Managerial appointments


Middlesbrough finished a point off the play-offs in the English Championship last season, which was not enough to save manager, Tony Pulis, from the sack.  Pulis is an experienced hand with teams fighting relegation from the Premiership or looking for promotion to it, having worked at Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom.

A month after the sacking, Middlesbrough gave rookie, Jonathan Woodgate, the job, with former Celtic striker, Robbie Keane his assistant.

Football teams have a tendency to overcompensate for their last perceived mistakes when appointing a manager.  Pulis was taken from a regular, if uninspiring, stock.  They have not made that ‘mistake’ with Woodgate.

The former Real Madrid defender will bring colour and excitement to the Riverside, at least in the short-term, but his chances of out-performing Pulis next season are open to debate.  Middlesbrough have the resources to attract managerial talent from most leagues in Europe or South America.  While these territories have worked well for others seeking improvement in England, there are significant risks.

Like Sunderland, who appointed St Mirren manager, Jack Ross, a year ago, they could have looked to less-risky Scotland, but can you name an appropriate candidate who would be up for this one?

Appointing a rookie is a big roll of the dice, to be avoided if possible.  But anyone who tells you appointing a sure-fire success is easy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  All you can hope to do is avoid sure-fire failures.

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    If big Mike were to buy them out the hun support would probably accept it…after all they are pretty shameless. (pretty and hun in the same sentence?). And the media?…ooofff! They would love it…grovel, grovel.


    Hang in there Dave, we’re rooting for you… :-)

  2. BANKIEBHOY1, TinyTim, Weebobbycollins..



    It’s not beyond DCK to eat humble pie. Remember after he usurped Ashley, he went cap in hand for the second (£5M) tranche of the £10M Ashley had promised to put into the Club.



    Many Rangers Directors are up to their neck in it, DCK having the extra expense of the ToP ruling. Their cash for equity swap looks a bit odd… they could be taking another hit for their beloved Rangers, or they maybe a buyer out there who will get the cincert party out of the mire…



    DCK and chums have failed to deliver on every promise, maybe with that in mind and the promise to stop the 9 or 10, the bears will realise their mistake in 2015…



    Let’s hope DCK has some more glib and shameless manoeuvers up his sleeve.



    As you say, we live in interesting times…



    Hail Hail

  3. I’m going to steal ?,s thunder. ?



    Word of the day:








    noun: perpetuity; plural noun: perpetuities




    the state or quality of lasting forever.


    “he did not believe in the perpetuity of military rule”




    a bond or other security with no fixed maturity date.






    a restriction making an interest in land inalienable perpetually or for a period beyond certain limits fixed by law.




    in perpetuity — forever.


    “all the Bonapartes were banished from France in perpetuity”



  4. I also think the Busted Flush might fancy one last turn on that unlikely dance flerrrr.



    All that “arms length” guff probably sees him comfortable enough and with enough restored brass-neck to have a go. I wouldn’t put it past him.



    I’ve long felt most of the skullduggery was a corporate shell-game ,allowing the Busted Flush to , in plain sight, walk away from his responsibilities, his imaginative financial schemes and any lasting embarrassment.




  5. It’s a moot point whether Mash would be interested in financing the huns? I don’t know about Newcastle but does he actually put much of his own money into that team or does the cash come from TV monies?


    He might prefer the Status Quo at Ayebrokes. The zombies will eventually buy the strips accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Let’s face it they were happy to buy knock-offs from Turkey ??



    Time will tell.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pog – the SMSM won’t touch it or any other financial fact.



    Will make the crash all the more shocking to their fans when it happens.



    Hail hail

  7. Mike Ashley is already making money fae the Huns (if they pay their bill) there is not a chance on this earth he will fling money at the chance of winning the Spl …. the £2m prize pot and possible CL qualification is, in my opinion no interest to him …



    Although I would quite like him to get the gig … zero hour contracts for Jimmy Bellend & co … always a positive :-)

  8. weebobbycollins on

    Wee Dallas has stepped away from European games…he will continue to help the huns here in Scotia…

  9. EMERALDBEE @ 8:39 PM,



    Yes, as wbc says, he’s resigned from the FIFA Elite list. My take, not voluntarily…



    Hail Hail

  10. weebobbycollins on

    Chairbhoy…I agree. Who would voluntarily give up that lucrative life-style?


