Maribor slight favourites


Celtic will face Maribor from Slovenia in the Champions League play-off round.  Maribor, of course, played a critical part in the death of Rangers, when they eliminated Ally MsCoist’s team from Europe a few months after Craig Whyte took over from Sir David Murray.  Having heard the 6-1 aggregate result against Legia, they are already celebrating the draw.

Maribor gave Wigan two hard games in last season’s Europa League, winning their home tie and causing the FA Cup holders more trouble than expected in England.  They progressed to the knock out round before going out 4-3 on aggregate to Sevilla – a feat Celtic would not have been capable of. Right now, they should be slight favourites.

If you missed it, today’s earlier article on Lady Luck, HMRC and money is here.

Join the Celtic Graves Society, Fergus McCann and many more at Kilsyth Cemetery on Saturday, 18 August, to commemorate the final resting place of the great Jimmy Quinn. Full details below or at Celtic Graves.

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  1. the long wait is over on

    I’m surely not the only one who’s been guffawing randomly all morning.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    What a morning !!!…….. half an hour ago, I had to ask my wife what day it was….. hahahahahahahah …..still haven’t fully taken it all in ……tried to register for ff, but got knocked back AGAIN ….. must be my password……hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Captain Beefheart on

    Maribor have probably sold some players from last season. A great chance. At home. More competitive games.



    Our players had better not screw this up.

  4. Captain Beefheart on

    A club which makes such a dim mistake doesn’t deserve to be at the top table.

  5. CentenaryBhoy on

    Great to see wee Declan Sanchez has been given the goals from the other night –






    CELTIC has invented a fictional hero to take credit for the three goals it never scored.



    The club was awarded a completely made-up 3-0 Champions League qualifying victory over Legia Warsaw after the Polish team accidentally fielded an invincible football robot for two minutes of injury time.



    Now the Glasgow club has honoured the achievement by awarding the goals to the fictional attacking midfielder, Declan Sanchez.



    A club spokesman said: “Declan is a working class boy from Galway whose grandfather was an Argentinian human rights activist and a close friend of Che Guevara.



    “Declan joined Celtic at the age of seven after being spotted by Kenny Dalglish, adopted by Charlie Nicholas and trained by Henrik Larsson. When he is not creating and scoring magnificent goals he writes poetry about imperialist oppression.



    “And he has the voice of an angel.”

  6. Hilarious!!!!!!



    HH jamesgang







    13:01 on 8 August, 2014





    12:28 on 8 August, 2014






    We have been dealt a get out of jail free card and had better be careful how we play it.



    Losing to Maribor would not be the end of the world if we play well, but I’m afraid that if we perform like we did v Legia and get similarly humped, no amount of happy clapping will prevent heads rolling.



    For that reason alone, if it were me I’d be breaking the strategy and sign some experience with no resale value in the interests of self preservation and Celtic?



    We have the wherewithal to do so. The question is will we? What will be seen as in Celtic’s best interests?



    Any idea?



    PS will Brownie be back by then?





    Will Brownie be back? Brownie?? Ye mean BROOOOONIE?!!!! You’ve been hingin’ aboot wae too miny people that drink Skinny Latte’s and that, pal. Here’s the difference :



    The Brownie Promise.


    I promise that I will do my best,


    To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,


    To serve the Queen and my community,


    To help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide Law.



    The BROONIE Promise.


    I promise that I will give 110%


    Tae the ‘Tic and develop my skills


    Tae serve the Unseen Fenian Hand and the Best Fans In The World


    Tae help skelp the huns and keep the BROONIE Mental Code of Mayhem.



    Hope that settles the matter!




  7. Ger57. No need to apologise. We are all entitled to our views. I think the Howard are acting either out of incompetence or because they are simply complacent. Neither is a good answer but ther actions and inactions are inexplicable. I blame all of the support for lawwell being allowed to do what he has done.



    Goldstar all these excuses for not signing anyone are simply that, excuses, we had weeks to bring someone in so don’t plead that we only have till Monday.mwe have money but we won’t spend it to enhance our chances. Inexplicable.

