Managers are keen to use record transfer players


Football is all about the creation and utilisation of space.  The first thing Leigh Griffiths did to create the goal last night was leave space in the box for him to exploit.  If Leigh occupied the traditional centre forward position, there would have been no space for him to leave his marker and the goal would not have happened.  This is a striking example of football intelligence.

Until that moment, Celtic were disarmingly impotent.  Too often this season we have been dependent on opponents making a defensive mistake, and, if like St Mirren they don’t, we look laboured.

It was difficult to assess Filip Benkovic against St Mirren on Friday, he was never pressed and was skinned once, but you could see what all the fuss was about last night.  The Croat looks the real deal: fast, good in the air and comfortable on the ball.  He will take more responsibility in the weeks to come.

Celtic improved when Brendan Rodgers abandoned his initial plan on 57 mins, replacing Tom Rogic and Forrest with Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston.  Almost immediately, Callum McGregor burst into newly available space (my word of the day) in the box.  From then on Rosenborg were under pressure.  The entire stadium knew the game was there to be won, we just needed our chief goal-scorer on the field.

When managers break transfer records for a player they are keen to play him, but leaving Odsonne alone inside the box isn’t working.  We have options for Rugby Park on Sunday, but our treble goes on the line at the League Cup quarter-final at McDiarmid on Wednesday.  We need to be ready for it.

I’m nine days from the Great Scottish Run half marathon, which I’m totally unprepared for.  The ‘Why did I say I’d do this?’ thought has occurred, but you know why.  If you and I cannot do our best for the Celtic FC Foundation, we are missing a whole lot of what it means to be Celtic.

The Foundation means we can connect right back to that hall in Calton in November 1887, when Bro Walfrid said, “Let’s form a football team to help feed the poor.”  This is where we came from and, if you and I have any say in the matter, it remains a central part of where we are going.

If you can help sponsor me for the Foundation, please do so here.

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  1. Team for Killie





    Ajer Boyata Benkovic Tierney


    Brown Mulumbu


    Johnston Christie Morgan






    The manager decided Boyata was staying and initially decided Dembele was staying. He changed his mind after Dembele acted up in training again he decided to sell.



    The manager picks the team and sets the tactics and to me it seems that the problem is against Teams who defend in depth. The team do not know how to break other teams down and even last night we had to rely 0n a sub with goal scoring instincts.



    There is something wrong with the relationship of the players and the manager. Do the players have doubts, what has caused this dispute. Are the French players in a huff because Dembele left. Has Lustig become dissatisfied.



    Brendan needs to get it fixed as the players look disinterested

  2. Canamalar,



    I cannot answer your question . Any answer would be purely hypothetical as only Moussa , BR and a few insiders know the truth.



    But I believe that BR had the final decision . Do you not?








    More fantasy to support failed asset management



    So really, PL is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I believe the evidence speaks for itself, the agents of the two players the manager made a point of wanting to keep were given permission to find other clubs, unless you believe BR was lying about agreeing permission for the agents who else has the authority to give permission?

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Do players not have any responsibility anymore is it all down to BR…………………….



    tactics, formations, instruction are all good until you step over that white line then the responsibility is yours, FFS by all means criticise the manager but have good reason too.



    i dare not comment on our CEO as ive no time for snakeoil salesmen and it wouldnt be constructive

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The CEO has his own agenda which was obviously not shared with the manager if two of his most highly rated players were to be sold behind his back.


    It was the CEOs job to support the manager not stab him in the back.

  7. Although its last weeks talk of the fitbaw steamie and I’ve no wish to divert from “Space, The Final Frontier” I came across this collection from Peat in 2010.






    Among it is a CQN blog that I’ll now paste in full for entertainment purposes only – honest. It might persuade you to read the other stuff. Fascinating that 8 years later we have moved not an inch.



    Celtic campaign for fair refereeing stings SFA



    SFA president, George Peat, is always good value, “We find it disappointing and somewhat bizarre that, in the build-up to an Old Firm (sic) derby, an unnamed Celtic ‘source’ would seek to exert additional pressure on match officials by issuing ill-timed and fundamentally inaccurate comments”.



    This follows a BBC report that a Celtic ‘source’ expressed the club’s concerns about Scottish referees to the broadcaster. The comments attributed to Celtic are fairly prosaic, “We are considering contacting the SFA to highlight our concerns at some of the major decisions we feel have gone against us this season”.



    Mr Peat should know that this is the right of every association club, a right exercised by more than just Celtic. Under no way are clubs obliged to keep such concerns a secret.



    Robbie Keane was flagged offside five times against Hearts, four of which the player was onside, the Celtic source suggested, “It seems that officials are struggling to keep up with his pace.



