in.

  13. Paul



    One real concern of mine if R*****S go into administration and are duly deducted say ten points. I don’t feel in the least bit confident that we could win the title. How bad would that be? We would be the laughing stock for years!

  14. We have no Captain



    We have no number 7



    How did this happen at Celtic?



    I didn’t see the game yesterday but after a morning of lurking it sounds like a jekyl and hyde team, I know consistency is the most difficult thing to get in a football team but this is ridiculous.



    C’mon Neil sort it out.




  15. starry plough says:


    30 October, 2011 at 15:01



    we have no keeper


    we have no creative midfielder

  16. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Look at all the Huns coming on here to temporarily salve their own onrushing doom.






    Your endgame is at hand. We’re talking about a team problem which is transitional – i.e Celtic will have a future of signings and comings and goings as per any SOLVENT football club. Celtic will endure. And dominate in times to come. You know that. Deep down.


    It is the grinning smartarse wisecracking cartoon rabbit lurking behind the big tax gorilla.



    You Huns, on the other hand, will be scouting the Highland leagues for your next ‘star’ carthorses. Forever. Boo-hoo. Burn in football hell.

  17. Just back from a Thai flea market where I bought a cracking wee classical guitar for the equivalent of 30€. With a cracking case. Can’t wait to restring it. It says It’s a Yamaha G85-D. I am convinced it is a copy and hats off to the guy that made it. Well it cheered me up.



    Sorry bhoys had to share that with you.




  18. The problem as I see it is we do not seem to have a Leader on the pitch. There is no one bawling the others out when they are not pulling their weight.



    Chickens and headless springs to mind.



    Far too many square passes or hopeful punts. And yet again nothing from set pieces What ARE they doing in training? Where is the strategy?

  19. sandman – why not name who these hun posters are?



    Seems on this fair blog if your not a Lenny loving, Green Brigade lovin’ poster with a badge on yir tit testifying to being in the ‘best supporter in the world’ club your a hun?

  20. I have probably been saying this for weeks buy I really think this could be a defining week ahead.

  21. Guys,


    Lennon has probably had his day and probably can’t maneuver us out of this slump. His commitment is 100% but he doesn’t have the experience or guile to get us out of this…..and that’s the Boards fault. It was apparent to anyone who has been in business that a young team needs management and leadership or they will combust.


    The task of harnessing the youthful exuberance of a new, young and dynamic team (2010-11) is quite different from maturing the group and helping them blend into a cohesive unit who can stand the realities and demands of Celtic and fight a war on many fronts.


    The Board, seasoned business professionals with deep management experience, should have predicated this and taken action before problems emerged or when the early warning signs were emerging.


    Like me and you, Lennon is Celtic to the core but like Tommy B his chance came too soon (and he couldn’t reject it). Again the Board should have seen this and should have known it was history repeating.


    There is no substitute for experience – well thought out tactics, well implemented – on and off the field (the reformed cardigan — you know, the one that used to sing the songs and didn’t like Match officials with Irish surnames, showed this with one purchase last season that won the day for them) unless you have talent like at Barca.


    The Board must look at itself (not on hypotheticals like should we have bought Fletcher) on hard facts and evidence and against a backdrop of the money they take out of the club in salary, benefits and dividends.


    They appointed Mowbray and Lennon, they invested only in youth, gambling on their ability to perform today and grow a re-sale value for tomorrow, they based the strategy and business model on what they thought would be a demise of Skint fc, 4 years of Reid and 8 of Lawell with what results?……stand up and be counted Celtic Fat Cats.


    And for the players….I could focus on Kayal’s contract distractions, Dan’s recklessness and toothlessness etc but one incident summed up where we are at for me …


    ……hurting after taking the family to Sion we are on the Easy Jet Glasgow-Malaga flight and there is Hooper and Commons, 5 weeks or so after their summer holiday, one recovering from injury and the other seriously off-form and just dropped from the Scotland squad off for a 5-day golf trip in Marbella…and using Twitter to keep a hurting support updated on the Golf score…………the folly of youth……the lack of management and guidance at the club.


    Sort it out Celtic.


    Sorry for long post, sore, sore, sore today and no pleasure in suggesting Lennon goes. Hail Hail

  22. repost from prev thread:-



    I heard that the average age of the Celtic team yesterday was in the region of 22.6 years.



    A team may get away with that if they had a wise old head in the dugout.



    However, with an equivalent, youthful coaching team on the bench, there was no experience on or off the pitch.



    In hindsight, perhaps a mentor would have been the way to go.



    But, like some others on here, my passion and enthusiasm is on the wane, pending the resolution to all of the corruption issues that bedevil the game.



    I have no interest in playing in a crooked game, where you are permitted to win the occasional hand, just to keep you sweet.



    Prosecute the cheats and clean up the game.



    Then, we can focus on the problems at Celtic Park.

  23. Celtic have gotten worse since last season and that surely has to be put at the door of the manager. Rangers play the same team every week (due to having a tiny squad) and as such they play as a unit and achieve results even when they do not play well (most weeks). Neil keeps changing his team, somtimes due to injury, which has prevented Celtic developing into a team, rather than a collection of players. He also does not know what his best team is or which formation suits his players best. Surely this is the most basic job of the manager and Neil is failing to manage even this. I will always love Neil for his service to Celtic as a player, but he is failing as a manager and surely needs to go before he tarnishes his great reputation with the fans.



    The big problem with Neil stepping down, is who would we get to replace him? Less than competitive wages, no transfer kitty and a poor squad will not attract a quality experienced manager. That means we either have to go with someone who has failed at another club or an up and coming manager, who may not be any better than NL was. I find myself wishing for the return of Martin O’Neil, but this will only happen if funds are made available to him. We need significant invest and a new manager to rip the title back from Rangers and send them off to administration hell with their tail betweens their legs. Dermot Desmond needs to step up and put his money where is mouth is!

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