Marching Newco into the Sea one insolvency at a time


‘Starve your club of money until I get what I want’ is just about the measure of Glib and Shameless’ statement yesterday.  No one at the SFA, SPFL, the Glasgow City Council, the Co-op/Vatican Bank or Celtic could do as much damage to the Fledgling Rangers as Dave King’s pronouncement.

These people have taken so many wrong turns in this episode it is like they are being operated by a compulsive Karmic puppeteer.  There is a time for withholding ticket sales, Celtic fans did it 20 years ago next month, but Celtic fans had a plan, grassroots support, investors on hand, unencumbered by Fit and Proper concerns, or the law against directors of a liquidated business working in a company using the same or similar name.

Most importantly the Celtic ‘old board’ included some, like Kevin Kelly, who was committed to change, while even the hold-outs were died-in-the-wool Celtic men, if clearly misguided.  None of the decision makers would ever consider razing the stadium.

Fledgling Rangers are at the mercy of hedge funds, some spivs and a couple of ‘Rangers’ men, who must be increasingly frustrated at the attempts of others to usurp what they legitimately bought and paid for.

Before stepping off the ledge – and make no mistake, stopping fans from buying season tickets is the only way to kill not just a club, but any successor clubs – you need to be sure you are in a position to cut a deal, and that you have the cash to make it all possible.  If you don’t have a watertight plan, you are working towards the end of your football club and its dilapidated remains.

I would be utterly amazed if the Easdales or Laxey Partners submit to this Glib and Shameless series of demands.  If they do, I have seriously misread them.

King was on the oldco board when they walked slowly to the gallows, all for the want of the kind of money he now says is needed to make Newco competitive with Celtic.  His chance to bang the populist drum and raise some cash was in the years before the club, stadium, stock and bike were sold for a combined total of £1.

It makes you wonder if there is a plan to march the entire club, and all its symbolism, into the sea, before picking up the driftwood after another liquidation.  For a fan of the club that would be horrendous, but think of the rich pickings available to whoever can grab the assets.

This is high stakes poker, but those forcing the issue don’t have any skin in the game.  Even if the whole thing is washed away in the storms, they will avoid most of the blame.

Delighted to read Fergus McCann on the club site this morning:

“I am very proud when I see Celtic’s progress, its status in Scotland, and its worldwide reputation. Especially when I see the great work of Celtic FC Foundation carrying on the legacy of Brother Walfrid.”

Despite the perspective that the events of 2012 gave us I still meet people who just don’t get what he did for Celtic.  No football fan is under any obligation to worry about their club’s finances but the man at the top is, and when our top man wore a bunnet, our transformation was outstanding.

There is a little over two weeks to go before the CQteN St Patrick’s Night Dinner on Friday, 14 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park.  The beneficiary of  the night will be Kholoni Primary School, Malawi, where we will fund Mary’s Meals to build a kitchen for 1200 kids who currently don’t have meal facilities.

We have received some incredible assistance already (more on what happened in Germany and Belgium when I get the next stage of the development ready), but you can get involved by ordering a personalised beanie hat, with your name on one side and CQN on the other.

Hats cost £15 each and if you order before 7 March you can collect yours at the CQteN Dinner.  If you’re not attending the dinner (and why not?) the £15 will cover postage and packaging.  If you ordered a Virtual Ticket, you’re personalised hat is part of your package.  All profits go to the school kitchen.

Take a look at the front and back of the hats.  To order, email with name, whether you are attending CQteN and address if not, and I’ll get your message to Pat.

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  1. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Celtic Football Club‏@celticfc·21m


    Congratulations to Celtic’s record-breaking goalkeeper @FraseForster who has been named in Roy Hodgson’s latest England squad. (MH)

  2. In relation P67 latest article



    It was interesting to hear King rally the people with the doomsday scenario (for them) of CFC making the magic ten in a row and beyond.



    The thought of us getting that record will create a sense of panic amongst the current board backers who are now faced with the classic stick or twist situation.



    It’s very hard to keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs



    So let’s get inside the mind of them for one minute then you can go for a lobotomy



    King rallying the troops with the fear of a Celtic ten in a row could well be counter productive.



    Instead of giving them a clear path out of the conundrum he may well be just adding another crossroads of confusion.



    The Celts are already marching on the road to ten in a row with no obstacles in sight. It will take a lot to stop them more than what King can muster imo.



    Considering the faithful newco season bookers have been led up many blind alleys already by adding more roads to the map King may well send a few into the ditch.



    Expect to see more wrecks on the roadside as the newco nightmare journey continues.



    Meanwhile the Celts go marching on.