    “Several key offside decisions have gone against him purely because of his speed.” Evidence suggests this is an entirely reasonable observation.



    The source goes on to say, “The refereeing performances are a concern and a frustration to us,” no more than what referee’s chief, Hugh Dallas, said himself in recent weeks.



    In a fit of pique, Peat revealed, “In actual fact, discussions between the Scottish FA and Celtic have taken place, but the contents of these discussions will remain private, as was agreed with the club.”



    The BBC source did not reveal the contents of discussions with the BBC, nor did they reveal that discussions had taken place, although both matters appear to be in the public domain thanks to Peat.



    Celtic have made repeated representations to the SFA over referee’s performance this season; a steady stream of letters, phone calls and DVDs have flooded into Hugh Dallas office to little avail – although the moment Keane’s onside goal against Dundee United on Saturday was allowed to stand I referred to Celtic’s recent highlighting of his pace to Dallas. Advice that went along the lines, “You have to tell your assistant referees that Keane is faster than any player in Scotland”.



    The timing of Celtic’s expression of concern seems to anger Peat most, his suggestion being that the club, are trying to “exert additional pressure on match officials”.



    He could not be further from the truth. All Celtic have asked for is a far crack of the whip. After result-changing referee performances in both games against Rangers this season, there is as much chance of Celtic getting this without a careful and planned request, as finding the proverbial snowball in Hell.



    Discussing evidence submitted to the SFA of poor refereeing is perfectly fair game, especially when we live in a land where officials with Irish names are called out by a club with a long and undignified history of prejudice against the Irish.



    Peat is surely trying to raise a laugh when he says, “I am sure the Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell, will be concerned by the fact that someone has elected to speak on behalf of his club, seemingly without consent, and therefore undermined his authority.”



    Maybe it was Scott McDonald again!



    I’m glad this story is out; I must have spoken to dozens of narcissists on the subject this season who believe that if a newspaper hasn’t told them Celtic have done something, it has not happened.



    And don’t think it’s only the board the SFA have heard from on this subject, the manager has been personally involved in those discussions Peat referred to. Just because he is not grandstanding does not mean Tony is ‘taking it on the chin’.



    A fair and balanced performance is the request. If we score good goals, we expect them to be awarded. If our players are fouled in the Rangers box, we expect all to be rewarded by penalties. If our players break free onside, we do not expect to be flagged offside.



    No more and no less.




    By Paul67 on February 24, 2010 8:24 PM

  8. So you get upset with referees….you seek some form of retribution….well eat yer heart out,



    Ronaldo has God on his side….they know how to threaten revenge and they’re comin’ for the MIB!






    (Mind you I’ve just seen it and that is so bad it’s as if it was planned!!!)



    Hail Hail




  9. FRED COLON on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 3:22 PM


    Who would win in a fight between Wishbone Ash and Thin Lizzy ?





    Wouldn’t that be a strange matchup:)



    A bit like a boxer fighting a wrestler:



  10. i have been saying for a while now that SB & ON don’t work playing together to smiliar , its one or the other definitely not both , also agreed we stifle our midfield play by overcrowding that area, you got the best of CMcG following our subs, putting on LG,SS & MJ forward players allowed CMcG to go back into the centre from being stuck out wide left an allowing the ‘space’ for our midfield to work/play other than taking the easy option and pass to someone else in the midfield due to overcrowding as we did not have forward players available.


    BR has his favourites than seen to play no matter what but playing 3-6-1 against st. mirren and 4-5-1 last night does’t work especially with only OE upfront who cannot play with his back to goal.

  11. Brendan was brought in to make the supporters look the other way when Sevco FC came into the top league, so that the PLC could sneakily agree to, and implement, the £49 Rangers FC Old Firm ticket pricing structure, for Sevco FC v Celtic FC games, so that…..


    1. The PLC board wouldn’t have to deal with the same club issue, as when a Celtic supporter purchased one of these £49 tickets, then the Celtic supporter’s would have indicated that they had moved on, and with immediate effect, the same club issue was killed stone dead.


    2. The PLC board could shaft the Celtic Old Firm supporters, by charging £49, now £50 I believe, and that the PLC board could shaft the Celtic supporter’s with such ease, sent out the message from Celtic Park, that the PLC and the Scottish establishment could rest at ease, without having to punish Rangers FC for all of their deeds, as the Celtic supporter’s have moved on.


    Brendan is no longer needed as the PLC board’s same club fudge / squirrel, what the next question should be is…..is Brendan a willing squirrel,or will he be flung under the same bus as every other Celtic manager ?


    Only empty seats will set you free, from the complicit PLC.


    Who are the “real” gullibilly’s ?





  12. Ron67


    I do not see Olly and Broonie being similar at all. I think they complement each other well. My concern is more with having Calmac and Tom Rogic in the same midfield. I don’t think that works too well.



