Marching Newco into the Sea one insolvency at a time


‘Starve your club of money until I get what I want’ is just about the measure of Glib and Shameless’ statement yesterday.  No one at the SFA, SPFL, the Glasgow City Council, the Co-op/Vatican Bank or Celtic could do as much damage to the Fledgling Rangers as Dave King’s pronouncement.

These people have taken so many wrong turns in this episode it is like they are being operated by a compulsive Karmic puppeteer.  There is a time for withholding ticket sales, Celtic fans did it 20 years ago next month, but Celtic fans had a plan, grassroots support, investors on hand, unencumbered by Fit and Proper concerns, or the law against directors of a liquidated business working in a company using the same or similar name.

Most importantly the Celtic ‘old board’ included some, like Kevin Kelly, who was committed to change, while even the hold-outs were died-in-the-wool Celtic men, if clearly misguided.  None of the decision makers would ever consider razing the stadium.

Fledgling Rangers are at the mercy of hedge funds, some spivs and a couple of ‘Rangers’ men, who must be increasingly frustrated at the attempts of others to usurp what they legitimately bought and paid for.

Before stepping off the ledge – and make no mistake, stopping fans from buying season tickets is the only way to kill not just a club, but any successor clubs – you need to be sure you are in a position to cut a deal, and that you have the cash to make it all possible.  If you don’t have a watertight plan, you are working towards the end of your football club and its dilapidated remains.

I would be utterly amazed if the Easdales or Laxey Partners submit to this Glib and Shameless series of demands.  If they do, I have seriously misread them.

King was on the oldco board when they walked slowly to the gallows, all for the want of the kind of money he now says is needed to make Newco competitive with Celtic.  His chance to bang the populist drum and raise some cash was in the years before the club, stadium, stock and bike were sold for a combined total of £1.

It makes you wonder if there is a plan to march the entire club, and all its symbolism, into the sea, before picking up the driftwood after another liquidation.  For a fan of the club that would be horrendous, but think of the rich pickings available to whoever can grab the assets.

This is high stakes poker, but those forcing the issue don’t have any skin in the game.  Even if the whole thing is washed away in the storms, they will avoid most of the blame.

Delighted to read Fergus McCann on the club site this morning:

“I am very proud when I see Celtic’s progress, its status in Scotland, and its worldwide reputation. Especially when I see the great work of Celtic FC Foundation carrying on the legacy of Brother Walfrid.”

Despite the perspective that the events of 2012 gave us I still meet people who just don’t get what he did for Celtic.  No football fan is under any obligation to worry about their club’s finances but the man at the top is, and when our top man wore a bunnet, our transformation was outstanding.

There is a little over two weeks to go before the CQteN St Patrick’s Night Dinner on Friday, 14 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park.  The beneficiary of  the night will be Kholoni Primary School, Malawi, where we will fund Mary’s Meals to build a kitchen for 1200 kids who currently don’t have meal facilities.

We have received some incredible assistance already (more on what happened in Germany and Belgium when I get the next stage of the development ready), but you can get involved by ordering a personalised beanie hat, with your name on one side and CQN on the other.

Hats cost £15 each and if you order before 7 March you can collect yours at the CQteN Dinner.  If you’re not attending the dinner (and why not?) the £15 will cover postage and packaging.  If you ordered a Virtual Ticket, you’re personalised hat is part of your package.  All profits go to the school kitchen.

Take a look at the front and back of the hats.  To order, email with name, whether you are attending CQteN and address if not, and I’ll get your message to Pat.

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  1. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I totally agree and I think Barcelona know it too. Celtic will not be hard to deal with and a player of his ability playing in the top 5 leagues would set you back £20m+.


    If we can get anywhere over £10m for FF it’s a decent deal. Maybe even a player as part if the deal. The wee lad they have that scores goals would do me.




  2. thomthethim,



    My thinking is that Joe Hart is the definite number one. Hodgson likes Ben Foster and is going to take him too. I think he rates Forster higher than Ruddy.



