Maribor, St Johnstone and resolving Murrayfield


Did you watch the European Super Cup from Cardiff last night?  Europa League champions Sevilla lost out to Real Madrid but the team from Andalucía got there after beating Maribor 4-3 on aggregate.  The Slovenian’s narrow defeat deserves some context: Sevilla also eliminated Real Betis, Porto, Valencia and Benfica.

Make no mistake, we’re up against a decent European team.  More on them later in the week.

Tonight it’s St Johnstone, who, like Celtic, have sharpened their wits with European football in recent weeks, and well as enjoying an opening day win in Dingwall at the weekend.  They have lost their talisman, Stevie May, which is a pity, as I would like to see the Celtic defence stretched as much as possible this week, but they will be as ready as any domestic opponent we could face at the moment.

Ronny Deila has two short games to sort out game plan, shape, partnerships and team spirit, before travelling to Slovenia.  It doesn’t need to be right for tonight, but signs of considerable progress on the Murrayfield debacle is needed.

The Kano Foundation are one of the greatest initiatives from any group of football fans I’ve heard about.  They bring the Celtic experience to childrens’ charities and groups, truly phenomenal work.  The Foundation was founded in the wake of the Bring Martin Home campaign, which brought our very own Kano home from life in a hospital bed.

You’ll see the volunteers outside Celtic Park before kick-off on Saturday with buckets, so make sure you bring something for them.

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  1. Livibhoy



    ps … when Ambrose played RB for Nigeria in WC he was really very cautious, he got a few good crosses in but seemed under strict orders not too risk taking his man on if it might leave his team exposed. played it back quite a lot.



    So maybe he can be coached.

  2. Geordie Munro



    I just can’t see that Ambrose is as bad as people are saying. He was a stop gap at CB. In my opinion VVD needs an experienced centre back to help him out. Guide him through the game. A Roy Aitken type figure. The defence needs organised better. Maybe Craig Gordon will prove to be more experienced and vocal than Forster. Maybe that will help the defence? I’m not crticising Forster who I hold in high regard. I am just speculating that maybe with Craig Gordon’s experience he may be able to lend more to the organising of the defence. Ambrose will deputise in goal when Gordon goes up for our corners. I expect 3 goals a season.




  3. From the last thread…




    hun skelper



    I wouldn’t bet against that.






    Ace! You made me smile; nice thought.

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Enjoyed etims reason for the verdict taking so long to be delivered.



    It will UEFA till tomorrow to slowly explain to them why they lost the appeal :)

  5. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro


    12:11 on


    13 August, 2014





    Ambrose played there in his debut and yes it was only raith rovers, but imo he was outstanding.





    I remember that well, absolutely strolled through that game cool as you like. I think it was near the end he lost concentration and gave the ball away and that was the only foot he put wrong the entire game, but perhaps a sign of things to come! I like him at RB also as he has a few too many conentration lapses to play in the middle for me but he has fantastic natural ability,




  6. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on

    Looking through the papers, what channel is the game on? Is it SS5 which is missing on the listings.

  7. LB- I watched the Spurs game last week on the laptop,the mics behind Gordon’s goal picked up him constantly shouting to the back 4, and his starting point was about 4-5 yards out,and was dominating the 18 yard box.I hope the guy can stay fit.

  8. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine



    In fact, we lost four games that I know of in 66-67. Two against Dundee United, one against Vojvodina, and a friendly against Dynamo Zagreb (,+Friendly+-+Pictures ) where Jock played a “new formation”, which was probably a little bit little total football, except that although there was a lot of movement, no-one seemed to understand where to play (so maybe it was a vision of the future).



    And yes, 66-67 made just about everything afterwards seem an anti-climax. But of course, I wouldn’t have changed anything!

  9. Liverpool expected to break the 100 million barrier today (Suarez funding that) and Newcastle spending squillions, buying 9 players, almost a new team. Ridiculous but as usual, they will win the grand total of SFA. Chaotic club funded by crazy TV money.

  10. Trad 88



    Bang on mate. He did indeed give the ball away once with about 10 mins to go.



    I didn’t wanna weaken my argument by mentioning it;)

  11. !!Bada Bing!!



    Shame he lost 6 goals but he is a fine keeper. The fitness issue is not huge for me. Forster could go down South and get injured (hope not).


    Just a thought I had today that maybe being older and more experienced he can prove to be a leader at the back. Who knows?



    Spent enough time on Sportscene to know our defenders weaknesses.




  12. I will be very surprised if Celtic manage to win either leg against Maribor.


    Having said that, I also remember being seriously unimpressed with Celtic’s performances at the start of our management by Wim Jansen and Gordon Strachan while, by contrast, John Barnes, Lou Macari and Liam Brady initially looked as if they were going to do well.


    Tonight we’ll at least get some indication of whether or not the players are in tune with the manager’s approach. We’ll have some big problems if they’re not..

  13. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    12:23 on 13 August, 2014



    Thanks, that’s a good excuse to get some beers in :-)

  14. The team line up will be interesting tonight.



    New keeper.


    Back four should pick itself really or will it?


    Midfield the real problem area of the team for me. Just not working.


    We have good forwards who will score plenty goals to win SPL games.

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I’m happy for Effe to continue with VVD in the centre of defence and grow, they had a great season last year and the more they play together the better they will become as a partnership. I expect loads of mistakes, I always do but I expect these to reduce as they become more familiar.

  16. Livibhoy,



    You must know by now ‘we’ always need a scapegoat.



    I blame the juve game for the hysteria against him.



    And if truth be told I for one was dreading facing the Italians without him.

  17. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Got me on the Zagreb one, you learn something new every day. cheers mate

  18. Bada



    “I watched the Spurs game last week on the laptop,the mics behind Gordon’s goal picked up him constantly shouting to the back 4,”



    Racist ;)

  19. I’ve said this before on here!



    I never enjoy seeing Celtic losing ( who here does?) but, on this occasion, I would rather see Celtic lose out to Maribor and go into the Europa League where they would have an opportunity, against Europe’s second string, to gain some more experience and some much needed confidence whilst hopefully picking up a few points and plaudits, than getting humped by everyone in the Champions League.

  20. Hello again Squire, from the previous post



    its very simple really my friend in Celtic


    If we get beaten over two ties against the might maribor, i would conclude that RD isnt competent for the job and doesnt deserve to be in that job. I base that on


    the 6-1 defeat


    the fact that Maribor have only a fraction of our resources at their disposal


    the team that RD inherited had a reasonable amount of CL experience behind them



    however in life i dont always get what i want and i reckon that with the support from Folks like you and the board members too, he will carry on in that job, regardless of my opinion.



    Therefore in my way of thinking, I will continue to assess him and his progress


    If he goes onto do well in EL i will be forced to change my opinion


    if he flops again at the first hurdle probably my current thoughts about his competency would harden



    is that not how most folk would arrive at an opinion or would we just keep saying he is marvellous regardless of how he performs



    like i say he arrived here as a complete unknown


    many enthused about his appointment despite knowing nothing about him


    I sat on the fence for a while until i watched his teams. So far they have been poor, so at this time I have doubts over his capability,



    I will be more than happy to change my opinion if/when RD goes onto do well in Europe. ie my opinion will be based on how he performs.



    I guess that you initially supported BTM and then your opinion evolved week by week as we failed to progress and at some point you might have reckoned he wasnt up to scratch.


    Opinions should evolve and be based on what we see. What is your opinion of RD based on?

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