  13. Kev


    Being a PLC gives anyone the opportunity to buy shares and gain control of the club – so instead of just coming on here and insulting supporters with your gullible tag – go and form a movement e.g. ‘Celts for Change’ – start buying share – if you really want the board out then’ that’s the way to do it’









    Mind you, overall we could/should have scored 4 or 5 given the clear chances we had. The we segment of highlights available on Newsnow reminded us just how many opportunities, good opportunities, we had. Exciting night!



    *I only saw the 2nd half last night, schools back in and grampa’s taxi duties are back on, I thought that we played a very professional game against an experienced European side who have already played us twice so far this early in the season so know how we play.



    In BR’s 1st season we all marveled at how he could change the game early on with his subs, he tried that last Friday bringing on LG and Ryan Christie, unfortunately that move never transpired to goals although IMHO both should have scored with what I thought were easy chances.



    Last night again he made the move early doors in the 2nd half with Scott and young Mikey coming on, both looked sharp and chances, few as they were, were not converted so another sub this time our only true goalscorer and we have the 3 points required.



    Early on in the day the much maligned WGS had a go at peat, wee Gordon was never liked at Parkheid as a player, in fact detested is a better word as he was a wee nyaf and yet the Big Mhan coveted him, however the dundee huns true to type widnae sell him tae us, a bit like Stevie Murray who went tae the sheep first, unfortunately although we got the former Tradamus Lampada school captain they were never for selling us Gordon.



    Anyway, in his description of the 2 games that they only had tae tie 1 of he mentioned big Jans winner, this was a game where they started with 5-4-1 and reverted tae 4-4-2 when they brought on the odious Ignatius, he was voted MOTM by the BBC BTW, who equalised, in the 94th minute while naesurname, chauncey, the quisling mcdowell and bigot bell were high fiving and hugging each other the much maligned and former hibbee captain heid swung a speculative, or so it seemed at the time, cross over, another oft criticised player skippy headed it back intae the box where big Jan back headed home, Parkheid exploded.



    Last night another former hibbee captain launched again a thought to be speculative lob intae the box, “I would even him myself tae the airport” Dedryck nodded it down for another Leith lout lol brilliantly heading our winner, Parkheid again exploded.



    And yet after such a controlled and professional there are some on this site castigating not just the players and manager but mr heated driveways as well (© antipodean quim who now is having a go at James Forrest), some but not all are hunterlopers including big g runt.



    Meanwhile across the river they are salivating at gaining point against the reserve side of a team that are joint 4th bottom of la Liga having won only 1 game and with only 2 goals scored and 3 conceded already 8 points behind Barca. A side that although short of 9 first team players could have scored another 3 or 4 goals against the best defense in the country or so we are told.

  15. One transfer we all missed…




    Winning Captains


    Staff member




    Last seen Viewing forum Celtic chat · A moment ago



    From Celtic Noise. Or maybe it was just me.

  16. Tontine


    I have had my holiday in Benicassim for many years now. Beni is 10 miles from Villarreal in the Castellon region of Spain. As a result, Villarreal have become my favourite Spanish team, and my second team to Celtic. I have visited their ground regularly over the last decade. I follow Submari closely. I have never heard of 9 of their starting 11 from last night. This was a 3rd choice Villarreal team last night. Let the tribute act, think they are good.

  17. Canamalar


    Unless anyone on here was in the room, it is entirely possible that a player may have told Celtic that he wanted to leave. The truth is out there somewhere.



    Greetings from the southern Med, about 3 hours out airborne to Glasgow. HH

  18. GENE on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 4:34 PM




    Or, maybe i’ve already got the best method, which i’ve been deploying since MO’N walked, keep my season ticket money away from the complicit PLC board’s hand’s, keep it in my pocket, and comfort myself in the knowledge that, at least the complicit PLC board urny shafting me!


    Or, I could be like you, pay up, shut up, sit at the back of the bus, and suck it up.



  19. TIMHORTON on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 4:38 PM





    did you watch the game on the computer, if so what stream



    *I got a sausage on here he’s goal i believe







    I have had my holiday in Benicassim for many years now. Beni is 10 miles from Villarreal in the Castellon region of Spain. As a result, Villarreal have become my favourite Spanish team, and my second team to Celtic. I have visited their ground regularly over the last decade. I follow Submari closely. I have never heard of 9 of their starting 11 from last night. This was a 3rd choice Villarreal team last night. Let the tribute act, think they are good.



    *they are also playing their closest rivals who are a point behind them this weekend.

  21. One of the huns had a fake strip on last night, against the rules, but rules don’t apply to thems…..we got a fine for Armstrong having the wrong colour of bib on warming up one time…

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