Mancini’s disrespect for Celtic and Rodgers


Roberto Mancini must have watched plenty of Celtic while planning for the teams Europa League meeting, but there was little to concern the Italian.  So much so, he picked an attack-minded team for the Celtic Park leg, and arranged a four-day stay over in Italy before the team headed to St Petersburg.

For a side that looked to be in desperate need for time on the training field, spending more days at airports and in hotels does not look like wise planning.  When heading to the dressing room on Thursday night, the last thing anyone in the Zenit party must have wanted was more time on the road, after their trips to Dubai and Turkey.  This team needed to get home to find their game face.

It is clear that Zenit failed to show Celtic or Brendan Rodgers sufficient respect in thinking they could win the tie in Glasgow.  They are a powerful side, so the outcome remains open, but the question Mancini will most struggle with, is ‘Where did that Celtic performance come from?’  He has no idea what to expect from Celtic in St Petersburg, nor do his players.

There’s been a bit of chat online about the risk, or otherwise, to Celtic fans in St Petersburg this week.  Celtic’s Supporter Liaison Officer, John Paul Taylor, has been in touch with SLOs from Liverpool, Rosenburg and Benfica, each of whom faced Zenit recently.  Their advice is:

“All Clubs recommend that fans use the buses which will depart from pick up point close to the Petrovsky stadium (see map attached) they stated that this is the safest way to get to the Stadium.  Fans are asked to be at the pick up point at 18:30 and Police will lead the buses in a convoy at 19:00.

“Fans who travel with Celtic Travel should use their own buses and all other fans should use the municipal buses, there will be a few of us on hand to provide assistance if required.  At Full Time, fans who are on the Celtic Charter must return to their own bus as these will head straight to the airport.  I’ve asked that the municipal buses take fans back to the Petro Palace Hotel but it looks like they will only take fans back to the original pick up point, if this changes I’ll update it on my twitter @CelticFCSLO

“The other advice given was that fans should not wear colours if going into town at night, all three Clubs stressed this quite strongly and also advised fans to stay in larger groups, their advice was not to walk around town in small numbers.

“As far as we are aware, taxis are the best way to get around, the Metro is available however Liverpool fans encountered some issues when using the Metro again though this was when it was fans in small groups.”

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  1. OLDTIM67 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2018 11:46 AM



    There’s nothing wrong with your grammar so stop worrying about something as insignificant. You and others are eloquent enough when giving us history lessons or expressing a well thought out point of view.


    Anyhoos the winter will soon be over and the weather will have improved, depending on your point of view ( far too hot for me here in Brunei) and I will be back in 3 weeks looking to have a wee swally with you and the other BV Troubadours. Just need to get the wife a job in Scotland as I really cannot settle here.

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    One Night in Lisbon dinner and celebration.



    Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park, Friday 25th May 2018.



    Hi, we are recreating the Spirit of 67 with a repeat of the dinner we held in Lisbon last year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of winning the big cup.



    However, for the 51st anniversary we are holding a dinner at Celtic Park complete with 3 course meal, welcome drink, musical and video entertainment, some live presentations, a charity auction and raffle — and a whole load of singing and laughing.



    The proceeds of the night will go to The Celtic Charity Foundation and the 67 Kitchens they are developing with Mary’s Meal which will feed 80,000 kids throughout the world.



    There will also be some smaller donations to other charities.



    This will be a very social occasion where you can meet friends old and new in the spirit of Lisbon.



    It will also hopefully be a celebration of the current team achieving a remarkable double treble with the Scottish Cup hopefully being won the week before! Fingers crossed.



    If you would like to go, then e-mail me at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk but be quick as the seats are going fast!!



    Price £65/head and the dress code is smartish/casual but definitely green and white.



    The big cup and all other trophies will be available for photographs.



    Note: This is not an official Celtic PLC event but we are using the club facilities and will have the trophies etc present with the assistance of the club.



    If you fancy a good old fashioned European Singsong with friends then get in touch.



    Bring your friends, bring your family, but most of all bring a smile and laugh.



    Celtic in Lisbon — Making some noise for the bhoys!







  3. Surprised to read that but I guess it’s generic advice for almost every away trip.



    Stay safe.




