Many will live the rest fo their days only seeing Celtic win the league


I’ve said for a while that very few people realise the enormity of what happened in Scottish football in 2012. Some thought there would be a three-year blip before ‘normality’ was restored. Until very recently prevailing perception is that the current ‘abnormal’ circumstances may last 10 years. The old normal isn’t coming back.

When I talked about how few people realised the permanent consequences of Rangers liquidation on the Scottish football to my brother, he was of the view that the penny wouldn’t drop until Newco were in their second season in the Premiership.

They had all the excuses in the world when they were in the lower leagues, and a genuinely good excuse during their first season in the top flight, but when things don’t improve in the second season, a retrenchment will start.

By then it will be evident that the legendary gap below Celtic is huge, that Newco are effectively cannon fodder, that their fans are a cash cow topping up the coffers of every club they visit (including Celtic), but that no matter what they pay for their season tickets, Newco will always be underfunded.

Season ticket sales at current levels are not sustainable to watch a team fail so miserably. Even this miserable team is not sustainable with the current business model. The retrenchment will be real and painful. Questions are now being asked about how they get themselves out of this mess (16 years too late). There will be no answer.

They will win the odd game against Celtic, and pick up a cup occasionally (if Ross County can do it anyone can), but Newco will only win the league if Celtic get their big move. Many football fans in Scotland will live the rest of their lives only seeing Celtic win the league. Just think of that for a moment.  Buying your losers ticket each season will be a painful business.  Some will find other things to occupy themselves with.

The real question that should be asked, is how sustainable is a Rangers club that’s as much chance of winning the title as St Johnstone? The answer will be evident by this time next season.


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  1. “Operant conditioning ”


    A process of changing behaviour by rewarding or punishing a subject each time an action is performed until the subject associates the action with pleasure or distress.



    I was just thinking we are reaching the point in our season where operant conditioning comes into effect.


    Normally when the Cup competition reaches the latter stages, we will benefit from some dodgy decisions in a league match which is already sewn up. Such as, a penalty v Hearts when 3-0 up. ( in this instance it was a stonewaller)


    Then of course, the ref who awards the decision takes charge of the SC semi final and at 0-0 or 0-1 he denies us a stonewaller. Complain that he’s a cheat and you’ll hear ” he gave you a penalty in the match at xyz ”


    This is the biggest threat to our treble ambitions this year.


    Ask yourselves if at 0-1 or 0-0 in SC semi we would get the same penalty decision we got v Hearts?




    No. 40 odd years of ‘Operant conditioning’


    We need to be 2 to 3 goals better than other teams until the end of the season to win the treble or/and go unbeaten.


    Dallas jr would be my bet as the main threat this season, though sadly, there are a few other prime candidates.

  2. For the next Sevco game, or before, the Green Brigade should produce a banner with Warbo’s ‘points what if rant’


    Would be up there with the ‘Scotlands Shame’ classic.




  3. foghorn leghorn on

    are there any CQNers out there who’s life is so tedious and boring that they would take on even the most mind numbing task just to liven their day up?



    well, i might have the perfect opportunity for you, so read on



    i don’t know whether it is just my perception or whether there is any truth in it,



    but over the past few years, i get the feeling that when we play midweek domestic games at celtic park, we never* score in the first half



    so, what i would like the ideal candidate (top saddo) to do, is look at the scoring for domestic league and cup games played at celtic park in the last 3 years (the candidate may increase this range if they are properly sad), and compare our first half goal scoring stats between those games played in midweek, and those played at the weekend



    if my theory is right, what is the reason?



    do the players take longer to get into their stride because there is usually a lower crowd and quieter atmosphere?



    i need to know the answer to this or i wont sleep at night ever again!!



    *when i say ‘never’…

  4. Blantyre Tim



    there was me and Jinkyredstar on Wednesday night deciding to pop into BV for a pint and see your good self, Old Tim and others only to find that none of you was there. Did somebody warn you we were coming?

  5. Paul67 – You can’t say that with so much certaincy, well unless you know something most Celts don’t know?



    Leicester last year defied every odds. I Love the Celtic but who knows who is out there ready to Defy every odds possible.

  6. That brother of your is Spot-On Paul67.



    And so is Twists N Turns – Hampden is the place where all this has happened and will happen again….



    The Victor Wanyama ‘handball’ penalty v Hearts in SC SF was beyond belief. No outstretched hand – the ball spun off the ground and hit (played) the big man on the hand – he never had a clue where the ball was going.

  7. Foghorn Leghorn –



    Would love to help but I’m more a close season count the dots man ;-)

  8. “Many will live the rest of their days only seeing Celtic win the league”



    So if we don’t get 10 in a row that means many of us will be deid in the next 4 years!


    I hope Brendan stays for at least another 40 years.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Top article, Paul.


    I thought the penny might have dropped when they finished third in the Championship two seasons ago. Up until then they could blame “punishments” for not being in the top league. After that they didn’t have that “reasoning”.


    The penny won’t drop until they come to terms with how the success of the old club was achieved – spending money they didn’t have.


