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Middlesbrough finished a point off the play-offs in the English Championship last season, which was not enough to save manager, Tony Pulis, from the sack.  Pulis is an experienced hand with teams fighting relegation from the Premiership or looking for promotion to it, having worked at Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom.

A month after the sacking, Middlesbrough gave rookie, Jonathan Woodgate, the job, with former Celtic striker, Robbie Keane his assistant.

Football teams have a tendency to overcompensate for their last perceived mistakes when appointing a manager.  Pulis was taken from a regular, if uninspiring, stock.  They have not made that ‘mistake’ with Woodgate.

The former Real Madrid defender will bring colour and excitement to the Riverside, at least in the short-term, but his chances of out-performing Pulis next season are open to debate.  Middlesbrough have the resources to attract managerial talent from most leagues in Europe or South America.  While these territories have worked well for others seeking improvement in England, there are significant risks.

Like Sunderland, who appointed St Mirren manager, Jack Ross, a year ago, they could have looked to less-risky Scotland, but can you name an appropriate candidate who would be up for this one?

Appointing a rookie is a big roll of the dice, to be avoided if possible.  But anyone who tells you appointing a sure-fire success is easy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  All you can hope to do is avoid sure-fire failures.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH JUNE 2019 12:09 PM


    Not seen South of Tunis on here recently….hope all is ok…




    Currently subject to an undisclosed bid from Sentinel Celts with discussions ongoing.

  2. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 16TH JUNE 2019 11:00 AM


    Just reading that Shelley Kerr was considered for national team boss before they selected Steve Clarke…



    That was a ridiculous idea from the SFA…maybe they wanted to be seen as a modern, one-step-ahead organisation…Petrie listening to Dempster?…absolute joke people…get rid of pronto!





    Why? Because she’s a woman?



    Fellow pundit Steven Thomson is on record comparing her meticulous pre commentary


    Preparation to his own approach of just turning up and watching the game.



    Shelley Kerr would have been a better Scotland (men’s) team coach than Thomson could ever be or MacLeish was, though I suspect not as good as Clarke will be.



    Don’t make me go all Fenian Suffragette on you mhate!


    HH jg

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Chairbhoy @ 12:08 – thank you for info.






    Hail hail

  4. Chairbhoy



    Either the subject is too complex for the correct language to be used or the obfuscation is deliberate.



    I’ve just posted this on SFM where Petrie’s appointment was under discussion.



    You and others (SFTB/ Mahe) will appreciate the connection to Maxwel’s update.




    A couple of points.



    On Petrie: He chaired the Licencing Committee in 2011 that were either misled by RFC






    knew the importance of CL money to RFC’s survival via Andrew Dickson a Licensing Committee member and RFC official and so did not use their powers to check the veracity of the proof offered with HMRC.



    The current relevance is had a proper investigation taken place by SFA from June 2018 instead of batting the process past this June, then Petrie’s role would have to have been considered.



    When you add in his role in the 5 Way Agreement that included a reason why JPDT had to consider a referral to CAS that prevented such an enquiry in 2018 then the whole JP process re UEFA licence stinks so much the smell will pervade the next Celtic AGM.



    On the Maxwell intervention on UEFA licence: even if Petrie is not going to sit on the Board that will consider what to do about the case, who believes he will not influence it because he is at the heart of the biggest deception in Scottish football. Sepp Blatter would be proud of him.



    His elevation to Presidency further compromises the UEFA licence investigation that already has serious doubts about its coverage as it only blames CW submissions in June and Sept 2011 for non compliance and the only decision that should be reached is that UEFA are called in, not CAS who are an appeal court, to pick up from where Res12 efforts have taken matters.



    Anything other than a statement to that affect gives Celtic shareholders the right to demand that Celtic demand,not request but demand UEFA independent scrutiny and the next AGM is the place for that in order to close Res12.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    Unfortunately, looks like I’ll have to give up the horses…gip from the hip…getting too old I suppose…swimming will ease the pain I hope…and there will be no gardening this afternoon…far too wet…yippee!!!

  6. Jamesgang 1.32pm



    Hope Solo (magic name)



    American World Cup winning goalie more or less said Shelley wasn’t a good manager and this is somebody who knows the women’s game, for me and I hope this doesn’t read sexist it’s a different sport from the men’s game, I would love MissGFTB to get into playing because I think in the next decade it could be a very profitable employment … but again different sport from real football :-)

  7. weebobbycollins on

    James Gang…yes, because she’s a woman…some day…maybe. At present? No chance…


    Women have some ways to go before that can happen…And I tend not to listen to anything Steven Thomson says…


    Anyway, you can go all whatever on me mhate… :-)

  8. weebobbycollins on

    I’m sure if i had a grandaughter playing football my opinion would be softer…but at present I don’t so my opinion is hard…good luck to the girls!