    There’s a CQN doo on May 25th,Do you think you will be available, the treat is on me if you fancy it, It’s in the Kerrydale Suite, Table booked and, your welcome if you can manage it.




    If you want to escape the heat and humidity of Brunei, spend a couple of days up Mount Kinabalu. You even have to wear a jacket at night!

  6. Old Tim, BRTH has been in touch with me about it and I will be there. I’ll speak to you about it when I’m back in March.






    I was in KK when I was here last year. We went island hopping but didn’t make the mountain. I have a mate coming over this weekend for 2 weeks so that might be on the cards or possibly Mulu, to keep ACGR happy as he keeps recommending it.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  7. ‘It is clear that Zenit failed to show Celtic or Brendan Rodgers sufficient respect in thinking they could win the tie in Glasgow.’



    To be fair plenty of Celtic supporters thought they would win too. Not sure I agree with that sentiment anyway. You could make the same argument about how much respect, or the lack of which we showed St Johnstone and Kilmarnock.



    Hard to predict how the tie will play out. I expect they will be a completely different side on home soil. We will need to play extremely well and carry some luck to have a chance to progress. They won all three home games in the group stage, 3-1, 3-1 and 2-1 respectively so there is a glimmer of hope in that they conceded in each game.



    One thing is for sure, we will learn a lot about this Celtic team and the Manager in the next 8 days. 3 huge games lie ahead.

  8. GREENPINATA on 20TH FEBRUARY 2018 1:01 PM


    Old Tim67



    That is a great honour getting compared to James Joyce.



    I’m sure VFR800 would compare most of us ( myself included ) to William Mcgonagall.



    Keep posting and HH.

  9. Zenit team just now at the airport in Rome. They will be late afternoon in Sankt Petersburg.


    Mancini said to the journalist that he can win after tomorrow and go through to the next round.

  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    OLDTIM67 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2018 11:46 AM




    Read some of the posts on here and compare yours – you sound like James Joyce in comparison!




    I always find your posts very entertaining and informative so keep on posting!






  11. I’m sure Celtic fans will be fine over there .


    No russia paranoia required theres enough of that from our media and politicians.


    Anyway with the World Cup approaching they will want to make a good impression.



    Very good to see Russia hammer the US 4-0 in the ice-hockey at the devalued Winter Olympics .

  12. BRTH could I book 2 tickets for Mrs Hebcelt and I for the 25th. will email confirmation later. H H Hebcelt

  13. Mancini said


    – Мы проиграли из-за того, что проводили первый матч за 2 месяца. В итоге «Зенит» не совсем соответствовал ритму, заданному «Селтиком». Но 0:1 – тот счет, с которого можно легко отыграться в Петербурге.


    Which literally means:


    We lost because we played first game after two months. Generally we played not in the rhythm that was given by Celtic in that game. But 0:1 – this is result we can easely win back in Petersburg.

  14. I see people are noticing the lack of posts on here lately. Its true, when was the last time you asked the “are you a …” question. Dunno if its the Ads or cliques but there certainly seems less newcomers. I have noticed new names but they dont introduce as newcomers anymore.

  15. For any Irish based Tims around County Meath, there is a fundraiser for Mick Jardine on Saturday in Navan with raffle prizes ranging in value from €100 – €10,000.


    All the info can be found at http://www.mymatemick.com



    Hail Hail



  16. NAVANBHOY on 20TH FEBRUARY 2018 2:19 PM


    They’re some prizes btw. Well done on what you’ve raised already.HH

  17. I’ll repeat this. Refuse to pay your BBC licence. If enough people do so then the outside world will take notice.


    Secondly, ask EUFA how a proven bigot like Dallas has gotten to such a high position when he labelled a world leader, the Pope, a child abuser in an email?


    Further, how can it be possible for the SFA to allow him to incite other refs to strike action and then offer to call it off if he was re-instated?


    Lastly, under the Freedom of Information Act, how many members of the SFA, theJudiciary, the Scottish Parliament et ain’t, are members of the Freemasons or other groups?


    It would be interesting to say the least.

  18. Raymac,



    My wife would never countenance non payment of TV licence for footballing reasons.



    I would imagine many more on here would be of the same opinion.




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