  3. leftclicktic we are all neil lennon



    15:21 on 27 February, 2014


    3rd Rankers playing out of Paisley:)))



    Civil war in the Govan Graveyard, reading the SMSM you would think every sevconion was behind King ,


    Just spoke to one and looked on some of their sights and as usual that is far from the truth.





    Very interesting times ahead I’m sure, anyone know where I can purchase a popcorn machine?

  4. Geordie Munro



    Please see my reply to Weminger. Had considered buying something new (reasonable price) but not quite sure what to go for – iphone not practical for AutoCAD.




  5. danso_1888



    13:03 on 27 February, 2014


    paul 67,



    its fine not interuppting your enemy but these clowns running the game are destroying it,


    to stand by and allow this is disgusting we should be standing up to this blatant skulldugerry not be part of it and then expect business as usual, the msm clamour for old


    firm should not be allowed to let this continue, if we are sporting and have integrity its time to speak up. paul 67 i am not anti board but there comes a time when we must speak up for the sake of the game otherwise whats the point, or are we at the point of money is above everything including integrity and its no longer a game.







    Mate . I hear you , but the content of your post has been posted on here for years now . Apart from we fans , no one else is bothering there backside , I am a bit surprised that the fans of the sheep , the mothers , Dundee utd , Hibs are not making noises , as in a couple of years time they will be battling for 3rd place . But it’s what there used too . And good enough for them . The proof of mis management from the governors of Scottish football is out there for all to see , it’s not the celtic fans fault it is not being challenged .

  6. I think that the only way any kind of hun-related mass of football ruining cheats could compete with us in the future is if we go backwards to meet them, rather than them catching us up.


    Honestly think only WE could ruin it for ourselves from this position.

  7. So 4 goalkeepers named in the latest 30 man England squad:



    Fraser Forster (Celtic), Ben Foster (West Bromwich Albion), Joe Hart (Manchester City), John Ruddy (Norwich City).



    Looks like 3 out of those 4 will be on the plane to Brazil in the summer – think Fraser has a very good chance of making it.

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    Read the managers comments earlier this week and can’t see FF not being on that plane.


    I reckon Barcelona will be his next city of residence.




  9. Marrakesh Express on

    Hugh bonkle



    Far worse…Ogilvie is a Scottish Sporting scandal in his own right.


    He is an example of how powerful the Hampden brotherhood is. It took Fergus to bring down Farry against the odds. If only he was involved at CP now. The Cadette affair is nothing compared to this latest corruption.

  10. Praecepta,



    I did see your reply. I was preparing a cheeky reply. ;)



    One last thing, in my experience more is more. Stay away from big names if you wanna keep the price down.

  11. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Your a “Hedge fund” and have invested heavily in a carcass and have all bu if not completely tied up all the said assets of said carcass.



    Along comes a “glib and shamless liar” and threatens to undermine your means of getting a return on your investment.


    What to do daddy or chips,


    give the carcass to” glib and shamles liar” or find oyther ways of recoupig your investment i.e houses, sale and lease back a wee tesco or whatever can maximise your proft.


    decisions decisions:)))



    Ps can we start a wee sweep on when the “sleekit” one will throw his support behind the “glib and shameless liar ” I will go for the day before ST renewals get sent out so a he doesn’t lose a peny wages befre he jumps ship.



    Sally ,King and others have ben IMHO on a mission for a while remember their ashen faces after being inside the “hate facory” and seeing what was the resuts of Murray & Craigy boys efforts..

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Len Brennan





    One of the pesky details in producing interim accounts is the assertion made by the Directors that the basis of preparing them, going concern, is appropriate for the full accounts to come.



    In short the Directors, not the auditors who only review interims, are stamping their credibility to the assertion that RIFC is solid until approximately October 2015.



    Not a cinch for anyone on the Board with a conscience.

  13. Len Brennan



    15:18 on 27 February, 2014



    Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain 5m


    Why is a very senior chap from Deloittes in Glasgow today from London? #ImportantMeeting





    /Bishop B




    I don’t want to boast and say I told you so, but I do really, and if someone can dig up my old posts on my experiences with Deloittes, they will see that I couldn’t see them ruining their reputation (I know they had some crap stuff in the states), or ruining their reputation in the UK further by rubber-stamping any dodgey dealings with the steaming pile of shampoo that is Sevco.

  14. Afternoon Timland from a damp hun free mountain valley.






    I got the wife a Lenovo Thinkpad from this place, refurbd, and reasonable price., 129 of your brit pounds.



    She is delighted with it, best lappy she has had in her opinion.