    I still find it hard to understand how his auld man got the Uefa gig…doesn’t the pope have any influence in Nyon?

  11. CHAVEZ on 14TH JUNE 2019 9:25 PM


    GlasgowBhoy – if you have a car and you’ve got the time go south to Mantua (Mantova). It’s about half an hour from Lake Garda and it’s gorgeous.



    Chavez, hope you see this. Many apologies I didn’t see your reply last night, much appreciated. Today was spent mainly chilling but also watching the Bardolino triathlon, voted top 3 in the world by an American triathlon magazine. How anyone can do that in this heat? Words fail me! 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride, 10 km run. Gutted I was too late to register!

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If Maxwell shares the aforementioned “culture” is he likely to do anything about it?

  13. Oh, and I’ll probably fall asleep again in the next 10 minutes or so, but if anyone has any stories or tips about lake Garda, and I don’t reply straight away, I’ll be back in around 24 hours! Tomorrow, Lazise…




    Yes Huge must know where a few bodies arw buried that’s for sure.






    Apparently Maxwell blocked Referee Brown’s promotion as he fell foul of the SFA’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan. Not at all sure I heard Campbell Ogilvie mention that particular plan.



    Think for the time being it’s worth giving Maxwell the benefit of the doubt.



    GFTB @ 8:29 PM & LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE ? @ 8:34 PM,



    You could well be right after his experiences maybe the last thing Ashley wants to do when he sells Newcastle United is to get involved further in Football.



    His business has taken a few hits and has a few huge projects in the retail world but business wise, it’s far from daft.



    Of course TV money is a large part of the Football business, especially in 2/3rds of Great Britsin. None the less merchandising, sponsorship, gate reciepts are not to be sniffed at. Merchandising in football is huge. The Rangers brand is huge, of course it doesn’t have the Global pull of the largest European Clubs but neither do we and we do okay…



    The only reason Rangers are not as big as Celtic is because it is a very badly run business. The Rangers is a British brand, being most of England fans Scottish Club.



    It is 1/3rd the size of Celtic but imagine if it became three times the size – a £100M turnover, with the additional revenue and profits that brings. The value of the Club would rocket. He’d make at least as much out of merchandising and branding as he does with Newcastle United.



    He doesn’t have to be that creative, the business model is there in Parkhead, Glasgow. He only needs to clone it, then enhance it.



    As I say, his interest may or may not have waned but don’t for one moment think there is not serious money to be made. There is.



    Hail Hail

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just back from a day out at Celtic Park, tour and lunch for £30. Fantastic value and the food was excellent, would definitely recommend it

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Chairbhoy – cheers.



    If I may, blocked promotion to what?



    If he is a Grade 1 ref I assume this must be to the FIFA list?



    Regardless – if the SFA have a sectarian bigot employed in a key role, surely sacking is more appropriate than non promotion?



    Also, is the ED&I plan an SFA initiative? I always assumed this was an SG condition of getting public money?



    Hail hail

  17. Chairbhoy 9.26pm



    A voice (or even just a post) of reason, I both agree & disagree with your posts but mainly agree :-)



    Let the Huns diss a real billionaire and we also moan about our billionaire (if Dermot is one) … I sort of wish I could forget about all the money men or men spending other people’s money .. for me I want us to sign David Turnbull but also if money is everything let the boy live his life …



    Am pretty happy (clapping) until I have something not to clap about … last season I think a lot of our first 11 signed decent contracts … we need about 4 possible first team starters in my opinion … then we go again

  18. lets all do the huddle ? on

    tiger woods is dressed like a packet of parma violets



    what is it with golfers that think they can dress like fuds and get away with it?



    in fact, what is it with golfers?









    c’mon the tiger ????

  19. Let’s all do …



    Am pretty sure Tiger won’t criticise your chosen clothing :-)



    Mon the Dustin Johnson …. not sure what he’s wearing but 20/1 for world number one has got the short off ma back

  20. Chairbhoy



    The debt for equity swap. The most likely driver was UEFA FFP Break Even rules.



