Maribor boo boy keeper and star men


Maribor are currently playing monopoly with the Slovenian league, having won four titles in a row, and have a very settled, experienced, team.

The season before they eliminated Rangers into oblivion in 2011 they defeated Hibernian home and away, who had Anthony Stokes in their side.  It’s worth noting that Edinburgh police arrested 30 Maribor fans following a riot in the city after that tie; this lot have an unfortunate reputation for trouble.

They lost away on Saturday, a defeat which was largely a consequence of their defence having a nightmare, however, among others, they rested key central defender, Marko Suler, who Celtic came close to signing four years ago.  They were also reduced to 10 men 30 minutes into the game.  It’s unlikely they will be so poor at the back against Celtic.

Dare Vrsoc is their creative fulcrum.  He also likes to shoot from distance, with some justification.  Whoever in the Celtic team is tasked with winning a personal battle with him will have a great deal of responsibility.

If Celtic leave space at the back Mitja Viler will be the player most likely to exploit.  He is lightning fast and will have noticed how Celtic lost goals to pace against Legia.  The early scare Gary Mackay-Steven gave us on Saturday further emphasises this vulnerability.

Brazilian-Slovenian striker Marcos Tavares, 30, is Maribor’s royalty.  He has scored more goals than anyone in the club’s history, but he is a player who has found his level.  He has been over the European football course before so will know how to unsettle defenders.

Macedonian international winger, Agim Ibraimi, scored the goals in the last round which got Maribor this far.  He had a couple of unsuccessful seasons in Seria A before returning to Maribor.  Good player with tendencies to lunacy.

The fans boo boy is goalkeeper, Jasmin Handanovic, who remains in place despite a disastrous last season.  Slovenian clubs throw cross balls into the box to put pressure on him as often as possible.  Some early attention might turn the atmosphere inside the stadium on Wednesday.

They score a lot of goals from headers: five of the 12 this season, before the o.g. they benefited from on Saturday.

Our man Blaz in Slovenia tells me they are better than they were when they brought the end of days to Rangers in 2011.  Last season’s Europa League campaign, when they progressed from a group containing Russian, English and Belgian opposition, before giving eventual winners, Sevilla a fright, gives an indication of what we can expect.

After those performances last season they knew this could be their Champions League year.  Drawing Celtic has put them in a state approaching over-confidence.  A shift like we delivered on Saturday will come as a shock.

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  1. A tough game no doubt Paul, but with the right attitude, and as you say a performance like saturday’s, Im sure we can upset them!






  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    12:02 on


    18 August, 2014




    11:54 on


    18 August, 2014





    What used to and still does p… me of is our great Scottish pride in medical discoveries …



    How did that improve or extend the lives of yer average Jock?

  3. Tuscany advice required!!.



    Well since we are giving travel advice today now its my turn:-)



    I know there are a number of Italy based Tims so looking for some advice.



    I’m taking my wife to the Florence area for a week in October so far only booked flights not seriously looked for anywhere to stay yet however initial plan based upon transport links etc was two days Pisa,three days Florence and two days Sienna.Any advice for me? Particularly in relation to places/where to stay would be much appreciated.



    Due to flight times plan was to stay in Pisa at least the first night after we arrive.



    Thanks in advance!

  4. looking for a favour.



    anyone got the capability to take a wee segment out Brian Blessed Who do you think your are on you tube.



    The clip I want is 3 minutes, when the Bold Brian does the train song. Any help appreciated.



    I was undecided about independence, then i watched this eejit and decided to vote yes.




  5. ‘A shift like we delivered on Saturday will come as a shock.’



    Hopefully to them, not us!



    Glad their manbag wearing saw us against St j. Hopefully he/they completely missed seeing the Utd game!



    HH jamesgang

  6. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    Just made my lunch and logged on



    as they say timing is everything :-))

  7. squire danaher on




    You are fair living dangerous these days.



    Hangin round with the Dutch in Greece, now schmoozing with your favourite Europeans, you had a personality transplant?



    C u Wednesday

  8. Ruggyman/tommy 7


    Jerome defn a bullet dodged. Surprised if we even did enquire about him in the first place. That would have been bottom feeding of the first order. I thought the days of signing the Wayne’s of this World were gone( see what I did there).




    It’s maybe because of the fried mars bars and “double” fish that Scotland is so reliant on its prowess in Medical innovation. Plenty of case study evidence



  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:11 on


    18 August, 2014



    Necessity……….the mother of invention.

  10. Richie #TeamOscarForever on



    12:05 on 18 August, 2014



    I was lucky enought to have a week travelling through Tuscany a few years ago. If you can, spend at least a day in Lucca, which is kinda between Pisa and Florence. A beautiful walled city.

  11. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternooooooon












    From a slightly less Hot and Humid Costa Blanca




  12. Yes Squire I’m broadening my horizons………:-)



    Joining the orange order next week!!!