    Being able to go head-to-head with Celtic over fifteen years was totally fake, but they can’t and won’t accept that.

  10. Young Kieran at the presser


    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 14m14 minutes ago




    KT on being a fans’ favourite: “It’s brilliant. I think the fans realise that I just support Celtic like them.”

  11. Foghorn Leghorn 1.15.


    Rather than worry about your theory ,invest on it.


    Celtic. Half Time – Draw . Full Time – Win.


    3/1 or 7/2 for your midweek candy . Simples. ;-)))

  12. !!Bada Bing!!,



    Thanks for the link.



    That Cash for Kids (grassroots football fund) thing is a Great thing by Radio Clyde. Well Done.



    Chris Davies.CSC

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Good to see you above ground again, talking your normal good sense.

  14. 50 shades of green on

    Just catching up with the blog since yesterday.



    Seems as though the breadman has gone a bit stale eh.Time to throw him to the ducks after all they have previous over on the south side for throwing the unwanted in the Clyde.



    Me I hope he stays for our 10 in a row and beyond.



    Next season he will be okay what with the downturn in season tickets and the one mile parking restrictions, hardly be any huns at ayebrokes,everybody knows that lot only do walking in the summer time.



    breadmanmuststay. CSC

  15. Chris Davies at the presser


    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 2m2 minutes ago




    CD: “We have a really strong mentality, have some good experienced professionals & young hungry players – a great mix.”

  16. Blantyretim



    I should be in the PV on Sunday with my minder (TBM) unless something out of the bue happens .. as has been all to often recently :(


    Tell H that V was askibg for her :)

  17. To many variables in football to be over-confident not forgetting the masonic tendencies of the MIB’S. Many of the Sevvies are daft wee boys that have been spoon fed the going for 55 narrative. They want to be there when it happens, plain and simply. When they realise it’s off the cards they will dissappear stage left just like they did 5 years ago. There’s a theory in the social sciences known as ‘longing for an imagined past’. It rings true here, Rangers football club was a myth build on debt, lies, tax evasion and bank subsidies. It’s an idea in people’s minds, quite simply it doesn’t exist. Glasgow is Green and White.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “but Newco will only win the league if Celtic get their big move. ”




    Interesting point, Paul. Do you not think newco are desperately trying to tie themselves to our brand so that if we get a move they might go with us?


    The MSM have been pushing the “old firm” terminology all season.


    If they finish second, 40 points behind us and one point ahead of Aberdeen this will be spun as being back (sic) at the top of Scottish football with Celtic!

  19. Just read this in The Herald’s online comments posted after an article about Dedryk’s improvement under Brendan.



    “John M Clark12:34pm Fri 3 Feb 17


    I think BR and his coaching staff have a distinct ability to get the very best out of players. We at Killie have a young man Kris Ayer who has arrived on loan from Celtic. He has personally stated that in the short time he has been under BR’s tutelage, he has learned more about the game than in all of his previous time playing football. I have only seen this eighteen year old in two live matches but I must say I am very impressed. He was brought to Celtic by RD as a mid field player. However it is my understanding that part of his loan agreement with Killie is that he is played as a centre back. Intelligent, athletic and at six five inches tall he is tailor made for the position. I happened to comment to a fellow Killie supporter that this lad was something special, to which his reply was “Naw he’ll no dae, we don’t need players we have to develop, we need players who are experienced.”


    Ten minutes into this lad’s second game for us, my fellow supporter turned to me and said ” My apologies , your right he is something special.”


    Over the years I have seen some excellent young players play for us and against us at RP. This young man with his skill, reading of the game, presence and command of his area, is really something else. I would go as far as to say that we currently have in our midst at Killie, a future Celtic and Norwegian national captain. If it be true, my thanks to BR for choosing Killie as opposed to Juventus for his loan deal. To you Celtic supporters I will say, you lucky people!”




    Score: 0

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    leftclicktic on 3rd February 2017 1:30 pm




    Young Kieran at the presser





    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 14m14 minutes ago










    KT on being a fans’ favourite: “It’s brilliant. I think the fans realise that I just support Celtic like them.”




    Absolutely magic!

  21. Twist@Turns was on earlier about conditioning. You have seen it with Celtic managers in Scotland. No picture of Neil Lennon ever showed him smiling, always shouting or snarling. Celtic fans were “paranoid”. Ronnie got it last year, big style. Every interview was a sneer.


    However, Brendan Rodgers has put a stop to it. No-one gets by with a snide remark. The thing is, BR looks like he will take no shit. Tight man, fit, ballsy, and way way head of the game on the pitch and off it.


    Celtic have made their best signing since Big Jock.


    By the way Paul, whatever happened to the dossier on Scots referees?


    Before I go–when people talk about referees, there’s loads of examples on Utube of decisions against Celtic and other teams. Next time a Sevco supporter talks about refereeing decisions ask them for a UTube site showing them.


    Also the ol’ after dinner talks where the same referees make a living talking about how they cheated Celtic and others.

  22. I’m not worried at all but Long term – I’d say that Hearts will provide Celtic with opposition – if we stay in Scotland.



    Anyway – it is all conjecture.

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