  15. I don’t see us doing 10 in a row, not sure exactly why, could be sods law, could be Neil moves on and we appoint an idiot as manager, could be we move to England, whatever the reason I just don’t see 10 in a row ever happening. However although I agree a sevco will always be with us in some shape or form I don’t see them as being the reason we don’t get 10 in a row, they are making such a pigs ear of this resurrection that it looks like self-inflicted damage will seriously handicap them and they will limp along lamely for years to come. Hope so anyway.

  16. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I reckon the deal is already done. Be announced before the WC and we won’t have him on our books when it kicks off which might increase his chances of a game.


    The English will slaver over a Barca player.


    Wish the guy the best of luck. We get the dough and he gets a big move. This is what a 3rd choice player at a mediocre club can achieve in a Celtic jersey.






    15:40 on


    27 February, 2014


    Afternoon Timland from a damp hun free mountain valley.






    I got the wife a Lenovo Thinkpad from this place, refurbd, and reasonable price., 129 of your brit pounds.



    She is delighted with it, best lappy she has had in her opinion.







    don,t be drowning this one noo ! hahahaha braw

  18. Hugh bonkle-thanks for reply,correct,as Marrakesh Express said it’s another Masonic stitch up.HH

  19. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Rock Tree Bhoy



    The ‘in a row’ obssession is a Rangers/Sevco thing. They are getting themselves in knots already at 3. I just want us to take it a year at a time. I cringe at that ten in a row song.




  20. Danso 1888 13.03



    Totally agree , The Rangers and all their pals are dragging scottish football through the dirt continually. I dont think in this instance Celtic should say anything BUT they should be giving the SFA a really hard time behind the scenes about doing something about it , Im sure there must be a lot of exasperated club chairman who want to put a stop to it all , if only they would sit round a table and DEMAND the SFA start earning their ridiculously high salaries and sort it out. Another thing that really grates me is the continuing negativity in the MSM, radio shows etc about the scottish game. If they cared at all about scottish football they should be trying to big it up at every opportunity. Keevins and their like would love nothing more than scottish football died now that the establishment club are on their knees . All clubs need to fight back

  21. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on




    keep an eye out for desktops from it.marketplace on ebay I have bought two windows 8 desktops from them p&p is free and they understate the condition the second was a return in my opinion as it was in perfect condition as new with original box and all the paraphernalia



    ebay transaction nos 181317211555 and 281237961692 first was only £125 and second an even bigger bargain at £114.22 worth every penny my son has first and daughter the other.




  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    gordon j,



    I’m not so sure.



    Ruddy and B.Forster,by the nature of their clubs’ league positions, will probably have more opportunities to display their talents, due to the amount of work they will have to do.



    Fraser’s will more likely have the chance to display his concentration levels, due to being under employed for most of a game.

  23. LiviBhoy



    The Catalan media drool over him, every Barca fan I have spoken to think he is the best keeper they have faced.



    As for a deal being done, possibly/probably, he is good enough to play for them,and yes they elevate to no one when he does the biz for them.



    It will be sad to see him leave, but he will go with my best wishes.




  24. When the tax thief said he wouldn’t invest in THE rangers as he didn’t want to line the pockets of the dodgy penny share merchants, did he include sleekit and the cardigan in that!.



    Big sean.

  25. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Clubs like Barca are impossible to knock back.


    Forster has given Celtic his all and we have improved him as a keeper.


    If he goes to a club like that then it is great for him and the club. That is a hell of an endorsement to other players of where you can end up playing in the CL with Celtic. If he goes to Stoke City/West Ham/Etc I would be kind of disappointed!




  26. TET



    Cheers Mhate – will have a look at that.



    Had I cashed out on the In-play last night I would have been £300 better off and got myself an ‘all singing/ dancing one’ – should have heeded the warning when Gala hit the post! :-(

  27. After Cammy Bell’s last 2 MOTM games v Stenny &Stranraer,Roy Hodgson has had his coaching staff check to see if he has any English blood.

  28. LiviBhoy



    I doubt he will end up at a low league outfit, I think he would rather stay than do that.



    He is the best I have seen for his age than I can recall.



    I’m sure Pedro knows his worth to us, and selling him to the likes of Barca will as you say be massive kudos to the club, Pedro for all his faults knows this.




  29. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    !!Bada Bing!!



    He will be in the Scotland squad for the Gibraltar games. He is used to playing against part time diddies.




  30. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind



    Thanks will have a look at that and TET’s suggestion.




  31. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Scunthorpe stuffed me a few weeks ago …they were three up with 30 mins to go



    Didn’t do the cash out there either …should have heeded the warning at 3-2

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