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Derek Adams propensity to waste time and then complain about time being added on should not obscure the fact that he is a remarkably productive football manager.  Ross County, from Dingwall, population 5,000, are sitting fourth in the SPL and remain in touching distance of a place in Europe.  No need to highlight their Scottish Cup campaign in 2010.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Aberdeen have asked Ross County for permission to speak to him.  On the face of it, Aberdeen should fancy their chances of recruiting Adams but County are confident for a reason.  SPL, and in Owen Coyle’s case First Division, managers have been recruited by well-paying English clubs at levels the likes of Aberdeen cannot compete with.  County chairman, Roy McGregor, is likely to advise Adams to hold off for a more lucrative move south.

When Jimmy Calderwood left Dunfermline for Aberdeen in 2004 chairmen John Yorkston explained his surprise at Calderwood heading north, explaining that he believed one day Calderwood would move to Ibrox.  Aberdeen proved to be a plateau for Calderwood, as it has been for most over the last couple of decades.

If they don’t get Adams chances are they will go back to Motherwell; back-to-back second place finishes are exactly what is needed at Pittodrie right now.

Best of luck to Gordon Strachan on his first competitive game as Scotland manager tonight.
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    Dammit,bridesmaid duties as usual!

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    DontPatmadug 10:51 on 22 March, 2013


    Does the stockmarket know something we don’t? RFC share price in freefall this morning.



    Maybe someone won the crossbar challenge…..?

  3. Dharma


    Why don’t you try going for a pint with BT, its an experience. The blog is great for debate, meeting with CQNers is bizarre, even the grumpiest bassas on the blog turn out to be great guys in my experience. Make friends everywhere, is that not the Celtic way?





    Seem to be agreeing with your posts on the bill, more and more….worrying!





    International weekends are rubbish……








    Yorkston might have been insider-dealing with his comments about the pocket-billiards genius’ move to Ibrox,bearing in mind recent revelations!

  5. Kikinthenakas,


    I would if I could, however responsibilities and finances dictate otherwise.


    I suspect that BTs post was more of an attempt to defuse the situation, which should have worked.


    Anyway, I’ve already said too much on the subject, I’m sure Philbhoy is big enough to speak for himself without anyone putting words in his mouth.

  6. NatKnow, I know one football club keeping an eye on things there.



    kikinthenakas, going for a pint with BT is an experience every Celtic fan should have, at least once.




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    12:26 on 22 March, 2013



    Would need to be good they use a medicine baw.

  8. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on



    I’m hoping that you are just whetting our appetites for a slightly more juicy exclusive about Calderwood later today ;0)

  9. tomtheleedstim on

    glasstwothirdsfull – more likely someone won the cross bear challenge. I have a tenner on McCoist.

  10. Tech advice required.



    See when you download a programme or update or the like, and the download goes into the Download folder, can you then empty that folder?



    I have a lot of clutter on my computer and wish to dump what I don’t need.



    Any help appreciated in advance.





    Good man-never admit to a hangover!



    I’ve never had one,but my Dad reckons that if I did,I wouldnae drink so much……..



    I’m back for a fortnight from 20th April-if yer in town around 7pm that night,and company permitting,it would be a pleasure (mine,not theirs)



    Otherwise,a home game on the 20th which is slated for a wee get-thegither for a few of us dafties,inc 16 ROADS,who is threatening to teach us how to drink,erm,whiskEy of all things.



    I’m not leaving home that day without a blinkin’ train timetable,I can tell you!!!!!!!!

  12. Rangers shares in free fall


    Greggs profits in decline


    Coisty is conspicuous by his absence recently


    Don’t want to start any rumours but could they be linked……..





    The occasion for 16 ROADS is the 27th,not the 20th!



    Got a feeling even a train timetable isnae gonna be much use after all,haha…….

  14. 50 shades of green on

    dont think Adams will leave the county again.



    left them before and it didnt really work out for him, and i think that being the first man to take county into europe will be to strong an attraction for a died in the wool county boy.



    cant see dons fans being to happy with big tell from a wee bit south of dingwall either.and the mullet would be aff his nut to go there from murderwell.



    i think the ex scotland manager with no strikers could be the sheep hearder next season, although a dark horse could be Houston ( nae problems jokes please:-)).



    Might also add i couldnt really care. but really hope Adams stays with county.

  15. As Sevco can lift their First title this weekend-A wee bit of banter with a hun in denial (you know the type) last week.He was spouting lies about the 755 th league title blah blah blah……… I said ” you should always celebrate every piece of silverware as if it’s your first…..as a matter of fact……. (you can guess the rest)..”


    * for best effect shout across a crowded bar*





    Easy to say when yer six fit twentyseven……

  17. BT


    I’ll go for a pint with ye anytime……





    Be good to meet up and have a beer and a chat whenever your circumstances change.



    R Derek Adams, has he not had some horrendous bans for calling out refs?




  18. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Dharma – totally diffused, as far I’m concerned.



    BMCUW – we’re away on holiday from the 25th! Have a good sesh.



    Has anyone seen the Celtic View yet and can confirm the presence of lots of big bums?!




  19. Paul67



    I thought this from the Ross County web site interesting in the proper way to develop a football club.



    ” In 2005 George Adams arrived at a Club which, like many in Scottish Football, had financial difficulties to overcome. By establishing a sound business model and exercising good governance – no mean feat when faced with the varying highs and lows both on and off the field experienced by any football club – Ross County stand as an example that success in Football requires more than simply throwing money at it. Wage structures are set with the goal of ensuring the long term stability and development of the Club rather than with the aim of buying short term glory. The players at the Club understand and believe in the ethos of a Football Club which is guided by ‘Football People’, with a Manager and Director of Football fully focussed on giving them the best platform possible to grow and develop as players. This has led to a team mentality and a culture of ‘us and we’ rather than ‘you and me’, the greatest testament to which comes on the pitch but which is also evident in the atmosphere at training and around the club every single day.”

  20. Joe Ledley 20/1 first goal tonight with bet 365 and betVictor,i’m sure he will get a warm welcome tonight…….

  21. George Osborne can keep his penny off a pint. Just back from the local German offy, getting rid of my ‘ ginger bottles’ some cracking beers as usual, just got some of the following at €0,99 a bottle, yes 99 cents works out at €1,98 a litre (£1.69). 8.2 %






    Takes me back to the days when I used to visit the Boswell hotel up by Hampden,


    bizarrely named the Country Club, many years ago before it was taken over by Tennents ( I think) and ruined.


    They used to sell all the continental beers German, Belgian, Italian, Czech, etc. The other place that was good for that was the old Greek Taverna lounge when it was still owned by Frixos (?) I think it’s now the Mulberry St.


    Nakas, you are right on the money I hate weekends without Celtic, gave the blog a miss last night too much moon howling going on, possibly due to the lack of Celtic fix.

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