    Jack Buckland was the one I was more worried about. The number 3 keeper is unlikely to play and managers sometimes take a young one along for the experience. Buckland is highly rated in England – although Fraser is still very young for a top keeper too.

  3. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Down ipox way it seems you can kid all of ra peepul all of the time



    if the lying king wants to stop 10 in a row then he should invest in aberdeen

  4. The ‘in a row’ obssession is a Rangers/Sevco thing. They are getting themselves in knots already at 3. I just want us to take it a year at a time. I cringe at that ten in a row song.








    I swear my face goes red when they sing that ten in a row song too, it’s just not a Celtic thing, it’s Hunnish, I’ve said it many many times.

  5. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    If FF goes to a club like Barcelona the press will hound the manager to pick him. Hodgson knows Forster is bound to move to a huge club and in my opinon he will take him to Brazil.




  6. Livibhoy



    “If he goes to Stoke City/West Ham/Etc I would be kind of disappointed!”




    If Barcelona offer £Xmillion for him and Brentford offer £Xmillion and some change, I’ll be saying, ‘enjoy life with the B’s big fraz’

  7. tonydonnelly67



    13:35 on 27 February, 2014


    Anyone had that Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scan done to them, I’m up for one tomorrow AM, what’s the script?



    Depends upon whether it’s a teaching hospital or not!

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Geordie Munro





    Fair point.


    I think the point I was making is that we need to attract players to the club. If players can move direct to a club like Barcelona from Celtic it makes the club very attractive to future players.




  9. I wonder if King is hoping that the deid team will die a second time and will be acquired on the cheap, once they are liquidated. We can be sure the usual suspects will conspire to assure us they are still the same mob, when they are allowed back into the league.

  10. billy bhoy 05



    16:10 on 27 February, 2014





    13:35 on 27 February, 2014


    Anyone had that Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scan done to them, I’m up for one tomorrow AM, what’s the script?



    Depends upon whether it’s a teaching hospital or not!





    That ones been done already, and both are poor attempts at being funny, in my opinion that is, but! Each to there own.

  11. PFayr/ TET



    6 out of 7 CL aways up and listening to Stuart Pearce (at 0-1) saying Chelski have lost the midfield and Gala are liable to score here (thinks – what does he know about football).



    Like the TV advert: “should you” when they hit the post – nah! Goal and £400+ becomes £100. Damn thing was I had put Olympiakos on the line last week and deleted it.



    Few opportunities like that when 8 CL games are spread over 4 nights giving you a chances to cash out.



    Back to the drawing board tonight. :-)

  12. Our latest ‘laptop’ is a HP Chromebook 14. What a wonderful machine for £279 if all you do is access the internet. Starts instantly, no virus worries and 2 years of free mobile broadband included. Sorry if this sounds like an advert but just very impressed with this.

  13. EPL teams who could be looking for a keeper:



    Manchester City (Pellegrini has shown a lack of faith in Hart)


    Southampton (Big Artur has been good but he has made a few howlers)


    West Ham (Adrian has started well but has only just won the jersey. Possible Big Sam might fancy somebody else)


    Swansea (Vorm could be sold this summer)


    Stoke (Begovic could be sold this summer)


    Sunderland (First-choice keeper is only on loan)




    There are a few possible destinations in Ingerlund. If the national team is his priority he really has to go there.

  14. Fraser Forster is still very much a Celtic player but IF he goes , can you imagine what it will be like for the new ` keeper the first time he concedes a goal? Big Fraz , if he leaves, will become greater with every conceded goal 0:-)



    TD I hope everything goes well with your scan.




  15. mmmmmm maybe this club and company idea was not really very well thought through……….hahahaha “thats Huntertainment” awfy braw ….

  16. Livibhoy @ 1610



    I hear ye bud. Never thought of it that way.



    I keep an interest in players after they leave but I’m not too interested in the club. I try not to get too down if it’s not a huge club.



    Possibly because more often than not they don’t go to huge clubs. Lol

  17. traditionalist88 on

    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar


    16:10 on


    27 February, 2014


    Geordie Munro





    Fair point.