    Wait a minute I’ve gone too far on that,christian name I’m sure would result on a black balling:-)



    See you in Taverna 6ish.

  13. Just Another Tim on

    Saint Stivs


    12:06 on


    18 August, 2014


    looking for a favour.



    anyone got the capability to take a wee segment out Brian Blessed Who do you think your are on you tube.



    The clip I want is 3 minutes, when the Bold Brian does the train song. Any help appreciated.




    Do you mean convert it into an audio file?

  14. Breaking news emerging from the Legia Warsaw case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland:



    Legia have submitted a counter complaint that Declan Sanchez, scorer of the three goals in the 3-0 win against the Polish outfit, was not registered for the game.


    Club officials and the BBC feel they have a watertight case.

  15. Jamesgang


    Man bag wearing asst boss at Dundee Utd game. Somebody stole his seat at half time apparently.

  16. Richie #TeamOscarForever



    Cheers I have heard good reports on Lucca,did you stay there?



    I’ll obviously do all my research before I go but personal recommendations are always welcome.

  17. Seems we are getting a ghanian winger on loan



    Alot of wingers we seem to have



    Forest,derk,mcgeouch, berget, tonev



    Havent saw berget play but by sounds of him he will probably be played more central in future.



    We really need to get some guys out the door .. Loan or sell even.



    Hope if henderson isnt among first choices he is sent on loan.. Playing reserve games hasnt helped the likes of mcgeouch peogress so loan defo be better.

  18. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    goal hangin’ nothing ,that was at least a 30 yarder



    fishermantalepodiumchasingcsc :-))

  19. Just Another Tim


    12:13 on


    18 August, 2014


    Saint Stivs



    aye bud, just the train song at 3 minutes.

  20. timmy7_noted



    Can I refer you to my post right at the end of the last thread?!



    Just before Paul67 decided to put up a new article!




  21. The Masonic Mainstream Media in Scotland will be buoyed by the Boerrigter ban.



    This empowers them to examine every Celtic foul in the most minute detail while totally ignoring their chum’s hacking.



    Cheat’s charter regardless of how Dirk acted or otherwise.

  22. Just Another Tim on

    Saint Stivs


    12:18 on


    18 August, 2014



    Only lasts for around 10-15 seconds? I can convert it for you no problem.

  23. In fairness we have the element of surprise against Maribor.


    It’s a big thing for a club like Celtic in Europe. We can;t go out and pay £10m plus for top players. Maybe we can for one but that argument is for another day. When we have done well in the CL group stages it is because we are an unknown quantity.


    The element of surprise is our biggest advantage. We had it under MON and we had it under WGS and Lenny when we had relative success in Europe. When teams and managers don’t really know our players it makes it easier for us. They also at times completely under estimate our ability or how we line up.


    Ronny has that element of surprise added back into our squad. I’m not even sure how we will line up on Wednesday so Maribor will have to have a good side with intillgent players to alter their game plan depending how our team line up and who actually gets the nod to start the game. I have been impressed so far with Ronny’s substitutions. He has brought players on in the last 2 games that have made an impact and a difference to the team on the pitch. We were settling into the result when the cubs arrived on Saturday and the reinvigorated the team and got them moving at pace again.


    We are an unkown quantity at the minute and that makes us a bit harder to 2nd guess. We seem to have added players with pace and power who know where the net is. Some of the players who are already there have also been reignited by the gaffer and his methods. We may look back this season and see the Legia results as a very good thing. It may just be a turning point. A catlyst to the gaffer and the players. We were soundly beat en but as I have said for a long time – I can take defeats if we learn from them. I think so far Ronny is showing he has learned and has improved game on game since the 2nd leg at Murayfield. We have been given a lifeline and we must take it and go on to the group stages. I just hope we can get 4 teams we haven;t played in the last few years because it can get a bit stale playing the same teams all the time. As we found to our cost as well the more you play the same pot 1 opponent the more likely it is to be on the end of a serious pasting.


    I am more positive than I was last week but in fairness Maribor still worry me and it will be tough over the two legs. An away goal, draw or narrow defeat would do me. We can take them at Paradise if we play anything like Saturday.




  24. Tallybhoy



    12:06 on 18 August, 2014



    Thanks,any recommendations on where to stay?



    I’ll probably have to do at least one night in Pisa since flight gets in about 10pm.





    I think Maribor are 3 from 3 in their league this season on home games.



    Fair amount of goals.



    Not an easy task,but not should it be at this level.



    I hope we don’t have to rely on away goals like in the last round…

  26. Richie #TeamOscarForever on



    12:16 on 18 August, 2014



    I stayed in the Hotel Universo on Piazza del Giglio. Hire a bicycle and go round the wall before delving into the town. The Piazza Anfitetro is a must see among many.

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