Manchester City v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.



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  1. That was a penalty


    Roberts clearly pulled back


    Corner given


    Lustig booked for protest

  2. Terrible refereeing there. I struggle to understand what the purpose is of the official on the by line, they never seem to get involved or assist with a decision even when it happens right in front of them. Utterly pointless

  3. Stonewall penalty.


    Attacking wise we’ve been superb.


    A great performance so far and unlucky not to be ahead at the break.




  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOZ on 6TH DECEMBER 2016 7:38 PM


    Drawing 1-1 at 89 minutes and we sneak a late winner.. that would do for me







  5. Playing well, keeping the ball well.


    Loved BR’s reaction to the goal, no over reaction, just a raised fist, cause that’s what he expects his team to do.



  6. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on



    What is it with the security round the Celtic support?



    I’m right at the rails. Someone from the City fans flung a pie and the Bhoys sent in a volley of pies and coke and they went apeshit.



    Polis moved in to make sure it didnae go Pete tong.



    No problems though just some banter.



    Bhoys playing well so far.





  7. cathedral view on

    Good first half.



    A little luck, sharper finishing or the officials awarding that clear penalty and we could be leading this match.

  8. Well this may be a dead rubber and aĺl that but stomach churning as per usual in a CL game.



    They are quick on the break but we are playing well and should have had a penalty there.



    Mon The Hoops




  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So far so good.


    Simunovic and Forrest good.


    Roberts penalised for his honesty.


    Deserve something from this game.

  10. Bet decent first half


    At times we need to be stronger on the ball, as to easily dispossessed


    Also, some pace in that City front line, so well done defence




    Will win the 2nd half :-)

  11. Starry plough- your comment to Kevj that you were a Hamilton jungle bhoy!me to got the bus at the palace gruns;no sure your age bud

  12. Soz (8:25pm), exactly.



    i’vehadtochangemyname (8:29pm), their man should have been booked for that foul on Armstrong. It was AT LEAST reckless play (possibly even dangerous) and could have resulted in a serious injury. And if Izzy on Suarez is a penalty, then how is that tug on Roberts NOT a penalty? We should be asking UEFA to explain the difference, or to admit that there are different rules for the big clubs from the big leagues and the paupers that are in there just for padding.

  13. IF Paddy had of went doon we’d have got the penalty, we need to be a bit more cute in the CL.



    Sitting with a guy from the same country as the mibs…………….says they are rotten to the core :-)

  14. Cracking first half display. The difference in composure , confidence and belief with Stuart Armstrong , compared to a matter of months ago is nothing short of incredible.

  15. Celtic better team and should be ahead.



    Brown again magnificent .



    Roberts, goal withstanding and Dembele disappointing

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