  8. Well this is a Friday to beat all Fridays.




    After the Legia games Maribor will not be slight favs but heavy favs to go through.




    Agree with the above posters get Mulgrew out of CM and put him LM if he must be played.



    With the players at hand we must go defensive but we need pace up front for counterattacks.



    Have a feeling we are in for another battering but 6 EL games would give Ronny that bit extra exp. that he is sadly lacking just now. Biggest mistake so far was making Charlie captain thought Lustig was a better choice.





  9. Right Bhoys reality check.


    We were rank rotten the other night with no fight or it seemed desire to win that second ball in all positions.


    Some people are mentioning square pegs and round holes but our back 4 of AM, ML,VVD and EI have a lot of experience in their positions but looked at sixes and sevens at times, especially Izzy who seems to be struggling right now.


    The midfield was extremely poor at retaining possession when we had it and looked as they were trying to just play the way they were facing with no ambition to go forward.


    This could have been due to the lack of movement in front of them.


    Up front we really must play LG down the middle and look for balls behind the centre halves as that is his strength and he does know where the back of the net is.


    KC is on his day brilliant but can we afford to have the wandering player behind a single forward? I say not in these games as the opposition are a class above everything else we play all year.


    AS sorry because as much as I do like the lad his inexperience shows at this level when he is flagged numerous times offside for coming back from that poition when the ball was played so not for me.


    When JF came on we looked as though we could cause problems but to be successful he needs bodies in the area willing to pounce when he gets on the ball.


    Ronny has a couple of weeks to sort this out and he has his loanee from Cardiff to blood so we will see.


    More bite in the middle and pace up front and maybe the back 4 will start to look good again.


    Sammy would fit the bill right now or maybe take a look at Danny Graham who is up for grabs at 1 mill from Sunderland but Middlesbrough likely to get him.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    murdochbhoy. You may well be right but what disappointed me the most about the two Legia Warsaw defeats was the complete lack of fighting spirit from Celtic.The team looked disorganised and disinterested I have no idea why that should be but it is worrying. H.H.

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    That’ll be Doncaster on the hun hit list after saying this is good news for Scottish Football.


    Meanwhile on Sky, Tom Boyd pragmatic but happy. Walker quite scathing as usual.



    If we’d have committed this ‘clerical error’ prior to a 6-1 victory, you can be sure there would be no sympathy from the LL. Watch them spin it now to appease their hurting readership and listeners.

  12. Mistertaximan on

    Just a thought…



    Celtic could gain worldwide acclaim for having the integrity to concede the tie and request that Legia be reinstated in the name of sportsmanship. It would send a message to the world about who we are and what we’re about.



    We were gubbed fair and square.



    This was a technicality that had no bearing on the outcome of the tie.



    It’s all rather embarrassing really.

  13. the long wait is over on




    On one level I agree wholeheartedly but we are a PLC and no one person , not even DD , has the authority to make that decision.

  14. IGC



    My entry for the caption competition.



    Speech bubble from the curly haired blonde:-



    “Ulla wake up at five A.M. every day. From five to seven, Ulla like to exercise. From seven to eight, Ulla like to take long shower. From eight to nine, Ulla like to have big Swedish breakfast. Many different herrings. From nine to eleven, Ulla like to practice her singing and her dancing. And at eleven, Ulla like to have sex. … before completing the UEFA paperwork What time should I get here?”




    Henning Berg- “11. Come at 11. Stuff the paperwork”

  15. Mistertaximan



    There is zero chance of that happening. Celtic don’t owe legia Warsaw anything. This is UEFA’s decision, and legia’s own fault.

  16. I’ll start by saying that I am glad that John Collins is back at Celtic (one of the few)



    So I’m biased



    And looking at the comments about RD standing alone on Wednesday and JC and JK standing idly by has got me thinking



    Someone said yesterday that PL told RD that he must have a local assistant



    Has RD decided that he will do it his way and ignore the advice of his assistants, who he didn’t appoint?



    I don’t know enough about him to know if he believes it’s his way or no other way to the point of ignoring the obvious



    From what I know about JC, I find it hard to believe that he would support setting the team up in the formation that we have seen in both legs against Legia – he has watched Celtic and must know that although things need changed they can’t be changed overnight.