  9. Whitedoghunch 1.54pm



    Left Celtic last Monday … what’s Peter all about, Lawell has just let go the hottest property in the female market



    Shocking !



    Cheers for the link, I will be cheering on Clermont next season :-)

  10. weebobbycollins on

    Whitedoghunch…looks good. Is it new? Haven’t seen it before…


    Cheers for info…

  11. whitedoghunch on



    it is not new,


    Your doctor should be able to get you some sessions with the very very excellent physio team there

  12. Gary Gillespie 2.16pm



    I was thinking Hans Solo’s sister



    Killie new manager



    Used to play with Juve, maybe SoT will break his sabbatical :-) to inform us, think he was Contes assistant at Chelsea so maybe Stevie Clarke had a wee input

  13. Fool Time Whistle on




    Is Hope Solo related to Napoleon Solo?





    Naw, she’s on her her own.




  14. That Portuguese lady did not take up her position at Clermont FC , BUT……. she was replaced by another female who spent 3 years with them, before they reverted to a male coach. All of the coaches have seen Clermont-Foot finish in mid-table positions. It seems to be the ability of the coach and not the gender which counts. And I agree that Shelly Kerr’s selection and tactics against Japan were poor

  15. Just been taken out for a nice fathers day lunch, here in Santa ponsa. Any cqn’ers here

  16. What is the Stars on

    Hope Solo


    Former USA goalkeeper, good character, very outspoken critic of the American management team and soccer admin.


    RTE used her as a pundit for last world cup ( mens one).


    She campaigned for better wages for USA ladies but also railed against the perception/fact that soccer in US is a middle class game and that thousands of good young players (men and women) from poor Hispanic backgrounds were being lost to the game because of this.


    A feisty gal…I like her

  17. WITS 2.37pm



    I said to my good lady on Friday I wish more pundits were like Hope … criticism isn’t always a bad thing

  18. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 16TH JUNE 2019 1:47 PM


    James Gang…yes, because she’s a woman…some day…maybe. At present? No chance…



    Women have some ways to go before that can happen…And I tend not to listen to anything Steven Thomson says…



    Anyway, you can go all whatever on me mhate… :-)





    I read this and blushed (almost)!



    Equality of opportunity will force its ways through. Eventually.



    HH jg

  19. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    We bought anyone yet ?



    Nope didn’t think so !



    As an aside the rainjurz paid more for Connor Goldson, than we paid for VVD (Haha)




  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ASWGL – re: Goldson and VVD :)



    Sevco haven’t actually paid for Goldson in full which is part of the financial dilemma they face.



    Who to pay?



    2nd instalments for Goldson, Katic, Barisic, Grezda, Lafferty and Murphy (remember him?)



    A signing on fee for Davis.



    Defoe’s wages during the summer. Jermaine doesn’t slum it on a 48 week p.a. contract and sign on during off season.



    3rd instalments for Morelos and Dorrans (remember him)



    Close Brothers






    Possibly Elite and Hummels for breach of contract.



    Tricky one.



    Hail hail

  21. Lennybhoy 4.43pm



    That would be great news, Tam Cowan was convinced yesterday it would be done ….



    Hope my good friend PV didn’t bend your ear too much yesterday, my good lady told me to jump in a taxi and join you both … but I thought better of it … one of these days you might not be so lucky :-) … PV is defo one of the good ghuys

  22. Alex Morgan on the bench.which is disappointing. USA to score,at least 5 and Carli Lloyd will get a couple. Even thoigh thexrelatively tall Chilean goalkeeper is pretty good. Fathers Day progressing nicely!

  23. Olivier Ntcham: “A departure from Celtic is possible yes… Marseille? Yes, they interest me. They are a big club. Marseille is a very big club, of course.”






    Ah well. That’s a pity (cracking player) but no use to us with that mindset. Get some good sheckles for him and we go again. Fancy moving my man crush to Schved 7 next season anyway.

  24. No Bobby Does It Petta on




    So, Turnbull hasn’t managed to find more money elsewhere, and has decided just to settle for Celtic?



    I’ll be astonished if he signs now.



    I’m astonished Celtic left an open offer on the table.