    I think the point I was making is that we need to attract players to the club. If players can move direct to a club like Barcelona from Celtic it makes the club very attractive to future players.






    Exactly. The flip side is if we are losing more of our better performers to Crystal Palace and Norwich it will have the opposite effect. I still think Hooper/Ledley should have been offered parity with Brow(how do I know they weren’t etc) – but the Wanyama deal was too good to turn down.



    Continually selling our best players to the also rans will not do much for the clubs image outwith Scotland.




  18. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    15:47 on 27 February, 2014



    In 7 years time you won’t cringe mate :-) HH

  19. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    On a different subject.



    Hospitality for the League Cup final.



    Experience the Scottish League Cup Final in style at Celtic Park with 2 great hospitality pacakges:



    Kerrydale Suite:



    Champagne reception


    3 course meal with wine


    Padded seat to view the match


    Half time snacks, tea and coffee


    Complimentary beers, wines and soft drinks pre and post match


    Matchday programme


    Souvenir gift



    £185 + vat per person




    Premium Seating:



    Matchday programme


    Access to 5 licensed lounges where food and drinks can be purchased


    Padded seat to view the match – North Stand


    Half time snacks, tea and coffee



    £60 per person




    Do we make the money from the lounges for drinks etc or do the SFA?



    £60 sounds very cheap for lounge access in the North Stand. How much is it for a one match ticket for a Celtic game?


    If I was going to take the wee man to a Celtic match. Lounge access would be ideal as he is only 18 months old. Price would dictate tho.




  20. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    hun skelper



    Happy to sing it in 7 years time when we are going for 10-in-a-row.




  21. bournesouprecipe on

    Hello – I’m on the train




    ┃  ● ══   ┃


















    ┃   ○   



  22. rock tree bhoy



    14:46 on 27 February, 2014



    How many groups have the Huns got, every week a new one pops up backing who ever is flavour of that week haha


    Mad zombies HH

  23. Trad88



    I’m thinking the rest of the football world hold Palace and Norwich in higher regard than you;)

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Crowds need a strong Sevco bring back the unfair sporting advantage, — we want crowds, we want crowds,we want crowds

  25. First ever post Long time lurker. What if the sevco mob split their season ticket renewals between the (krays) & King. What would happen then?

  26. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    16:44 on 27 February, 2014



    Mate I agree it’s done my head in since Turin, suffering with a hangover from hell and the song went on and on put me right off it HH

  27. I had to turn off the podcast with Brown, every word that comes out of that mans mouth is an unadulterated lie, If fergus made one mistake he was it, never could understand that one,

  28. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    The ‘Here we go 10 in a row’ is a wind up, it’s part of football banter. It’s not offensive, unless you’re a hun and it’s not part of any superiority complex.



    It’s a wind up.

  29. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Just checked the website and it is £80 for an adult and £35 for a child for lounge access on Saturday but £60 for the League cup Final.


    Two adults can enjoy the league cup final in the celtic lounge for cheaper than I can take my Bhoy to a league match in the same seats!



    No wonder our crowds are dropping.




  30. TonyDonnelly re triple A scan, my dad had this done, it was just external ultrasound like for pregnancy (well obviously not pregnancy in his case but you get the idea), no probing, the gel only goes on the outside!



    Painless, zero embarrassment, job done in 5 mins. Orrabest mate.

  31. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    16:51 on 27 February, 2014



    Save your money and just go to the league cup final, sounds a bargin mate :-) HH

  32. Can someone clarify the following for me?



    When an attempt is made to acquire a controlling interest (30%+?) in a company,is it the case that the person/group attempting to gain control has to buy the necessary shares at the highest price they were at in the preceding 12 months?



    If this is true,does that mean that anyone attempting to gain control of RIFC would have to buy 30%+ at 92p each?



    How much would it cost them?



    Who,in their right mind,would buy at 92p when the current price is around 26p?



    Need some info on this from you stock exchange type experts

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