    I’m saying this because it doesn’t make sense that the assistant manager agreed with the formation – 2 intelligent people could not agree on that it was so obviously a mistake



    Cue the JC abs comments and not a man manager

  17. Mistertaximan




    13:15 on 8 August, 2014




    Just a thought…



    Celtic could gain worldwide acclaim for having the integrity to concede the tie and request that Legia be reinstated in the name of sportsmanship. It would send a message to the world about who we are and what we’re about.



    We were gubbed fair and square.



    This was a technicality that had no bearing on the outcome of the tie.



    It’s all rather embarrassing really.




    So we could. And then we could sell Celtic Park and give all the money to the black babies.

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut






    I’d highlight VVD as the perfect example – this boy can play a bit but it appears to me that he’s just going through the motions, there are others that look to have forgotten what these matches mean to the supporters.



    Can Delia find the ‘thunder’ needed to jet propel this lethargic bunch to perform? I truly hope he can but I’m not optimistic.

  19. Eyes Wide Open on

    Through the course of this morning, we have been guaranteed a minimum of £5m additional income.



    Anything less than £5m being made available to Ronny from this afternoon to sign players before the registration deadline for the next round would be borderline criminal.



    (if £5m is being made available, but £8m would improve the quality of player(s) substantially then I couldnt see why £8m wouldnt be made available – it would cause no harm in the grand scheme of the revered balance sheet)

  20. eddiegreenhillsbhoy on

    Heard postorious has sacked his legal team and hired celtics as they lost both legs and got


    A victory



  21. Just Another Tim on

    Wow! Just WOW!! Cannot believe our luck. Guaranteed EL group place. Let’s face it, this team, in it’s current form are not going to get by Maribor. Now that is a sentence I never thought I would utter as a Celtic supporter.

  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Think we may have a full house for the home tie ….. The sevconians will not survive this ….:)

  23. —-


    twists n turns



    12:01 on 8 August, 2014






    Celtic reprieve causes problems for bookmakers



    Celtic Football Club’s unexpected reprieve from Champions League elimination is causing some bookmakers a headache as curious punters get in touch to see if their previously losing bets are now, in fact, winners.


    Celtic lost on Wednesday night 2-0 to Legia Warsaw in the CL qualifier, with an embarrassing 6-1 loss on aggregate. However the Polish side brought on a suspended player five minutes from the end of the second leg, and the action has caused UEFA to punish the team by awarding Celtic a default victory of 3-0, enough to allow them to progress on away goals.


    The switch around from a 2-0 loss to a 3-0 victory has had several punters scrabbling for discarded betting slips or quickly signing into their accounts, but most will be disappointed.


    Ladbrokes explained that the ‘90 minute match’ markets will stand as per the original result, including for betting in play markets. Therefore the firm is not paying out on Celtic to win 3-0.


    However the bookmaker is putting its hand in its pockets for those who bet on the ‘Who will qualify’ market. Despite immediately paying out on Legia Ladbrokes is also paying out on bets placed for Celtic to qualify either before the tie began or indeed after the first leg.


    Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Customers who backed Celtic to qualify have had a reprieve. On the eve of the new season, we didn’t want our customers to suffer due to the bungling Warsaw management so we’ve picked up the bill and will pay out twice.”


    Paul Petrie, director at McBookie.com, said that all bets will be settled on the official tournament result as adjudicated by the tournament organiser or official organisational body. Subsequent changes, disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect settlement of bets.


    He explained: “The only one that may be impacted is Celtic To Qualify For The Group Stages as that is a special market. We will probably have to settle that as a winner if they make it past Maribor.”


    Despite the complications caused this morning, Petrie said that the judgement would be positive. “In the long run it is great because even if they don’t qualify for the group stages, they now go in the Europa League group stages regardless, so it means there is European interest up until the end of the year – guaranteed.










    Good Golly Miss Molly….!



    They’ll Be Dancin’ Oan The Streets Of Kilbowie….







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