    I haven’t done any sums or checking but for those accepting shares as debt payment to keep the horse in the UEFA race I reckon its a bit like backing a donkey to win the Grand National after turning into Pegasus.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Son of Satan will be back on the UEFA list next season, as the ‘most improved referee in the country ‘ that is a cert

  22. From a Motherwell fan:



    Turnbull holding out for Bournemouth. Motherwell granted him permission to talk to other clubs with the understanding that they’d need to match Celtic’s offer.



    If true I’d pull the plug right now and focus attention on Harper and Co.

  23. Malone Bhoy 10.34pm



    I don’t think Bada Bing is too far away with a Sunday deadline … I really want us to sign Turnbull but like many of us .. make up your mind sign or don’t sign, even though I really want him far better players haven’t signed :-)



    What will be will be … and they Lawell character should have just gave him (& his agent) whatever they wanted … I think that’s how some think that’s how it works

  24. weebobbycollins on

    If you’re doing nothing else, have a look at this version of All Along the Watchtower…


    A few years ago a violinist friend of mine sent me this link…she said, ‘check out the violin player’…


    I did and I thought, wow! Great live version…Of course it’s a Dylan song but many think the Jimi Hendrix version is at least equal to, if not superior to Bob D’s…This, I thought was quite a performance…




  25. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Good morning from what will be a lovely sunny day here in Melbourne.


    Our bhoys playing the 4th placed team today and we’ve no strikers.


    Weemhan is in Vietnam prancing about with his hoops top on, and his


    big African strike partner is injured, so might just take my boots, but


    need to nail some new studs into thum.


    After the game it’s straight down the peninsula for our Social Celts day


    in a new venue, i’m sure PADDYMAC will have our place suitably adorned


    for a Celtic party.


    Could get used to this being a Celtic supporter.


    H.H Mick


    P.S HEBCELT you’re a gem.

  26. Melbourne Mick 11.11pm



    No strikers ?



    Just put the ball in the box and you’ll find a striker … easier job on a fitba Park … (black ash, red ash or grass) it’s still the same goalposts :-)

  27. Melbourne Mick: Enjoy your day. Dr. Marc is currently in Malaga but always speaks so highly of you, Paddy and all of the Melbourne crew.



    Keep it lit????

  28. Fairhill Bhoy … are you lurking ?



    Am not on SC these days but just got sent a wee interesting text :-)



    Give me a shout when you are next on the message is saved… my centenary friend :-)

  29. “TET- you were the first person I spoke to on here(31-8-18) and I would hate it if you left here because of one ejit from Coatbridge.


    Stay strong ?“



    That’s what fellow Celtic fans are up against



    Hail Hail … or maybe



    Hello Hello …



    A mask will always slip so it’s probably better just to be yourself

  30. Gotta laugh at all these suggestions that MASH could take over at Sevco and make it profitable…



    This club has been losing money, hand over fist for it’s entire existence.



    The loans & liabilities are massive.


    Don’t forget, the stadium itself is facing multi-million £s repair costs, if the roofs are as bad as suggested, it is possibly £20million+ .


    The assets have all been tied up in the loan deals. Some suggest that Sevco can bail out by taking the RFC mk 1 route, I am sure the Close Brothers are going to take that one lying down….


    I’ll bet they ensure no club can take the field at Ibrox until every penny has been recovered.



    And not forgetting, the biggest issue for MASH not wanting to be more involved than he currently is, the hordes of Sevconian hateful. Yes, the Newcastle fans hate MASH too but they don’t tend to get involved with gun, bombs, death threats, firebombs etc…, the standard fare of the Sevconian.



    Surely MASH is already at the point where he has realised, there is no more money to be had from this cesspit. The court case is likely to recoup him diddly-squat as the Sevconians will simply cry bankrupt, for in truth, they are.



    And then we have Hummel and the various sponsors, I am sure they are going to want every cent back.



    It will certainly be hilarious, if they still exist, to see the Sevconians turning out for official matches next season, wearing blue T-shirts with no RFC badge, no wee stars, no sponsorship, just plain old T-shirts.