Maribor slight favourites


Celtic will face Maribor from Slovenia in the Champions League play-off round.  Maribor, of course, played a critical part in the death of Rangers, when they eliminated Ally MsCoist’s team from Europe a few months after Craig Whyte took over from Sir David Murray.  Having heard the 6-1 aggregate result against Legia, they are already celebrating the draw.

Maribor gave Wigan two hard games in last season’s Europa League, winning their home tie and causing the FA Cup holders more trouble than expected in England.  They progressed to the knock out round before going out 4-3 on aggregate to Sevilla – a feat Celtic would not have been capable of. Right now, they should be slight favourites.

If you missed it, today’s earlier article on Lady Luck, HMRC and money is here.

Join the Celtic Graves Society, Fergus McCann and many more at Kilsyth Cemetery on Saturday, 18 August, to commemorate the final resting place of the great Jimmy Quinn. Full details below or at Celtic Graves.

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  1. If celtic go on and win the CL now, Legia will be sick….



    Get the crystal ball out P67, how do you expect the decision to be interpreted in SMSM/Glasgow?

  2. Can the Celtic admin department spare a few minutes to look into the players fielded by AC Milan 1969, Feyenoord 1970, Inter Milan 1972, Athletico Madrid 1974 and Real Madrid 1980 to check their eligibility to play against us?



    Forget looking into Scottish matches – not worth it.

  3. supersutton



    12:39 on 8 August, 2014




    Gies piece, was ineligible, end off.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Italian media are claiming that Fiorentina have agreed to sell Cuadrado to Manchester United . Quoted fee is 40 million euros plus a potential 10 million euros worth of add ons .



    Same people are claiming that Manchester United have dropped their interest in Vidal . Allegedly , they dont fancy paying 50 million euros(plus add ons) for a player with a dodgy knee.

  5. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    We’ve got Bartosz Bere Bereszynski


    On the field, on the field


    We’ve got Bartosz Bere Bereszynski


    On the field, on the field


    Bartosz Bereszynski, Bereszynski


    On the field, Bartosz Bereszynski


    Bereszynski on the field.



    (Sung to a well known Celtic choon.)



    I’ll get my coat ;-)

  6. Ronny Deila confirms Celtic working to have players in for Maribor tie. “Expects” to have at least one in before the first leg

  7. Bhoy abroad post Sept 2014 on




    Never look a gift horse in the gob. Much as I have sympathy for Legia, they did thump us after all, they did break the rules. Subject to an appeal by Legia, we should be lining up against Maribor. Lucky us. Tough on them. I can imagine their supporters will be not best pleased at this cock-up (or is it EUFA’s fault for not clearly explaining the rules?)



    There is £20M at stake here. Not only do we have to start to buy in some quality, Ronny had better start to use the players he has to their strengths, not to some system that just isn’t working.



    If we lose to Maribor, then so be it. But at least so long as we don’t embaress ourselves as we did against Legia. Motivation shouldn’t be an issue. Professional players get to do what the rest of us would love to do, and get paid very well for the privlege. I would expect nothing less than all players giving blood for the cause. Not too many get a 2nd chance. We have somehow managed it twice in just a couple of years. Maybe this could be one for the pub quiz in a few years?



    Hail Hail

  8. Auldheid


    12:28 on


    8 August, 2014





    We have been dealt a get out of jail free card and had better be careful how we play it.



    Losing to Maribor would not be the end of the world if we play well, but I’m afraid that if we perform like we did v Legia and get similarly humped, no amount of happy clapping will prevent heads rolling.



    For that reason alone, if it were me I’d be breaking the strategy and sign some experience with no resale value in the interests of self preservation and Celtic?



    We have the wherewithal to do so. The question is will we? What will be seen as in Celtic’s best interests?



    Any idea?



    PS will Brownie be back by then?



    absolutely agree 100% with your post no experimenting with this opportunity.




  9. Snake Plissken on

    I see Vladimir Weiss has had a twitter rage reaction to Celtic getting through.



    Ha ha ha.

  10. ***LUNCHTIME QUIZ***



    Name the Celtic player who scored on his home league debut, away league debut, League Cup home and away debuts, Scottish Cup debut and European debut.



    ***The rules of the game are always the same.


    No search engines please, you’re only cheating yourself***

  11. RD on whether he hopes to have a new signing in for first leg: “Yes, I really hope so.” (MH)”

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Rony might not be a good manager who knows? but he is certainly a lucky manager.H.H.

  13. Malarkey posts a classic. Oh it’s too hard to get anyone in”…….making excuses for lawwell and co.

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    big wavy




    “One” effin player??? 3 at least and ive just named 2.

  15. waiting for a zombie petition to UEFA regarding our re-instatement ….


    citing Financial fair play….


    they think that Glasgow city council have left a couple of rubbish bins from the commonwealth games at Celtic park

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    I have seen yer Missus ……. you can’t get any luckier mate!!

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    RD said last week he wanted players that could play more than one position, well Ronny until you get those players in, can you simply stick to keeping the players we have in their best positions and stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes, please

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Somehow I think if we get humped by Maribor Rony wont last long I think it is make or break for him.H.H.

  19. what a day, what a mix of emotions – anybody there on wed – how do feel ? I’m overthemoonembarrassed.

  20. Good afternoon CQNers,



    Great chunk of good luck but you’ve got to feel some sympathy at Legia’s expulsion for a simple clerical error, they were undoubtedly the better team.



    Nothing has changed, we’ve a manager who looked Mowbrayesque at times on Wednesday and he hasn’t gelled with his team.



    Can he turn it round and achieve the improbable result of beating Maribor over 2 legs ?



    The system he envisages for his Celtic team and these players are incompatible but maybe if he adopts 2 defensive lines of 4 and camps on the edge of our penalty area we might avoid another couple of humiliating defeats.

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    J P H




    The break has happened. Now its make for him or he’s OFFSKI!!!

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Does anyone recall Neil Lennon and/or Peter Lawell going on record regarding Konstantinos Mitroglou, Marko Arnautovic or Artjoms Rudnevs.



    Apparently we agreed to buy all of these players last year, agreeing fees but failing on final salaries.



    Rudnevs now plays for Hamburg with Mitroglou at Stoke and Arnautovic at Fulham.

  23. Stevie May, and how about the boy Zyko from legia… If eligible of course, and Armstrong of Dundee Utd too…… And a centre half…… No askin for too much pedro… Release the tin

  24. auldheid



    Bingo !



    For all his faults, the very least we could do is get Samaras back.

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